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Unrecognizable by Bella Bug
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2: Pure Stupidity
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A/N: I am soooo sorry for the super long wait don't kill me!!! I sent my other stories to my Beta so they should be posted soon!!! Enjoy!!! 




Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling so I do not own Harry Potter :(






Here I was, pacing back and forth in my dorm room. Carly and Mariana were both staring at me, their eyes following my stride across the circular room.




“Why did you say yes?” I begged my friend to see reason. Come on! I realize you’re blonde, but come on! You have to have at least an ounce of self-respect! You are my best friend after all!




“Because he’s hot.” She deadpanned…guess not.




I sighed dramatically, plopping down on my four-poster bed.




“Oh come on, Lisa. He’s not that bad.” Reasoned Mariana in an attempt to calm me down.




“Mari, come on! He’s a fifth year Gryffindor who nearly trampled me over, giving me a bruise the size of a Quaffle, knocking my things across the hall, and had the gall to bitch at me for it all!!” I cried, “Yes he’s that bad!”




Mari flinched back at my tone and I couldn’t stop, “And that prat of a best friend that was interested, James Sirius Potter? Come on, really? Who in Merlin’s name introduces themselves using their middle name!? I don’t go around saying I’m Monalisa Ferroniere Thomas!”




“Yeah, but you’re named after paintings. The Monalisa and La Belle Ferroniere by Leonardo De Vinci. James is named after saviors of the Wizarding World! James Potter and Sirius Black!”




Insert exasperated sigh…I swear, no appreciation.




“I still can’t believe you talked to him!” swooned Carly “I can barley get him to look at me.”




“Holy flippin bagebus guys! Really, can you keep a cool head for like two minutes without your hormones kicking in?” I cried, putting my pillow on my face in annoyance.




“No!” giggled the two girls together.




Right then, Mari’s eyes widened and a ghost of a smirk appeared on her face.




“Oh my gosh! I had the best idea!” cried Mari from her bed, “Lisa! Take that pillow off of your head you’re going to suffocate under there!”




“That was the plan.” I moaned from beneath the pillow, refusing to lift it from my face.




“Well, being dead won’t make things any better for you darling.” Cooed Mari as she removed the pillow and smacked my face with it.




“Hey!” I cried indignantly, sitting up. She had positioned the pillow to hit me again, however I caught it before she had the chance to bring down that obnoxiously fluffy pillow.




Mari didn’t even seem to notice my cry, “Didn’t you say that you love Quidditch last year?”




I nodded and I saw Carly’s hand fly to cover her mouth with a gasp, “and, she’s an excellent Chaser.” She said, her eyes wide with understanding, which was unheard of. Even rarer, was the fact that I was completely lost…




“What are you two playing at?”




They ignored me…bullocks, “I played a game with her over the summer, she’s even better than James!” she squealed.




“Will someone please tell me what’s going on?” I cried, sitting up in bed.




“Why didn’t I see this before!?”




“Oi! What are you on about?” They both looked at me.




“You’re going to try for the Quidditch Team this year.” Said Mari matter-of-factly.




“Say what!?”




***James POV***




“James!” I heard my name being called. I turned and saw Fred running down the pitch toward me. I rolled my eyes and continued to stretch as I went over the strategies for tryouts.




“Prick! Did you not hear me!? I know you did! I saw you look at me! James!!!”




“Merlin, what is it Freddy?” I asked rolling my eyes as Fred finally reached me.




“So I went to break up with Carly. You know, because her little friend Lisa is a bitch.” I started to tune him out not really paying attention but merely nodding and pretending to look interested. Dating all those blonde bimbos in my past, have made me quite good at this. I look at it as my personal specialty. But apparently my nodding and ‘ohh’ing wasn’t enough for little Freddy here because two seconds later I felt a hard hand colliding with the back of my skull.




“What the fuck, Fred! What was that for!?” I said as I rubbed the spot were he struck.




“I’m talking to you here!” He yelled at me.




I couldn’t help myself, and I started to laugh, “Merlin, you sound like a woman on her menstrual cycle.” I saw his hand swing around again in retaliation but my awesome Quidditch skills allowed me the chance to duck, missing the blow by mere centimeters.




Chuckling, I turned back toward him patting his back, “Alright Fred, I’m listening.”




He seemed satisfied enough and continued his rant, “Anyway, as I was saying, after her bitch friend said I was her boyfriend, I went to break up with her because I am not going to be referred to as Carly Wilson’s boyfriend, right!? I’m not being irrational!”




I nodded not really paying too close attention.




