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In The Friend Zone. by ScarletEye158
Chapter 6 : Confessions.
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Scorpius’ POV

What the bloody hell was I thinking? I could have messed everything up!

We finished our game of 20 questions and walked back to the castle in silence. Why do I do things like that? She probably thinks I’m some kind of player now.

We went our separate ways when we got back inside the castle. We both had to go finish getting ready for Hogsmeade, and I also went to go get some last minute advice from Al.

“So I should tell her for sure?” I asked for what seemed like the millionth time.
“Yes,” he said irritably. “You’ll be fine.” He was also getting ready and he was taking an unusually long time with it, too.

“Are you going on a date too?” I asked as he started trying to comb down his hair… Yep, definitely trying to impress someone.

“Yeah,” he said with a grin. “That Hufflepuff Alyssa in our Potions asked me out yesterday.”

“Where are you guys going?” I asked. Please don’t say The Three Broomsticks. That would be so awkward.

“The Three Broomsticks,” he said with a shrug. “You didn’t think I’d set foot in Madam Puddifoot’s, did you?”

“That’s where I’m taking Rose!” I exclaimed.

“Madam Puddifoot’s? Never mind, man, you have no chance.”

“No, the Three Broomsticks!” I yelled. EVERYTHING IS GOING WRONG!

“Oh…” he said. “Well I’m sure we can find something else to do.”

Thank Merlin.

“Thanks, mate,” I said as I checked my watch. “Oh my God, is that the time? I have to meet Rose!”

“Good luck!” Al called as I turned.

I sprinted out of my dorm and up the stairs that led away from the dungeons. Luckily the dungeons are close to the entrance hall, or else I would have been extremely late.

Rose was waiting by the big oak doors while Filch was prodding and poking people with some dark magic detector. She looked up as soon as I came up the stairs and walked over to me.

“So, are you ready?” she asked. She smiled like she was excited for me, but I could tell she wasn’t exactly happy to be doing this.

“I’m more than ready,” I replied, walking with her. I’ve been ready for far too long.

We had finally arrived at Hogsmeade, and I was so close to throwing up it wasn’t even funny. I don’t think I’d ever been so nervous in my whole life. I ran my fingers through my hair for something to do, and Rose scolded me.
“You’re going to mess it up!” she shrieked. “Scorpius, do I have to do everything for you? Here.”

I bent my head a little so she could actually reach, and I was all too aware of how close our faces were. She stood on her tip-toes to brush my hair back with her fingers and when she did, I got mad chills all through my body. I shivered slightly and she frowned.

“Are you cold?” she asked.

“No,” I replied. “That just… tickled.”

She laughed and grabbed my arm, dragging me over to The Three Broomsticks. Oh god, here it goes.

“So what time was your date again?” she asked.

I checked my watch. “About ten minutes,” I said. “Want to go in and sit before she comes?”

Please say yes, please say yes!

“Sure,” she said.


She pulled the door open, and I took it from her, holding it so she could walk in. “Thanks, Scorp,” she said. She sounded way too surprised for my liking, but I liked making her happy, so that’s really all that mattered.

As soon as we entered, Madam Rosemerta froze and looked straight at me. Could she be any more obvious? Rose didn’t seem to notice anything weird though, so I told her to get the table way in the back and she took the lead. I turned to Rosemerta mouthing “Ten minutes” and she gave me a wink and disappeared back behind her counter.

We made it to the back of the pub, and it was pretty empty where we were. Perfect; something is finally starting to go right.

“Looks like you’ll be getting some privacy back here,” she noted. Perceptive, she is.

“Good,” I replied. “I think we’ll need it.”

She raised her eyebrows and I laughed. That totally came out wrong. She looked a bit awkward after that and I mentally kicked myself.

We sat in silence for a little while and I started fidgeting from nerves. Rose noticed and laughed at me.

“Are you nervous?” she asked.

“A bit. I haven’t been on many dates…” I admitted.

“I thought you shagged tons of girls?” she asked, questioningly.

I smirked. “I might have over exaggerated a bit,” I said.

“Who was the first girl you’ve slept with, Scorpius?” she asked, again.

Well, honesty is the best policy. “No one,” I said. “I was lying.”

She smirked. “And have you ever been in love?”

I pondered this for a minute. “Yes.”

She looked down at her hands. “Oh,” was all she said.

“Well, she should be here any minute…” she said slowly. “Maybe I better go; she probably wouldn’t like seeing you with me.”

“Okay,” I said.

She got up to leave and gave me a hug. “Good luck,” she said.

“Thanks,” I replied.

She started walking away, and I knew it was finally the time.

“Rose!” I called. “Wait.”

She turned around, and I grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to me.

“What?” she asked. She looked utterly confused and her expression didn’t change much after the next statement.

“There is no blind date,” I said.

She stayed silent for a second, so I decided to keep going.

“Al and Molly helped me set up this fake date… for you. I know all we’ve ever been is friends, but I was thinking maybe we could change that? I’ve liked you ever since our first year, and I would love to finally get the chance to take you out.”

She still didn’t say anything. She squinted her eyes and was studying every feature of my face.

“I know I’ve been acting so bloody strange lately, but I couldn’t help it. I’ve been trying to ask you out for so long, so here it goes. Rose Weasley, will you go on this date with me?”

