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Family, Love, School.... Oh and Quidditch by Antilles
Chapter 1 : Let me Explain
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Authors Notes: Hey everyone! Welcome to my first Fanfic. My penname is Antilles (obviously), and I have a few years’ experience writing. Nothing to this extent before though. So please! Bear with me as I explore the life of Blake Anderson. The Potter whos Not.

Discalimer: The only thing I own here is Blake, everyone else goes to JK.

EDIT: New Chapter Image!  

Hey! My name is Blake, Blake Anderson. Don’t be fooled by my name though, I’m pretty much a Potter in every shape and form.  Im seventeen, and entering my Seventh and final year at good old Hoggy-Hog-Hogwarts, probably the best school in the entire world. I absolutely love Quidditch to death, I play it all the time with my best friends Albus Severus Potter (He hates it when you use his middle name), Scorpius Malfoy (who would have thunk it? A Malfoy is best friends with a Potter!? Lets not even mention he is in love with Rose), Rose Weasley (She sucks at Quidditch, got it from her Mum’s side, but she still tries. Oh, and keep it a secret, but I think shes in love with Scorpius too), and the ever lovely and beautiful Molly Weasley (Don’t tell anyone, but I think I fancy her.)

Oh! Still confused about my little, ‘Im pretty much a Potter in every shape and form.’ Thing? Well let me explain, it’s a long story.

It all start when my mum, Alexandria Anderson was going to Hogwarts, way back before the war. She wasn’t really an outstanding student, she got by just fine. She had a few friends, but none who was more important to her than Ginerva Weasley, or Ginny. Ginny was the first person to talk to my mum on that faithful journey on the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9 ¾ to Hogwarts. See, my mum was not really the outgoing type, she tended to stick to herself, so when her was this girl exactly like her, they got along just fine. Mum was lucky enough to be sorted into Gryffindor, even though I remember her telling me once that the sorting hat had almost put her in Hufflepuff.

 Ughh… Damn Puffs. I hate them, they are just so…. UGH!!

Anyways, that meant mum and Ginny were roomies, which my mum just loved. She was in one of the best houses of all time. Ever. And she got to be roommates with her new Best Friend.

Now throughout their Hogwarts years, the two were always seen together. After graduation though, they kinda drifted apart. Ginny had become a Holyhead Harpie, and my mum had gotten a job in Diagon Alley working at Ollivanders. They didn’t see each other a lot, but they still kept in contact, trying to meet up atleast once a month.

Everything changed though when James Sirius Potter came along. Ginny became pretty busy, being pregnant and all. They stopped seeing each other again for a while, but that didn’t stop them from talking. A few years ago, I found some letters from between the two of them, they wrote each other almost every week.

So then James was born, blah, blah blah. Things went on, Mum went to see Ginny and James, and loved his (apparently) adorable little face.

A Few months later, Ginny got pregnant again. This time however, she wasn’t alone, my mum was pregnant with me. She had had a one night stand with some man she had met at a bar, had gotten so drunk she forgot protection, and bam, there I was. She never did find out who it was she had slept with.

Really, I don’t care. Sure it would be sweet to meet my real Dad one day, but I already have a father figure, Uncle Harry.

Back to the story! Again! So, this time around, they were both pregnant, and my Mum was terrified. She had been an only child, and my Grandmum and Grandad had died in a car accident of all things (Ironic I figure, since they were purebloods, and didn’t even know what they were.) So her only support was Ginny, her best friend. They took birthing classes together, did all those things a woman does when she’s expecting.

Next thing she knew it, here I was. Little old me, baby Blake Anderson. Oh.. and Albus, he was there too (git just had to be born a full 20 minutes before me, he never lets me hear the end of it). Mum asked Ginny if she would be my Godmother, and she said yes. So, I guess that means Uncle Harry is my Godfather, huh…. Never thought of that before.

From that point on, they always saw each other. Ginny was my mum’s support, without her, I don’t think she would have made it as far as she did.  Mum would always take me over to the Potters for play dates with Albus and James, and all those toddler things. Ginny would babysit me when Mum went to work. She was never later than 5, Mr. Ollivander made sure of it. Really great guy that man, he still sends me owls asking how I am.

That first day of Kindergarten though, that was the day my life changed. I was waiting at the Potters house for my Mum to come and pick me up, see Ginny was homeschooling Albus and James, she didn’t have anything else to do, so she had offered to teach me too. Any offer mum had jumped on it. It started getting late, and dinner time passed. Finally at around Seven o’clock Uncle Harry decided he would take me home, maybe Mum had just needed some alone time.

