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Mondays by chelsizzle
Chapter 23 : Honour
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 I do not own Harry Potter!

 Ch. 23 Honour


“What happened to him?”  An Auror asks as Theo and Harry tote in a groaning and bleeding Ron Weasley.


“He fell, twice.”  Theo says while smiling smugly.


“He is being arrested and sent to Azkaban for the kidnapping and abuse of Hermione Granger.”  Harry says in a steely voice as he shoves Ron toward two guards.  “See to it he gets there then notify his parents, I am going to St. Mungos to check on Hermione.”  Harry finishes.


“Actually throw in two more accounts of kidnapping for Hermione’s unborn twins.”  Theo sneers to the room in general, and the guards quickly move to do what they were told.


“Twins!  I’m going to be a father of twins?”  Ron calls out then grunts in pain as a guard accidently pushes his elbow into his already broken ribs while another guard trips and accidentally punches Ron in the face.


“No mate, Draco is going to be a father.” Harry says just above a whisper, looking sad. “What happened to my best mate?”  He adds on a whisper shaking his head at Ron, as he is drug away fighting and yelling insane things about random people.


“Don’t beat yourself up over it, lets go check on our girl.”  Theo says and throws an arm across Harry’s shoulders.


Harry turns his head to Theo as his eyebrows disappear into his hair line, “Our girl?”  Harry questions.


“You know I never hated her, and she is really sweet.”  Theo says then looks away and adds, “She came up to talk to me after Draco asked me to be in the wedding, and told me that she was looking forward to getting to know me once her and the Dragon are married.  She is giving me a second chance, very few others did, or will.”


“That’s sounds like ‘Mione.”  Harry acknowledges, “Thanks for your help tonight.”  Harry says as they both get to the floo.


“No problem, I may have been a Death Eater, but kidnapping your ex-pregnant-girlfriend, then hurting her after claiming you love her and you’re the father, is kind of insane.”  Theo says ironically then shrugs as he grabs a handful of floo powder.  “I am going to the Manor, where everyone is waiting for an update, see ya Potter.”  Theo steps into the floo and is gone in a flash of green flames.


Harry stands there stunned for a couple minutes before shaking himself, and stepping into the floo, calling out St. Mungos.


Hermione ended up with a broken arm and some bruising.  She was able to take some modified potions for her injuries, but the broken arm was going to have to basically heal on its own.   She was told that she wasn’t allowed to be lifting anything at all now until the end of the pregnancy and she was to limit the time she spends on her feet.  She was also to have somebody help her at the store, and not to work alone such long hours.  Marcus had volunteered to work for her if she needed him to; he had recently moved back and didn’t have a job as of yet, so it worked out wonderfully meeting him at the pub.


While everyone was horrified with what Ron had done, he wasn’t, in fact he kept talking about how he needed to get rid of the ferret so that he could have his woman and kids.  Ron was locked up in Azkaban until there could be a trial, Hermione being the woman she is, demanded that he not suffer the dementor’s kiss.  She would rather he pay for his crimes, than be killed.  Most everyone tried to talk her into letting him get what he deserves, but Hermione stood by her choice, in fact she said it would be more torture for him to have to be in Azkaban.  She also suggested that he was probably mentally insane and suggested a couple muggle treatments; one that he be put in isolation and two straight jackets to be used frequently.  Once she described these ‘treatments’ to the Aurors they actually seemed to like the idea so he was sentenced to being ‘tortured’ or actually ‘treated’ for his instability.  Everyone relaxed after that, Molly and Arthur were taking it hard, but had earnestly begged Hermione to stay a part of their lives in spite of what Ron has done so that they would be able to see Lucas and Libra.  She whole-heartedly agreed.





I have just over two weeks until the wedding on September 13th to finish with the plans and get everything done, so most days Narcissa would stop in at the bookstore to talk with me.  I decided to have the wedding at the Manor, so Narcissa and I are putting the finishing touches on where exactly to have the ceremony and the reception. Molly had agreed to help with the planning of the reception; so today they are both coming to discuss a few things.


Ginny would be back from touring with the Harpies, four days before the wedding and she promised to coordinate the groomsmen and bridesmaids with dresses and tuxes.  I asked Ginny to be my maid of honour and Cassie, Glori, and Angelina to be my bridesmaids.  Draco asked Blaise to be the best man, and for groomsmen Jake, Harry (to everyone’s surprise) and Theo, who worked as a Lawyer, and was frequently out of town, though he promised that he would be there and stand for Draco and Hermione.


