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How One Night Changed My Life Forever... by potterfan310
Chapter 1 : Prolouge
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I was having a nice dream about being on an island somewhere warm, surrounded by sparkling blue waters, when I heard my mum's dull tones fill my bedroom, "MOLLY EVELYN WEASLEY, GET OUT OF BED RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY!"

I groaned and rolled over. But it was no use, she had heard me. Mum came over to my bed and pulled the quilt off me and a cool draft went around me.

"Mum, whyyy." I muttered trying to pull my quilt back over me.

I'm only wearing shorts and a strappy top. I hate being exposed when I'm not wearing a bra and who knows my father may just walk in here unexpected and uninvited. Then again it may not happen since he is never really around a lot. Oh yeah my dad is Percy Weasley, The guy who loves his job and loves to work.

"Molly, you are sixteen years old." Mum reminded me once I had managed to pull my quilt back up whilst she went over to open my curtains.

"I'm nearly seventeen actually." I retorted hiding under my covers.

"Fine," She huffed. "You are sixteen nearly seventeen years old, and you can't even get out of bed without me waking you up." Mum complained.

"It's not like I asked to be woken up." I muttered under my breath.

"Come on get up, Molly. I'm not playing games." She said when she turned back around and saw just my head sticking out.

Neither am I, I thought. I just want to sleep; it's my summer holidays why can't she let me have a lie in? But nooo, she has to wake me up at what seven-thirty in the morning.

"Molly get up now and get downstairs, breakfast is waiting on the table and I will not tell you again. NOW MOVE!" Mum yelled pulling the quilt back once more before leaving my room.

I gave it a few seconds as I heard the stairs creak, before running to my door and slamming it shut. Haha serves her right for trying to wake me up. I jumped back into bed quickly and snuggled back down.

"MOLLY!" I heard mum shriek. What's a girl to do around here to get some peace?

Oh yeah and if you haven't noticed I don't get on with my mother. We are total opposites. Ok so we may look alike, medium length brown hair and brown eyes (same goes for Lucy) but that is where the similarities stop.

My mother is Audrey Weasley - was Pilot. She and Lucy are so alike, it's like Lucy is her twin. Me, well I have different personalities to everyone in my house. I am loud, energetic and outgoing. Basically, I clash with her. She's all neat and tidy (I think OCD since she cleans things at least five times) and I'm messy. My room looks like a bomb has exploded in here.

I sat up because I thought I could smell bacon although my door is shut. I bet mum’s got Lucy to put a smell on it so it wafts up here. Even though we’re under seventeen we are allowed to do magic in our house as long as we are not in the presence of a muggle. There is an exception for families like us who have one muggle parent (mum).

Mmm bacon, I thought. My stomach growled as I sniffed the air. Great even my stomach is against me, and is willing me to get up, brilliant. I got out of bed and pulled a blue bra out of my chest of drawers. I put it on as I walked towards my en-suite bathroom. Looking in the mirror I noticed I had an awful bed head. My hair really does like to provide me with unusual styles in the mornings.

Muttering under my breath about how I hate life, I grabbed a brush and brushed out the knot, before putting up into a pony. Well at least now I look presentable I guess. As I left my room I noticed Lucy's door was open but she was nowhere to be seen. When I got into the kitchen I saw Lucy who was already dressed and looking wide awake, was sat at the breakfast bar with a plate of bacon and eggs in front of her.

"Good morning Molly." Lucy said in a cheerful voice.

I muttered, "It's not exactly good."

"Stop being such a moody cow!" Lucy told me.

Oh well isn't that lovely.

"Ahh I see you’re finally up then." Mum said coming into the kitchen a pile of washing in her hands.

I was just helping myself to bacon but I burnt my fingers on the cooker. "Fuck," I yelped "Owww."

"Language Molly," Mum scolded me. "Don't speak like that in front of your sister. You shouldn't be saying things like that anyway." she ranted as she put the things in the washing machine.

As I ran my fingers under the cold tap, I pulled faces at her since her back was turned and she seemed to pre occupied with the washing.

