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Resurrection by platform 9 3_4
Chapter 2 : April
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Disclaimer: It all belongs to JK Rowling. Pensieve scenes are from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (pg 582, Bloomsbury UK edition, 2005).

Reference to Hogwarts Letter line comes from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Chapter 4, page 42-43, Bloomsbury UK edition, 1997)



Chapter 2:


April 2009


“It’s here! It’s here!”


A five year old James Sirius Potter came running into the kitchen, yelling at the top of his lungs.


His eager hands began to fumble with the envelope. Ginny quickly snatched it out of his hand and held it out of his reach.


“That’s Teddy’s,” she told him, “It’s his 11th birthday party.”


She looked around the busy kitchen, her eyes scanning the many Weasleys and Potters that filled the house.


“Teddy!” she cried, spotting the turquoise head of hair in the living room. He was surrounded by his friends, as well as the younger cousins, who were desperate to be included in the fun,


He came wandering reluctantly over, but as soon as he spotted the letter his face immediately brightened. He eagerly grabbed the letter from her outstretched hand and began to tear it open.


A blonde girl of about eight or nine skipped to his side.


“Is that the letter, Teddy?” she whispered to him.


“Yeah,” he answered, pulling the letter out.


They read it together.


Dear Mr. Theodore Lupin,


We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.



Victoire couldn’t read any more. She ran away, pushing through the crowd, not wanting Teddy to see her cry.


James, who was still lurking in the wings, beckoned to Rose and Albus. Rose got gingerly to her feet, took Albus’ hand firmly in her own. The two three year olds ran over to them and together they looked at the letter. They

understood what it meant, even though they couldn't read the words on the page.


“I don’t want you to leave, Ted,” James said, “Who’s going to teach me quidditch?”


“I’m not going until September,” Ted sighed, “It’s only April.”


Rose clung to him and started crying.


“Please don’t go, Teddy,” she cried.


“I have to,” Ted smiled kindly at her.


“Please?” Albus insisted.


“Okay, guys,” Harry gently pried Albus and Rose away from Teddy’s waist, “Let’s give Teddy some space.”


The three children suddenly found an avid fascination with the birthday cake, which Grandma Molly was icing, and immediately lost all interest in Teddy.


Harry smiled kindly at Teddy.


“Is that it?” he asked him, looking at the letter.


“Yeah,” Teddy grinned happily, and his excitement was undeniable.


“Shall we go for a walk?” he asked.


Teddy nodded, and together they went out through the kitchen door.


Teddy seemed very subdued, and Harry looked at him in concern.


“What’s wrong?” he asked, “Are you nervous?”


Teddy shook his head, “No,” he answered truthfully.


“Then what is it?”


Teddy didn’t reply. Harry sighed.


“You know, your mum and dad both went to Hogwarts.”


Teddy brightened up, “Really?”


“Yeah,” Harry grinned, “Your dad and my dad used to be best friends.”


“I know,” Teddy smiled, “You’ve told me.”


“And I’m sure that once you’re there you’ll make plenty of new friends.”


Teddy nodded.


“Pete and Isaac already got their letters.”


Teddy, Pete and Isaac had been friends since they were five, ever since the days when they would tease Victoire, and play hide and seek in the forest, and go racing through the wheat fields. Pete was the grandson of Teddy’s grandmother’s friend, and Isaac was the son of one of Ginny’s friends from her Hollyhead Harpies days. They had been inseparable ever since they had met, and now that they were all off to Hogwarts they would undoubtedly become even better friends. 


There was a quiet, friendly pause as they walked along the edge of the garden wall.


Teddy finally spoke up, “What do you think they’d say?”


He didn’t need to specify who ‘they’ were.


“I think they’d tell you how proud they are,” Harry said.


Teddy smiled, but he still looked concerned.


“I wish they were still here,” he murmured.


Harry put an arm gently around him and they stopped.


“I know,” he sighed, “I wish they were here too.”


“It’s not fair,” he muttered, “James, Al and Lily have you and Ginny. Vic has Fleur and Bill. Everyone has a mum and dad, except me.”


Harry felt a pang of sadness. Something in Teddy’s voice, the distinct sound of loneliness, reminded him of how he used to feel when he was his age. He was desperate to know his parents, just as Harry had been dying to know his parents.


“Tell me more about them,” Teddy asked him.


Harry was suddenly struck by an idea and he smiled.


“Better,” he said, “I can show you.”


He offered his arm to Teddy.



*             *            *



“What is it?” Teddy asked Harry.


They were standing in the empty Auror’s office. It was a Sunday, so everyone was at home, meaning that Harry could apparate there without disturbance. Teddy stared at the glass sink that stood before them, the water in it shimmering and glistening in a way that was so entrancing that he could barely take his eyes off it.


“It’s called a pensive,” Harry told him. Teddy watched as he put his wand to his temple, and began to draw out a long silvery thread. He placed the thread into the water, and it dissolved.


“What does it do?” Teddy asked.


“Put your face into the water and see,” Harry said, “I’ll do it with you.”


He took Teddy’s hand and together they dipped their heads into the water.



Teddy gazed around him as the Auror’s office dissolved, and transformed into a darkened office.


There was a tank sitting on the desk, with a strange, lizard like creature swimming around inside the murky water. 


There was a man sitting beside the desk. The first thing that Teddy thought as he surveyed the man was how tired he looked. Tired and ill. 


"Recognize him?" whispered Harry, nodding towards the haggard man.


With a jolt Teddy recognized his father. He looked so old, worn out by years of struggle. 


Suddenly through the door came a thin, scrawny boy, not much older than Teddy himself.


"Who's that?" Teddy whispered to Harry.


