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Welcome To CrazyLand by EmmyPotter
Chapter 1 : Welcome to the House of Crazy
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Chapter One

Welcome to the House of Crazy


 Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap. Someone or something is tapping on my shoulder. I swat them away. “Wake up,” a voice whispers near my ear. “Wake up!” I should probably push the person/thing away now. Or kill it later. But my bed’s much too comfy for that.

 “Oh, screw this!” Another voice yells from across the room. A second later, something flies past my head. I open one eye.

“Haha, you missed,” I say, smiling to myself. Another is thrown. This time it hits me in the head. “Ow!”

“Oh, that didn’t hurt you!” the second voice yells.

“Shut up!” Marie whisper-yells. I only know because I forced my eyes open. I don’t think she wants us to wake up our roommates, and I really hope we don’t. They’re real beasts in the morning, the two of them.

“Why are you two waking me up this early? It’s Saturday!” I complain.

“That’s the point, dummy.” Dom says. She’s insane, that one. “The Hogsmeade trip is today!” I stare at her. Why do I ca- wait, what? Today? I fall out of my bed.

Today?” I squeak out. Hey, I can repeat my thoughts if I want to! Shut up, I don’t need your comments.

I don’t have a date (sad face, I know) but I don’t care. It’s nice to get out of the castle. Plus, it’s the first trip of the year.

 “Yes, today. Are you deaf?” Marie says, rolling her eyes. “So we have to get ready.” Well, she has to get ready. I don’t. She has a boyfriend; she’s spending the day with him. And Dom’s got some new boy. Part Veela, lucky girl.

Oh damn. That means I’ll be all alone. Well, with James and Alan. Which is always a great experience. Lovely.

Note my sarcasm.

“Well, I don’t have to get up yet. I don’t have a date.” I say. I’m still on the floor, so I just lay down my head.

“Oh, no you don’t!” screeches Dom. Geez, where’d she get that noise from? I swear my eardrum just burst. She runs over (managing to leap over my bed. I swear the girl is some lab experiment gone wrong) and pulls my blanket away. “You are spending the day with Alan and James, right?” I nod. I thought we went over this already. “Well, I know that you like James, so you have to look nice!”

 See, Dom has got this crazy idea into her head that I like James. The idea is absurd, because he’s my best guy friend, along with Alan and Fred. Me liking him would just be… wrong.

  “Fine,” I say, giving in. When Dom’s made up her mind, it’s useless to try and change it.

“Yes!” She yells, pumping her fist in the air. I go back to what I said before.


 She grabs my wrist and drags me to my feet. She points towards the bathroom. “You,” She says, “Go shower.” I don’t have time to argue before she’s shoving me inside. And locking the door. Not wanting her to get angry, I hurry in the bathroom before hurrying out. Our roommates are going, probably to breakfast.

Before Dom can say anything, I say, “You aren’t picking out my outfit. I don’t care if you do my makeup or whatever, but I choose my clothes.”

Dom, who’s already dressed in a short skirt, tank top, short sweater, and heels, pouts. “But-”

“No ‘buts’” I say firmly.

“Fine. But I have to approve of it and put on your make up.” I agree, if only to avoid her getting angry. I love her, she’s my best friend, but she’s not a person you want angry.

I look through my closet, which looks like a tornado ran through it, and finally find an outfit Dom approves. It’s gray leggings, a cream-colored dress, black ankle boots (which thankfully have small heels) and a gray sweater.

I dress and Dom sits me down. She forces me to let her straighten my hair, which is scary. I swear she almost burns me like seventy-two thousand times.

I may be exaggerating a little. But seriously.

Finally, she’s finished making me over. The whole time Dom was torturing me Marie was laying on her bed, reading. That girl is not right in the head.

When Marie sees we’re ready, she hops up and we head to the common room.

Marie heads straight to her boyfriend, Marcus, leaving Dom and I alone. I hate Marcus. He’s a huge jerk. He’s mean and annoying to everyone but Marie. I don’t know how she can date him when all I ever want to do is strangle him. If he ever hurts her, emotionally or otherwise, then I will hurt him so bad. I wish I could tell him that he should stick his- Anyway, I hate the boy.

 Dom spots her latest boy and skips (literally, she skips. I repeat, crazy) over to him. I sigh and walk over to the nearest unoccupied couch. A few second years were walking over to it, but when I lay down they give me a few frightened glances.

I wait for Alan and James to come down. Alan comes down a few minutes later and walks over to me. When I refuse to move, he sits on my feet.


 We sit there talking (about penguins, if you want to know. We aren’t crazy. Don’t judge me) for a while. Finally, James makes an appearance.

James is… well, James. He likes to stand out. Usually it’s in the form of a prank or so-called ‘grand announcement.’

He also likes big entrances.

Today, for example, he came running down the stairs, stopped when he was five steps away from the ground, and jumped. A group of first years scattered and gave him frightened glances when he landed.

 And I’m willingly friends with that thing.

He walks over to us as if nothing happened. I’m suddenly very worried for what the rest of the day will be. Oh god.





A/N This is the very first thing i've ever felt was good enough to post ANYWHERE. So please review and tell me what you think. If you like it, if you don't, if it doesn't make sense, whatever. I need to hear the truth or I'll never learn. Thank you for reading though!

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