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Mondays by chelsizzle
Chapter 24 : Promises
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 I do not own Harry Potter.

Ch 24. Promises


I open my eyes to the sun streaming in the window.  I blink a couple times trying to figure out where I’m at, and then I remember that I’m at the Manor and I’m getting married today.  I feel excited and then I feel the urge to pee.  I heave myself out of bed, grinning wryly and shuffle sleepily to the adjoined loo.  I feel like I am going to burst, I do what I need to do, then I look around.  The loo is huge probably the same size as the bedroom I just slept in, it has a stand up shower in the corner surrounded in glass and plants, the vines making their way around the sides making it look as if they hugging the shower.  There is a Jacuzzi tub the size of a small swimming pool and what looks to be another tub sunken into the floor with a waterfall on one side.  I blink then turn to the sink, the counter tops are marble, and with gleaming fixtures the sink is big enough to take a bath in, the sink uses magic to dispense soap and water.  I decide while I’m in here I will take a shower, but my gaze keeps getting drawn to the waterfall tub, so I give in and sink into the wonderful warm water.


An eternity later I talk myself into getting out of the tub, but only because my babies start to move around a bunch and we are hungry.  I wrap myself in a robe and walk into my room to dress.  I stop short as I see a tray of food set on my bed and a single white rose in a vase.  There is a card leaning against the vase so I walk over to find out what it says.


Dearest Hermione,

I love you!  I am appetent to become your husband today. 

Don’t worry I didn’t sneak in here this morning; I cajoled my mother into bringing this to you.

Please enjoy your breakfast and tell our babies good morning from me. 

I love you Hermione, and I will see you later today.

All my heart, Draco


I smile as a few tears leak from my eyes and I am more than excited I am impatient.  I charm the rose ever lasting then I rub my belly and whisper, “Good morning babies, from your daddy and of course from me.”  I smile then I wince as one of them or maybe both kick hard enough to actually cause pain, “Okay, I’ll eat, I get it.”  I say amiably, “Calm down little loves.” I add as I sit on the edge of the bed and tuck in.


Just as I finish my breakfast Narcissa glides into the room a huge smile on her face.  “Good morning ‘Mione, good morning babies.”  She adds patting my belly.


I smile at her then wince as another pain shoots through my stomach, “Oh, dear, I’m sorry did I hurt you?”  Narcissa asks looking upset.


“Oh, no not at all, they are very active this morning and are really strong.”  I assure Narcissa, “Really I’m sure you didn’t hurt me.”  She nods and smiles down at me.  “Well, if you are ready for the day, we are going to start with pampering.” Narcissa says.  “Ginny should be here momentarily along with the rest of your bridesmaids, and we are going to get pedicures and manicures.  I have called my salon and they are sending their best over.”  She says looking excited.


“Oh, that sounds wonderful!”  I say keeping the wince off my face through another jab to the ribs.  “I’m ready.”  I add standing slowly and supporting my belly.


“Okay, I will levitate you up the stairs, because we need to have the floor level open for people to come and go while setting up the wedding.”  Narcissa explains as we get to the stairs.  I nod my head and we continue to the designated room.


“Hermione!” Ginny squeals as we enter the room, and engulfs me in a hug.  “I’m so excited for you, how are you feeling?”  She questions with more energy than an entire Quidditch team.


I chuckle at her enthusiasm, and smile at her, “I’m excited as well, Lucas and Libra must be pretty excited also, they are both doing jumping jacks.”  I say and her brow furrows slightly.


“What are jumping jacks?”  She asks innocently and I laugh.


“These are jumping jacks.”  Cassie says as she enters the room and does a few laughing at Ginny.


“Why do you do jumping jacks?” Ginny asks looking completely confused. “They don’t look very fun.”


Cassie explains why anyone would do jumping jacks as Glori, Angelina, and Molly join us carrying bags of various foods and drinks.


“Hey girls, lets get this pampering session started!”  Angelina says using her wand to help Molly set up a mini buffet of scones, fruits, jellies and breads.  Molly hands each of us a glass of orange juice, I assume everyone’s but mine have champagne added.


There are a few people setting up things against one wall, they are a kind of recliner looking contraption with a connected little bath.  I suppose they are for pedicures where you put your feet in the water.  They wave us over, and we settle into our chairs which all have massagers in them and I sigh as the pains quit and the babies settle a little.


“Hey, could we invite Pansy to join us?”  I suggest, “I feel like she should be with us, she has helped so much with the wedding.”