I wanted to have a mix of a muggle and magical wedding; the men are going to wear traditional black tuxes, instead of robes, with accents of green and gold.  Blaise apparently introduced Draco to Chuck Taylor Converse shoes, and he bought almost every colour.  Blaise talked him into wearing black Chuck Taylors for the wedding, and I just had to laugh, letting the guys have their fun. I enjoy wearing the shoes also, so I understand why they would want to wear them.


The women are wearing deep green full-length dresses.  They are one shoulder, which drape across the front then bunches where it criss-crosses itself and gathers to mould against the bust.  They are fitted to the hip then the chiffon flows loosely to the floor.  Which is perfect because Ginny heard about the men’s shoes and suggested I have the women wear green Chucks.  I relent that they can wear them for the reception but for the ceremony, I preferred dressier shoes they chose peep toe gold stilettos.


My dress is beautiful; it reminds me of the dress Belle wore in Beauty and the Beast only with a few differences.  I chose Gold for the colour, it is a strapless corset-like top that is fitted across my bust with a crisscross length of ribbon under the bust and laced into the back, where it laces to my lower back holding it to me.  Instead of being fitted to the waist in the front it forms to my belly then the skirt flares with chiffon gathered pleats to the floor.  Both the top and skirt are studded with dark green jewels.  I am wearing golden slip on ballet flats that I have charmed to be extra cushy since my feet have been hurting lately.


“Hey, Jake how’re you this morning?” I ask as he walks in to the store; I am working this morning until ten when Marcus is coming in to take over up front and I will work in the office doing various business things and meeting with Narcissa and Molly.


“Morning, ‘Mione, I’m fine, how are you feeling?”  He asks coming to give me a hug.


“Good, I feel very pregnant.”  I respond laughing then rubbing my belly where my babies are moving like crazy.  “I’m hungry, lets have some breakfast, once you get everything going.”  I suggest and he smiles, nods at me and walks to the café.


I look up as the bell dings on the door, “Oh, Pansy.”  I say delighted and move to give her a hug Pansy and I have been hanging out a lot since the debacle with Ron and we have become good friends.  “I’m glad to see you, you can join Jake and I for breakfast.”  I add happily.


“Sure, ‘Mione, I have a question for you.”  She says looking shy, which on Pansy is quite odd.


“Okay, of course, lets go sit.”  I say and walk with her to a table in the café.


“Hey Pans, want a pumpkin spice latte?”  Jake calls over happily.


“That would be lovely, Jake.”  Pansy says then turns her attention to me. “’Mione, I want to tell you, that well.”  She says then looks down at her hands she fidgets looking nervous.


“Hey, Pans, you can tell me anything, what is it?”  I ask concerned about what could be making her so uneasy.


“Well, you see I have grown fond of you, and well I consider you my closet friend.”  She says quickly then rushes on, “I am getting married to Troy, and I want you to be my maid of honour.”  She says then glances up at me.


Shocked and pleased I shriek, “Pansy that’s wonderful, and I consider you a very close friend also, of course I’ll be your maid of honour, in fact I would be honoured.”  I say and we both laugh as she lets out a breath of air.  I reach over and pull her into a hug, we both break apart as one of the babies’ kick and we both feel it.


“Hi, little babies.”  Pansy coos to my belly and rubs her hand across where they are kicking.  “By nice to your mum.”  She says softly smiling a little.


“I heard a shriek and bit ago, what’s going on?”  Jake asks setting down food and drinks on the table and filling the empty chair.


I look over at Pansy and she smiles, “I’m getting married.”  She says and takes a sip of her latte.


“Oh!”  Jake says his eyebrows rising then he grins, “Man, all the pretty ones are getting married!”  He declares and we both laugh at him. “Congrats.”  He adds nodding at Pansy.


We chat for a while, and occasionally I get up to help some customers. I have been moving slower having both my arm in a sling and getting so large I waddle instead of walk.  The bruising on my face is all but gone and the sling I will wear for another three weeks, then hopefully I will be fine. 


I finish ringing up a customer as a voice says, “Geez last time I saw you, you were having a great time and there was definitely no sling on your arm.”  I look up at a blonde haired guy puzzled.


“I’m sorry?”  I ask, looking at him wondering what he is talking about.


“Man, that hurts, you even told me to say hey when I came in next.”  He says smiling while shaking his head in mock hurt.


“Oh! Ah, Jeff right?” I question remembering the horrible night of the party the pubs and the dingy flat.


“Yeah, Jeff.”  He says then gestures to my arm. “What happened, and is your face bruised, what did you do get into a fight?”  He says clearly half joking.


