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Queen of Gorgeousness by Zyii
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four – Jealous Girls, Hormonal Boys and a Glass of Cherryade
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Mild Language

Evvie woke up the following morning feeling refreshed and reborn again. She sat up in her bed, pushing hair from her face and wondering where on earth that annoying tapping sound was coming from. As she stood up and walked in the direction of the bathroom, the tapping increased, looking up she realized it was an owl tapping at the window and carrying an impossibly large package. She allowed the owl entry into the dorm, giving it several owl treats as a reward for carrying such a large parcel. She smiled at the parcel’s wrapping Slytherin green and silver of course but it was from her Mother and oh wow contained her new wardrobe. The clothes had been shrunk to fit, so she took them out before enlarging them again. Some of the clothes looked so magnificent, clothes that Evvie would never have thought to wear while she had the body and looks of Hermione Granger. Even now she looked at some of the clothes with a doubtful expression.

Anything’s possible she supposed. She guessed that since she was a new person it might be good to have a new image as well. She always wanted her last year at Hogwarts to go out with a bang, perhaps this was the way to do it. She often wanted to shed the know-it-all image she had, there was so much more to her than books and intelligence but no one had let her show them, till now…

Even being friend with Harry and Ron since she was eleven, they’d never seen her as more than a bossy book obsessed student, they hardly recognized that she was a girl. Staying with Bill and Fleur during the summer had shown Evvie that there were actually people out there who were willing to get to know her for more than just her surface. That reminded her, she needed to write a letter to Bill and Fleur explaining what had happened. She set down to do just that after she’d put away all her new clothes. It had taken her several times to write the letter and she was finally satisfied with what she’d written, she’d outlined what had happened to her, her change in appearance, family and house. She’d put that she hoped they still considered her family but could understand if they no longer wanted anything to do with her. It was once she’d finished her letter that she realized the owl was still there. Looking at the card her Mother had sent her once more she realized the owl hadn’t left because it was hers. She stroked the owls light brown wings, “Gar” she whispered knowing that the strange name fit this owl, “Will you please take this letter to Bill and Fleur Weasley” Gar nipped Evvie’s finger affectionately and flew off out the window, her letter attached to his leg.

Evvie was looking through her new clothes when the other girls finally awoke. Usually she’d be dressed by now, but McGonagall had passed a new rule when becoming Headmistress – based on something Evvie had told her about muggle life – 7th years were now allowed to wear their own clothes under their school robes, it was to give them a bit of freedom and make them feel more adult. But secretly Evvie felt McGonagall did it because she wanted the returning 7th years at least to actually have a chance at being teenagers without worry.

“Your new clothes came then”.

“Yeah but I don’t know what to wear. I don’t even know what suits me. I’ve never been into this stuff” Evvie pouted.

“And now you are?” asked Millie.

“I want to have the best last year ever, so yeah” said Evvie.

“Well why didn’t you say so” giggled Daphne.

“You’ll help me?” asked Evvie.

“Of course, everyone knows Slytherin girls dress the best” smirked Pansy.

With help from the girls Evvie was transformed from not knowing what to do with her newfound appearance to rule the school with her outfits. It seemed very unlike the old Hermione to be so excited about clothes and boys but she was tired of being that person. She really just wanted to be a teenager in the last year that would allow her that, and really, everyone is allowed to change who they are aren’t they.

“You look gorgeous” squealed Millie.

“All hail the Queen of Gorgeousness” the girls all giggled.

“We should probably head down or your bother will have worn a hole in the carpet waiting for you to get up” Pansy giggled.

As they walked into the common room the reaction to the girls presence was simultaneous. While other girls looked on jealously, the boys shifted from foot to foot trying to hide their lust and desire. Daphne, Millie and Pansy were nothing new, they always looked stunningly perfect but Evvie outshone them all. Below her Slytherin robes she wore heeled cowboy boots, purple skinny jeans and a tight fitted tank top. Her choice in clothes was plain and bold but they deliciously hugged her curves making every head turn her way.

From the group waiting for them, Blaise was the first to recover; this was his sister after all! The other boys took longer to stop the drool formulating in their open mouths. Evvie was surprised at the reaction she got from the guys having never been in that position before. The girls she could handle, there would always be jealousy and rivalry between girls, you just had to learn to ignore it – and know some pretty good spells.