“Sure, I’ll send Minky, Minky!” Narcissa calls, a house elf appears with a pop.


“Yes, mistress?”  Minky says and curtsies Minky is wearing a cute frilly pink dress that could be for a little girl.


“Minky could you please go to Miss Pansy’s house, and ask her to join us?  If you have time, could you also bring the things she needs for the wedding?”  Narcissa asks Minky.


“Of course, Mistress, Minky be happy to, Mistress.”  Minky squeaks and curtsies before disappearing with a pop.


I feel tears in my eyes at how well Minky is treated, I never succeeded with SPEW but it does make my heart happy to see house elves treated well.   “Thank you Narcissa.”  I sniffle and wipe away a couple tears.


“No problem, ‘Mione” Narcissa responds, and smiles at me, then flicks her wand and a plate with different fruits fly into my lap.


I chuckle then rub my belly, “Thanks!”  I say and stuff a strawberry in my mouth, “This needs some chocolate.” I say absently and Molly laughs, and then waves her wand and a little bowl of chocolate lands next to my plate.  “Thanks, Molly!”  I say happily and dip my fruit in the chocolate.


Pansy comes in a few minutes later and another chair/bath is set up and Pansy sighs as she sinks her feet in to the warm water.  “This is the life, wake me up when we are done!”  Pansy says, “This is wonderful, but just too darn early.”


Glori chuckles at her then levitates a glass to her, “Just relax and let these handsome men rub our feet.”  She says winking at the ‘handsome man’ who is indeed rubbing her feet.


“I have no problem with that.  What do we have for food, I was asleep when Minky woke me.”  Pansy says and Cassie gets her a place with an assortment of food.


Once all of our pedicures are complete and we all have toenails polished a lovely shade of champagne, I decide I need to use the loo before the manicures start.  I make my way to the loo and the kicking starts up again, the pains are sharp but luckily don’t last long.  I rub my belly and talk to my babies, “Okay, babies, I love you both, but this hurts.”  I say and smile through another kick.  “Just calm down little loves, I will relax too.”  I suggest whispering to and rubbing my belly as I walk back into the room.


“Hey ‘Mione, thanks for inviting me over, I didn’t get my hug earlier.”  Pansy says and hugs me.  “Hey babies, Aunt Pansy is here and I love you both.”  She says as she lightly rubs my belly, surprisingly they calm down and stop kicking.


“This might sound odd, but please keep rubbing my belly, they have been wrestling in there all morning, and for whatever reason they are calm now.”  I say my eyes glazing over in bliss as my muscles relax.


“The babies were doing jumping jacks like this.”  Ginny says showing Pansy jumping jacks, and laughing all the girls join in laughing at Ginny.


“How many glasses have you had this morning?”  Molly asks coming to stand next to her daughter.


“Mom, this is a special day and ‘Mione is getting married, don’t worry, relax.”  Ginny says as she winks at me.  ‘Besides, once I leave to make sure the men are ready, I may actually have to be a little drunk.”  She adds laughing and walking away toward the food.


I shake my head as Narcissa joins us, “They are ready for our nails.”  She says looking so happy.


I will get my manicure later, I am loving on my babies.”  Pansy says still rubbing my belly lightly and cooing softly to the babies.


Pansy sits next to me as we all get our hands and arms rubbed, then our nails polished as well, mine are a French tip and the others all match their toes.  Once we are done, Narcissa leads me to a comfy chair and somebody starts to do my hair.  I am feeling quite relaxed and I actually doze off for a little bit, Pansy has left to get her nails done and the babies seem to be sleeping also.  I’m awoken to the smell of food, and my tummy growls.


“I smell food.”  I say out loud as I blink my eyes to orient myself.  I look around and there is a table filled with different foods.  “Do I see tacos?”  I ask having a craving for tacos.


“Yup, you sure do, I’ll get you some.”  Angelina says and head to the table.


“Angelina, you hair looks amazing.”  I say looking up at her.  Her hair and all the bridesmaids’ have been done in an elegant sweep to one side of their heads, they all have curls and dainty little rhinestones in their hair.


“Your hair is gorgeous also ‘Mione.”  She says as she hands me a plate, then gestures to a mirror off to my right.


I turn to look and suck in a breath my hair does look amazing. “Whomever did this deserves a medal.”  I say in awe and I hear a few chuckles, along with a sniffle or two.


