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SXRXRR by Sairahi
Chapter 9 : Golden lifts and chance encounters.
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The next morning during the walk of shame Hermione and Draco bump into each other in the elevator. They lock eyes immediately when the doors of the golden lift opened, making both of them look away instantly. Both were embarrassed and at a total loss for words for seeing the other this early in the morning and in the same hotel. Neither one of them knew how badly they had wanted to see each other till that moment. Hermione cut the silence first, once it set in whom she is sharing the lift with. She felt a little embarrassed that the two time she had seen Draco since the war it was under unfavorable circumstances; Drunk on her birthday and now after a one nighter with another former classmate.


“I had sucha hang over the next day” she said whilst laughing slightly and keeping her eyes on the descending numbers on top of the lift’s doors.



A smirk crosses Draco’s infamous lips “From the looks of it you still haven’t learned your lesson yet.”



“Excuse me” Hermione quickly answered. She began to feel her blood boil, but then she caught glimpse the clothes from last night that she was still wearing. “Fine, yeah last night was good night too. Haha.. I got a bit of a head ache though, but not really a hangover this time.”



“Did you at least have fun?” Draco asked while a twinge of jealously ran through him. He didn’t want the conversation to end just yet, but also he was afraid to hear her answer.



                                     Hermione throw an askance look. “Yea, I had fun.” she answered look down at the floor feeling that it was written on her forehead that she had sex. “Just maybe not something I would like to make a habit of.”



Draco let out a little laugh. “Don’t worry about it too much. Your halo is only tarnish a little bit. People do a hell of a lot worse, before lunch than what you’ll do in a life time.”



                                     Hermione laughed, Draco words rang true, no matter of what she felt like at the moment she knew he was right. Surprisingly having Draco tell her she wasn’t a bad person made her feel better about her choices from last night. They both shared a laugh and a few flirtatious glances that said more than a thousand sonnets, before the doors open, and the early suns ray hit them like a ton of bricks baptizing them in warm light.



Hermione stopped abruptly and put her hand on Draco’s chest to stop him. “Um, Draco I doubt it will ever come up and all, but if for some reason someone asks; you never saw me. Ok?” Hermione asked him just as they crossed the threshold of the closing lift’s doors in to the lobby of the old grand hotel.



                                     Draco wasn’t sure what to think about Hermione request to not say anything, but he knew full well about secrets, and if Hermione of all people was asking him to keep one; he was going to do it.



“No problem. I wouldn’t have it any way.” Draco smiled pulled out a pair of shades and walked out of the hotel’s lobby without a look back. Hermione let him leave first so there would be no questions in-case they were seen at the same hotel. She hung back saw her reflection for the first time. Her make -up was smudged under her eyes and her hair laid in limp curls that dragged down her face. Hermione tried to rub her eyes to improve her looks, but it only made matters worse. A loud sigh left her wine stained lips. “Fuck it” She squared her shoulder and left into the bright early morning sunshine, but not before hiding her tired eye behind a set of sunglasses of her own.



                                     The heat from the sun woke her up with in those first few steps. All of the thoughts she repressed all night flooded back to her. What did I do last night? Did that really happen? Do I still love Ron, if I can spend a night with another man without feeling that guilty? Why don’t I feel guilty?



                                     The thoughts tortured her as they spun in her head. Was it cheating? They technically weren’t in a relationship; she had only agreed to start dating. But, there wasn’t been any talk about being in a committed relationship just yet. She tried to reason to herself.



“Shit” Hermione said to out loud to herself, much to the surprise of an older lady who was walking her French bull dog nearby her. “Sorry” Hermione muttered under her breath and keeping her head low to avoid further more embarrassment.



