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Queen of Gorgeousness by Zyii
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three - Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold
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Pansy led Evvie up to the room they would be sharing along with Daphne Greengrass and Millicent Bulstrode. The other girls were in the doom when they arrived and no doubt would be informed of the what had happened when they returned. Pansy sat Evvie gently down on her bed and busied herself with finding the correct potions to reduce the swelling bruise on Evvie’s face. Evvie sat silently throughout the ordeal as if the words would not come to her.

“You know I never meant any of the things I ever said to you” said Pansy, Evvie looked up at her in indifference.

“I was always quite impressed by you actually. Your power is so great and you never let anyone get you down” she continued, “I’m sorry for the things I’ve said that have hurt you” she finished.

Evvie finally seemed to have found her voice, “P-Pansy it’s alright, everyone deserves a second chance. If you’re giving me one, you should get one as well. I don’t blame you for anything you’ve said to me. It may have hurt at the time but you were scared for your own safety. I cannot hold that against you” whispered Evvie.

Pansy smiled, “I know how bitchy I appear normally but I’m not really like that, it’s more of a front. I know this sounds weird coming from me but I really hope we can be friends” she said.

“I’ve never had a female friend before” whimpered Evvie.

“Why?” asked Pansy.

“Ginny was too vindictive, I couldn’t trust her and Lavender and Pavarti didn’t see me as a girl” she replied.

“Well I see you as a girl Evvie, a very gorgeous girl” she giggled.

“What’s my brother going to do to Ginny?” asked Evvie.

Pansy sighed, “Exact revenge I assume. It’s best not to get involved”.

“She won’t be seriously harmed will she?”

“I expect not”.

Evvie faulted, “Is it wrong that I feel no remorse over whatever my brother will do to her?” asked Evvie.

“No” replied Pansy, “I think she deserves what she gets, she’s a horrid piece of work. That girl throws herself at anything that moves, you watch, she’ll get bored of Potter soon enough” said Pansy.

“This is going to sting a bit” said Pansy dabbing a bruise swelling potion on Evvie’s cheek.


The boys growled together as they thought of the pain inflicted on Blaise’s sister. All thoughts of muggleborns and know-it-all Hermione Grangers were out of their minds. Now one of their own had been hurt and their one combined thought was that of revenge.

“She will pay, now” whispered Blaise.

“How will we get to her? Gryffindorks are so aggressive”.

“Please, Ginny’s a desperate girl, if she thinks a hot Slytherin male is waiting outside her common room for her, she’ll be out in a flash!” commented Adrian.

“I’ll do it” said Draco, answering the silent question; “It’s the least I can do” he looked meaningfully at Blaise. In truth Draco was struggling with this new bit of information, it wasn’t every day that you learnt the girl you’d tormented for so long was actually your best friend’s sister. That was a lot to deal with, and Draco knew – despite Blaise’s assurances – that Evvie wouldn’t forgive him easily.

“That makes sense, she does pant after you when she thinks no one’s looking” Goyle chuckled.

“What will you do? You can’t leave physical evidence on her or questions would be asked” muttered Adrian, clearly annoyed that they couldn’t inflict the same pain on Ginny as she had done on Evvie.

“Leave it to me, I know just the spell” Draco smiled maliciously. It was a smile the boys were used to but they hadn’t seen it for a while, and seeing the same malicious smile plastered upon Draco’s face sent shivers down their spines.

“Hey Ginny, there’s a gorgeous Slytherin waiting outside for you” giggled one of her friends.

Ginny burst open with pride, checking herself out in the nearby mirror, she knew she looked hot, it was more of an attention seeking thing, she knew people would likely tell her how amazing she looked if she took a double take at herself in a mirror – she wasn’t disappointed.

“You look stunning Ginny, go meet your Slytherin! And tell us the details!!”

Draco turned as he heard the portrait door open, Ginny slunk out in what he assumed she thought was a sexy pose – actually it was rather disgusting.