My hair looks soft and touchable; it is done in big waves that flow free, except for it having been slightly pulled back on one side with a golden clip in the shape of a butterfly. There are rhinestones in my hair as well, but they are bunched around the top to make what looks like a halo or a crown. “I dreamt of two butterflies last night.”  I whisper though everybody can hear as no one is talking and everyone is looking at me.


“Butterflies, in a dream can mean a couple different things, if you dreamt of two butterflies, that is suppose to signify a long lasting marriage.”  Lucius says softly entering the room his eyes shinning.  “You are beautiful Hermione.”  He says and all the women in the room make an ‘ah’ noise.  Lucius blushes and then everyone chuckles.


“Thank you Lucius, how did you know about the meaning of a butterfly in a dream?”  I ask curious.


“Well, when I was in school, I studied astrology and divination.  I enjoyed the ideas even if some of them are odd.”  He explains as he sits next to me, “How are you, do you need anything?”  He asks efficiently changing the subject.


“I’m good, how is Draco?”  I ask wondering what he is doing right now.


Lucius smiles at me and then glances toward Ginny, “Draco is doing fine, he keeps making toasts to random aspects of this day, he is quite how should we say, ah happy.”  Lucius says then laughs.


“They aren’t getting drunk are they?”  Ginny says firmly, “I was just reprimanded for having three glasses over the past four hours.”  She is looking down at Lucius tapping her foot.


“After the fourth toast, I had the house elves switch the tequila for water, they haven’t noticed yet.  Really it is your fault for getting the guys hooked on tequila.”  Lucius says smiling innocently.


I laugh at how wonderfully devious it is to switch the drinks on the guys. “Lucius, I will never underestimate you.”  I say and pat his arm.  “If you’re hungry, help your self.”  I tell him as I start to eat my tacos that Angelina brought me.


“Thank you.”  He says and moves to kiss Narcissa before getting a plate of food.


We all eat and chat about random things then I look over at Pansy who is sitting next to me, “You should tell them about Troy.”  I lean over and whisper to her.


She whips her head around to look at me and whispers back, “This is your day.”


I chuckle softly, “Oh shut it, and tell them, the whole day is mine, and you can have some of it.”  I say cheekily nudging her arm.  She smiles at me looking pleased and then looks around the room; I clear my throat and call out, “Could I please have everyone’s attention.”  Everyone settles down and looks at me.


“First off, I want to thank you all for being with me today.  I am very pleased and I love all of you.”  I say rubbing my belly as the pains start up again.  I take a deep breath and then reach over and take Pansy’s hand, “Pansy has an announcement that we want to share with you.”  I say then look over at Pansy and smile encouragingly.


Pansy smiles and squeezes my hand then says, “I’m getting married to Troy.”  For a few minutes there is stunned silence, then uproar.


Everyone lets out some kind of happy sound then comes over and hug her and congratulate her.  Almost everyone is sniffling and smiling like loony people.  At some point Lucius gives me a hug and excuses himself from the room.  We all calm down and the people who came to help us get ready start on our makeup. I get finished and turn to look around the room.  All the girls are in their dresses and are ready for the wedding.  I panic just a little.


“What time is it?”  I ask hearing the panic in my own voice as my babies move around painfully.


Oh, it is only one o’clock”, Narcissa says “Stay calm, we are all ready so that we can get you ready, also the photographer is here.” She says soothingly and I take a breath and nod.


“I will start taking pictures of you all helping the bride into her dress and then we will get Harry up here to put her garter on.”  The photographer who is a petite pretty witch with big sparkling purple eyes says, moving around like a tiny tornado, and then gestures to the dress, “I want to get a few of just the dress.  Then once we have Hermione ready we will take some group pictures.”  She says and walks over to where my dress is suspended in the air.


I smile at her thinking she is so cute and bubbly.  She turns after taking several pictures and looks at me, “Your dress is lovely, I love weddings, my name is Char.”  She says quickly and claps her hands together; I smile at her exuberance and say, “Thank you, Char!”


The girls help me into my dress and we are all laughing, trying to keep from musing my hair and then I have to have help getting my shoes on, I can’t bend over with my belly protruding.  Finally we get everything on and in place, and we all pose for different pictures. 


“Hey, Ladies!”  Theo says as he walks into the room, followed by all the boys minus the groom all dressed up.


“Wonderful, we can get some pictures of the guys too.” Char says happily and walks up to Theo who is grinning hugely and snaps a picture, “Lovely, just carry on.”  She says and walks away quickly to take more pictures.


