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Meeting Him by weasleytwins123
Chapter 6 : Please, Listen
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“Listen, Triss, I reckon we should have a few nights in London then head back to Australia, yeah? I’ve missed you baby, the flat’s a complete mess without you…”



“Get a maid then, Alex” Beatrice muttered as she strode ahead of him down the lane to the local café.



“What?” Alex looked baffled. “Triss, is something wrong?”



“You honestly think I’m coming back to Australia?”



“Why not?” Alex frowned at her. “It’s your home, baby.”



“Don’t call me baby” Beatrice snapped, whipping around to face her ex-boyfriend and summoning up some old Gryffindor courage she’d thought she’d lost years ago. “And I’m not going back to Australia with you!”



“But, Triss” Alex whined. “I can’t live in London, it’s too cold” Alex shivered slightly, pouting like a child as he tried to make his point.



“Why would I want you in London?” Beatrice glared at him. “You’re an idiot, Alex, I don’t want to be with you.”



“Woah” Alex backed away from Beatrice slightly, his hands held up in front of him. “Since when did you become Miss Mature? You used to be fun, Triss.”



“Maybe I thought it was time I matured, Alex. I’m twenty-two, I’m fed up of behaving like a child.”



“Woah, London makes you boring, baby. Just come back to Australia and it’ll all be fine.”



“No Alex!”



“Look, if you’re worried about your dad, we’ll stop in and say hi before we go, alright baby? Is that what you want?”



“Alex! I’m not… my family aren’t important right now… it’s not anything to do with them! It’s to do with you and me. Alright? I just don’t want what we had anymore.”



“It’s that Louis bloke isn’t it?” Alex glared. “Triss, I shook his hand, and you lied to me!”



“You are not in love with me Alex!” Beatrice practically shrieked, earning herself weird glances from passing onlookers. “Why do you think it was so easy for you to leave me? We were never in love!” As she spoke, Beatrice finally realised the truth in her words, and she realised that what Louis had said had always been right. She’d never loved Alex.



“What were we then, Triss? We’ve been together for years!”



“Hardly years, Alex” Beatrice replied scathingly. “We kept each other company… we both liked that we were the only ones that were immature, that’s why we worked, Alex. And now I’ve grown up and it’s gone wrong… because we were never in love! It was just the idea of it Alex, we’re too different in reality.”



Alex frowned. “I made all this effort to find you for this?”



“On the bright side you don’t have to worry about how you were going to tell me you’ve slept with hundreds of girls since I’ve been gone.”



Alex flushed, his gaze shifted downwards guilty. “Triss, look…”



“Alex, I don’t care” Beatrice laughed giddily. “I was one of those girls, wasn’t I? Before we got together? I know what you’re like Alex.”



“Look, Triss, we could be great baby, if you’ll just…”



“No, Alex” Beatrice stepped forward to take his hand, watching him with a sad smile. “You’re great, and I’m sorry, but it wouldn’t work. I don’t want it anymore.”



“It’s because of him, isn’t it?” Alex frowned. “That Louis guy? Do you love him?”



Beatrice was quiet for a moment, considering her answer. “I don’t know.”



“You don’t know?” Alex repeated, bewildered.



“I don’t know! Sometimes… yes, I think I do. And then other times it doesn’t seem possible, and I always thought of you…”



“See! You thought of me, Triss, because I’m the one you love!”



“No, Alex” Beatrice shook her head sadly. “I always thought I did. It made sense to me, that I loved you, and that’s why I felt so shit. But I felt shit because I was twenty-two and I didn’t have anything to show for it, Alex. Because I’m twenty-two and I'm not speaking to my family, I didn’t have any friends left and I didn't have a job before Louis helped me, and my boyfriend had just ditched me.”



“And what, Louis saved you from all of that, did he?” Alex asked scathingly, shaking his messy blonde hair from his face with an expression of distaste.



“Yeah, he did actually” she replied coolly. “Louis is brilliant, Alex, I wouldn’t be anywhere without him.”



