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Baby Blues by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 1 : Test Results
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After the longest three minutes of her life, the alarm on Tonks' watch started beeping and she knew this was the moment. Her moment.

Taking a deep breath, Tonks walked stepped across the linoleum floor of the bathroom to the granite countertop and sink, nerves overwhelming her body. She slowly picked up the little white stick from where it lay on the counter. This was the moment that would decide whether her life took a three hundred and sixty degree turn. This stick could truly change her life.

Once she'd gathered the courage to look at the object, she saw the results in bright pink. In the little circle was a hot pink plus sign.

Tears filled her normally tough eyes: she was going to be a mum.

Now all she needed to do was tell Remus.

1 hour later

"Hello, love," Remus said absently, slouching in to a chair and resting his head in his hands.

Tonks knew he needed to get whatever was bothering him off his chest before she revealed her news, although she just wanted to scream the happy news from the rooftops. "Tough day, sweetheart?" she asked, taking a seat beside him.

He let out a long sigh, "He's getting stronger. We're running out of time."

She knew she who 'he' was, the same he she'd been preparing to fight since she was a teenager. She'd been a member of the Order for years, an honorary member. "And Harry..."

Remus caught on quickly to the question, "He's still determined to finish him off."

"But, he's just a boy! Why won't he let older members of the order-"

Remus interrupted her, "He thinks it has to be, that he was to be the one to kill him. He turned seventeen in July, it's too late to stop him. He's an adult, legally."

"So, what are you going to do?" she asked quietly.

Remus shrugged, "My hope is he'll let me tag along, so at least he's got someone with a bit more experience that he can turn to. I hate to leave you, darling, what with us being married, but it's going to be enough of a challenges convincing him to let me come, I think it's best if I just bargain for myself."

She gulped, "You...want to go with him?"

He sighed, "More like feel like I need to. He's just like James, so independent. Thinks he can do everything alone," he rubbed his hand across his forehead, "And that way of thinking got James in to some rough situations. Although, nothing quite like Harry's been in."

"Right." Tonks said quietly.

That was when he noticed something was bothering her, "Darling, what's wrong?"

She looked at him, shaking her head and giving him a faint smile, "Nothing's wrong, exactly."

"Then...why do you look so upset?" He asked with a sigh.

"I'm not upset," she said quietly. She placed a hand on her stomach, which was still toned, I'm pregnant."

For a moment he stayed in that position, not moving, but after a literal two minutes, he spoke, "You're...pregnant?"

She nodded.

"With a baby?"

She smiled slightly, "Yes, Remus. You're going to be a daddy."


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