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Frozen Hearts by Grumblebump
Chapter 6 : Rubble n\' Pop
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'Well it's got to be done sometime,' Draco said, striding up to the door and pounding it with the side of his fist. He turned to Nigel. 'What's the worst that could happen?'

Nigel's mouth began to open when the door behind him gave a loud bang, whipping the two cousins around. A large, beefy man stood in the doorway, eyeing the two. His chest was covered in a plaid shirt, which matched his dark moustache and thin hat.

'There be two of you?' the man asked, taking his hand off the dooway. 'Wha'd you two think she's into?'

The boys stood silent and bewildered. Draco made an attempt to speak but he was cut off by the burly man.

'Now I might'n be a young buck anymore, but I still know what goes through them heads. If you two'r thinking of pullin anything funny you can leave me and my daughter outta it,' the man said determindly, shifting his eyes from Draco to Nigel. 'You wild teens, I bet ye don't even use condoms anymore.'

'What!?' Nigel spluttered indignantly, pointing to Draco. 'Me....... with him? Are you mad!?'

'But if you aren't...' the man said, his browline clearly showing his confusion.

'Daddy stop!' came a girl's voice from inside the hut. A slender young woman emerged from behind the man, pulling his arm away from the boys. Her eyes hung at Draco for a moment. 'They're not the boys I told you about!'

'Oh my,' Draco whispered, looking at the young girl.

The large man's face brightened considerably, pulling the two boys towards the door. 'Come in boys, come in! We have visitors, Poppy!'

The two cousins were dragged into the living room of the small house and shoved into a squashy couch. Directly across from them sat an old man in a rocking chair. His legs were wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, which wasn't long enough to hide his two flaking feet which were dunked in hot water.

Nigel shuddered as the old man eyed the two boys.

'These skinny little things are taking her out?' the old man asked, grabbing his cane with his gnarly old fingers.

'Nay, Poppy that's what I just said,' the older man repeated. 'They's just visitors.'

'Father please,' the young girl pleaded. 'Don't embarass them!'

Draco loked at the young girl. She was very attractive, he thought to himself. Her hair was golden blonde, but as she turned it glistened blue in the light. Her hair hung around her delicate face, matching her crystal blue eyes down to the shade. She stood next to the large man, glancing out the window.

'Embarass them?' the man asked. 'I thought they was yer date for tonight.'

'Daddy it's not a date, honestly,' the girl protested. 'They're just friends!'

'Well date or no I thought they was them,' the man replied. He stuck out his beefy hand. 'Name's Rubble.'

'Draco Malfoy,' Draco replied, shaking the man's hand, 'and this is my cousin, Nigel.'

'Aye, this is me father, Poppy.' Rubble said, motioning towards the older man.

'How do you do, young boy!' Poppy squawked, giving a large toothless smile. 'Do you have a little senior in you yerself?'

'No...' Nigel replied, confused.

'Would you like some?' Poppy asked, licking his old lips at Nigel's shocked face

'Poppy!!' the girl shouted. 'That's quite enough!'

'Aye and this little treasure is me daughter, Cali,' Rubble beamed, motioning towards the girl. 'She's goin out tonight!'

'Yes and they're here!' Cali said excitedly, hugging her father and running to the door. 'I'll be back tonight, then!'

'You be careful then, young one.' Poppy called after her.

'And you leave that poor boy alone, Poppy!' came Cali's voice from outside.

'Hmph,' Poppy snorted, pouting.

After some time, Rubble turned towards the two boys.

'Now I'm guessin you got a story to tell,' he said to the two, 'seein as how I've never seen you here before and on acount of yer robes bein torn to shreds.'

'Oh I'm always up for a good story!' Poppy said happily. 'Now come over here on my lap and let yer friend tell his story, young man!'

Nigel looked at the old man, then began to sob quietly.

'Well, lad?' Rubble asked, looking at Draco. 'Me daughter won't be back for another couple of hours so I've got plenty of time to listen.'

'Draco!' Nigel whispered, pointing towards the lump in his robes where his wand sat. 'Muggles!'

'You see...' Draco started, casting a glance at Nigel, then looking towards Rubble. '....we're salesman.'

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Frozen Hearts: Rubble n\' Pop


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