“Well stay with Louis, then, if it’s what you want so much” Alex replied bitterly, turning away from her.



“Alex, please, I’m sorry but I couldn’t just…”



“At least you didn’t say yes, right?” he laughed mockingly. “Because that really would have done me in, when you left me for him.”



“Alex, don’t be immature…”



Alex rolled his eyes and sent Beatrice a hard look. “I’m not going to see you again, am I Triss?”



She shook her head slowly. “Sorry.”



“Bye then” Alex shrugged, before turning in the air and apparating away from her.






When she returned to the flat, it was empty.



Louis wasn’t there, but he’d left a note.






I hope you’re happy with Alex. I didn’t mean what I said earlier, you are mature. I’m the immature one, because you were right. I should have just asked you out, told you how I felt. Because I really like you, Bea, I really actually do like you.



Have fun in Australia, I’ll miss you though. Don’t worry about writing if you don’t want to, I’ll be fine.






Beatrice’s heart practically wrenched out of her chest as she read it, the tears gathering at the edges of her eyes as she pictured Louis, writing the note, and leaving it on the coffee table for her to read. She wondered where he was, she wanted to see him, to show him that she liked him too.



Because she did, she really actually did like Louis. She didn’t think she was in love with him, but she knew she could be. Because he was Louis, and he was great, kind and lovely and one of the sexiest men she’d ever met.



And he liked her, he really actually did like her.



Beatrice didn’t know what to do. Did she stay here? He might not come back for a while, if he thought she’d be packing for Australia.



But what if he went off with some other girl while she waited back here for him? She couldn’t send him an owl; she couldn’t tell him that sort of thing through a letter.



After all, deep down Beatrice was an old romantic, and she wanted it to be face to face.






She wasn’t sure why she’d apparated to St Mungo’s, but Beatrice had a feeling that it was the right place for her to go. She presumed it was so she could find Rose, who would be working here today. She needed to ask Rose where Louis would go if he was upset, where Louis would go if he wanted to get away from everything.



“Shell Cottage” Rose immediately replied as soon as Beatrice had found her and relayed the whole story. “He always goes there, whatever happens. He’d want to spend time with his parents, and the beach has always calmed him down. You’ll find him there, Bea, I promise.”



“I’m scared, Rose” Beatrice muttered as she followed Rose down the corridor. “What if he’s not there? What do I tell his parents then?”



“They’ll understand, Bea. Look, darling, every couple has fights, and I can’t imagine your ex-boyfriend turning up and proclaiming his love for you was easy for Louis.”



Beatrice had forgotten that they all thought she and Louis were together. It would be easier for Beatrice if they’d actually been together, because then she would have known that Louis wouldn’t find another girl so quickly.



Rose, catching Beatrice’s disbelieving look, pulled her into her arms and patted her on the back comfortingly. “Come on, it’ll be fine. Now, off you go, I’ve got to see to this woman in here” Rose jerked her head towards the white door beside the pair of them. “She’s pregnant… and they always go mad when the Healer’s late” Rose rolled her eyes and strolled into the ward.



Beatrice was interested to see what Rose was like when dealing with pregnant women that weren’t her relatives (she’d always screamed at Victoire every time Vic had moaned when pregnant with Remus and Gabrielle), and so she leant against the open doorframe to watch.



Then she caught sight of the pregnant woman, who caught sight of her with wide, disbelieving eyes.



Which then narrowed as soon as Beatrice began to back out of the doorway.



“No, Bea. You stay right there.”



“You sound like Mum.”



“Well, I am a mother, Bea.”



“I’m sorry.”



“Sorry doesn’t quite cut it, Bea.”






“Don’t Penny me” Beatrice’s sister glared. “I’m pregnant and I behave like a bitch.”



“She does” Penny’s husband, Jacob added to the tension filled room. Rose was fiddling with Penny’s information folder at the end of the bed with an embarrassed expression that she had to be here to witness this. Of course Rose had realised Beatrice hadn’t seen Penny yet, Rose was Rose… and she knew everything.



