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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 4 : Birthday Paries and moving on
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 Chapter 4: Birthdays Parties and Moving On.

Ginny arrived the next week with full permission from Mrs. Weasley to stay until school started, and she brought news from home with her. Harry and Ron had been kicked out for the remainder of summer since they had been so unfriendly to me.

“I still can’t get over how beautiful you really are!” Ginny exclaimed as we laid on lounge chairs by the pool sunbathing.

“I know, it is taking some getting used to, but It feels so good to be able to wear sexy clothes.”

“Ha. I knew it, deep inside Hermione Granger was just like every girl.” I winced when she said my name. “Oh, sorry Serena.”

“Its alright Gin. You didn’t know that it hurts to hear that name.”

“Boys are stupid.” I was about to open my mouth to say I agree when a large wave of water was thrown over me and Ginny.

“We disagree with that statement!” Draco and Blaise called out from the pool.

“You are going to pay for that!”

“Oh really, what are you going to do about it?”

“I don’t know yet, but you will be sorry.”

“Yeah right.” Draco muttered

“Hey Sis. We turn 17 tomorrow. That means we can finally use magic outside of school.

“Yes it does.” I looked at Ginny. It was only 10 in the morning, and we wanted to go shopping today.

We decided to get up from the chairs and we cleaned ourselves up and headed out to Diagon Alley. It only took a few hours to find our dresses and accessories for the party tonight. We grabbed a quick lunch at the leaky cauldron and as we were leaving Harry and Ron stepped in front of us.

“Ginny and the traitor.” They spat at us. Ginny looked about ready to slap them but I shook my head.

“No, Gin. We are leaving, they are not worth it.” I said grabbing her hand and pushing past them. They looked shocked but I kept walking, ignoring all the mean things they shouted at as. We arrived back at my family manor and it was already 2:30. The party didn’t start until 7:00 so we had time before getting ready.

Ginny and I sat on my large bed and talked about how fast the summer went by. Mom knocked on our door about an hour and a half later with two letters in hand.

“Girls, these came for you, and after you read them, it is time to start getting ready.”

“Is it five o’clock already?”

“No, its four but in about half an hour the stylist is arriving to do our hair, nails and make up and that will last almost 2 hours alone so it would be six. Then you guys can get dressed. Meet in the blue room in at 4:30.”

“Yes, we will see you there.”

We both opened our letters; they were the standard issued Hogwarts letters. However, I had an extra bonus to mine. I had made Head Girl that year.

“Congratulations Serena.” Ginny squealed. I smiled, and noticed there was a post script under the Hogwarts letter. That was new, so I read it.

Miss Zabbini,

Change is evident in the air and I would like you to know that based on the circumstances and situations between your friends that we are switching your house. Slytherin seems appropriate so that you will have your brother and Mr. Malfoy, the Head boy with you. Ms. Weasley will remain in Gryffindor, though she will share a dorm with you, Mr. Zabbini, and Mr. Malfoy.

Headmistress McGonagall.

“Wow. I’ve been switched into Slytherin this year, because of Harry and Ron’s stupidity. And Guess what? You get to share a dorm with me this year!”

“I Know! I read my on Post script!”

We both looked at the clock, and then ran down the hall and up the flight of stairs to the blue room. Mom sat there waiting for us.

“You are late. It’s alright, I assume those were from school, those letters.”

We nodded.

“I made head girl and was switched into Slytherin.”

“That is lovely news. I am so proud of you Serena.”

The stylist immediately began to get to work and two hours later we were done.

Ginny and I returned to my room where we put on our dresses and accessories. Her dress was a blood red, a shade or two darker than her hair so that it didn’t clash. It was a silk dress, with a lace back. She had shoes to match, a simple low heel. I loaned her my ruby necklace, and earrings to wear with the dress and she added her own gold bracelet.

My dress was a bright white silk gown that fell to my ankles with a short train on the end. It had a simple zipper in the back, but there was a blue floral pattern that twirled up along the seam from the hem to the neckline. I picked out a Diamond necklace and earring set and added a silver bracelet. My shoes were three inch heeled white sandals.

“You look Gorgeous.”  We said to each other in unison, then we started to giggle.

It was not long before the we heard apperations coming from all over down stairs.

Dad knocked on my door, then poked his head in.

“Hi Daddy!”

“Hi, Princess. Draco is escorting you tonight, and Blaise is escorting Ms. Weasley.”

“Alright Daddy.”

“The announcer will call you and all you have to do is walk down the stair and meet you escort.”

“Okay.” I said and daddy left the room.

“Announcing, The Zabbini Family. Mr. and Mrs. Zabbini.” We all stood gathered by the staircase out of view from the guests. Mom and dad walked down the stairs together and smiled at the Applause.

“Anouncing Miss. Ginevera Weasley, escorted by Mr. Blaise Zabbini.”

There was a momentary hesitation before applause sounded from the guests. It must be odd for a pureblood to bring a Gryffindor as a date.

Ginny looped her hand into Blaise’s arm and they smiled.

“And Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing the newest member of the Zabbini family: Miss. Serena Ceres Zabbini, the lost daughter of Kaden and Avery. Ms. Serena is escorted tonight by Mr. Draco Malfoy.”

The room went dead silent and as I walked down the stairs, a smile plastered to my face, I could feel all the shocked stairs. The applause did not sound until I had looped my arm into Draco’s and then it came louder than anything I had ever heard.

The night went on for a long time. First there was greeting all the guests, my family and friends. I’m sure this lasted longer than it would normally because everybody wanted to know how I had been found and to meet me. Then there was dinner and then the Ball. I was so beyond tired when I finally fell into my bed that sleep came immediately.

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