Theo narrows his eyes and follows her movements then turns to me, “Lovely?” He says and I laugh, He walks up to me and hugs me, “You look lovely.”  He says smiling at me.


“Lovely?”  I cock my eyebrow and then smile, “Thanks Theo, you look lovely also.” I say and laugh as he shrugs then flicks non-existent fuzz from his shoulder.


“Hermione, my best friend.”  Blaise says and kisses me on the cheek, “Beautiful.”  He adds smiling then hugs me.


“My turn, back off ‘best friend’.”  Jake says chuckling and gives me a hug, “You look great, how are you feeling?”  He asks.


“The babies are bouncing around like crazy, otherwise I’m great.”  I respond honestly smiling until I feel like my face will break.


I look over Jake’s shoulder and I see Harry standing there looking at me with tears running down his cheeks smiling like a proud daddy. “Harry.”  I say softly and move to him.  He embraces me and I can feel him smile against my head.


“I’m happy for you, sorry about the tears.”  He says softly, and then pulls me back from him to look at me.


“It’s okay Harry, I would wonder what was wrong with you if you weren’t a bit emotional.”  I say conspiratorially and he laughs.


“Okay people, I need Mr. Harry to put the garter on, maybe the rest of you can gather and I don’t know cheer him on or something.”  Char says and bustles over to get the garter.


“Wonderful, we get to cheer on the Boy-who-lived.”  Theo says trying to hide a smile.


“Yeah, we may have to change his name to the Boy-who-gets-the-good-jobs.”  Blaise says smiling, “No fair.”  He adds.


“Now, now don’t get all weird, you should be used to cheering him on, didn’t he sort of beat your team all the time in school?”  Jake says innocently as the girls all laugh.  Theo and Blaise narrow their eyes at him but laugh as well.


“We all can’t be part of the Golden Trio.”  Angelina says smiling, “So buck up boys and cheer along.” She adds slapping Blaise on the back.


Harry slides my garter in place to cheers and jeers and laughter.  I give him another hug and then Char declares she wants some pictures of the guys. 


“Harry, meet me downstairs just before the ceremony, okay?”  I say as the guys go to leave.


“Of course ‘Mione.”  Harry says and waves as he leaves the room.


They all leave to find Draco and the women move around getting last minute fixes with hair and makeup.  I move to the window and look down at the garden and it’s transformation into a wedding.  I wanted to have a warm olive green and gold for my wedding colours so looking down at the garden I am amazed.  There is an archway, which are actual plants and flowers charmed to make an archway, where Draco and I will stand for our binding, laid out from the archway to the door of the Manor is a runner of gold that we will walk down.  There are chairs in green and gold set up on either side of the runner, I was told that the runner is also charmed to be hard so we don’t trip walking over the grass.  There are already people sitting in the chairs and there are flowers and golden butterflies floating around. Making it seem like they had joined to be part of the wedding.  I smile to myself thinking how wonderful it all looks.  I rub my belly feeling the kicks of my babies and wincing from a particularly painful couple of kicks.


I turn and Ginny and Narcissa are still in the room, and I realize I really need to use the loo.  How frustrating now that I am fully dressed and ready to go down that the babies are squeezing my bladder.  “Ah, Ginny, I um need to use the loo, again.”  I say feeling embarrassed.


Ginny turns to me smiling, “It wouldn’t be a wedding if the bride doesn’t need help to the loo in her dress!”  Ginny says and bounces over to me.  “Lets go, Narcissa, come help hold her dress.”  Narcissa chuckles and we head to the loo.


Ginny and Narcissa expertly levitate my dress so I can do my thing, then we are completely ready to go downstairs.  Theo enters just as we get to the doorway and looks between the three of us.


“Could I talk to Hermione for a minute?”  He asks, “It will only be a minute, and I will help her downstairs.”  He says looking serious though relaxed.


“Sure, I’ll see you two downstairs.”  I say and Narcissa hugs me, and Ginny takes my flowers before leaving to gather the guys. “What’s up Theo?”


Theo looks at me then glances down at his feet before making eye contact again.  “I ah, just wanted to say that I have never really thanked you for giving me a chance.  You never even seemed to think twice about trusting me when Draco asked me to be in the wedding.”  He says and flushes slightly.  “I just wanted to let you know that it means a lot to me, and I’m glad that you and the Dragon got together.”  He smiles at me and I have to blink quickly to keep from crying.


“Oh, Theo.”  I choke out then have to focus on not crying, and breathing through a sharp pain in my belly.


