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Nobody by badgernymphadora
Chapter 5 : The Cold Reality Called My Life
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Scorpius Malfoy


I have never been so angry in my life. Not even when I didn’t get a Firebolt 590 for my 14th birthday. Not even when Elizabeth Montague, my girlfriend in 5th year, cheated on me with that git Anthony Stretton (who oddly enough was Rose’s boyfriend at the time).

I’m getting off topic here! The point is that I hate Rose Weasley.

All I was trying to do was make things better between us so maybe we wouldn’t fight so much while we were forced to work together.

Unfortunately, Rose is stubborn. And I do not use that term loosely!

She refuses to let go of anything that happened in the past. But, that’s the point! It’s in the past! People make mistakes all the time and personally I think that owning up to them should result in forgiveness!

Maybe it’s taken me 6 years to apologize and own up to my mistakes, but at least I did. I just wanted to make things work and then maybe she would like me more.

Clearly, that will never happen!

Rose flat out refused any kind of apology I offered her. I understand what I did wrong and I’m willing to change! If we have to work together this year, we should at least be civil.

I guess I should admit it though. Rose is gorgeous. The past couple years have done wonders for her. She doesn’t look a thing like the scrawny, lanky fourteen-year old with a pasty, acne-filled complexion, freckles, braces and bushy, orange hair of a few years ago. Little by little she has become more and more beautiful.. Her figure has filled out and she has amazing curves. Her skin is perfect; creamy white without any blemishes but a small dusting of freckles across her nose. Her teeth are perfectly straight and shockingly white. And her hair has gotten darker to more of a warm red, still with the Weasley orange mixed in.

But the thing is, beauty isn’t a reason for you to get what you want. She is so stubborn, impatient, completely bluntly honest, and very opinionated. She refuses to even see the other side of the argument than her own “right” side, which irks me to no end. I mean honestly, can she not just try to get along with people and compromise every once in awhile?

I grew up hard, with my grandfather in my life for my first seven years before my father forbidding him from seeing me again after all the pureblood supremacy stuff he put in my head. My parents knew what it was like to live in a home where everything was expected of you and so after my grandfather left my life, they taught me the important stuff.

They taught me honesty, compassion, acceptance and understanding. It sounds super cheesy, but they really saved me.

However, my family life still wasn’t perfect. My father still got trouble from people for being an ex-death eater and it was hard for him to integrate into society normally. To be honest, he never really has. He went through a bad bout with depression before my mother booked him with a psychologist. She’s a muggle, so she doesn’t know what his name means in the wizarding world, but she helps him get through the harassment.

Among his many tormentors, was Rose’s father. An Auror, he would do everything he could to find something to give my father trouble and get away with it. He would have articles about him in the Daily Prophet praising his bravery, his accomplishments, his family and everything would always bring my father in somehow and put him down. It ruined him. So when we saw Rose at King’s Cross in my first year at Hogwarts, he told me that I wasn’t to go messing around with their lot.

Rose’s father had always been awful to mine and he was sure that the children would be the same. Harry Potter had at least accepted my father still and tried to stick up for him when he could, so obviously my father wasn’t completely against my friendship with Albus, although I could see that he still held a grudge.

I guess that why I always teased Rose and put her down; because her family was perfect, she was perfect in the eyes of everyone else and I could never be in her position. Her father did the same to my father for crying out loud!

Call it jealousy, but I wanted people to think of me as highly as they did her. People saw me as my father in his Hogwarts years, which is nothing like either of us now, and I wanted them to see me as Scorpius. Not Scorpius Malfoy.

I worked hard in school to get top grades so the teachers would like me. I worked out all the time so that girls would like me. I tutored younger students so that they would like me. And I even joined the quidditch team to make my father happy. But somehow, Rose could not accept me as anything other than what my father had been.

When she called me all of those awful things in the compartment, it really made me sad. I’m not any of that. Sometimes I’ll admit that I can be a jerk, maybe too opinionated, maybe too stubborn, but that’s not the entirety of who I am. I’m not my teenage father, or my grandfather or any of the Malfoys. I’m Scorpius. And I’m proud it.

I’m not holding onto prejudices against muggleborns or “blood traitors”: My best friend is Harry Potter’s son for goodness sake! I could care less what happened in the past, because none of that matters any more.