So I took his hand, and we Apparated to my house. The first thing I saw, was smouldering ruins. I will never for as long as I live forget that image. The kitchen side of the house was almost gone, nothing but a new burnt beams sticking up out of the earth, with the other side looking like it was about to cave in on itself. I didn’t get so much as a five second look at it before I was back at the Potters house and Uncle Harry calling out for Ginny. Those five seconds were all I had needed to remember that house in ruins. Ginny ran into the room and scooped me into a hug, and with a crack Uncle Harry was gone, most likely to the Auror department, or back to the house, who knows. Ginny said I would be sleeping there for the night and put me to bed with Albus.

They found my Mum’s body burnt to a crisp on the kitchen side. Officially the report says there had been a gas leak, and she had succumbed to it before the house had caught fire. Unofficially? I don’t really know. Uncle Harry never told me, and he still wont, even though I’m of legal age. Anyways, that’s the story of how I came to live with the Potters. Little 5 year old me was taken in by his Godparents, and I became part of one of the craziest, most insane, yet utterly awesome families of all time. The Potter/Weasley family.



The alarm was blaring off on my bedside table as I grabbed my pillow and shoved my head under it, trying to block out the hateful screeching that it was producing.

“You know, if you hit the Bloody snooze button, you wouldn’t have to shove your head under the pillow.” I heard a muffled voice say from beyond my little world under the pillow.

“That however requires effort.” I mumbled into my bed, not really sure if whoever it was could hear, or even understand me.

“Just get up you lazyarse.” Came the voice again. I threw my pillow towards where I thought it was coming from, but I heard was a laugh. “Wrong way.” With no pillow to muffle the noise, I could tell it was feminine. I knew the voice, but I couldn’t place it, who was it?! Stupid post sleep brain, WAKE UP AND ANSWER ME!

I rolled over and cracked open my eye to see a small red-headed girl standing near the door to my room. It was Lily, little Lily Luna Potter. Okay, so she isn’t exactly little anymore, since she’s entering her Fifth Year at Hogwarts, which is scary in itself. That would mean Albus and myself would have to keep an eye out for those pesky Fifth Year boys with the raging hormones. “What do you want Lils.” I asked raising my hand to my forehead to rub it.

“Mum said Breakfast is in 5 minutes, and if you and Albus aren’t there, you won’t get any.” She replied before turning and heading back out into the hall, most likely to go tell Albus the same thing. It was a family tradition for everyone to eat breakfast together on the day we left for Hogwarts. Even James was here before he headed off to Auror school. Pulling myself out of bed, I walked out into the hall and down the stairs.

The house was big, it had 6 bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom. It was 4 stories tall, with a games room, a nice large living room on the main floor, and a nice large Kitchen where almost the entire Weasley clan could get together without bumping elbows. Then there was the garden, it was huge, almost the size of a Quidditch Pitch, but I guess we did live way out in Godric’s Hollow, on a pretty big parcel of land.

Shuffling into the kitchen, I was greeted by the smell of Pancakes and bacon. “Morning.” I mumbled walking to the kitchen table. Uncle Harry was already sitting down reading his paper, and James was already stuffing his face. Aunt Ginny was carrying some plates over from the counters to the table, stacked with more Pancakes and Bacon.

“Good Morning Blake, you all packed yet?” Aunt Ginny asked as I sat down and she set the plate of pancakes in the middle of the table.

“Yeah, I finished packing last night before I fell asleep.” I replied as I forked some Pancakes onto my plate and reached over to snag the syrup from James. He gave me the evil eye, but kept eating anyways. Man, could that guy pack away the food.

I smeered syrup all over my Pancakes and had just started to eat when Albus shuffled into the kitchen with Lily in tow. Lily had a huge smile on her face, while Albus was grimacing. Yup… she had hexed him to get out of bed. Albus plopped down beside me, while Lily went and sat beside James. Finally Aunt Ginny sat down as well at the other end of the table from Uncle Harry.

We ate in general silence, which always happened, since everyone was too busy eating to really talk. Everyone in this family could pack away the food, must be a Weasley trait. Wonder where I got it from. Aunt Ginny cleared her throat and disturbed my train of thought. Albus, James, Lily and myself looked up at almost the same time to see her smiling down the table at us.

“So, Another year at Hogwarts.” She said as Uncle Harry got up and left the room. “It’s Lily’s fifth year, and her O.W.L.S. year. I’m absolutely confident you will ace them all.” She smiled down the table at Lily who smiled back. Obviously Lily was the only girl in the family, so she was the angel. Then Aunt Ginny turned to me and Albus. “And it’s your final year, your last chance to have some fun before entering the real world.”

Albus sighed and gave her a look. “Thanks Mum, thanks for reminding us.”

Aunt Ginny gave him one of her famous Weasley stares, and he sombered up quickly. “Anyways, since it’s your last year, Your Dad and I have gotten you both a gift.” She waved at Uncle Harry who had returned to the kitchen with 2 packages under his arms. He handed one to each of us before taking his spot back at the end of the table.