“Draco, to what do I owe this pleasure?” she simpered.

Draco inwardly cringed at the improper use of his first name, Gods, this chit really did fancy herself above all others.

He motioned her to follow him with the curl of his finger, she followed obediently as if pulled a long by an imaginary piece of string.

“I never knew you felt this way about me, I must say I’m flattered” she gushed once they were completely concealed in the darkness of the nearest alcove.

Draco let her babble on a little longer, increasingly looking forward to returning to his own common room.

“Of course you know I’m with Harry, but well…what Harry doesn’t know won’t hurt him right” she looked up at him meaningfully.

Gods she was awful. Just how many people has she spread her legs for!

“As repulsive as that sounds, I’m going to have to decline” he said formally.

Ginny looked confused, it didn’t take much then, “But then I don’t understand”.

“You’ve been a bad witch haven’t you” he continued.

Ginny regained her composure, “I can be very bad if you want me to be” she said in what she obviously believed was a sexy sultry voice, personally it just made Draco want to gag.

“Girls like you need to be punished”.

“Yes Draco, please punish me” she whimpered.

Draco smiled at her ignorance, really this was too easy, “If you insist”, he raised his wand, “Morsus” he whispered inwardly laughing as Ginny fell to the floor in pain unable to make a sound. Morsus was an old spell it simply meant pain. It wasn’t illegal like the cruciatus curse but it worked in a similar way.

Draco looked down at her viciously, “If you ever lay a finger on Evvie again, I’ll make sure I break every bone in your body!” he spat, releasing her from the spell and walking away. Justice was served.

“It’s done” said Draco as he returned to the sanctuary of the dungeons.

“Did she suffer?”



“And she knows what will happen if she ever lays a finger on Evvie again” he huffed.

“What will happen?”

“I will break every bone in her body” growled Draco his eyes turning intense forbidden gleam.

Blaise studied his friend momentarily, usually he could read Draco very well but now he was getting nothing from him. This was a situation that needed monitoring. For now however, there were more pressing things at hand, his sister being one.

“I’m going to check on Evvie” he mumbled to the others.

Pansy had since cleaned up Evvie’s face and applied the swelling reducer to her bruise. In the time that they’d left the boys, Evvie had also met Daphne and Millicent – or Millie as she liked to be called – and they’d been informed of her situation and who she was both past and present. Evvie found Daphne to be on a similar intelligence level to her and quite a complex person to understand. Evvie felt ashamed of the way she had previously judged both Pansy and Daphne for they weren’t at all how she’d imagine. Then again, thinking on things how much can you learn about a person from a few choice words spoken in heated arguments. Millie was the biggest surprise, Evvie remembered her as a broad shouldered tomboy with a lot of acne. The girl standing before her however was none of these things, it seemed that she’d finally shed her tomboyness and become a proper lady, she looked amazing, and you could tell from looking at her that she felt it too.

A knock at the door brought the girls out of their bonding session, “Who is it?” inquired Pansy.

“It’s Blaise” replied the voice behind the door as Pansy quickly let him in.

“My Cara” he whispered drawing his sister close, “Thank you” he mouthed to Pansy.

Evvie enjoyed the safety her brother’s embrace gave her, she wanted to cry but was afraid that it wasn’t very Slytherin to do so, so she tried her hardest not to.

“You’ll be ok here?” he asked her releasing her from his hold.

She nodded, “Yes, the girls have made me feel very welcome, I feel I have actual friends now” she whispered, lifting her head to look at him. The sadness and vulnerability shinning in her eyes told Blaise she was telling the honest truth.

“Get some sleep Cara” he kissed his sister’s forehead, “Look after her girls”.

Am at home for the weekend, so glad to see my Parents, really needed this break away from university! And it's Mothering Sunday so I get to treat my Mum and cook her lunch.

Enjoy as always ~ Zyii 


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