Yes, I understand that we can learn from the past and that it helps to shape us, but again: it’s in the past. We just need to let go of anything different people had against each other in the past and work towards a greater future. We can’t get anywhere if we refuse to move on.

I suppose that I shouldn’t have yelled at Rose to get out of the compartment. It might have been a bit too harsh. I knew I had to apologize my my behaviour, even if I didn’t do anything wrong. We had to work together this year as Head Boy and Head Girl so we had to at least be able to talk to each other without screaming at least.  


 I decided to follow her. I had a pretty good idea of where she was heading because I knew that she didn’t have anywhere else to go, really.

I toyed around with the idea in my head of how I was going to apologize, if I were to even go through with it, and before I knew it I had reached the prefects compartment at the front of the train. I didn’t want her to see me just yet so I stalled and peeked into the compartment through the window.

Rose was sobbing. She was a wreck. She was just sitting in a ball on the ground with her head in her arms. I pressed my ear against the door of the compartment and I could hear Rose mumbling to herself.

“You don’t love him. You don’t love him. You’ve never loved him. You’ll never love him. You don’t love him.”

She was trying to convince herself that she didn’t love me. What is that? This just made me even more confused about the situation. What did she mean by that? Did she think she loved me? If so, I would have nothing to do with her after all she put me through.

I checked my watch. It was less than 15 minutes until the prefects meeting. I was sure that people would start arriving any minute for the meeting. As angry as I was with her, for reasons even I didn’t understand, my heart went out to her and I knew that I couldn’t let other people see her in this state.

I had to find Willow or Albus, they would be able to straighten her out.

Rose Weasley

Confidently, I walked back to the prefect's compartment for the meeting. Fortunately, most people were there already so we could start soon. Unfortunately, one of those people was Malfoy.

Doing a quick head count, I discovered that we were missing one person, the sixth year Gryffindor prefect, Abby Finnigan, who was always notoriously late for everything. Within seconds she came racing into the compartment, her hair, long, brown and wavy, bouncing behind her. I chuckled as she raced in, dressed in a most peculiar outfit. She was a sweet girl and a hard-worker but just forgetful at times.

“So sorry, Rosie!” She huffed. “Just...forgot.” She breathed in deeply to catch her breath.

“It’s alright, Abby,” I said, still giggling. The was a dull murmur among the prefects after Abby’s entrance and I quickly quieted them down.

“For those of you who don’t know, I’m Rose Weasley, your Head Girl this year.” I paused briefly, waiting for Malfoy to introduce himself so I didn’t have to for him, but he did no such thing. He actually looked miserable and didn’t bring his eyes up from looking at his feet.

“This is our Head Boy, Scorpius Malfoy,” I said his name through gritted teeth. He nodded slightly to acknowledge that I had mentioned him. Rolling my eyes, I continued with my speech.

“For those of you who are sixth and seventh year, you should know the drill, but I will reiterate for fifth years. Curfew for first and second years is 9:00, by which time they need to be in their common rooms. For third and fourth years, curfew is 10:00, fifth and sixth years, 11:00, and seventh years, 12:00. You should know this by now, as well as all of the rules found in the handbook you received with your letter this year. That book will be your Bible. Hang onto it and enforce rules when you see fit.

“Meetings are weekly in the prefect’s common room, which two doors to the left of the statue of Boris the Bewildered, two doors from the prefect’s bathroom. At the meetings we will discuss the patrol schedule and we will do our best to meet everyone’s needs. We will do our best to work your schedule around other extra-curricular commitments, but if it cannot be done and you have a conflict, you will need to find a substitute on your own.

“Password to the common room is ‘Patefacio’ and the password to the bathroom is ‘Aperio’. And also on that note, the prefect’s common room does not count for curfew. You must be in your house common room by curfew.” I stopped talking and could tell that most people had zoned out. “Scorpius, do you have anything to add?”

Not even looking up at me, he gave an almost unnoticeable shake of his head.

Rolling my eyes and looking back at the prefects I asked, “Questions?”


“Alright then, remember to lead your first years to the common rooms after the feast, and other than that, you are dismissed.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen a room empty so quickly.


