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With Sirius Black by Owlpost68
Chapter 3 : Going Out, With Sirius Black
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A/N: Well, here's the next chapter! Only one more after this :) I really hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize. What you don't recognize is all me :)



Chapter 3


Going Out, With Sirius Black





I woke up to the sun streaming through the windows, and although I've never felt so comfortable in my life, my head was pounding from hangover. How can you not want to move, and want to move at the same time? Well, for once the place was quiet. I guess she likes sleeping late if she stays out so long at night. Hmmm maybe if I pull the blanket over my head... Crap. I heard a door open and close upstairs, and knew it wouldn't work.

Cora came downstairs rolled her eyes and smiled at me. “Looks like you could use a hangover potion. Here, I brought it down with me. This stuff is a life saver.”

I sat up, took the bottle and gulped. “You must live on this stuff, your always out.”

“No, I just go out to dance. I only drink during the weekend.”

My head was starting to clear up and feel more awake. This stuff was a life saver.

“Now, did you really mean what you said last night? About wanting to have your way with me?”

“You really get to the point don't you? Yes, I did. But it's probably not a good idea. I'm on the run for Merlin's sake! Do you really want to be involved with someone like me? I'll probably have to leave within the month. It's not safe for me to stay anywhere more than that. I don't want to endanger any more families, especially yours.”

“Don't worry about my family, they don't know anything about you if anyone asks. Me? My brother and I having been practicing dueling for ages. That's one of the reasons I have that Undetectable spot out back. I'll be safe. Seriously.” She smirked again.

“Ha ha. like I haven't heard that joke before. I still feel like it's not the best idea. I don't even know if I'll be able to contact you after I leave. I hate that idea. I feel like I could stay here forever if I could.”

She smiled. “After how I've been toward you I wouldn't have expected this reaction. I thought you'd want to be gone by the end of the week. Let's forget this for right now though. Let's get some food.”

Just that easily, she became the one women who got me to fall for her and she didn't even try.

By the time sunset came around, we were getting ready to go out. Me? Going out? I couldn't have imagined any of this happening two weeks ago when I was fleeing England. How did I come to be in such polar opposite situations? Anyway, I had borrowed one of her brother's outfits again. Apparently he had a real change and lost a lot of weight. Cora told me just to shut me up because I was starting to feel bad I was taking advantage. She fixed my hair for punishment. I hate having to deal with it. But I guess I looked ok because she started blushing a whole lot more than usual. Ha! Now she knows how it feels. Now, she's upstairs getting ready to go out. Taking too bloody long... “Cora, are you-?!” I turned to look upstairs and she was looking so bloody hot, I must have looked ridiculous standing there with my mouth hanging open. Her hair was in a ponytail, but with curls framing her face, like if I had already kissed her silly. Make-up too subtle to pick up so she naturally glowed...

“I won't be responsible if we don't make it there you know” I said to her as she came downstairs.

“Oh, we'll make it there. Don't you want to go dancing?” Looking up at me sweetly with those dazzling eyes of hers.

I had the image of her up against me, and I hadn't thought anything like that in so long, I grabbed her hand and nearly dragged her out the door, with her laughing behind me. I felt like I was making up for all the time I lost in prison all those years being with Cora tonight. She was an amazing dancer. Even taught me how to not trip over myself at least. There was a few times I nearly dragged her out of the place, but she wouldn't have it. So we went to the bar to have a drink.

“ID?” The bartender said to her.

“Oh, here” she gave him a card of some kind. He nodded, and left.

“You know, that reminds me. How old are you?” She didn't look a day over 25.

“Oh, I'm 29. You?”

“33,” I breathed a sigh of relief. At least she's not too young. What she said about taking care of herself isn't just ignorance.

“Cora? Who the hell is this?” I looked behind me and there was this stupid looking sailor type. Funny, I was thinking the same thing about him.

“What's it to you Greg? He's my new boyfriend. You don't honestly think I would stay with you after all the times you told me you weren't shipping out, and then “had” to leave do you?”

She put her arm around my waist and her head on my shoulder from behind. “Why didn't you tell me about this guy?” I whispered to her.

“I honestly didn't think he was coming back. Not that I even wanted him to” she said, not bothering to keep her voice down. No, that wasn't what Cora does.

“Well, if you really felt that way, why were you begging me not to leave?” This guy was asking for it. I nearly got up to slug him, but Cora set me back down.

