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Exchange by LittleMissLizPotter
Chapter 16 : Chapter 16
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Hey guys!  I feel like it's been forever since I've updated this . . . haha it's probably felt that long to some of you too :) 

But I want to tell you that I have a definite plot, and I know how this thing is going to end!  She's not going to die, to comfort all of you that keep shouting at me not to let her die :) 

Also, I forget if I told you guys if I had set up an MTA page on the forums, but I did,  so visit it and leave me a comment sometime :)


You were in college working part time waitin’ tables
Left a small town, never looked back
I was a flight risk with a fear of fallin’
Wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts


Taylor Swift, Mine






"Cinda? Can--can I talk to you?"


I had used the Marauder's Map to find Cinda in the Hufflepuff Common room. Lauren had gotten her for me and now she was standing outside the Common room, waiting for me to explain why Arianna and I had been shunning her for the past year.


"What's up?" She asked. The statement wasn't especially unfriendly but her tone of voice said different. She was mad.


"Look, Cinda, I'm sorry--"


"Del, why?" She asked, interrupting me. "Why would you do that to me? I was your best friend, and you've just been pushing me out of your life! Arianna told me that you were falling in love with Al Potter and you didn't even tell me!" Her lower lip jutted out into a pout. "I would have fully supported you falling for Al, Del! It's great that you're not mad at them anymore, you don't have to get revenge!"


"What--? Cinda, yes I do. I don't have a choice. The vow, remember?" Her face paled under her light layer of freckles.


"Oh, Del!" I expected sympathy, but instead I got Cinda yelling at me. "Why are you so stupid? Why did you have to make that vow? Ugh, why did I let you go through with it?! This is all my fault!"


"How is it your fault that I made an Unbreakable Vow?" I asked.


"If I had refused to be the binder, then it would have been all okay!" Cinda told me through her fingers.


“Cinda, that’s ridiculous and you know it,” I told her. When she still looked distraught, I punched her lightly on the arm. “Hey, I’m stubborn. There was no way you would have been able to make me not make that Vow.”

“Oh, Del!” She wailed, and she hugged the life out of me while I stood there in confusion.


Maybe she was on her period. That would explain a lot.






“You look…amazing.” Al said. I blushed and looked at my feet. “So do you,” I said to the floor.


Hello, floor. Nice to meet you. I’m Delilah Miller, and I think that we’re going to become great friends over the next few months. I tend to stumbled around Al.


A lot.


“Shall we go, then?” Al asked, breaking the awkward silence.


“Sure,” I said, wanting to be anywhere but here. He offered me his arm and I rolled my eyes, just taking his hand. Walking arm in arm was so old fashioned. That’s something Cinda would squeal over, not me.


“Where to?” He asked me.


“Oh, I dunno.” I said. “Three Broomsticks?” Al seemed to let out a sigh of relief.“What?” I asked, my tone teasing. “Afraid I would say Puddifoots?” He grinned.

“Sort of.”


I pretended to be offended. “Mr. Potter, I thought you knew me better than that!”


He faked looking ashamed and said, “Please forgive me, Miss Miller. How can I ever repay you?!” I pretended to think for a bit.


“Assorted chocolates and slave labor.” I finally decided.


The conversation kept moving all the way to the Three Broomsticks, where Al got us a booth in a secluded corner, hidden from the rest of the pub by a short wall that was topped by glass, with potted Humming Daisies sitting on the ledge.


“I’ll go get drinks. What d’you want?” Al asked.


“Just a Butterbeer.” I said.


“Butterbeer it is, then!” He said, and walked up to the bar, where Rosmerta’s daughter, Juliet, was serving drinks.


I glanced around the pub while I was waiting. There were couples, groups of friends, lonely people sitting at the bar, and an old hag that looked suspiciously like my old Great Aunt Maisie before she died. I quickly looked away from her and up at Al when he set the Butterbeer down in front of me.


I smiled up at him. “Thank you, Al.” He shrugged.


“Don’t mention it. You’re my date. I’m supposed to buy you a drink.”


I felt my heart lift when he said those words. You’re my date. Finally! I felt like melting into a big quivering pile of fan-girl goo.


Oh no. Oh no. I don’t do sunshine and squeals and shit. I’m Delilah Miller, I’m hardcore. Unbreakable Vow hardcore.


