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Being Human by Chesh
Chapter 1 : Nyxie Ray
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Epilogue: Nyxie Ray

She was a tiny thing. Weighing in at just over 6 pounds she was beautiful yet for the fae her birth was wrong. She was a mistake.

She was something that should not have occurred, it meant that it was one of their own that had caused the wrong. As a daughter Dark court she would have already had held much power over the fae, but it was because of her uncle that her fate was sealed. Taking in the wide world before her, dark lashes framed deep blue eyes giving the fae the sign they had feared, the sign of a half-ling.

In the middle of the courts were the three Sisters; their minds lay un-touched within bodies that had long ago decayed. It had been centuries ago when they had still sung and danced with the rest of the fey, now they sat unmoving upon thrones of black and silver left to dream.

It was to them the King of the fae carried his niece. He had known what would happen as soon as his sister Theresa had taken interest in the mortal world but had not taken it upon himself to fix it. He had warned her of the consequences but his sister had not listened and then of course she did the un-thinkable. She fell for a mortal man.

When Theresa had eventually returned to the realm she had not come alone. Inside her the makings of her own doings lay inside, already beginning to grow. The king had been relieved to see her for he had loved his sister and had always wished the best for her. But she had changed, her life force diminished she had come back to him to die.

Theresa had glanced once at the tiny child that was being pressed against her chest and smiled sadly at her daughter. When the healers came to help her she had banished them as only a member of royalty could. Giving her new-born to a waiting fairy she had ushered everyone out of the room, all except her brother who hovered anxiously beside her bed.

“How could he leave me”? She whispered closing her eyes her heart stopping along with her breath.

Now as he ran the wind snapping at his heels his arms rapped protectively around the baby inside his cloak he tried to ignore his sadness. It was now the time for planning and cunning, especially if he wanted to keep the child that lay in his arms.

Pausing at the steps beneath the thrones he stopped. Was he doing the right thing?

“Show her to us”. A voice whispered inside his head.

Stepping up onto the platform he held out his niece for the Sisters.

“Will she live”? He breathed as he placed the bundle before them.


Closing his eyes he bit his lip till he tasted blood. A half-ling never lived long, the fairy blood soon over powered the mortal part and ended up killing the child.

“Save her and I will do as you wish”. He murmured staring at the hideous remains that held the three greatest faeries ever born.

“You want your sister back and if you cannot have her you want the next best thing. Ha, you have grown blinded by your emotions”. They whispered, their voices echoing inside his skull.

“Will you do as I ask?” The King said his temper rising as he listened to them laugh.

“Place a jasmine flower on her forehead while she sleeps each night till spring and we will be able to heal her”.

Stifling his sigh he picked up the baby and turned to leave. “Thank you”.

“Don’t thank us yet fool, we will collect what you owe us eventually”.

Without a backwards glance the Dark king stormed out into the night to face the future. He would follow the Sisters instructions carefully and would eventually be rewarded with a gurgling baby girl. The only sign that she had ever been worked upon by magic was her hair and eyes that had turned silver by the time spring came around.

She would bear the sign of magic for the rest of her life.

The girls name was Nyxie, Nyxie Ray.


Her breath caught as she sprinted through the forests, jumping over fallen branches with an inhuman like ease. She grinned as she heard Keira finish counting and began to run even faster, soon becoming a blur.

Nyx loved to run, it was the only time she felt truly free and if she was lucky Keira would give up looking for her and she would have at least an hour to herself without having to act like the perfect little fairy. Not that many people cared, she was used to being over-looked by the other fae.

Her ten year old legs began to ache but this only spurred her on. Ducking under the last trees Nyx stumbled in shock as she realised she was well past the forest that was her home. Being the niece of one of the most powerful fairies in the land had its charm but she was almost never let out of sight especially as it seemed to be a general opinion that because she was only a half-ling she was not half as capable as other children her age.

Her grin widened as she decided that now was a perfectly good time for an adventure. Ahead was a small house that slowly puffed out smoke through its chimney, a perfect place to start her new adventure and she set of with dreams of dragons and danger as any ten year old would.

Nyx paused at a gate that stretched around a little house and peered in through the window. Compared to the massive, open spaced rooms she was used to it was completely alien to her but Nyxie loved it all the same.

“Potter ducks under the bludger, heading straight for the hoop and he scores!!!! “ Yelled a boy about Nyxie’s age riding to her amazement a broomstick. The boys jet black hair stuck out at every angle as he pretended to bow to his imaginary crowds.

Nyx giggled, he really looked quite silly with his glasses hanging of one ear dirt streaked on his face.

“What’s a bludger” she yelled, waving frantically to get the boy’s attention.

The boy swung around on his broom to get a better look at the girl waving from his fence. This turned out to be the worst possible thing he could have done as he was sent flying face first into the garden.

“Who are you”? He groaned, dusting himself of before leaving his now slightly bent broom right where he had crashed.

“I’m Nyxie, I’m of on an adventure”. She answered giving him her most winning of smiles. The boy returned it and jumped over the fence to stand next to her. He liked this girl instantly with her bright silver eyes and matching silver hair.

“Cool, I’m James and I’m coming with you. I heard my dad talking about giants in England we’ll go looking for them. Come on then”.

James grabbed Nyxie’s hand and pulled her along while rambling on about possibilities of giant hiding places.

And although they never came close to finding a giant or dragon they both found something they wouldn’t have thought of.


From then on the two children would spend every possible moment together and they loved it.

For James, Nyxie was the sibling he had always wanted and for Nyx, he was her older brother. At first the fae courts had worried about the potters knowing about their daughter but Albus Dumbledore himself soon solved this with a visit. As an old friend of Nyxie’s uncle he offered to keep an eye on her whenever she was in the Wizarding world.

The Potters were of course sworn to secrecy.

As James turned eleven he soon departed to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, leaving a very distraught girl who in turn was schooled in the art of magic and fairy lore.

Each summer the two friends would spend every waking moment playing quidditch (Nyx soon fell in love with the game to James delight) or pranking the hell out of wizards and fae alike. In the fae courts it was not uncommon to find the two friend's latest prank taking effect on the unwary person.

James’s tales of mischief with his other friends at school gave Nyxie a glimpse of something different of which she longed for. Although her uncle loved her deeply it was hard for her to be excepted by the other children and she could not help but wish that she could go with her friend. For even if she would never admit it she was insanely jealous of the fact that James could go somewhere that to her sounded ever so exotic and exciting.

But they would both learn to live for the times that James came home, using these breaks to tell each other everything as only true friends could.


Hey guys,

I've had this idea for ages and i think it's about time i give it some credit. Please review i would love to know what you think and just keep in mind the next chapter will be much better/interesting i just had to give you some background info...



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