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Meeting Him by weasleytwins123
Chapter 5 : His Return
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"So, I finally get to meet my leetle Louis' new girlfriend!" Fleur Weasley flung her arms around Beatrice with gusto as she smiled brightly to her son. "It's so wonderful to meet you, Beatrice. Victoire has told me you charmed leetle Jack and Belle!"




"It's lovely to meet you too, Mrs Weasley" Beatrice looked to Louis nervously after Fleur released her and began to fiddle with Louis' clothes and hair like every mother does.




"I hear you're living with one another! Louis I cannot believe you didn't let us meet Beatrice sooner!"




"Sorry mum" Louis mumbled in an abashed tone, ducking his head as his mother tutted slightly.




Beatrice began to snigger quietly and Louis squeezed her hand, flashing Beatrice a cheeky wink from beneath his auburn hair.




"Well, come meet all the Weezleys, Beatrice!" Fleur yanked Beatrice towards the gathering of family in the living room, Beatrice clutching onto Louis' hand with slightly sweaty palms.




"Everybody!" Fleur called over the chattering group, who quietened at her authoritative tone. "Thees is Louis' girlfriend, Beatrice!"




The collection of Weasley's and five Potters nodded and smiled to her, Albus and Rose moving through their family to reach Beatrice with broad smiles.




"Bea!" Rose grinned, wrapping Beatrice into her arms in an instant. "I'm so glad you came!"




"It's nice to see you, Rosie" Beatrice smiled, hugging her friend back and smiling over her shoulder to Albus.




"Al!" Beatrice moved to hug him. "It's been years!"




"I know!" he grinned, hugging her tightly. "I missed you, Bea."




"I missed you! And what's this about you having a girlfriend?!"




"Oh!" Al grinned broadly and looked over his shoulder to beckon a pretty blonde girl over. "Bea, this is Sophie, Soph… this is Bea."




"Bea who came to Rose's the other night?" Sophie smiled, and Beatrice bit her lip, embarrassed.




"Er, yeah, Emily wasn't"




"She was awful to you" Sophie smiled kindly to me. "Al told me the whole story, I know I don't really know what it’s like but I'm just a bit surprised at Emily, after her and Rose and everything-"




"Yeah..." Beatrice trailed off awkwardly. "Anyway, Emily doesn't bother me" Beatrice lied with a false smile. "It’s very nice to meet you, Sophie."




"And you!" Sophie grinned. "I vaguely remember you from Hogwarts, but of course we were different houses, so..."




"How did you and Al even meet?"




"Work" Al grinned, slinging his arm around his beloved girlfriend. "She looked hot and I asked her out."




"He lies" Sophie chuckled. "He was eyeing me up for about a week before I convinced our boss to send us on a combined work related trip together and then-"




"I kissed her" Albus finished.




"No, I kissed him" Sophie laughed, reaching to peck Albus on the cheek, who pouted at her.




"She never lets me lie" he moaned. "James and Fred were horrible about it for weeks."




"Well, it wasn't very Weasley of you, was it Al?" Louis chuckled. "We're renowned for being confident with the ladies."




"Yeah, well James got all of that..." Albus grimaced. "And I got Dads way with the ladies."




"And it doesn't bother me at all!" Sophie grinned, patting Albus' arm kindly. "I think you're cute, Al, that's why I liked you in the first place."




"Well, Al, Bea went for me because of my fabulous good looks" Louis smirked.




"No I didn't!" Beatrice protested, frowning at her 'boyfriend'.




"What was it then?" Sophie asked eagerly.




"Oh, er..." Beatrce was caught off guard, and glanced to Louis for help, only to find him smirking at her expectantly. "Well, he was sort of charming..."




"Where did you two meet?" Rose cut in, and Beatrice started slightly, shooting her friend a look.




"At the bar" Louis answered. "I was working behind the bar and she got a drink. I thought she was waiting for somebody at first, but then she looked a bit miserable and I realised she must be alone."




