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Viewing Life Differently by PolyJuice_
Chapter 1 : A World of Difference
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This was for a challenge, I had to use a podcast quote.The two quotes I used are
“I belong here!” “Yeah, keep telling yourself that honey.”
“You’ll be amazed at how people line up to do stupid things.”


Her bike hit a bump in the road and she went toppling down, laughing. She lay there for a minute, pausing. How nice it was to have the cool breeze tickling her neck, the sun shining down, giving her the tan she oh-so-needed. The spring weather had to be the best, it gave the sense of new life, the chirping of birds proved that. The daisy patch she had landed in felt soft against her cheek and she laughed aloud, earning several curious stares from those passing by. Mostly, however, it gave a feeling of calmness, something her home life lacked. Thoughts go streaming through her head, pictures that will haunt her forever.

"Georgia!" her father cried, cornering his wife. "I've told you not to talk to that tramp!"
Her mother crumpled, falling into a pile of old laundry. "He...He came to the door, Sam! He delivers my post! That’s all, I swear."
"Oh don't give me that load of tosh! I know you've been cheating on me!" he snarled, his voice getting louder. He backed away from Georgia, a look of derision on his face as her sobs increased. There was a long, pregnant pause, filled with only the cries of a desparate woman, convince she was in love.
“Get out of my house.” he said suddenly.
"This is my home, I...I can’t just leave! I belong here!"
“You keep telling yourself that, Honey. This house is no place for cheaters.” he said, voice sickly sweet.

She had always wondered why her mother stayed with him, all those years. Why she had put up with the beatings, even when she knew she had been faithful, and even though he constantly smelled of alcohol. She had asked her Mum about it on several occasions, the conversations usually the same.

"Honey. Its love. It's inexplicable, and you’re too young to understand.”

“But when? When will I know?” she had whined.

“You’re only eleven, be patient. Some day you will though."

If that was love, she thought to herself, she would rather do with out.

It differed greatly from the books she used to read, as a child. They were filled with tales of joy, and laughter. They seemed to follow a typical outline. Boy meets girl, girl falls in love, marriage and a child follow.

When she was really young, she would often curl up in a ball on the balcony, facing the two-roomed shack they lived in. She would pretend that the angry weals left on her Mums face were love-marks and a flush of excitement, that the screaming matches were light conversations.

She shook her head, ridding it of all the past memories. Over the years she had learned to cope with it. She would come home from school and hole herself in her room, trying to ignore the desperate pleadings of her mother. She longed to do something to help her, but that resolve always faded once faced with her father.

A ping of a coin hitting the ground startled her out of her daze. She turned her head slightly to the left, and reached out to grab it, sitting up from her place on the concrete. How odd, it seemed to be rather large and fat. Not to mention the fact that it was sparkling a magnificent gold. She pondered it, turning it over and over in her hands.

"Are you all right?" asked a voice filled with concern. "I saw you lying there and was worried you'd been seriously hurt."

She looked up and saw a young boy with lovely raven hair. She gave a dry chuckle. "No, I'm fine. Just..admiring the view from down there."

He returned the sentiment by laughing and replying, "Right. I'm sure you were."

"I was!" She cried in mock indignance. "The world is a better place from there, you should try it sometime. Actually, you’ll be amazed at how people line up to do stupid things.”

"I’m sure they do." He said absentmindedly. He couldn’t think straight, he was too engrossed in the emerald glimmer of her eyes; all the while, she couldn't help but notice how his hazel eyes seemed to sparkle in the sun, she could practically see her own flaming locks in them. He gave a short cough, flustered and she blushed.

"I er..have to be going now." She said, picking up her bike and straddling it.

He gave a confused stare before shaking his head with realization. "Oh, um right."

She began to turn away, stopping and facing him again when he resumed speaking.

"Do you want to maybe..." He scratched the back of his neck, losing his nerve. "Never mind, I suppose I’ll be seeing you soon then?"

"See me?" She questioned, confused.

His head snapped up and he began to rapidly speak, trying to smooth over his error. But at the same time she thought she began to have an inking of what he was talking about...

“Oh! I just assumed - So you’re not a -”

“Are you - No, you can’t be -” they said simultaneously. She gave another light laugh, gesturing for him to go first.

“You’re a witch, aren’t you?” His voice was careful, eyes guarded. She gave a slight nod of the head, confirming his suspicions, and he beamed. “So I suppose I will see you at Hogwarts then.”

“Suppose so.” she murmured, the ghost of a smile on her face, before peddling away. Maybe love wasn't dead after all. Maybe was more than her mother made it out to be. And maybe, just maybe, she could catch a glimmer of it before it was too late.

"Wait!" he called after her. "I didn't catch your name!"

She just tapped her nose once, giving a sly smile and a wink as she rounded a corner, sounding the bell on her bike.


She was gorgeous, he thought to himself.

As she went to leave, a sudden thought struck him and he called out. "Wait! I didn't catch your name!" She tapped her nose with a wink before departing. But not before a quick whisper, carried across the park by the wind. "Lily." His grin widened.

His favourite flower.


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Viewing Life Differently: A World of Difference


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