“So,” he continued, “I went to see her at breakfast and I thought I was being reasonable telling her, right!? Because I’m just considerate that way! And I said to her ‘Carly, your fucking bitch friend there said that I was your boyfriend so I’m breaking up with you.” Right! I was being nice!!! But she didn’t break down into mirthless tears the way I expected, I would have even been ok with her nodding and saying ‘fine’! But no! Instead she stood up, looked me right in the eye and said ‘no’!” He stared at me waiting for a reaction. I just looked at him blankly, “The bitch said no!” he repeated almost begging for some sort of reaction.




I stared at him for another moment and when I realized he wasn’t joking, I busted up laughing. To the point that I was on the floor clutching my side, tears streaming because the fit of laughter was just so huge and shocking I couldn’t quite stop.




He stared at me angrily. Apparently, this wasn’t the reaction he was expecting. As people began walking onto the pitch, they stared confusedly upon seeing me on the floor, laughing like a maniac, a fuming Fred beside me.




I sat up, wiping the tears from my face as I looked around at the concerned and laughing faces surrounding us. I raised my hand in a mock-victory gesture, shouting loud enough for everyone to hear, “I’m ok!” as I began to chuckle again. I glanced around taking in the people on the pitch, and saw Lisa and Carly coming from a distance.




Carly skipped right up to the fuming Fred, planting a kiss on his cheek and leaving a pink mark on his face in the shape of her lips. I started to laugh, but saw Fred glare at me and quickly covered it with a cough.




“Hello, James.” Said Carly sweetly, ignoring Fred’s protests.




“Hey Carly, are you trying out?” I asked her, watching Lisa talking to Mariana a little ways away. She was shooting Carly some desperate, plea-filled looks, but Carly wasn’t having any of it.




“No, Lisa is.” She said, perking up.




“What?” I asked, confused, but slightly excited to have the chance to get to know this mystery girl.




“WHAT!?” Fred shouted, nearly blowing out all of our eardrums.




“Oh honey, it’s ok.” She said, cooing at Fred, causing him to go into a whole line of profanities, “She won’t take your spot, she’s going for Chaser.” She winked at him.




Fred merely crossed his arms and started to murmur incoherently.




She smiled, kissing his cheek again with an evil glint in her eye. This was the reason why I never dated Carly Wilson. She was an evil mastermind at work. I tried to warn Fred…




“So, is Mari trying out?” I asked, shaking my head at Freddy.




“No.” she said brightly, “She won’t even get near a broom. She just likes staring at the blokes.” She winked.




“How come she hasn’t tried out for Quidditch before?” I asked.




“She’s not really into school divisions, she thinks it’s petty competition. She’s a huge fan of the Holyhead Harpies though, likes the independence of an all woman team. Or, something along those lines.”




“Really? What changed her mind about school sports?”




“Me.” she giggled. She then smiled brightly, that evil glint appearing in her eyes again, “Why don’t you ask her these questions?”




“Um..” but before I could protest, she was calling for Lisa, “Lisa!” no acknowledgement.




“LISA!” she called again, still nothing.




“Monalisa Ferroniere Thomas get your ass over here now!” She called. I stared as I saw Lisa turn towards us, her face bright red. I looked around and saw the others snicker. She walked over, her broom trailing behind her.




“Why the hell would you say my full name!?” she hissed at Carly.




Carly shrugged and smiled, “You weren’t answering.”




“Well, Carliphion Sheana Wilson, how does it feel?”




Carly’s eyes narrowed. Fred started busting up in fits of laughter, and I couldn’t help but join along. Even Mari cracked a smile. Lisa crossed her arms with a look of triumph.




“It’s not my fault my mum is bat-shit crazy!” cried Carly.




“And it’s not my fault my mum is freakishly obsessed with muggle art!”




The two friends glared at each other and I could imagine sparks flying between them. It was a surprise that neither of them spontaneously combusted.




But instead of the two girls bursting into flames, they ended up bursting into laughter. Fred and I exchanged a look that basically said these girls are whacked. We watched as they laughed and hugged each other, clutching their sides and wiping tears from their eyes.




“What were we talking about?” asked Carly, straightening up and looking at Fred and myself, who were staring at the two of them with odd expressions.




“What?” she asked, her eyes widening questioningly.




“You – she – what? – How? ...never mind.” said Fred exasperated as he put his hands on his face and sat on the floor, pouting.




I started to laugh and Lisa looked at me with a questioning look in her eyes, but turned away before I could stare back. A flush tainted her cheeks as she looked down at her shoes.




I wanted to touch her cheeks; they looked so soft and warm. I found my hand lifting on it’s own accord and I quickly altered it’s course and went to ruffle my hair.




Clearing my throat, I looked at Lisa, “So, Lisa.”




