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The Many Secrets of Victoria Malfoy by Hplover1008
Chapter 8 : The Date With A Weasley
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“That’s sweet,” Harry smiled lightly.

 “Do you want to know more?”

“Of course, I didn’t even get to hear about how your first date went.”

“Oh, that was like three weeks after that.”


I hung out with them nonstop after that day. I was still skeptical about their pranking ways. But when I was with Lee Jordan, I felt safer around him. Even though Fred kissed me, it didn’t mean that we were dating. George and Fred were just picking up on their creative ways of candy and misery. They weren’t exactly starting Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, but they were getting a lot of ideas. One day I remember specifically was when Draco and you were dueling.

I was with Hermione at first, but Fred and George pulled me away. Word of you being the heir of Slytherin was already spreading. Of course, I didn’t believe any of it. When I saw Gilderoy Lockhart flipping in the air, I knew that Severus was going to have Draco battle with another student. I glared at Severus during that time and Fred noticed it. Snape saw it and glanced over at Draco.

When you two battled and my brother whipped the snake at you, it made everyone, including me, watch your every move. I narrowed my eyes in anticipation. When you spoke Parseltongue, I knew that everyone would definitely think you were the heir of Slytherin. When you talked to it, making it listen to you, Fred and George pulled me out of there. They didn’t want me to get bitten. I fought with them, but they were stronger than I was and picked me up.

“What’s wrong with the two of you?” I yelled once in the common room.

“Potter can speak Parseltongue?”

“Who knew?”

“Why couldn’t we stay?” I interjected. They didn’t hear me.

“This totally changed everything.”

“It’s wicked, Georgie.”

“Hello? Can you even hear me?”

“Wood needs to know about this.”

“It will get around school, no doubt.”

Irritated, I slapped the both of them. They both held their cheeks where I hit them, their faces getting red. George glared at me and shook me.

“What was that for?”

“Uh, you guys couldn’t even hear me. The whole school will know, but didn’t you see Harry’s face? He was shocked at how everybody looked at him. I doubt it that he knew that he spoke Parseltongue.”

The boys stopped and looked at me. They thought about it and knew that I was right. Fred didn’t like it the thought of me hanging out with you, even though I really didn’t. But he knew that Hermione and I were close. I know the twins always joked around with you about the rumors, but inside, they were nervous like every one else. But you want to hear about the first date between Fred and I.

It has to do with this. When it was the holiday, I didn’t go home and neither did Fred and George. So, we decided to hang out all winter together. Each day was a different activity, but Fred had something planned on one specific day. It was December 24th. I woke up and went downstairs. All ready to have presents underneath it, the tree was lit and beautiful. Fred and George, however, begged to differ. Every time I said it was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen they’d always reply with a spry “That’s second to you, gorgeous!” It always irritated me, but made me smile. The two were sprawled on the couch, their backs leaning on each other’s.

I stopped in front of the couch and they moved up, which gave me space to sit down. When I sat down, they went back to before. They were each drawing and looked at me simultaneously. They both got up and only George left. But I could see him at the top of the stairs. He didn’t know that. I turned back to Fred, who was sitting on the floor in front of me. He took my hand.

“Fred, what are you doing?”

“Just looked like your hands were cold.”

“They always are,” I smiled. He laughed at the thought and looked back at me. He glanced at George and smiled.

“Do you want to go to Hogsmeade today?”

“Sure, I have to meet Aberforth today anyway. Where do you want to go? The Three Broomsticks, perhaps? We always have fun there.”

“I was thinking on Madam Puddifoot’s,” he grinned at me.

“Really?” My eyes lit up. I had always wanted to go to Madam Puddifoot’s, but George and Fred agreed that it was for couples that wanted to snog the whole time and not drink any tea. I agreed with a lot of couples going there, but the tea was phenomenal.

“Of course, I also know that not a lot of students are going. So, it will be nice.”

“But I thought you never wanted to step foot in Madam Puddifoot’s,” my voice rose.

 “Well, it’s a special occasion.”

“Oh is it now?” I smiled, kneeling down to the floor, now eye level with him.

“A very special occasion. Do you want to go around lunch? Dumbledore said he had a surprise for Christmas Eve tonight.”

“Sure, I’ll go get dressed for breakfast.” I got up and then turned back to Fred, who was smiling uncontrollably. “Is George coming?”

He looked up and his smile faded slowly. “No, he isn’t.” He glanced up at him and nodded slightly. I felt bad, seeing his smile go away. I turned away and went upstairs into my dormitory. Of course, all the girls were frantic when I entered the room. They backed me up against the door and I signaled Hermione to make them move.

“Girls, back up and give her some space.”

“What was that for anyway?” I asked them.

“Word around the Gryffindor Common Room is that you are going on a date with Fred Weasley.”

My face was in total shock. I didn’t think that at all. I thought he had finally caved and admitted that I had good taste in teashops. I shook my head repeatedly, ignoring their comments of my stupidity.

“Stop! I am not going on a date with Fred Weasley.”

“Okay, but where are you going today?”

“We’re going to Hogsmeade.”

“You aren’t going anywhere specific?” Pavarti Patil cocked her head.

“We’re going to Madam Puddifoot’s,” I snapped at her while looking at my bed.