I look away then back to Jeff and take a deep breath, “My ex boyfriend showed up at the second pub we went to and took me.”  I tell him then smile wryly, “So actually, I did kind of get into a fight.”  I watch as his mouth drops and his eyes widen.


“Geez, I was kidding.  Are you okay?”  He asks looking genuinely concerned.


I laugh a bit with no real humour, “Actually, I am okay, he’s in Azkaban, and my bone will heal.”  I answer waving my free arm. “Did you just come to say hey?”  I ask him.


After a long look at my arm he seems to shake himself and nod, then shake his head, “No, I did come to say hi, but I need to find a specific book.”  He tells me and then gives me a piece of parchment with some information.  I locate the book for him, and then introduce him to Jake and Pansy who are still sitting in the café.


“Jake will get you a drink, on the house.”  I tell him as another customer walks in and I glance to the door then back to Jeff, “You know for showing us your belly button.” I smile innocently as he flushes slightly and both Jake and Pansy give us a look.  I walk away laughing as I hear Jeff sputter an explanation.


“Hello, let me know if I can help you with anything?” I greet the customer, and go behind the counter to organize a few things.


“Hey ‘Mione.”  Marcus greets me and I look up at the time.


“Hey Marcus, How are you? Ten already?”  I ask in astonishment.


“Pretty close.”  He responds then asks, “I’m well, how are you doing?” 


“I’m good, actually today seems to be going quickly. I’ll be in the back, when Narcissa and Molly get here, could you send them back?”  I ask and he nods as I walk to the back.


Narcissa, Molly and I seem to have finished all the details for the wedding, we will be having the ceremony outside in the garden then we will have the reception inside the ballroom.  Molly had contacted a caterer and has everything set up.  The cake and flowers are ordered and will be delivered to the manor the morning of the wedding.


“Have Fred and George talked to you about the fireworks display?”  Molly asks me.


“Yes, the are going to do a short display just before I walk down the isle, and then a longer one once we go to enter the reception.” I answer, and then turn to Narcissa, “Have they coordinated with you?”  She nods and I look over everything again.


“Ginny, will be here to make sure the guys all have their tuxes, which are quite fetching.”  Narcissa says, “She also told me that she has checked on the dresses, and everything is coming along wonderfully.”


“Narcissa, and I are going shopping today to find our dresses.” Molly says and I smile at them.


“That sounds wonderful.  If I wasn’t so huge I would force my company on you.”  I say grinning, “I think I will take a nap this afternoon instead.”


“Have you thought about who will be walking you down the aisle?”  Molly asks softly.


I have been thinking about this more and more the closer the wedding gets and it makes me a bit sad.  I wish my dad was here to give me away, I had toyed with the idea of asking Arthur, but I feel weird about it considering his son is locked away partially because of me.  I also thought about asking Lucius, but he can’t necessarily give me away them take me into his family at the same time.


“I think I will ask Harry.”  I say finally making the decision, and feeling that it is right.


“Oh, ‘Mione, I think that is perfect.” Molly gushes and wipes a couple tears away smiling.


“I agree, that sounds great.”  Narcissa agrees smiling softly.


“I think I will invite him to lunch today and ask him.”  I say and then reach for a piece of parchment, which I send to Harry asking him to join me for lunch at our usual muggle restaurant.


“Well, I suppose we will be going, and you take it easy, rest up.”  Narcissa says rising.  “Oh, I wanted to ask you Hermione, would you like to stay at the Manor the night before the wedding, so that you will be there already?” She offers and I think about it a minute.


“Yes, that sounds wonderful, lets plan on it.” I answer, then after hugging both women, they leave.  A couple minutes later I get a response form Harry that he’ll meet me there.


I check the time, and figure I can floo to the Leaky Cauldron, then walk the two blocks to the restaurant.  Lucius, Jake, and Blaise installed a fireplace in my office while I was at St. Mungos, and surprised me with it when I got out.  It was very thoughtful especially since I am not allowed to apparate until after I give birth now.  I grab my wand and put it in my bag, I walk to the front to let everyone know I’m heading out and let me know, if they need me later.  I head back to my office floo to the Leaky Cauldron and to lunch.


Harry is waiting outside when I walk up, and he pulls me into a hug, “Hi, ‘Mione, this is a good surprise.”  He says then leans down to my belly, “Hey babies, Uncle Harry says hi.” He says and pats my belly lightly.


I smile at him my eyes filling with tears that I blink back.  “Oh Harry, you are so sweet.”  I say and pat his cheek. 


He grins back and leads me through the door and to a table, we both order and then he turns all his attention to me, “What’s up?”  He asks still smiling.


