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Property of the Marauders by siriusblack 4 ever
Chapter 6 : Trip to Diagon Alley: Part 2
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“Mrs. Potter told Sunny to wake you and the young masters up, miss,” a tiny voice squeaked.


“Okay,” I told the voice sleepily.  I opened my eyes and saw a house elf.


“I’ll tell Mrs. Potter,” she said and then she snapped her fingers and left.


I walked downstairs to the dining room.  Everyone was already there.  We ate quickly, then we all went back upstairs to get ready.  Mrs. Potter found some clothes for me and I put them on.  After that, we went into the same room Sirius and I had been in yesterday.  We all took a pinch of Floo Powder and jumped into the fire one at a time.


When I stopped spinning, I was in the Leaky Cauldron.  Sirius was already there.


“Well, this is better than old Ollivanders,” he said.


“Yeah,” I told him.


James came a minute after me.  Then Remus appeared, then Peter, and the finally Mrs. Potter.


“Well, Hermione needs clothes and robes, so we’ll be going to Madame Malkin’s.  James, you are going with us,” Mrs. Potter said.


“Mum,” James whined.


“You need new robes.  Yours are much too small,” she told him.


“Padfoot, can you come?” James begged.


“Well… sure, mate,” Sirius answered.


Peter and Remus left for another shop, and the rest of us went to Madame Malkin’s.  Mrs. Potter bought me regular clothes, along with a few sets of robes.  I got a few sets of plain black robes, and, despite my opposition, Mrs. Potter bought me four sets of dress robes, one in light blue, one in light pink, one in silver, and one in gold.  James got a few new sets of plain black Hogwarts robes.


Mrs. Potter took me to Ollivanders next.  I tried five different wands, before I found mine.  It was my old wand, and it worked for me perfectly.


Mrs. Potter and I went to get school supplies, like parchment, quills, and potions items, then we met back with the boys in the Leaky Cauldron. 


We all ate lunch together and then Mrs. Potter left to get gardening and house items.  The boys and I went to get ice cream and then we looked around in some of the shops.  James bought a broom cleaning kit, Remus bought some candy, and Sirius bought some owl treats.


When we all met back together at the end of the day, everyone had something.  Mrs. Potter had bought me an owl.  It was a beautiful barn owl that I named Cinna. 



We all went home using the Floo Network.  It was a long day and we were all exhausted.  I was happy when I went into my room, but my last conscious thought was still ‘Yesterday was better.”


I'm sorry that this chapter is so short.  I only made it so Hermione could get her wand, and so that the last chapter and the next chapter could be connected.

Please give me reviews about the way I am portraying the characters.  Is there anything that I'm leaving out about them that is important?

 This is a preview to the next chapter, The Three R's:

"Why?" he asked me again.

"Um... because... um... because... because I'm in love with Remus," I blurted out.  I flushed red at the same time as Remus.  I didn't mean that.  Why did I say that?

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