“Hi Jacob” Beatrice groaned inwardly, nodding towards her brother in law who she did like, but was aggravated by his awkward tendency to make tense situations worse.



“It’s been a while, Bea” he nodded back with a small smile.



“Yeah, three years or something like that?” Penny remarked scathingly. “But it’s not like I’d care… it’s not like my sister just disappeared or anything.”






“What, Bea? What?! You completely ditched us all! Do you have any idea how worried we’ve all been? We didn’t know where you were, what if you’d been in an accident? What if you had died somehow? We were all so worried, Bea!”



“You were my emergency contact numbers, Penny. If something had happened to be you would have been owled” Beatrice replied, rather tactlessly.



“Oh, well that’s fine then!” Penny half-shrieked sarcastically. “You are such a selfish cow, Bea.”



“Where’s David?” Beatrice asked Jacob idly, ignoring her furious sister.



“At Guy’s” Penny snapped. “Playing with his cousins, Lizzy and Benjamin, remember them?” penny glared. “Why are you asking anyway, it’s not like you care!”



“Of course I care!” Beatrice replied sharply, moving so Rose could leave, after she’d fixed Penny’s scan up on the wall and awkwardly sidled out of the room.



“Why would you?”



“Because they’re my nieces and nephews!”



“They don’t even know you, Bea! You haven’t been around. David only knows he has an Aunty Bea because Lizzy and Benj told him a while ago.”



Beatrice’s heart sunk. “Have they asked about me?”



“They used to” Penny replied, her voice softer as her eyes filled up with tears (pregnancy hormones were so unpredictable). “They don’t so much anymore. Only at Christmas… we tell them you can’t come because you live too far away.”



“I’m sorry” Beatrice sniffled, stepping towards the bed as she tried to fight back her tears.



“Why did you have to go, Bea?” Penny began to cry, and Jacob instantly patted her hand. Penny shot him a look and with a glance in Beatrice’s direction, he left the sisters alone with one another.



“I don’t know” Beatrice began to cry too. “I thought it was for the best. I thought it would be fun.”



“Was it? Was it worth losing everyone?”



“No” Beatrice shook her head ruefully. “It wasn’t at all… but I’ve learnt how important it is now, I’ve learnt to appreciate what I had.”



“I won’t forgive you for it” Penny told her seriously through her tears. “You’re my sister, and you were meant to be there for it all.”



“I know, Penny. I’m so sorry.”



“I missed you” Penny smiled slightly, holding her arms out to Beatrice, how immediately fell into the comfort of her older sister’s arms.



“I missed you too” Beatrice mumbled into Penny’s shoulder.



“But you’re here now.”



“And I’m not leaving” Beatrice sobbed. “I’ll be here all the time now, Penny, that’s a promise.”






There was a silence, as Penny shuffled over on the bed and pulled Beatrice onto it beside her, the pair of them snuggled up with one another, tears streaking down their faces.



“Love you sis” Beatrice mumbled, kissing Penny on the cheek.



“Love you too sis” Penny whispered, stroking Beatrice’s hair and kissing her forehead.












A/N- AWWWW. I love the sisterly love here, does anybody else? I’m sorry I haven’t included Louis in this chapter, but I think Penny and Bea sorting things out needed to happen. And Alex needed to disappear. Bless him, don’t hate him too much, he’s just a bit of an immature idiot with a flair for the dramatics (I’d love to write his mind sometime, actually.) Some explanation to you all, as I can already guess some of the reviews: Louis wasn’t being dramatic with the note, he was just being truthful. And to those of you who think Penny gave into Bea too easily, forgive her, because she’s pregnant (and her hormones are all over the place), loves Bea to pieces and told Bea that she didn’t forgive her for it anyway. After all, Penny wants her sister/best friend back! Anyway, after that long authors note, hope all you readers liked it and please do review, it’s really encouraging! Thanks!

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