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Matchmakers by ilovegeorgeweasly101
Chapter 5 : Quidditch Practice, Deep questions in the Rain, and Poppy Watson
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Beautiful Chapter Image by Crimson@TDA. She's absoutely brilliant.




So it was Roses name.

And this was her reaction.


SO articulate.

After Roxie and I convinced her that it would all be okay and tucked her into bed, we talked about what we should do.

Here’s what we came up with:

1) Dress her up a lot and push Scorpius into asking her out.
2) If rose freaks out and punches him we ditch them together in Hogsmeade
3) If THAT doesn’t work ask McGonagall to give them detention together (Minnie will do it to)
4) If THAT STILL DOESN’T WORK lock them in a tight space together, hoping hormones will work their magic
5) IF THAT STILL DOESN’T BLOODY WORK I will pitch myself off the astronomy tower.

So you see why this must work. MY LIFE IS AT STAKE PEOPLE.

But before I could put any of this in action I had quidditch practice, or in other words, PURE HELL. James, Merlin bless him, was a tad overdramatic at times. For instance he called a Five A.M. Quidditch practice on a Friday.


“Okay team first we are going to do ten laps around the pitch, then I’ll let the bludgers out, Danny you aim, Charlie defend for an hour. Rose you will meet with Rox, Scorp and Freddie to talk over that new play you’ve been raging about and do put away that umbrella you ninny. Al, catch the snitch four times. And I will tend to the hoops. Questions?” James said, consulting that bloody clipboard I had stupidly given him for Christmas last year. It said captain on it.


Oh Roxie. I love how you bluntly shout exactly what I’m thinking. She was currently snuggled into my brother (is it possible to barf and aww at the same time?) looking really really pissed.


“Well, Roxie, what if we have to play in shit weather? Its good practice. Now GET YOUR ASS RUNNING AND IF YOU SNEEZE I’LL HEX YOU.” James said.

I flipped him off and started running. Even Rose had to run and she’s the bloody strategist.

As I ran, I regretted my practice gear. Loose Weasley sweatshirt (Purple and white. Granmum Weasley rocks) shorts long socks and trainers. I wanted pants. My hair, which was up in a ponytail (it still reached my middle back) was getting heavy with rain.

It just thundered.


“I’m going to kill my brother.” Al said as he joined me, matching my easy pace.

Meep twice.

“I’ll help. There is no way I am escaping this without a cold.” I said dryly.

“Eh that’s not so bad. But Scorp? His allergies get irritated by storms.” Al said. I laughed.

“Yeah but my nose gets all red when I have a cold.” I said frowning as I pictured it.

“I bet you’d look cute like that.” Al said grinning.

There he goes again. Why was he so… Flirty? I mean, I’m not complaining but this was so new. Usually if Roxie says something like “man is your shirt low cut Char” or Rose says “You look so great today Charlie!” he just blushes.

As I was pondering this, two things happened.

One, James yelled at Roxie and Danny for "being cute on his time".

And two, I tripped because I wasn’t paying attention and my coordination on the ground? ZERO.

“Shit Char, you really have to stop doing that.” Al said helping me up. Fred just pointed and laughed.

Thanks Fred. Love you too. James hexed him for getting off track.

Thats better.

“Because I can totally help it!” I said shoving Al playfully. He shoved back as we laughed and started our third lap.

"So what do you think of that?" Al asked pointing to ROxie and Danny. They were flinging mud at each other and laughing insanely. I watched as Danny rubbed it in her hair as he kissed her.

"I think its adorable. I'm glad they finally worked it out." I said.

"Yeah I mean, Danny's loved her for a long time. And they've been friends for the longest time." Al said.

"Yeah I think thats why they just fell into it so easily. I mean friends know each other more than anyone." I said.

"Do you think its worth it to risk a friendship for something more?" Al asked. We had stopped jogging now and he was staring into my eyes.

I studied his face. HIs crazy black hair was now thick with water, his green eyes focused intensely on my face, waiting for my answer.

"Yeah. I do." I said blushing. Al brushed a piece of my bang away from my face and behind my ear.

"So do I." He said smiling a little. My breath hitched as his fingers trailed against my cheek bone.

"OI FLIRT ON SOMEONE ELSES TIME!" James said marching over. We quickly got back to running before James could kill us.

THAT DAMN CAPTAIN. I saw Rose hit him over the head with her umbrella and felt a little better.


I have been sneezing for THREE HOURS.

I was sitting down at the lunch table in between Al and Fred, sipping soup as Al handed me tissues and Fred gulped down a sinus headache potion.

“I will- ACHOO!- Murder him” I said, taking another tissue from Al, whose nose was bright red.

How is it he manages to look hotter with a cold?!

Its unfair I tell you.

"I'll help. I've never felt this crappy in my life." Fred said drily.

"Hey all." Roxie said siting down. She had finally managed to get all the mud out of her hair.