"Three guesses," Harry smirked.


Teddy took in the messy dark hair, the round glasses, the green eyes.


"Is-is that you?" he asked.


Harry nodded, "Your dad was my favorite teacher at Hogwarts."


"Why does he look so tired?"


Harry sighed, "Teddy, you know that your dad…well he was a werewolf."


Teddy nodded uneasily.


"Well, it used to exhaust him. The years of being shunned by that society had take the fight out of him. The only time I saw him truly happy was when he was with your mother."


Teddy beamed, "Is she coming now?"


"Not yet," Harry said, "I'll show your mum you now."



Once they had come out of the pensive, Harry extracted another memory and together they dived again into the silvery depths.


This time they were in a hospital. A group of people stood surrounding a bed.


Teddy peered towards the occupant. Bill, Victoire's own father, lay there, looking younger, but decidedly more damaged. His face was bloody and ripped.


A beautiful blonde girl sat there, gazing at him with adoring eyes.


"Is that Fleur?" Teddy asked.


"Yes," Harry said, "And there's me, and grandma, and your uncle Ron, and your aunt Hermione."


Teddy followed Harry's finger around the room. But his eyes fell on two people at the end of the group. Somehow they were detached from the others, as though they were only aware of each other.


"That's your mum and dad," Harry murmured, but somehow Teddy already knew.


Teddy couldn't stop staring. They were perfect. 


Both looked tired, exhausted, wearied. Teddy's mother's hair was mousy brown, unlike so many of the pictures in which her hair was a bright, bubblegum pink.


She looked weak, but the fire in her eyes as she grasped the front of his robes was undeniable.


"I don't care. I've told you a million times," she said.


It was the first time Teddy had heard his mother's voice. It struck a note within him that was pure and sweet. 


His parents looked at each other, fiercely loving and full of hurt. There was something resolved in the way they looked at each other. As though all their problems had been leading up to this moment, and this was the turning



He felt as though he was aching all over.


"Time to go," Harry murmured, after what felt like an hour of staring at them, and together they burst out of the pensive, and into the aurora's office.


"That was the day your mum and dad got together. They got married a month later, would you believe."


Teddy smiled at Harry. But instead of feeling satisfied, feeling like he finally knew his parents, he only wanted more. He wanted to touch them, feel them, talk to them. Seeing them in the past, who they were and what they

were like, was wonderful, but it was like being allowed to taste delicious food and not being allowed to swallow it.


It only made him desperate to know more.




“Where have you been?” Ginny cried, as Harry and Teddy appeared in the living room, “Everyone’s waiting for the cake!”


Teddy stood around as they all lit the candles, and sang him happy birthday. One person wasn’t there though, and it was the one person he most wanted to talk to.


Once everyone had had cake, and the many, many relatives and friends had hugged and kissed him goodbye, Teddy was finally free to find her.


He found her sitting at the bottom of the garden, and he could see immediately that she had been crying. She was slowly pulling out blades of grass, and rubbing them meaninglessly between her fingertips.


“Hi Vic,” Teddy sat down beside her. She looked up at him, glaring.


“What?” she snapped.


“Are you OK?” he asked pointlessly. Of course she wasn’t OK.


“No,” she answered simply.


He knew why, so he didn’t ask. He began to pull out grass blades.


“I have to go, Vic,” he sighed.


“Whatever,” she muttered.


“Come on, Vic,” he murmured softly, “Talk to me.”


“Just go away,” she snapped, “I don’t want to talk to you.”


“No,” Teddy retorted.


“I said go away!” 


"Can I tell you a secret?"


Her willpower slowly deteriorated and she looked at him. She loved Teddy's secrets. And she loved it when he only confided in her.


"Yes," she muttered.


"Harry took me into that bowl that lets you see memories," he said.


Victoire's enormous blue eyes widened, "Really?"


"He took me to see my parents."


If it was possible her eyes widened even more, "Did you talk to them? What were they like?"


Teddy hung his head, "I didn't talk to them. It was just a memory. Harry's memory."


Not his. He would never have a memory of them.


Sometimes, he screwed his eyes tight shut and held his breath, hoping for some magical revelation, in which he, as a newborn baby, would remember his parents watching over him. Needless to say, it never worked.


Victoire did the only thing that she could. She placed a warm hand over his.


"Do you know, some people think that when people die they still like to watch over the people they love. I bet your mum and dad are watching you right now."


Teddy gave her a sad little smile. It was a childish dream, one he used to believe in. But not anymore.


Victoire wasn't fooled by his silence, "Well, that's what I think, even if you don't believe me."


They were silent for a bit, dragging up more grass blades, their whole bodies immobile except for the quick movement of their fingers, which were slowly being stained by the green.


Victoire looked up and gasped.


"What?" Teddy frowned.


"Don't move," she whispered reverently, pointing to something on the sleeve of his jumper.


Teddy looked down carefully. A white butterfly sat clinging to the wool, it's buttery wings flickering every now and then.


"I told you!" Victoire cried, laughing happily.


Teddy frowned, "Told me what?"


Victoire murmured, "White butterflies are old spirits, like angels watching over you and bringing you good luck."


Teddy would have scoffed, but to his surprise a second white butterfly landed beside the first.


Victoire beamed at him.


The butterflies sat there, slowly moving their wings back and forth, but without flying away.


"I bet they're proud of you, now that you're off to Hogwarts," she said.


Teddy nodded, gazing at the butterflies.


"Hi mum and dad," he whispered, so that only Victoire could hear.






A/N: Yay for the second chapter! I've got a firmer grip on the plot now, so hopefully updates will be more frequent. :) Let me know all of your thoughts!

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