Among those who left, was Scorpius. Involuntarily, I let out a sigh. I wasn’t sure if it was of relief or of frustration. I wanted to talk to him, but I was afraid to approach him first. Slinging my bag over my shoulder and hugging my copy of ‘A Prefect’s Guide to Just About Anything’, tight to my chest I walked to the door of the compartment.

“So,” A voice said. I jumped, dropping my book and turned around.

Abby stood behind me, with her foot on the seat, tying the shoelace on her silver, sequin sneakers. She really was slightly quirky. When she had mentioned her parents, she seemed identical to them, yet so different. She had inherited her mother, Katie Bell’s, quidditch ability, a fantastic addition to the trio of Gryffindor chasers. She had also inherited her father, Seamus Finnigan’s, aptitude to destroy things or blow things up. However, aside from those two traits, Abby was like no one I had ever seen.

Even today, she was wearing a black and white striped shirt, pushed up to her elbows with a bright purple, collared vest with buttons that looked like cookies. Actually, knowing her appetite, they could’ve been the real thing. She was wearing acid-wash skinny jeans with a lime green leg warmer on her right leg, and an orange one on her left. In her hair, was a fascinator. Pink and purple feathers spewed from a little black cap with a bronze, vintage crest at the base. It was the oddest outfit I’d ever seen, but on her it somehow worked and brought out her blue-green eyes.

“Abby, you scared me,” I clutched my chest, panting, as my heart had raced when i heard someone else in the compartment.

Abby continued speaking as if I hadn’t interrupted her.

“So, you like Scorpius Malfoy.” She finished tying the bow on her shoe and looked up at me, her eyes piercing into my soul. It felt like she actually was reading my soul, and it was a frightening experience.

“What?” I asked, dumbfounded. “Pfft. Of course not! Why would I like him?”

“Well, it’s pretty obvious he likes you too.” I looked at her dumbfounded.

“Oh come on!” She continued, throwing her hands up dramatically. “People have noticed that he has definitely gotten more attractive over the summer,” I started to blush, “and I could see the way he looked at you the whole meeting.”

I found my voice. “I repeat: WHAT?”

Abby rolled her eyes at me.

“Hello! Classic love story here! You’re driven away from each other due to family rivalries and thus loathe each other, until they finally reach puberty and while checking the other out, you realize: Oh hey, they are actually incredibly attractive! Then, you are forced to work together as Head Boy and Girl. You will eventually become friends, realizing that you are mature enough to put everything in the past, and yet the sexual tension will drive you so mad that you will “experiment”, fall in love, fall out of love, reconcile, fall back in love, get married and have ten thousand tiny children.” It seemed that she had said it in one breath. “Your life in a nutshell, my friend.”

Abby shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the compartment, shutting the door behind her. For the second time this train ride, I sunk to the disgustingly, dirty floor and sat. This time, however, I did not cry. Instead, I thought.

Merlin, Abby better be wrong. Because I am in no way, shape or form attracted to Scorpius Malfoy.

And I sat there until the train rolled into Hogsmeade station, the stream of denial running through my head at all times. Then, I stood up and walked out of the train into the chilly, night air.

I could see the Hogwarts castle, alive with lights spewing from all windows. The starry sky was clear and made for the perfect backdrop to the perfect place. I couldn’t help but smile. I was home, and for a moment, I forgot about school, I forgot about my future career, I forgot about my family and I forgot about Scorpius.

Although that moment was blissfully perfect, I knew that it would be short-lived and I would soon be rudely brought back to the cold reality called my life.


A/N: Alrighty! Chapter 5! This one is dedicated to Abby! My most faithful reviewer! I hope you like your character!

Thoughts on Scorpius’ POV? I have changed it and I am much happier with it now. (Thanks Abby for the suggestion!)

Yes I will throw in the classic: Suggestions? Predictions? Other stuff?

And yes, I will throw in the classic: PLEASE REVIEW! (Picture me begging on my knees.)

And yes, I will throw in the disclaimer that J.K. Rowling is a phenomenal someone and I am an uninteresting nobody (See what I did there? Nobody?) doing nothing more with my life than spending it in front of a computer screen writing a book about a book. Basically, I am not cool enough to own Harry Potter and so I don’t. I own nothing but my plot and original characters (Willow and Abby).

That’s it.


Edit: 06/27/2012 - Spacing

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