She looked up, her hazel eyes meeting my own, and I felt my breath catch slightly. I am James Sirius Potter, why is this girl having such an affect on me!?




I shook my head in an attempt to clear it, and looked back at her, “What made you decide to tryout this year?”




She shrugged and turned to glare at Carly, “I was blackmailed.”




I couldn’t help but laugh, and she turned to glare at me. My laugh turned into a chuckle, my eyes lighting up as I watched her reaction.




“Sorry.” I said, still chuckling, “I just find it strange that you listen to Carly and Mari.”




Her lip twitched up in a smile, “And why is that?” she asked, looking at me with a spark in her eye.




“You don’t really seem to care what people say to you…if I recall.” I sent her a smirk.




Her mouth fell opened slightly, but she shook herself out of it and smirked right back at me, “You’re right, I don’t. I decided that I’d work out my Quidditch technique. I haven’t played in a while. I figured I should probably brush up on it before I get into the professional field.”




“You want to play Quidditch professionally?” I asked impressed.




“Yeah, for Puddlemere United.”




“That’s the team I’m looking at.”




“Yeah, they have the best roster right now. I think they’re going to retire Gregory next season and probably trade Michelson for Darrian from Chudley Cannons. By the time I’m up for a trade in, they’ll be getting rid of Sayler and Cranner, if they don’t trade them before hand. What do you think?”




My mouth was hanging open and I shot a glance at Fred who mirrored my face exactly. Carly was smirking and Mari was giggling at our faces. I wouldn’t blame her, we looked funny.




I shook my head and smirked as I looked at the floor.




“Girls are insane.” I murmered.




“No kidding.” Fred agreed.




Lisa scoffed, “You don’t study too much of the professional trades, do you?”




“Yeah I do! I just figured that because I’m Harry Potter’s son AND I’m good at Quidditch that would pretty much guarantee me a spot.”




Her eyes narrowed and her smile turned into a frown. She started muttering something I only caught, “Cocky bastard.” I decided to ignore it and shout instructions to the people in the pitch.




“Alright!” I called, “Chaser tryouts first!”




“He’s captain!” shouted Lisa at Carly and Mari, “I’m going to kill you guys!”




“Oh, you love us darling!” called Carly as the two friends strutted off the field.




I saw Lisa fuming as she stepped forward, she was joined by Maria Kyles, Damion Rychlik, Lauren Crumly, and Kalie Tyler.




“So, what you’re doing is scoring the most goals. The two with the most points get the positions.” I looked at Lisa, who was playing with a strand of her hair. No one seemed to notice her… no one but me.




“Take to the air!” I shouted and blew my whistle. Five brooms rose. The Quaffle was released and Lisa was in possession of the Quaffle.




It was amazing to watch her fly. She was, in fact, good enough to play professionally. Fred and I exchanged an impressed glance as we continued to watch Lisa score point after point after point.




At the end of the chaser tryouts, Lisa was ahead 100 points to the second place winner who came in at 30.




Everyone was staring at her. No one was going to miss Monalisa Thomas again.




“Congratulations Monalisa Thomas and Lauren Crumly. You are our new chasers. You’re uniforms and schedules are in the locker room.”




Lisa was smiling brightly. I walked up to her as she set her broom down on the floor. She was waving up at Carly and Mari who were both cheering.




“Hey.” I said as I reached out.




She glanced at my hand and then into my eyes. She didn’t take the offer but instead reached up to play with her hair. “What do you want James?” She asked, staring at me.




I lowered my hand and felt moisture materialize on my palms. I wiped them on my pants as I cleared my throat nervously. “Great job up there.” I said, looking into her eyes.




I noticed that her face had gotten slightly redder and I couldn’t help but smirk.




“Thanks.” She said, looking down at her broom.




“I’ll see you at practice then?” I asked her.




She nodded, but didn’t say anything as she continued to watch me with her hard gaze.




I cleared my throat again.




“Did you want to ask me something other than if I’m coming to the first mandatory practice of the season?” She asked me her eyebrow quirking up, “Because I do believe that’s the point of mandatory.”




I looked at her; no one, and I repeat NO ONE, has ever talked to me the way this girl was. It’s throwing me off!




When I didn’t respond, she scoffed, “I’ll see you next week.” She turned and made her way to the locker room with Lauren Crumly. 




A/N: I said this before now I say it again...I am really really sorry about the wait there have been school, and family stuff, friend drama :P, boy other words my life has been a complete mess haha. But I'm back on track and ready to write so the updates should be coming more quickly...Hope you enjoyed!!! Leave a review please I answer all of them and I really appreciate them!!


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Unrecognizable: Chapter 2: Pure Stupidity


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