"Mum Molly's making faces." Lucy ratted me out.

"She better not be. I want her to be up and dressed in five minutes." Mum said shooting me a dirty look.

"What but I've only just got up." I complained.

"Not my fault you’re a lazy child. You should have got up the first time I called." She replied.

Oh isn't my family the nicest. My sister calls me a moody cow and my mother calls me a lazy child. Do you see why I dislike them so much? As I was about to reply my father walked into the kitchen looking very tired and worn. His posture wasn't the normal standing straight; he was slumped over carrying his briefcase.
You see my dad's job is really important. He works for the Ministry and is a high-ranking official under the Minister for Magic: Kinsley Shacklebolt. He often works nights lately and I barely see him. It used to bother me when I was little, but these days I don't really care.

He bent over and kissed my mother so I mimed being sick behind them and Lucy said; "She's pulling faces again."

I hate my sister, why is she such a grass?

"How was work?" Mum asked him as I finally checked my fingers were ok and went to eat my breakfast.

"The usual," He replied as she poured him coffee. "Are you going to see your sister later?" Dad asked as he took a seat next to Lucy at the breakfast bar, so that he was opposite me.

"Yes. We'll be off when someone decides to move themselves," Mum answered, glaring directly at me.

I shovelled my food in my mouth and dumped my dishes in the sink. "Get dressed now!" Mum called as I left the room. I just waved my hand lazily instead of answering and went up to my room. Apart from the personality differences another one of the reason's that me and mum don't get on is that back in my third year when I was a mere innocent twelve year old going on thirteen, I rebelled.

I’d become so fed up of being a goody two shoes, my parents always telling me what to do, how to behave and that I had to get good grades. Basically after twelve years it tipped me over the edge and I snapped. I used to get into trouble every other day throughout my third and fourth year. Once it came to my fifth year I calmed down a hell of a lot and here I am about to start my seventh year.

I entered my room and then jumped in the shower. Why couldn't she have let me had a lie in. I don't understand why we have to be up and out the house so early. I mean floo powder is way quicker and Auntie Evie's fire place is already hooked up to the network but no she insist we have to travel the muggle way because dad will not be with us as he will probably go to bed since he worked nights.

I'm annoyed she woke me up early because it means that we have to go visit her family who I don't really like, except my Auntie Evelyn 'Evie' and two out of three of her children.

Whilst in the shower I thought about previous summer holidays. They’re not exactly the best because since I was eleven ever summer holiday had been pretty much the same. My mum is a muggle meaning she has no magical powers, where as her sister - My Auntie Evie is a witch. Just like me.

Pretty much all of my dad's family are magical as well so no surprise when I got my Hogwarts letter. For the first week home from school we have to have 'Family time' which is where we are supposed to share our problems and worries. Lucy, of course spills all of hers to our mother. Whereas me, well I don't say a word since I don't get on with her.

The main reason we don't get on is because of my muggle friends who live over on the estate, basically she hates them with a passion.

The reason she hates my friends is because we live in quite a posh house in a small muggle village. My muggle friends live over on the other side on an estate. Mum thinks that just because they live on an estate they do drugs and alcohol. Get pregnant at a young age, live off benefits and are drug dealers. She really has to stop watching the news.

I met them when we moved here, I was thirteen and Lucy was eleven. At the time I was in my 'rebellious stage' and I was in no hurry to unpack so I went off...

It was nice sunny day and the sky was free of clouds. I had looked around our new house, specifically my new room and en-suite. Too be honest I don't see what all the fuss is about. Mum keeps on that it's a really good area and only the best people live around here. That sounds pretty much right, I thought, mum always saw herself as pretty well off. I mean dad is rolling in money and has been ever since the war ended.

I know a lot of my cousins say that my mother married him for his money and to be perfectly honest I think their right. As we got closer to the new house I was looking out and I noticed that the village was small and quiet. It didn't exactly seem the place where teenagers would live.

Once we had gotten out of the car I had entered the house with dad who was giving me a tour around it. When we got back outside Mum and Lucy where talking to a couple who looked in their thirties.