“I didn't want you to, but after you left I thought it better that I just get over you, then realized I was better off. Now, if you excuse us, we're going to go dance now, this is one of my favorite songs.”

As she dragged me off he called after us “Know this then Cora. I was the best man you are ever going to find, and I won't listen to you when you come crawling back to me after you use this guy as a rebound.”

She stopped dead in her tracks, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. “One minute Sirius.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek, turned around walked right up to the guy, and kicked him right in the balls. I almost winced for the guy. Without a word to him, she came back toward me and said, “now, where were we?”

I couldn't hold back anymore, I had to kiss her. She tasted just like I knew she would, sweet and with a little bite. I couldn't believe all I felt for this woman who flipped me in the sand just a few days ago. Needless to say, we didn't particularly want to dance anymore that night. We left the club and set off into the night.“I bet he's still on the floor after that” I said, still in awe.

“He should be. I've had some losers on the floor ten minutes before they got back up” she said smiling.

“You know you're the sexiest woman on the planet, and I don't deserve an ounce of attention from you right?” she laughed, but it turned into a purr when I had to kiss her neck just a second.

“Mmmm, I'll agree to the first part, but I definitely wouldn't say you don't deserve it. After all you've done for your friends being in prison all that time. You deserve soo much more. You're like... How do I put this? Someone who could have been a hero given the chance. Or someone who tried to be, but was double-crossed. I can see it though.”

“See what?” I was too blown away by what she was saying, I couldn't understand everything.

“That you are a hero. If life wasn't so hard on you, and I don't normally say things like that to anyone, you could be. At least for me, you're mine. I never knew that such people existed like you or your friends. I would have just misjudged like my parents. If it wasn't for you, I would have never fallen in love.”

At this point we had gotten to her house, and she just closed the door behind her, put the hall light on, and looked up at me. I put my forehead to hers, and held her face in my hands. “Cora, as much as I think this will most likely be the worst decision you make, I couldn't be happier right now. I'm also completely gobsmacked. A few weeks ago I thought for sure my life was over, and at least I was able to see Harry to tell him how much I cared about him and his parents. I could never have dreamed meeting you was possible, let alone falling in love and someone loving me back...” she wouldn't let me finish. She kissed me as hard as she could and slowly led me upstairs. Half way up I had her pinned against a wall and took her shirt off. At the top, somehow, my trousers disappeared. We got in her room and both of us were down to our knickers breathing heavy. I had one last sane thought, “I don't want to have our hearts break...”

“Listen, Sirius, we've already both admitted it. I don't think it's possible for that NOT to happen at this point. But you know that saying, “It's better to have loved and lost”? Well, I think we should take advantage of that” she stroked my face, more tenderly then she'd ever been up to this point. Only because she knew that's what I needed then. So I kissed her, knowing that's what she needed from me. I'd always give her what she needed from me, until we both knew I couldn't anymore.

We made love that night. Over and over. I couldn't help it. We needed each other. We needed to shout out our names to each other. I needed to make her go crazy under me, just like she made me go crazy for her. Countless times it seemed. The night was more than either of us imagined. Seems like the theme for me lately. I'll just go with it. She yelled my name in pleasure once more, a sound I'll never tire of hearing, she fell, exhausted, on my chest. For a minute I held her as she slept, with me still inside her, savored the moment, and followed her to sleep.

If I thought the previous morning was comfortable, I had no idea this level of it existed. Cora still slept soundly, but she had moved to have her head on my shoulder and her arm over my heart. I hadn't felt so loved since... Well, to be perfectly honest, her cousin she barely knew. We dated in school. We joined the Order, and I was about to propose. Then she and her family were murdered. I shivered, and shook my head slightly. Cora's right, we should make the most of what we have now. I stroked her cheek, and she smiled in her sleep. I had to kiss her. Who'd have known? Sirius Black is really a softie.

Cora snuggled into my shoulder more, “Sun is evil.”

“That's right, you had a lot more to drink then I did. Hold on, I'll get you a potion.” I kissed her slightly, and started to get up. Once her hiding place of my shoulder was gone, she hid her face under the pillow. I chuckled, and got up...Or tried. My legs instantly felt like goo. Luckily I was close enough to the bed I sat back down.

“Can I borrow your wand a minute? My legs don't seem to want to let me stand.”