Yeah, man.


Be jealous of my awesome.


“Knut for your thoughts?” Al asked quietly. I started, and looked over at him with a smile.


“Just thinking about . . . us.” I said, opting to go with the truth.


Slightly the truth. I’m not telling him about the fan girl goo bit.


“What about us?” Al asked with a smile, reaching across the table to take my hand, which was lying on the surface.


“Where we’re going,” I said. “I mean . . . we—that was pretty—I mean—that night on the roof—and now we’re on this date—”


“Yeah?” Al asked with a grin at the memories.


Oh, he’s going to make me say it, isn’t he?


“Are we dating, Al?” I blurted out.


Al looked at me in surprise, and I turned red. His cheeks tinged pink, and he stumbled over his words.


“Um—I dunno—I guess, people could—I mean, we did snog—and, well—I dunno. Do you, er, want to?”


“Erm—I guess—”


“Then, I guess we are.”


There was an extremely awkward silence at our table, in which I fiddled with the napkins, and Al stared at our still intertwined hands.


I was the one to break the silence. “That was possibly the most awkward conversation I have ever had to participate in, Albus Severus Potter.”


A grin broke out across Albus’s face. “That’s what I’m here for. Yummy eye candy and extreme awkward on all levels.”


I rolled my eyes. “You’re such an idiot sometimes.”


He pretended to look hurt, and I laughed.


We finished our drinks and headed out of the pub, hand in hand. We headed toward Honeydukes, tasting samples of fudge and chocolate. I also dared Al to eat a whole jar of Cockroach Cluster.


We met up with Rose and Scorpius outside of Scrivenshaft’s. They looked exceptionally cheerful, holding hands and occasionally whispering something in one another’s ear.


I told Rose that they looked adorable.


She told me to die.


I have such a lovely friend.






“How was Hogsmeade?” Lauren asked, eyeing the sweets in my hand as we walked back to the Common Room.


“How did you even get in here, midget?” Scorpius asked, ruffling Lauren’s hair and nudging her out of the squashy armchair she was sitting in and collapsing into it himself.


“Aiden let me in, but how was it?” She said as she flopped onto the couch instead, giving Rose and I a significant look. “Did you do anything . . . special?”


Al choked on his saliva and started coughing. Rose reached over and thumped him on the back.


“How old are you?” Al asked Lauren when he had recovered. Lauren grinned at him.


“Old enough.”


“No, we did not to anything special.” I said, glaring at Lauren. She smirked and shrugged.


“I was just asking.”


“Lauren, do you even have the slightest idea what you’re talking about?” Rose asked from Scorpius’s lap. Al just seemed to notice that they were in this position, and kicked Scorpius’s leg.


“Oi! Keep it PG in here, we’ve got Lauren!”


“Lauren’s obviously past the PG rating, now, mate.” Scorpius said with a smirk. Al rolled his eyes.


“It must be nice in Hogsmeade,” Lauren mused randomly. “I’ve never been.”


“Aren’t you a second year?” I asked. Lauren nodded. “Then you shouldn’t have been before. Next year’s when you get to go.”


“Wow, I can’t even remember what life was like without Hogsmeade,” Aiden said as he emerged from the stone staircase that led to the boys’ dormitories. “Have you seriously never snuck out to see it?”


Lauren shook her head. “That’s my friends’ thing, not mine.”


“Well, you have to see Hogsmeade.” Aiden decided. “We’ll sneak you in somehow.”


“Aiden! That’s breaking the rules!” Rose said sharply. Aiden rolled his eyes.


“C’mon, Rosie, live a little! It’s just cruel to deprive a child like this Hogsmeade visits!” He exclaimed, gesturing toward Lauren.


Lauren was glowing. “Would you really sneak me in?” She asked. “Wow, that’s so nice! Thanks, Aiden!” She got up and hugged Aiden around the middle. Lauren wasn’t that short for a second year, but she looked positively tiny against Aiden.


Aiden looked down at her, and awkwardly hugged her back. His mouth opened, and then closed again as she let go of him and sat down on the couch.


Rose leaned over and whispered in my ear, “She has no idea the effect that she has on that boy.”





Awww!  Aren't Aiden and Lauren so cute?!


Leave me a review, please!  They really make my day, especially the long ones (hint hint)


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Exchange: Chapter 16


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