Draco looked on with desire burning in his eyes before quickly schooling his features into a more neutral expression. It wouldn’t do for Evvie to think he liked her, she was downright gorgeous but he wasn’t good enough for her and he doubted he’d ever be forgiven. But still, she did look good in that outfit!

“Cara” Blaise greeted his sister; she looked happier, happier than he’d even seen her as Hermione Granger. That was good; he vowed to always make sure she was happy.

Evvie whispered close to his ear to be sure no one else would hear, “Do I look ok?” she asked timidly.

Blaise didn’t even need to look at his sister to know why he was asking him this, he could see her hands shake nervously. He’d never seen Evvie with her guard down, only ever as the self-righteous Granger, he took this as a good sign that after only a day she was letting her guard down around him. He thought her transition into Evvie would have been a lot harder for her to come to terms with had she not been outcasted by her old friends and spent the summer with Bill and Fleur Weasley. As it happens he knew his Mother was looking to have tea with the newly married couple and year about her daughter.

“You look gorgeous Cara” he said honestly, “Are you ready?” he asked.

“No” she replied honestly, “But let’s go”.

The others looked on at this intimate display of sibling emotions, with the exception of Daphne all the others were only children and had never felt the companionship that Blaise now had with Evvie. With family the ties could be picked up easily and forged again, for family stayed always, friends never did, or that was Evvie’s opinion, perhaps in the coming weeks that would change.

There was something to be admired by the way Evvie held herself as they walked to the Great Hall. Deep down she was still the same person, she refused to become manipulative and mean just because she was now in Slytherin. Don’t get her wrong, she didn’t now have ideas to make Slytherin good, she just knew in herself that she’d be the rare good one. With the exception of Lavender in 6th year and Professor Trelawney, Evvie tried not to judge people and was fair and acceptable to all. She treated others as she wanted to be treated in return. It hadn’t worked quite that way in Gryffindor. It can be said that Gryffindor’s are brave, but they certainly aren’t loyal and are more into self-preservation than the Slytherin’s were.  It would be a nice change to see how things progressed for her in a different house.

The dynamics of the walk to the Great Hall were interesting to watch and observe, yet with the exception of Draco and Blaise, it was apparent that none of the others had noticed it yet. Without any prompt or decision the leading pack had been created, Evvie in the middle, the girls close behind, Blaise and Draco on either side of them with the rest of the boys bringing up the back. It was unusual for a group to be formed like this; it was the sort of alignment you’d associate with a celebrity visit as a form of protection, not as a walk to get breakfast. Nevertheless the connection had been established and Evvie was in the front of it.

If the Slytherin’s were used to being stared at before, this was nothing if not impossible. Every set of eyes was trained on the group as they entered the hall and sat down. It was Evvie’s presence that caught the most attention, though the odd formation of Slytherin’s waggled a few eyebrows as well.

Evvie never liked being in the spotlight, she didn’t like being watched intently, it reminded her too much of being on the run. So she did what anyone would do, she tried her best to block it out and remain as normal as possible but if anyone were to look under the table they would see how she was really feeling by the shake of her hands. Evvie was a strong witch; she’d make it through this ordeal.

Pansy struck calming gold when she asked Evvie what classes she was taking, “Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy and Herbology” replied Evvie to a few stunned faces.

“You aren’t taking DADA?”

“You’re only taking six classes?”

Evvie smiled tightly, “I didn’t want to be noticed for just my brain anymore. So I decided to only take the classes that I loved. It would be pointless taking DADA I wouldn’t learn anything” she replied.

“No one thinks of you as just a brain Cara” said Blaise softly.

Evvie looked up at her brother’s sincerity, “Oh but they have for seven years” she smiled sadly.

No one really knew what to say after that but the silence wasn’t awkward. If anything each of the Slytherin’s was thinking of a way for Evvie to develop more. Obviously they knew of her past but they hadn’t known how it affected her. Each little bit they learnt made them more determined to help her have the best last year possible.

Draco shifted uncomfortably in his seat, well aware that he was in the foreground for seeing Evvie as just a big brain and taunting her for it. Under Blaise’s questioning stare he felt even more vunerable, unsure of how he felt.