“Awesome!” Albus and I said at pretty much the same time. We dropped our forks and ripped at the packaging. They were big, long and slender, so I had my thoughts on what it might be before I even saw what was inside. When I did see what was inside however, my jaw dropped. “A Firebolt MK4…”

“Sweet Merlin!” Albus yelled as he uncovered his own as well. “This is sweet!”

“We knew you would like those.” Uncle Harry said beaming down the table at us. “This way you will be able to continue your Winning streak.”

“Nothing can stop us now!” I said pack pumping my fist into the air. Honestly, we could have stayed undefeated with our old brooms just as well, but this… this was just awesome. See, Me and Albus both play on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Im a Chaser, along with Scorpius and little Lily over there, Molly is one of the Beaters, and Albus is the Seeker and Captain.

“Well, now that we have all mostly eaten, and have had our little chat.” Aunt Ginny said with a huge grin on her face. She loved it when we were like this, it was so much easier to get us to do things. “Back to your rooms, you two need to shower before we leave. Which is in 30 minutes.”

We both jumped up grabbing our brooms, “Okay!” we replied before racing off out into the living room and up the stairs, their laughter following us.



We all piled out of the car as Uncle Harry grabbed our trunks out of the back of the car. They had borrowed one of the Ministry Cars, which had met us at #12 Grimwald place. Yes, they still owned it, but it sat empty most of the time, with just Kreacher to look after it (Let me tell you, that house elf is OLD.)

Anyways, Kings Cross was busy as usual, but it didn’t take us long to navigate the crowds to get to the wall where Platform 9 ¾ awaited us behind a seemingly brick wall. We went through single filed, with Aunt Ginny and Lily going first, followed by Albus and myself, then Uncle Harry and James. When we burst through the other side, we were met by the positive hum of activity, and the chaos that surrounded the train.

We met up with the rest of the Weasley’s, who, quite honestly were not very hard to find. The Red hair is a dead giveaway, and almost everyone has it. We greeted Uncle George and Aunt Angie, Uncle Percy, Uncle Bill, hell, can we just say we greeted everyone, because this family is huge.

We had seen everyone the night before at the Burrow for the annual Year beginning dinner, but we all greeted each other as if we hadn’t seen them in a week.

I was greeting Uncle Charlie (he had actually taken some time off to come see us off, I always knew our year was his favourite!) when a pair of hands reached out from behind me cover my eyes.

“Guess who?” a fairly feminine voice asked. Her hands were soft, and oh so gentle, and they felt…. Right.

“I dunno….. Sirius Black?” I guessed.

“No silly! Im someone very close to you.” She replied.

“Hmm… Aunt Ginny?”


“Oh… I know!” I exclaimed as I reached up and grabbed her hands pulling them up my shoulders before spinning around. “Molly!”

Molly laughed as I spun to face her. “Yes! Ten Points to Gryffindor!” She looked stunning, and I mean that. She had a pair of tight fitting Jeans on, with a loose low V-Neck shirt on, and her dark red hair was back in a ponytail. I wished she had left it down though, her hair looks amazing when it’s left down.

“So, where’s Rosie?” I asked giving her a huge hug. She returned it before looking around.

“Dunno, I heard her mumble something about Head Girl duties, and finding Scorpious.” She replied shrugging her shoulders. Albus walked up joined our little circle after he had finished greeting Uncle Charlie.

“Hey Mols.” He said giving her a brief one armed side hug. “So.. we have all said hello, and good-bye, shall we go compartment hunting?”

“Doesn’t matter to me.” I replied shrugging my shoulders and stuffing my hands in my pocket.

“Ya, let’s go, we don’t want to have to sit in one of the Big cars.” Molly said as she picked up her stuff that was beside her. And so we all grabbed our trunks and various Animal cages, said a quick goodbye again to everyone and got on the train.

It didn’t take long for us to find an empty Compartment near the back. After settling in, we were soon joined my Lily, Hugo, Louis, Roxie and Lucy. Almost the entire family was here. Once everyone was settled in, and all of us talking about various things we planned on doing this year, we heard the Train’s whistle go off, and with a lurch, it slowly started moving. We all looked out the window to see our family waving good-bye, so we waved back. As the train sped up and we left the station, I leaned back and let out a long sigh. This was it, the start of my last year at Hogwarts.

There was an eerie silence for a little bit, as everyone thought along the same lines. It wasn’t until Hugo spoke that the silence was broken. “Anyone up for a game of Chess?” he asked.

We all groaned.

Nothing had changed.




So, thats it, the first chapter of my First ever FanFic.

Please, let me know what you think by wrting a Review!



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