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Hi I'm Magenta and you probably know my brother. by NymphadoraLupin
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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I could go all old school with the introductions but I’m not going to. I’m not even gonna say my name; you’re going to have to figure that one out for yourself!

“Magenta!” my roommate called from the bathroom. Phooey, you win this round universe.

“What do you want?!” I called back at my dorm mate Juno Whitby, bloody bitch, so high maintenance.

“Have you got my mascara?!”

“No! Did you check to bottom draw?!”

“Yes! It’s not there!”

“Check again!”

“It’s not the- oh there it is!” This is how our mornings usual went; luckily everyone else took like ten minutes to get ready. Which is quite unusual for sixth year Gryffindor girls now that you think about it. But anyways, everyone was normally out of the room before the shouting commenced. So anyways, I may as well introduce myself now that Juno went and spoiled my name for you all. I’m Magenta Krum, yes that’s right Krum. Sister of the Bulgarian seeker. Luckily for me though he goes to a school in a completely different country and I live with my aunt in the British magic world. I kind of sucks to be the sister of one of the greatest Bulgarian seekers, my quidditch skills am always compared to his and I’m not even a seeker so it sucks even more. But I guess there are some perks, free seats at quidditch matches, but any other perks I’m yet to discover.  I am the proud owner of mid back length curly pink hair and it’s the only hair that you will see walking the halls of Hogwarts with that description. I have the same black eyes and light skin as my brother but I’m smarter than him by far, luckily he has quidditch though. Juno Whitby is my best friend and I’ve known her since I was five and only just learning to speak English, she helped me a lot for a five year old. I still speak with a Bulgarian accent, but it isn’t as thick as my bother Viktor’s as I don’t live there.  Have also never had a boyfriend, not once in all of my years at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry, which is quite sad for a girl my age. Considering most have done the nasty by now.

“Ready?” Juno asked

“Yeah, let’s go,” I said as we made our way towards the great hall for breakfast. When we got to the hall we took our seats at the Gryffindor table with our best friends Fred and George Weasley. I smiled at both of them before saying

“You both need haircuts,” they both laughed

“You need to dye your hair back to its natural color,”

“Don’t count on that one happening. I look enough like my brother with the pink hair let alone without it,” I sighed. I looked around the great hall my eyes landing on a particular boy at the Slytherin table. Ronnie Rickett. He was gorgeous, and I loved him. But of course he didn’t know that, socially condemnable much? I guess it wasn’t really love anyways, id only had a crush on him since year four when he hit puberty and starting getting pierced and inked. But of course I had never really held up a proper conversation with him. I haven’t really talked three words to him. Sad, I know. Ronnie had just above the shoulder length hair that always seemed to be straight but windswept at the same time, if that been even possible. He had his eyebrow pierced and he had tattoos on his neck, right arm and two of his left knuckles. To most people he would look like someone trying to rebel against his parents but to me he was just an incredibly attractive guy who would never fall for a Gryffindor like me.

“Magenta?” George said

“Huh? Did you say something?” I asked

“She was staring at him again,” Juno laughed

“I was not!” I exclaimed

“You fair were love,” Fred added. We turned our attention to the front of the hall were Dumbledore was calling attention

“Now I would like to welcome Beauxbatons Academy Of Magic!” he said and the doors to the hall swung open and girls of all ages fluttered through the door, all dressed in the blue uniform, all being as graceful as butterflies.

“Phwoar, they are fit,” George said under his breath, I laughed and the French girls took their seats and once they were settled he said

“Secondly I would love to welcome Durmstrang Institute!” The boys came marching in probably causing a few girls to swoon on the spot. I heard whispers from the tables around me

“Is that Viktor?”

“That’s Krum, the Bulgarian seeker,”

“Bloody good he is,” and it just went on

“Hey Magenta, isn’t that your brother?” Juno said. I looked up and saw my brother marching down the middle of the hall. He gave me a curt nod and a smile in acknowledgement, I returned the gesture. I forgot my brother was coming for the year. This was gonna be fun. NOT!



Authors Notes: I know, I know, I'm a terrible person. I'm so sorry. But to be honest I've been fairly busy with sleeping and tumblring and school that I haven't really wanted to write fan fiction for a while. For some unknown reason when I'm typing this it's going through my head in an irish accent, I honestly have no idea. Maybe it's because I just tried to watch The Cup...

Anyways, I have no idea how this stoy came along. I was listening to the song Wizard Love by Heyhihello and Meekakitty (which you should all go check out!) and I somehow thought of something which turned into this story.

Bonus points if you know who Ronnie Rickett is a thinly veiled portayl of! Leave your guess in a review and you might get a prize :) 

I'm also dedicating this chapter to the lovely DracoGal for keeping me on my toes and remineding me that there is still a fanfiction world (Not that I would ever, ever, ever forget, I'm reading on here every other day ^-^) So thumbs up to her!

Please make my day and leave a reveiw

Love NymphadoraLupin xxx

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