Beatrice looked to Louis, interested to hear what he first thought of her when they met.




"I noticed she was hot about a second later, and when she got talking she stopped being sad... and I er… thought she had a nice smile..."




"And I thought he had a nice bum when he bent down to get my drink" Beatrice smirked, and the group burst into snorts of laughter.




"Well, that top showed ample cleavage, my love" Louis winked to Beatrice, who frowned at him.




"Well, I was all ready for a one night stand-"




"But then you woke up the next morning and fell in love with me, right love?"




"No" Beatrice laughed. "But I did think you were nice."




"I was very charming."




"Oh, yes, your morning shag request was so charming."




Louis rolled his eyes to Albus, who smirked back at him. "Well, Bea, whatever you say about it, love… you still agreed, didn’t you?"




Rose and Sophie burst into peals of giggles at this and Beatrice felt her cheeks heat up with embarrassment.




"Oh, shut up" Beatrice grimaced, leaning into Louis with a small smile and wrapping her arm around his hips, her hands brushing his backside.




The day with the Weasley's and Potters was brilliant, Beatrice felt so welcomed into their family she felt as if she and Louis were getting married. She also felt guilty about lying to them, because what they all said was right, Louis was a great catch, she was lucky to have him... but she just didn't know if she wanted him right now.


And Beatrice was almost certain she was still in love with Alex; it wasn’t possible to fall out of love quickly, was it?


“We should have lunch sometime this week, Bea” Rose grinned, throwing her arms around her old friend for another bone-crushing hug. “Em’s being a bitch at the moment, and I’d much rather spend my lunches with you.”


“Where’s all this bitchiness come from? I swear Emily used to be the sweetest little thing…”


“Yeah, Bea, in Hogwarts. Then we all grew up…” Beatrice pulled a face at this and Rose rolled her eyes with a snort. “Well, alright, some of us grew up. No, everybody but you grew up, sweetheart.”


“Louis isn’t grown up!”


“Maybe that’s why you two are so perfect together then?” Rose suggested with a small smile and a wink.


Perfect?” Beatrice snorted. “Far from it.”


“Oh, come on Bea” Rose snorted. “Honestly, you two are perfect for one another. You’re just so… similar, but different in a good way… and the way he looks at you, Bea, I’ve never seen him like this before with any other girl” Rose smiled brightly. “I told you that you’re special.”


Beatrice smiled warmly to Rose, who hugged her once more before pushing her in the direction of Louis, who was waiting for her beside the front door.


With a few final goodbyes to Louis’ mother and Albus and Sophie, Louis grasped Beatrice’s hand and the two of them disapparated to their crappy little flat.


“You’re a very convincing actress, did you know?” Louis chuckled as soon as they’d shrugged off their shoes and collapsed onto the couch.


Beatrice shrugged, moving her legs to rest them over Louis’ as she snuggled into his side. “My talents have been commended before.”


“My family liked you” he smiled. “Thought you were a bit mad for being best friends with Rose, but…”


She rolled her eyes and hit Louis across the chest, and he grunted and caught her hand in his, lightly tracing the back of her fingers.


“My Dad especially… he thought you were great. And Vic said Jack and Belle would be devastated that they missed you.”


Beatrice smiled, and looked to Louis with a happy twinkle in her eye. “I like your family too.”


“Do I get to meet yours sometime, then?” Louis asked seriously, noting the way Beatrice’s lips twitched downwards as she looked away from him.




“Bea, they’re your family, and I know you miss them…”


“When I feel ready, then I will Louis, but not yet.”


“How do you know you’ll ever feel ready, Bea? Soon it might be too late or…”


“Louis, it’s already too late. It’s been three years, they’ll hate me for it. Especially Penny, I know she will.”


“She’s your sister, Bea…”


Exactly Louis! Look, you wouldn’t get it, but we always had this agreement, to be there for each other always. She was my best ever friend, and I was hers. And then I was the shittiest sister ever and I went and…”


Bea” Louis sighed. “She’d forgive you for it, and you know she would. You’re just scared because you can’t face up to the fact you made a mistake.”