The ugly duckling flies just as is proper. Evvie didn’t know what to do with herself. This new found popularity was unnatural for her; she didn’t know where to put herself. Breakfast might be over but classes were about to begin, and that’s where things would get difficult. Blaise, Draco and Adrian wanted to be in all classes with Evvie because they didn’t trust other people. However fate was not so kind and there was at least one class Evvie had without the protection of the Slytherin’s: Herbology, which unfortunately Evvie had to suffer through with Harry, Ron, Ginny and a whole lode of other Gryffindork’s.

Evvie enjoyed Herbology almost as much as Neville and he was always kind enough to talk her through plants that she didn’t know much about. No one knew much about Evvie’s little weakness with Herbology but Neville was good at keeping secrets, after all Evvie was the one who always helped him with potions, so he didn’t mind repaying the favor.

“Oh look it’s the traitor” groaned Ron.

Harry said nothing, like he wanted to rebuild the bridge but couldn’t quite make it happen.

Evvie sat on a table by herself, as people were still arriving to class.

“How’s it feel having no friends? Oh wait you never had any friends” Ron guffed.

Lavender and Pavarti strolled in, making a beeline for Evvie.

“Can we sit here?” asked Lavender.

“Uh sure” replied Evvie.

“You look gorgeous Evvie, where did you get those boots” squealed Pavarti.

Well this was new thought Evvie. “Uh they’re from a muggle shop”.

“What are you doing talking to the traitor?” sneered Ginny as she walked in the room.

“Oh get over yourself Ginny” said Lavender.

“What? It’s not like she belongs here, she’s just an ugly duckling trying to change” said Ginny.

“Yeah and now she’s more gorgeous than you’ll ever be” replied Lavender smugly.

“Just leave off her alright” added Pavarti.

“Just wait one minute”

“Give it a rest Ginny. You guys are supposed to be her friends, something life changing has happened to Evvie and suddenly you’re all against her. It’s like the war changed nothing” said Neville.

Ginny looked outraged that Neville had got involved.

“Can we have a bit more work and less talking at the back please” cried the teacher.

“There is a difference between changing and trying to be someone you’re not” hissed Ginny.

“Have you ever thought about being a duck?” asked Evvie smiling mischievously.

“What are you, trying to be a freak like Luna?” said Ginny.

“Ha, and you call yourself her friend” said Pavarti.

“Poor poor Ginny, weren’t you warned not to continue this” said Evvie mockingly, pleased when Ginny’s face paled.

“Shame you haven’t learnt your lesson” Evvie raised her wand in a flicking motion, “Mellis Pluma” and suddenly Ginny was covered in a sticky substance with feathers covered on top.

“I guess what’s what a real ugly duckling looks like” said Evvie as the class bell rang.

“Did you guys hear what Ginny said to Evvie” asked Pansy running up to Blaise and Draco.

“No, what?”

“Ginny started dissing Evvie, looks like your threat didn’t work Draco” she smirked, “So Evvie hexed her. I didn’t know the spell I think Evvie must have made it up herself but it covered Ginny first in honey and then in feathers”

Blaise chortled while Draco was torn between laughing and being angry that Ginny had ignored his threat.

It was odd to feel so at home with the Slytherin’s but Evvie was a Slytherin now. She was as they said a new person. The Great Hall at dinner showed Evvie how protective Blaise could be, which meant by extension how protective Slytherin’s were of their own.

After telling Blaise to back off a third time in the row, she settle for childishly throwing her peas in his face.

“What the hell was that for?” he demanded.

“Stop being over protective! So Ginny didn’t head your Slytherin warning. I dealt with her, I don’t need you to fight all my battles. I got on fine before, why would things change now” she huffed.

“Just trying to make up for lost time Cara” he mumbled.

“I know, but just tone it down or something” she replied.

There was a scuffle of movement behind Evvie.

“Missy Evvie” came the squeaky voice of a Hogwarts Elf.

“Yes” replied Evvie as the elf handed her a tin can, “Thank you” she continued as the elf smiled and popped away.

Evvie popped open the can and took a long sip, closing her eyes in contentment. She opened them to the confused eyes of her fellow Slytherins.

“What on earth is that?!” asked Adrian.

Evvie smiled, they really were missing out, “Cherryade” she winked as she drank.

In the realms of stressful dissertation work, this story keeps me sane. Fingers crossed I'll have my dissertation handed in by the end of this week! Hope y'all still enjoying this, tell me what you think! ~ Zyii

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