"Ahh," I heard mum say as we got closer. "This is my husband, Percy Weasley, and our eldest daughter Molly."

"Nice to meet you Molly, welcome to the neighbourhood. I'm Gina," The woman said. I noticed she went to hug me so I weaved to the other side.

"Oh don't mind her," Mum told Gina "She's just a hormonal teenager."

Gee thanks Mum. I pretended to look in the van for my boxes until I heard Gina and the guy had gone.

"Molly could you take your boxes up, and then come and help with Lucy's?" Mum asked me.

I rolled my eyes if I was going have to take my own then why couldn't she. I didn't say this of course so instead I grabbed my bag that I had put on top of a box and jumped from the back of the van.

"I'll be back later." I said and then I walked away from her down the drive.

"Molly come back here this instance!" I heard her yelling but ignored it.

I walked from the house and down the street until I found a walkway going to the left. I carried on walking for at least twenty minutes putting as much space between me, my mother, the new house and the thought of unpacking. I stopped when I came to a small playground that was empty. I guess people still used it since nothing had been vandalised. I went and sat on one of the swings. I may be a teenager but I still love them.

I pulled out my phone and started to play a game not paying any attention. When I heard shouting and cheering I looked up and saw a gang of five boys who looked around my age. Of course they didn't notice me and had nearly walked past the park when they suddenly turned around and entered the park, which meant that they were heading straight for me.

Shit I thought, please don't let them hurt me. I was alone in an empty playground away from the only people I knew. And they didn't know where I was. Double shit.

As they got closer I was able to see that they were all tall with brown hair and were either wearing jeans or trackie bottoms. How classy I thought, since one of them had gone the whole hog and was wearing a jacket that matched his trackie's. I wonder where they came from; I mean there is no way mum picked that house because the area had people like this living in it.

"Hey you," The boy who was closest me and wearing jeans and Red t-shirt called "What do you think you’re doing?"

I stared at him and noticed he had brown eyes before saying "I'm sat on a swing in an empty playground. Problem?”
"Yeah there is. This is our territory and we don't like people in it without them asking permission first" He said in a loud voice and I heard some of the others agree.

Great looks like I found a bunch of boys who think they are it. Bloody Brilliant.

"Oh yeah and do you make ever toddler or little kid ask permission do you?" I answered.

I watched as I could practically see the steam coming out of his head as he tried to work out whether I was joking or not. I then saw two girls heading this way. Both of them had on pale blue jeans and a hoody. The one had purple and the other pink.

What is this, throw Molly into awkward situations day? First I am nearly hugged by a new neighbour and now I am stuck with a gang of boys who don't seem all too smart so why not throw in two girls who look kind of bitchy and that they rule everything.

"Hey, Ky, leave the kid alone," The blonde in the pink hoody said. From the looks of it she isn't a natural blonde, I thought. Her hair was bleach blonde and that is not a natural colour I tell you.

"Go pick on someone your own size." The other girl piped up. She had red hair, not a Weasley red like my cousins a bright red that I guessed was also from a bottle.

The boys backed away from me slightly allowing the girls to get closer. Once they were in front of me the blonde stuck her hand out, "I'm Lauren and this is Katie." She said indicating to the red head who was smiling at me. I took her hand and shook it, hoping that I hadn't agreed to join a gang or something.

"I see you've met the boys. Well the one in the red top who was trying to scare you is Kyle and he claims to be leader of this lot. Then there's Luke in the green hoody who may seem frightening but he's a big softie. And then you got Rhys in full tack suit gear, Lewis who's wearing his jeans so low his arse is pretty much hanging out and finally you have Mitchell who is staring at you like he has never seen a girl before." Lauren announced and introduced each of the boys that I had thought were going to hurt me. She then looked over her shoulder and said "Hey Mitch the girl's eyes are up here" She pointed to her face "Not down here" Then she pointed to her smallish (but bigger than mine) boobs.

"So now you know who those idiots are. What’s your name?" Katie asked.