I hear muffled giggle, “Go ahead” she said, lifting the pillow slightly.


A few weeks went by without incident. I was still happier than I had ever been since my friends were alive, but I didn't forget, Harry's birthday was coming up. The only problem was, there weren't any owls in this area.

“How about you send my pet Macaw. That way he'd know you're ok, but you won't be giving anything away. I use him so I can order more supplies for potions and other things I need. He can do it,” she told me when I asked her if she had any ideas.

We were at the beach going for a swim. I'm having a hard time concentrating on swimming that's for sure.“That'd be great. Harry would definitely be surprised. Thanks.” I gave her a kiss, but then she splashed me. Soon we were having a water fight. One splash in particular mostly went up my nose and got me spluttering.

She laughed so hard she was doubled over, “What's the matter? Am I too much for you? You look like my brother did when we played that trick on him.”

When I recovered I said, “which one? There are too many to count now.”

“The one where you pretended to be talking to him, and I came up and dumped a bucket of water on him, but he sneezed at the same time. He started spluttering just as bad as you!”

“Right. That one,” I said chuckling. “We couldn't have planned that out better if we tried.” One day I started telling her about how us Marauders would play all sorts of pranks at school. Unsurprisingly, she told me how she had done that when her and her brother were being home schooled. Drove her mum almost as much as I did mine. Ever since we had put our heads together to prank her brother as much as possible. All the pranking thoughts reminded me that Harry must have some of that in him from James, and also reminded me how much it seemed Harry wanted to come live with me. After less than an hour too. “You know Cora. I was just thinking of Harry again. I still can't figure it out, why would he immediately want to come live with me? I was hardly able to know him.”

“Well, maybe he doesn't like who he's had to live with. You told me all about Lily and her sister not getting along. Plus, you're one of his parents best friends. To him, it must be like getting a father back.”

“I hadn't thought of that. If that's the case, I should send him a souvenir of some sort from here. Maybe a picture of Buckbeak near the beach with a flower necklace on. He'd think that was hilarius." She had an odd look in her eye. “Hey, you ok?”

“What? Oh, yeah. Well, the way you were talking... Never mind. It's silly.”

“Am I talking to Cora? She never gets embarrassed about anything.”

“Oh, well, you know, it just got me thinking that you'd be a wonderful father, that's all,” she said blushing a deep red.

I got very warm suddenly. The thought of us and a family popped into my head. I had to give her a soft kiss for that. Then she came back for more. Before we knew it we were kissing passionately when all of a sudden we hear the last voice we want to hear.

“You can't go anywhere anymore can you Linda? Not without seeing something that should be kept out of the public eye. What would your customers think of you Cora? That a slut could be selling them their souvenirs? That would be very bad business for daddy wouldn't it?”

This time Cora couldn't stop me. I went up to the 2 laughing idiots on the shore, the woman quickly scattered away. “You couldn't take a hint from last time could you? You're just to damn stupid.” I lifted my fist, and he ran away like a little girl before I could get a punch in. Too bad, I wanted to punch him in his already crook... ed... nose... Shit. That's why the guy bugs me so much. I didn't only just meet him. He was at Hogwarts too, he was bothering Lily, got waaay too close to her, and since James was in detention, I decked him for him. He was a prefect, so he must not have wanted to go to the hospital wing.

“Sirius? What is it?”

I guess I was staring in the cowards direction for too long. “I know him. He went to Hogwarts. Which means he could conceivably know who I am. Or could find out soon.”

“Well I don't think he knows now. He's been away from England since a few years ago. He would have had to know you escaped for you to be in danger right?”

“Yeah, but I don't think we should take any chances. I'm not sure about his new girlfriend either. I don't think it's safe for me to go to work anymore that's for sure. We should go back to your place. Put a Disallusion charm on me just in case we're followed,” luckily, she did as I said. I'm so glad she actual takes me seriously. No pun intended. We got to her house safely. It didn't look like anyone followed us.

“I'll tell my dad you have a bad bug, and can't work anymore. He'll understand... I had hoped nothing like this would happen for a while... But I guess it has to come at some point,” she put her head on my chest while we stood in the foyer.

“Well, we can still send off Harry's present. I'd like to see your bird, and check on Buckbeak again. He's probably due for a flying sometime soon.” I couldn't help but get depressed too though. The end of this was coming, and we can't stop it.

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