She peered into my eyes, trying to figure me out.

“This isn’t a joke, is it?” she asked.

I shook my head. How could she ever think that?

“You’re serious?”


She smiled suddenly, and my heart did summersaults.

She jumped up and gave me the biggest hug ever.

“So is that a yes?” I asked so hopefully my voice cracked.

“Of course I’ll go out with you!” she squealed.

I let out a long sigh. Thank Merlin.

We sat down at the table and just looked straight at each other. Madam Rosemerta came up behind us with our drinks and desserts and clapped me on the back. “Nice job, Hun.”

Rose smiled and watched her leave. “She was in on it, too?” she asked.

“Yep,” I smiled.

“And Molly? Since when have you two been friends?”

“Ever since she agreed to help me,” I replied. “She’s really not that bad once you get to know her.”

“Looks like I owe someone an apology. Thanks a lot,” she said, sticking out her tongue.

We chatted a bit more about who all helped me with the date and how long it took and what not, and she was surprised to find out that Dom wasn’t in on it at all.

“She was acting so strange,” she said. “She was practically begging me to spy on you with her. Maybe she really is just as stupid as she looks,” she laughed.

So she did spy on me… How come she didn’t see this coming then?

“So…” I said after taking a swig of my Butterbeer. “Do you think we could ever be more than friends?” I hoped I didn’t sound too hopeful. I was practically begging.

“Scorpius, I’ve been waiting years for you to ask me out. I would have done it myself if I hadn’t thought you were going on this date with Molly,” she replied.

I almost spit my Butterbeer in her face. “Why would you think that?”

“You two have been sneaking around a lot lately, and I found that letter she wrote to you,” she explained. “I was so jealous. I was going to burst in on your date with her,” she said blushing. “I thought you guys were just trying to hide it from me.”

I laughed, and I was glad she laughed too. We were both so utterly clueless.

I leaned across the table and took her hands in mine. She smiled at me and I finally got the courage to ask those simple words.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

She leaned across the table and kissed me softly.

“Took you long enough,” she replied, and kissed me again. “Of course I will.”

It did take me long enough. And now that I finally have her, I’m never letting her go. I now have the most stubborn, irritating, annoying girl in the school that I could finally claim as mine. Oh, and beautiful. She’s pretty freaking beautiful, too.

We got up to leave about an hour later. She took my hand as we made our way to the door and I spotted Al, Molly and Dom huddled in a small group outside. They all turned to look as the door opened and Molly started jumping up and down at the sight of us.

Rose blushed and started smiling uncontrollably at all the attention. She let go of my hand and made her way towards the group and I followed close by.

She gave Al a big hug when she made it over to them and Molly came over to me.

“I’m so happy for you!” she said, hugging me. “I knew she’d say yes!”

“Thanks, Molly; I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“What about me?” asked Al in mock anger.

“I suppose you helped too,” I joked. “But didn’t you have your own date?”

“I couldn’t resist coming to see how it all worked out,” he said smiling. “I told her I had to re-schedule.”

Rose left Al’s side and came over to stand right in front of Molly. She looked a bit awkward, but I knew what she was about to do and I knew it was going to be hard. She was never very good at apologies.

“Molly,” she started. “I’m sorry I’ve been so horrible to you. I’ve been a terrible cousin and I honestly don’t know why I’ve ignored you for so long. I think I was just jealous.”

“Jealous? Of me? Rose, there’s no need for that,” she laughed.

“You’re the smartest one in the family! I was always second best in that category,” she admitted.

“Hey, I resent that!” exclaimed Dom, ruining the moment.

Rose gave her a look and continued. “Thank you for all you’ve done,” she said to Molly, and then she hugged her. Molly looked surprised, but hugged her back.

“You’re welcome,” she replied. “I’m just glad you two have finally gotten together. You two have liked each other forever. I think you were the only ones who didn’t notice.”

Rose and I smiled, and I grabbed her hand again.

“I didn’t know,” said Dom quietly.

Al and I just looked at each other. Dom really was too stupid for her own good.

We made our way back to Hogwarts as a group. Even though I was used to being with all of them (minus Molly for most of it), there was a brand new feeling to it. Rose was now my girlfriend, Al and I became, if possible, closer, and I made a new friend in Molly.

Rose squeezed my hand, bringing my out of my thoughts. “What are you thinking about?” she asked quietly.

“Just how amazing this year is going to be,” I replied, meaning every word.

She kissed me on the cheek, and I knew this was where I was meant to be.

“You know how you asked me if I’ve ever been in love?” I asked her.

She nodded, looking up at me.

“Well it was you. I love you, Rose.”

She smiled, tears welling up in her eyes. “I love you too, Scorpius.”


Awww how fluffy, eh?! Did you like the ending? Think it was too cliché? Well anyways, I’m just glad it’s finished!

I would like to thank everyone who read and the few people who reviewed :) I would also like to thank my sister, Becky, for being my beta and helping me with all my spelling/grammatical errors! This is my first completed story and I’m so glad it’s finished! I actually got this all written in a day and that was why I was able to get the chapters up so fast! Anyways, thanks for reading! Please rate & review & let me know how you liked it! Thanks!



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In The Friend Zone.: Confessions.


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