                                      She let her feet carry her away from her embarrassment. Just as in the lift, she felt the word SEX was written on her forehead. Blasie’s scent still lingered in her hair and she would get whiffs of it from time to time as wind blew. When she closed her eyes she could feel his hands running down the length of her and his sweet words echoed in her ears. Hermione didn’t know what to feel. Normally, she would have berated herself for acting so loose, but something about last night didn’t feel wrong to her.  It almost felt like it was something she needed to do. At the time she had no clue that it was just what she needed, but now knew it was exactly what she needed. Her night with Blaise showed her how she should feel about Ron and showed her something she was missing from her life.  



                                     Before, she knew it she was standing in front of her building. Hermione was a little afraid to go in. There was no way for her to know if Ron was there waiting for her. Ever since they spent their first night together he had stayed over Hermione’s place all the time. Never being the one to turn away from something daunting, Hermione swallowed hard, before she placed her key in the lock and walked in. Too much of her surprise her flat was just as she left it, Hermione called out a few times in vain, but heard nothing. She didn’t know why she felt the need to step lightly as if not to disturb somebody. It was a little off putting that no one was there, even though a few seconds ago she was wish for just this. She dropped her bag on a nearby table and slumped onto her sofa. She replayed her night, but it wasn’t Blaise that her mind lingered on, it was the conversation with another that plagued her thoughts. She let out a frustrated sigh and got up to shower. It was still early enough for her get a full Sunday in before the week ahead of her.



                                     She didn’t know where she and Ron stood. She didn’t feel the need to let go just yet. Last night wasn’t anything she was planning on doing again. She thought maybe it was just what she needed in-order to give Ron what he wanted. She got something out of her system that she didn’t know she needed. No one had to know and she didn’t do anything wrong they weren’t in an exclusive relationship. Slowly, Hermione dropped her clothing piece by piece and let herself be baptize by the hot water of the shower still pondering about her night and what it meant






                                     Draco left Hermione staring at him. He felt a little disconnected from the real world after the night before. Much to his surprise a loud screech came abruptly from behind him as he was buying a paper at a news kiosk.



A whirlwind of red and brown was jumping up and down next to him. “OMG! You are the guy from 1hourmore. Aren’t you?”



Two sets of brown eyes were locked on him “Um, what? Yeah” Draco didn’t know how to react. This was the first time he was spotted. He wished he head was little more clear so he didn’t look like a bumbling fool.



“Will you sign this for us? We saw you guys last night; it was amazing.” They both said, taking turns with every other word or so.



“Oh, wow thanks.” Draco paid for his paper and barrowed a pen from the man selling the papers. He then signed the girl’s ticket stub, before rushing away from their bright eyes. He didn’t want to think about the bad right then, he wanted to relish in his impromptu meeting with Hermione. Nothing could tear his head away from the questions he was asking himself; ‘Who was she with? Was she at the show? And countless others ran circles in his head. It wasn’t until a buzzing in pocket pulled him from his thoughts that he regain any focus.



“Mate, it’s been too long….” There was a long pause on the otherside of mobile.



“Who’s this”



“Dray have lunch with at the club, like old times. I’m back.”



                                     The second the person on the other line called him Dray he knew who it had to be. There was only one person beside Pansy who was allowed to call him that. 



“Blaise, you piece of dragon dung. How the hell in merlin have you been?”



“I’m in town and saw the show last night. Sorry got tied up at the after party. You know how things go. 1pm the club then we’ll catch up.”



                                     Draco wasn’t sure if he wanted to go back to the club. It had been since before the war he had been there, but Blaise read his mind.



“Don’t worry no one will know you’re there. I get the privet club room”



Draco knew he was defeated and agreed. He then took the long way home. He stopped in at Devo’s on his way to see how the night played out for the rest of them. It was the perfect amount of time he killed with Devo. Draco was brought up to date and left feeling better about his night with Sari. Devo explained about what she had giving him and they shared stories about similar nights. After borrowing a shirt from Devo, he headed to the club to meet his one-time best friend wondering what had prompted this unusual occurrence.



A/N: hope you liked it. Thank you for the read. Leave a comment if you can. They brighten up my day and make me a better writer. Lot's of Dramione coming up.

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SXRXRR: Golden lifts and chance encounters.


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