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Perfectly Broken by Siriously
Chapter 1 : Wrong bed.
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I didn’t need to open my eyes to know that I was not in my own bed. The arm slung around my waist and the naked body pressed against my back was only the first signs, the male voices talking in the room was the dead giveaway of my situation. To make it all worse, I knew who the voices belonged to, and it was not the voices of my boyfriend’s dorm mates.


Fuck. Everyone already thinks that I’m a slag, which is so far off from the truth. It was that bitch Angela York who’s told everyone I open my legs up to everything that moves. That rumour had spread like a virus, and soon I had boy after boy knocking on my door, metaphorically of course, and all because Angela happened to find me in a heavy snogging session with her boyfriend in our fourth year. I never even knew they were going out! It wasn’t my fault she couldn’t keep her man happy.


I opened my eyes and took in the ruby coloured hangings. Nope, I was definitely not in my boyfriend’s bed, or my own for that matter.


“I’ll be down in a minute, I’m just gonna wake Padfoot” said James Potter to his friends.


Balls. I put my arm over my face in a poor effort to shield my identity from the boy. To my luck he chose to open the hangings on the other side of the bed, which meant he would only see the back of my head, and hopefully he wouldn’t recognize it. I mean, there are a lot of brunettes at this school.


He paused when he realized that his friend was not sleeping alone. I’d hoped that when he saw me he would instantly give up and leave with his friends. To my surprise, he did no such thing.


“Padfoot.” he whispered once, and got no response out of Sirius, who seemly was still dead to the world. “Hey, Padfoot.” I felt how James gave the other boy a small shove, which in return earned him a poor attempt of a punch. At least it was in my mind as I’m lying half face down on the pillow with my arm over my eyes. This however seemed to at least wake the sleeping beauty.


I could feel him stare at me for a few seconds before he turned to James.


“What?” he said with a rather annoyed voice.


“We’re going off for breakfast, thought you would want to know. Who’s that?”


“Piss off James.”


“Sorry, I’m just curious.” I then hear the hangings being closed and as soon as I heard the door close I sat up in bed.


“I think I’ll be going then” I said before Sirius even had the chance to settle down in bed again, as I could tell he was about to.


“What’s the matter love?” he said as he placed an arm around my waist and pulled me down again, it didn’t take him much effort either. I’m not that big of a person. I’m not tall, I’m not strong. I’m petite, nothing big about me at all.


My dad always told me to be the bigger person. Be the better person and forgive, be the bigger person. I know what it means, but you see I’m not the bigger person. I’m judgmental and stubborn and I don’t forgive and forget. I get even.


Size wise, I’m not the bigger person and neither am I the bigger person mind wise. I’m not the bigger person, so I let myself be pulled down by no one other then Sirius Black in bed, and I don’t mind when he rolls on top of me with a satisfied smile on his lips. Because last night I saw my dear old boyfriend snog a girl that wasn’t me. I’m not a big enough person to confront him about it; instead I go off and shag someone else. Like I said, I get even.


“Nothing, I just thought I should get out of here before anyone other finds out I’m here. Come up with a strategy for how I’m going to explain my absents from my bed last night.”


Sirius smiled down at me before lowering his head and started kissing my neck, feather light kisses, barely touching my skin. A kiss was shared, and then I was lost. He had that effect on me, always have. He had an ability to make me not think, to make me forget. We have never been friends, we have never been a couple, neither have we ever hated each other. We are classmates, as simple as that. We have practically nothing together, when put on the same school project it ends up rubbish, because we can never agree on anything. Even the teachers have noticed this, so they rarely put us in the same group.


This however, this is something we do well together. This is what we have together.


“Do you really want to leave Cas?” he said and let a hand travel over my naked skin, explore every curve, trace every imperfect mark. I looked into his eyes, his beautiful grey eyes and bit my lip. I know what I should do, I should leave. I have a boyfriend, whom I really, really… like. I also know what I will do.


I don’t say anything as I close the space between us, a hand on the base of his neck as I press my lips to his. I don’t want to think right now, I want to forget about everything and do nothing but enjoy the moment that will all too soon be over.


There’s a war coming, and everyone can feel it. Tension is building up, and soon everything as I – Dorcas Meadowes – know it will be gone.

A/N: New story, one I really look forward to see how it unfolds. I have a few chapters prewritten and I’m eagerly working on the next one. But I am very excited. Just going to put it out there that English is not my native language, but I hope there weren’t too many errors in the grammar and spelling and such.

So what did you think? Reviews are always appreciated, they make my day actually! I think that’s all, and like I said, reviews will always make my day a bit brighter ;)

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