“Well, Harry I asked you to lunch, because I want to ask you something.” I say he smiles and gestures for me to continue while he takes a sip of his water.  “Harry, would you do the honour of walking me down the aisle and giving me away on my wedding day?”  I ask him softly though earnestly looking him directly in the eye.


His eyes widen slightly then soften and he gives me the most heart-wrenching look of love, his green eyes sparkling with tears.  He gets up and come around the table to kneel next to me and pull me into a fierce hug.  I feel him take in a shaky breath and let it out slowly, as he eases back.


“I would be more than honoured, I love you, Hermione.  I consider you my family, and I am honoured.”  Harry says clearly emotional.


I smile at him tears in my eyes, “Thank you.” I whisper and lean in to kiss him on the cheek.


He smiles at me looking happy.  “’Mione, I am happy for you and Draco, and seriously I can’t wait to meet your babies.”  He says after he takes his seat again, and the waiter brings our food.


“Thanks Harry, I am pretty excited to meet them too, I’m due in a month, and so it will be soon.”  I say, then I look up at Harry, “I am a little scared, too.”  I say softly.


“I know, but I promise I will be there, and I know Draco will be.”  He says then gives a wry smile and shakes his head, “Along with like a hundred other people, Blaise, Charlie, Jake, the Malfoy’s, heck even Theo will probably try to push his way in the delivery room!”  Harry says and chuckles.


I laugh with him acknowledging to myself he’s probably right. “Can you believe how soft all these Slytherin’s are?” I ask in amusement and watch as Harry shakes his head still chuckling.


The two weeks fly by and before I know it, the night before the wedding I am at the Manor having dinner with Draco and his family.  Draco will be staying at his flat tonight and I won’t see him until the ceremony tomorrow afternoon at three.  Dinner is pleasant and I am so happy that I am marrying in to this family; I am surprised everyday to have learned how loving this family is and am lucky to have grown close to them. 


Draco kisses me good bye and says, “I will see you tomorrow, momma, sleep tight.” He says affectionately then leans down to my belly kisses it softly then says, “Sleep well babies, I love you both. I love you Hermione.”  He says looking back up at me then giving me another lingering kiss. 


“I love you.”  I say softly before he steps into the floo and leaves through green flames.


I stand there for a couple minutes staring into the fire feeling loved and rubbing my belly, the babies are incredibly active.


“Hermione?”  Lucius says walking in to the room and coming to stand next to me, “You okay?”  He asks softly.


I turn to look at him, “Yes I’m fine, just thinking about the babies, they are so active right now.”  I explain looking down at my belly, without giving Lucius a chance to object I reach for his hand and place it to my belly.  “Say hello to Grandpa, babies.”  I say and look up at Lucius.


His eyes are fixated on my belly and I remove my hand from his moving mine to the underside of my heavy belly, He moves his hand slowly across my belly and looks up at me, “They sure are kicking hard, does it hurt?”  He questions as Narcissa walks in and joins us.


“It is uncomfortable, and every now and then one of them gets in a good jab that doesn’t feel the best.”  I answer and Narcissa places her hand next to Lucius’, “Say hi to Grandma babies.” and I feel a couple strong kicks.  “Wow, they must be fighting for attention or something.”  I say smiling.


“That is truly amazing.”  Lucius says in awe and smiles at me. “Let me show you to your room so you can get some rest for tomorrow.”  Lucius says and I hug Narcissa then slide my hand through his arm as he leads me from the room.  He walks me down the hallway and we enter a beautifully furnished room in deep reds and browns.  The bed is huge and looks very comfy, I yawn feeling sleepy.


I turn to Lucius, and before I can say anything, he says, “I am thrilled my son has found, you and I want to let you know that I am very happy you will become a part of our family tomorrow.”  He says smiling at me, “You have such a huge heart, and Draco is truly lucky to have you.”  He finishes his eyes bright.


Tears slip from my eyes feeling touched by his words. “Thank you, Lucius.” I whisper then wrap my arms around him for a hug, and then I stand on my toes to kiss his cheek, “I am happy to join your family too.”  I say he nods lays his hand against my cheek briefly then turns and leaves.


I close the door after him then get myself ready for bed, I slide under the covers feeling content, I yawn again as the babies move around some more, Laying on my side I rub my hand against my belly, and whisper to my babies, “Lucas, Libra, I love you both and mummy would love it if you could both calm down so I can get some sleep.” I continue to rub my belly, “Good night babies”, I whisper as my eyelids finally droop and I doze off dreaming of two brightly coloured butterflies flying through the bright blue sky.


Thanks everyone who is reading and reviewing!!!  I love reviews, and I am completely honoured that you continue to like my story!  Thanks!!!

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