“Hey, are you okay?”  Theo asks moving to help support me by taking my arm.


“Oh, I’m fine the babies are really quite active today, and every now and then one of them gets a good jab in, and it hurts.”  I say then suck in some air through another pain.  “You are welcome, Theo, and you are always welcome at our place, once we are married.”  I say once the pain passes and I look up into his face.  “Why do you call Draco the Dragon?”  I ask.


“When we were in school, Draco always went at everything fiercely, whether it was trying to beat Potter at Quidditch or annoying you, so I started calling him the Dragon, and it just stuck.”  He answers shrugging with a smirk on his face.


“It suits him.”  I say then smile at him, “Could you help me down the stairs?”  I ask, and we move to the top of the staircase.  Instead of levitating me, Theo picks me up and descends the stairs.


“Theo, you could just levitate me, I’m a whale, and I could break your back.”  I laugh though I’m partly serious.


“You are still light as a feather, and you look nothing like a whale.”  He says and we reach the bottom of the stairs he sets me on my feet gently.


I poke my head into the ballroom before we continue on to the garden.  The ceiling of the ballroom is enchanted to make it look like the night sky, and there are golden lights floating over the entire ballroom to give it a sense of twinkling stars.  There are tables covered in golden cloth and an area where people could dance.  The band has already set up and is outside until the ceremony is over.  There is a small bar set up for drinks and another area where the cake and other desserts sit.  It looks lovely and perfect.


“I better go, so that I don’t keep everything from starting.”  Theo says and I suck in another breath of air in pain.  “Are you sure, you are okay?”  He asks as Harry joins us.


“I’m good, you go, Harry and I will make it to the garden.”  I say and hug him before he turns and leaves.


“Are you ready ‘Mione?”  Harry asks softly.


“Yes, I am ready.”  I say then I have to stop with another pain.  It passes and we continue on to the doorway leading to the garden.


Once we arrive, the fireworks display starts and after the wonderful colours and shapes Harry and I start down the aisle.  Everything is beautiful and it feels like walking through a fairytale.  I see Draco standing under the archway grinning at me his dimple showing and his eyes bright.  I am so happy and my heart feels like it is expanding.  I have to close my eyes and slow Harry down a little while another pain goes through my belly, and Harry leans in to whisper in my ear.


“Are you okay?”  He sounds a bit worried, and I look over to him and smile up at him and nod, “I’m good.”


We finally make it to the archway, and everybody is already standing there, Harry turns to me, hugs me and kisses my cheek, then gives my hand to Draco and moves to stand by Theo.  Draco smiles at me and I have to breathe through another pain.


“Are you okay, love?” He whispers in my ear, and I open my eyes to look at him, even though my tummy feels off, I am so happy.  There is concern in his eyes, but I smile up at him and slowly the concern is replaced with happiness and love.


“The babies are really excited, and are giving mummy some fits, but I’m so happy to be here right now.”  I tell him honestly, and he nods to the wizard that he can begin.


The ceremony isn’t very long, we exchange rings, and the wizard uses his wand for the binding of magic.  Then we each say short vows.


“I love you Draco, and I am more than happy to become your wife.  I will cherish you and honour you for the rest of our lives.  I will support you and love you everyday.”  I say smiling through the pain in my belly.  “I will be your best friend and confidant and will always be there for you.  I love you.”  I finish and have to wipe a few tears away.


Draco looks so happy and I can clearly see love filling his eyes.  “I love you Hermione, I am humbled that you have chosen me to be your husband.  I will spend the rest of my days loving you and making you happy.  I will support you in everything you do and will always be by your side as your friend and lover.”  He says and his voice cracks, he stops to gather his voice again.  I will cherish you and will always love you, everyday.  I love you.”  He finishes and I can’t stop the tears, though I smile feeling so loved.


The wizard announces, “You make kiss your bride and complete your binding.”


Draco leans in and softly places his lips on mine moving them gently though assertively; I feel his kiss all the way to my toes as we are engulfed in golden light.  Then all of a sudden an incredibly sharp pain shoots through my belly and I feel a pressure being released and feel wetness run down my legs.


I gasp and look up at Draco who is looking concerned but with a smile still on his face, “I think my water just broke.” Then can’t keep in the scream as more intense pain runs through my belly and back.

Thank you so so much for reading, please review and let me know what you think!  I hope you enjoyed the wedding and each lovely little moment with each character.  Next chapter is waiting nce this one is validated, so soon! :)

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Mondays: Promises


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