“What mistake? Living with you?” Beatrice leapt off the sofa with an angry snarl. “Louis, I don’t know if you realise this, but I’m not your real girlfriend, ok?! You can’t tell me what to do!”


Beatrice tried to ignore the guilt that spread through her at the dejected look on Louis’ face.


“Bea, I’m not trying to tell you what to do!”


“Louis, I just think this was a stupid idea… I’ve obviously been giving you the wrong sort of idea about things and…”


Wrong idea?! Bea, come on, I’m not an idiot! You kissed me the other night, and we both know why Bea. You like me, in fact, merlin, I like you too! But you’re so ridiculous that you can’t even see how bloody great we’d be together because you’re too-“


“You didn’t even ask me out!” Beatrice yelled, her eyes flashing with anger as she fought to hold back tears. “If you liked me so much, you would have asked me on a date or something!”


“I was going to!”


“Oh, really? When Louis? Was it before or after you tried to get me to sleep with you or something?”


“Who do you think I am?!” Louis glared at her. “I’d never do that!”


“I remember you from Hogwarts, Louis” Beatrice fought for a relevant argument. “I know what you’re like!”


“That was five years ago Bea! In case you haven’t noticed, most people have changed since their school days! Well… I suppose you haven’t, wandering around being immature and pretending you don’t care that your life’s a complete mess!” Louis said spitefully, and Beatrice stepped back, her lips pursed as she fought back the oncoming tears.


“Bea… I’m-“


Louis’ words were interrupted by a knock on the door, and Beatrice, ready for any kind of distraction, leapt towards it and swung it open, sniffing back her tears forcefully and painting a convincing smile on her face.


“Triss” Alex Carter grinned, his floppy blonde fringe swinging into his face as he waved to her jovially.


“Alex?” Beatrice gaped. “What the hell are you doing here?”


“I’ve come to get you back, Triss” he drawled in his sexy Australian accent and Beatrice cringed at his words, knowing Louis was stood just behind her, listening to this after just confessing his feelings for Beatrice.


“Alex… I’m not sure this is a great time.”


“Aw, come on Triss, can we at least talk? It took a hell of a lot of effort to come all the way to London, and then track you down; I had to ask one of your friends in the end.”


“Who?” Beatrice frowned, wondering whose address Beatrice could have left back in Australia for Alex to find.


“Oh, er… Emily? You know, your school friend you told me about. She said you lived here…” Alex peered around the door and his eyebrows raised as he spotted Louis stood behind her.


“Triss? Why do you have a guy in your apartment?”


“Um…” Beatrice bit her lip, shooting Alex a guilty look. “Actually, this is his apartment, I just live here.”


“You’re living with some guy?” Alex shot Louis a jealous look. “Triss, I’m still in love with you and you’re with another guy?”


“What? No! This is Louis, he’s not… we’re not… he let me stay here, we’re not together…” Beatrice trailed off awkwardly, refusing to meet Louis’ gaze.


“Oh, well nice to meet you then mate” Alex held out his hand to Louis, who shot Alex a frown, before stiffly returning the handshake like the gentlemen Beatrice knew he was.


“So, Bea, you want to go for a drink? We should talk” Alex sent her an encouraging smile. “And then maybe Louis could be awesome enough to leave us the apartment for the night?” Alex sent Louis what Beatrice supposed Alex thought was a ‘manly wink’, shared between men when they hinted at sex. Except Louis just glared at Alex, his hands curling into fists as he shot Beatrice an angry look.


“Bye Louis” Beatrice shouted over her shoulder, grabbing her coat from beside the door and dragging Alex out behind her.




a/n- hope you guys liked that little suprise at the ending there! Reviews would be much appriciated, this storys going to be a short one, I'm planning 10 chapters tops! :) thanks for all the lovely feedback so far and to those of you who do read :) x

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Meeting Him: His Return


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