“What?!” all of the girls squealed, even Hermione. I clasped my ears from the high-pitched screams.

“That’s where all the couples go!”

“Really? I didn’t know that, especially since all the people I hang out with are guys!” I said sarcastically. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to get dressed instead of fighting on something that isn’t true.”

“Guys, I think that Victoria needs to be alone. Go downstairs, will you?” Hermione scooted them out.

I jumped on my bed and lay on my back. Hermione sat next to me and lay down with me. Her frizzy hair covered her eyes. I turned my head to her and she smiled. I grimaced.

“You are going on a date with Fred Weasley,” she said in a singsong voice.

“I know,” I groaned and sighed. “But not really. Those girls have gone mad.”

I had gotten dressed in my muggle clothing, a dark red cardigan and some black pants. When I got downstairs, it was odd not to see Draco over at the Slytherin table. He usually spent his time in the Dungeons. I didn’t sit with the Slytherins like I usually did, but I went over to the Gryffindor table. I was trying to avoid you. Luckily, Fred and George let me sit in between them.

“You look gorgeous today,” Fred stopped.

“As always!” the two said together.

I rolled my eyes and started eating. I leaned on the both of them. Actually it was more like George was leaning on me and I was leaning on Fred. Either way, it was annoying. Once I was done, I noticed how long it was going to be until I could leave. So what did I do? I drew.

“Gorgeous, let’s go,” Fred said, offering a hand out to me.

I twitched slightly and looked around the room. No one was there except Fred and I. Everybody had left and gone. I shivered in the thought that I had drawn that long and forgot about the world around me. I looked everywhere and back at Fred. I got up and interlocked my arm with Fred’s, clutching to his. He sensed that I was nervous and held my hand.

The date was definitely something that everyone was excited about but me. But I was excited for tea. It almost seemed like all of them were going on a date with the hottest guy in the whole school. All of the girls were frantically trying to pick out something for me to wear, but I was determined to go on the date with what I was wearing. I ignored everything they said and left the room, not looking back. I went downstairs and saw Fred standing there. He had actually combed his hair.

“Well, if he combed his hair, you had to know it was a date,” Harry smiled as he cocked his head. I hit him.

“Just listen to the story.”

Let’s just skip everything until we got to Madam Puddifoot’s. It was decorated for the Christmas party. Fred was wrong on how it was going to be less crowded, it was filled with single students, partying students, and of course couples. The room was dimly lit, but lights were entangled all around. Vines accompanied with floating candles spread throughout the teashop. It just took my breath away.

“Do you want to stand the whole time, or do you want to sit down?” He smiled as he saw the sparkle in my eyes.

“Let’s go,” I said as he pulled me to a table. The table was covered in rose and lily petals. I took one and pressed it against my nose, inhaling the scent. I closed my eyes and sighed.

“It’s beautiful,” I started.

Fred began to say something but I stopped him.

“If you say that I’m more beautiful, I will get up and leave right now,” I said without looking directly at him.

He locked his jaw quickly and leaned back in his seat. I laughed at him and looked at the other people. Some of them were the girls from Gryffindor, spying on me. I rolled my eyes and Fred looked at me. I scoffed to get their attention to leave. He glanced over at them and they blushed a deep shade of red. This made me roll my eyes again and stared back at Fred. I sighed as I looked into Fred’s eyes.

“What’s their problem?”

“They are spying on us. They think this is a date.”

“It is,” he spoke.

I was speechless. They were right. I didn’t have a problem, but I didn’t want to go out with him at the time. I shut my mouth before he could see that I was gaping at him with sad eyes.

“I’m sorry,” I said as I got up to leave.

“Hey, it doesn’t have to be if you don’t want to,” Fred softly said as he grabbed hold of my wrist. “Do you want a play a game?”

“Intriguing, what kind of game do you have in mind?” I sat back down, jittery.

“They think that this is a date, right?” I nodded. “Then let’s milk this date. Do all the romantic clichés, what do you say?” 

I smiled and nodded slightly.

“So, I’m going to be talking just like this and they’ll think that I am looking deeply into your eyes. I’m being wooed by you,” I laughed, trying not to look at the girls. I laughed loudly, but it was unintentional. “I’m sorry that I didn’t think that it was a date. I feel awful.”

“I see, and I understand. I didn’t exactly make it sound like it was a date. But me leaning toward you means that I want to kiss you,” he scoffed lightly and leaned forward.

“And me leaning toward you means that I want to kiss you too.”

Somewhere between the talking, we kissed. I was shocked at first. All I wanted to do was tease the other girls, but that was when I liked Fred Weasley. The girls were shocked as well, but that didn’t surprise me. The night ended with us holding hands throughout Hogsmeade and watching the moon on the train back to Hogwarts.


“That sounds fantastic, Victoria. You were only twelve? And you’ve been dating ever since?”

“Yes, but all couples have fights, but that’s for another time. We’re here,” I said as I watched Harry being greeted by the Gryffindors. He was almost being engulfed of students, which didn’t include me. I took the hint.

I watched sadly as he was being taken away. Harry glanced back at me and I walked up the stairs back to our room. I waved and sighed. I knew that that would happen. I had left one of the happiest moments of my life. 

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