I was still staring at them in disbelief, the fact that not one of them had hurt me or that neither of the girls seemed bitchy. "I, uh I'm Molly," I spluttered.

Lauren looked at me "I'm guessing you’re new around her," She stated.

I nodded "Yes. Me, my parents and my sister have just moved in over there," I told them pointing towards the way I had come. I saw them exchange looks. "I, what's so bad about over there?" I asked.

"Well you see us lot," She indicated to the boys, herself and Katie. "Live over there…." she pointed to the opposite direction I had "On the estate."

"You see, we don't get many people over here from the 'posh' side. They think they are all it with their money. You wouldn't catch a posh person over here, their afraid they might catch something since the place is supposed to be 'dirty’." The boy called Luke spoke up.

I must say the posh people sounded a lot like my mother and I scoffed "The 'posh' side."

Luke spoke again, "Yeah you know, big house, fancy car. Two parents, happy families and all that jazz."

"So what brings you over here then little Miss Posh?" The leader Kyle said.

"Well you see we just moved in and I nearly forced to hug this neighbour so I hid in the van and then when my mother asked me to take my own boxes as well as my sisters. I just walked away ignoring her yells and stopped walking when I reached here," I explained.

"Not a fan of your parents then," Mitchell I think it was sniggered.

"Not really no!" I said getting a little angry.

"Oh sod off already, go terrorise someone who is scared of you," Lauren told Kyle.

Wow I must say I really like this Lauren. Not only is she loud like me but she is sticking up for herself against a group of boys who quite frankly did scare me when I first saw them coming towards me. I watched as they shuffled off with a few 'see you later's'.

"Right now that their gone, tell us everything," Katie said with a grin.

Then I told Lauren and Katie about most things, hating my parents and sister, being made to visit family who I don't like. The fact I go to boarding school, (I left out the part about me being a witch) and that I generally hate life. And the fact I often used to nick alcohol from my parent’s wine cellar and smuggle it back to school.

They listened to my story and I listened to theirs. I hadn't noticed that it was dark now.

"I really should be going," I said "It's late."

They both stood up. "We'll walk you home," Katie suggested and Lauren nodded in agreement.

"Are you sure?" I questioned looking around "Aren't there gangs and stuff?"

They laughed and Lauren answered "The only gang around here is Kyle and his lot. They’re not likely to hurt us or anyone else for that matter. They act all hard but they wouldn't hurt a fly. Oh and we've known them since we were in Nursery"

"Oh" I said since it was all I could think to say.

Together we walked back to my new house chatting about likes and dislikes. They left me outside the gates and we exchanged mobile numbers. Before I went in for the mammoth-interrogation I was going to get from my parents.

From that day on myself, Lauren and Katie became the best of friends. None of them know I'm a witch but they do know I go to boarding school which is why I am only home in the holidays and they also know I have an owl for a pet. Which they thought was weird at first but hey with me and my family all you get is weird.

It's quite strange to think how something like being alone in a park, interrogated by five boys and then rescued by two girls could make them your best friends. Strange I know but I love them a lot and the girls kinda keep me sane especially when I don't see my Hogwarts friends for ages.

I was brought back to reality with the lovely sounds of my mother screeching from outside my bedroom door. "Molly, hurry up or we'll be late."

I rolled my eyes as I got out and went to get dressed. Checking my clock as I walked passed. It's only nearing half eight, what is she on about 'going to be late' Looks like I really do have to go visit the people I call family.

You see, this year I thought that this summer wasn't going to be any different from the last ones: the family time, visiting my mum's family (which I'm not too fond of) and my dad's family (who I love) and then seeing all my Hogwarts and my muggle friends. But no, this year had to be different.

As my birthday is in July and this year is my seventeenth (which means becoming an adult in the wizarding world) my Nana Molly decided that she would throw me a huge birthday party, which meant that all of my mum's family and both my muggle and wizarding friends could come.

And this is where my story begins...


I had given up on this but because of Silverstone Nata and her wonderful review I’ve started writing this again, and I’m editing it before I add any new chapters.

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