"How's it hanging sis?" Fred said. Roxie glared at her older brother.

"I'm going to kill James. Danny is STILL IN THE HOSPITAL WING, thanks to his damn hex." Roxie said. She and I had dragged him up there, but I had left them after I had promised Danny I'd stop by later.

"Ugh get in line." I said sneezing again.

Al was patting my knee as James swaggered up.

Yes even though I HATE HIM AT THE MOMENT, he still has swag.

“Ah afternoon team mates! Hows it hanging?” James asked. He sat down and started filling his plate.

Fred Al and I turned to glare at him. Roxie was gripping her fork like she'd like to impale it in his face.

I sneezed again.

Al handed me a tissue. His eye was twitching.

“You SUCK James.” Fred said throwing my chip (Oi!) at him.

“Yes, but we’ll win.” He said smiling.

Bollux. I can’t beat him there. I bit angrily into my chip.

“Charlie, make sure you get a cold tonic eh? I don’t want that getting in the way of your reaction time.” James said.

“LET ME AT HIM!” I screamed. I was lunging for James, who looked quite scared. Al was holding me around the middle trying to contain me, Fred was groaning about his headache and Roxie was cheering me on, hopelessly tugging on Al's arms in an effort to help me.

“Charlie! Stop trying to kill my brother!” Al said struggling to hold me back. I struggled on but Al's arms were locked around my waist tightly.

“Really! I mean look at this face! You can’t deform the face Charlie! The face is what makes the money!” James said getting as far away from me as possible. Fred started throwing chips at him.

I sighed and went limp in Al’s arms.

I just realized my butt had been up against his hips as I struggled to commit homicide.

My body felt all tingly inside and I blushed to my roots.

He still hasn’t let go!

“You okay now?” He asked. His lips were right next to my ear.

“Fine. I wont kill you James.” I said. James sighed and I laughed. Al let go of me and I sat down just as Rose came running up.

“Hey, Roxie, Charlie, Uncle Nev wants to see us in his office.” Rose said.
“Whatever it is, we didn’t do it. Except for exploding the hallway last week.” I said as I fixed my skirt. Fred snorted.

“And I had nothing to do with it!” Rox said from her seat beside Fred.

“Yeah well, Uncle Nev said pronto so up!” She said grabbing our arms. I hastily grabbed my bag and followed her out.

We soon reached Uncle Neville’s office and Roxie knocked three times.

“Come in girls!” He shouted and we walked in the door.

Uncle Neville’s office was beautiful. It had red and gold draperies and plants everywhere. Bookshelves lined the walls as were pictures of him and Hermione Harry and Ron, along with his wife and three kids.

He was sitting at his desk and four chairs were facing him. One was occupied. The girl looked our age. She was slender and pale, with nice blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a gryffindor uniform with Docs, but I'd never seen her in my life.

“Sup Uncle Nev?” Roxie asked draping herself in a chair. I rolled my eyes and sat in another chair while Rose daintily sat in a third.

“Not much. I have some news for you. Ladies I would like you to meet Poppy Watson, the newest addition to Gryffindor.”

Poppy smiled and said "Sup?".

She didn’t look nervous, just excited. I liked her right away.

“Hey Poppy. I’m Charlie, the red head with the manners and the prefects badge is Rose and the red head sprawled out on a chair like a mad woman is Roxie.” I said pointing. Roxie scowled at me and shook Poppy’s hand.

“Well, obviously I’m Poppy. I’m fifteen, and got dismissed from Beauxbattons. Who knew putting firecracker in the carriage was grounds for expulsion?” She said cheerily.

“Oh, your going to fit in PERFECTLY with us.” Roxie said grinning.

“Ladies, This is your new roommate. I believe Charlie’s schedule is very much like Ms. Watson’s, so please guide her to classes. Have fun ladies” Uncle Nev said with a smile.

“Bye Uncle Nev!” Rose said. We each kissed him on the cheek before leading Poppy out.

“So what should I know about Hogwarts?” Poppy said curiously. She had her hands shoved deeply into her robe pockets.

“Well, first of this place is OVER RUN with our family. There's my brother Freddie who is a sixth year, the Potters, Al who is in our year, James in Sixth and Lily in third. the rest take too long to mention. You should stick with us, it’ll be a fun time.” Roxie said. Poppy nodded and continued wearing that grin.

“What do you guys like to do?” She asked.

“Well, we play pranks, quidditch, Roxie snoggs my brother, and Rose is a prefect. Oh and if you’ve already been to our room, all the plants are mine.” I said.

“I loved the Sol de Tardetia.” She said. I smiled, instantly liking her.

“SO what should we know about you?” Rose said stopping us. Poppy smirked.

“Well I got ousted from Beauxbatons. My parents are good for nothing idiots who value blood purity above life. I love plants, watching Quidditch, and pranking, but I want to be an auror. I have no idea how to talk to boys I like, I don’t like many boys, and I think you guys are pretty cool. I’m also really curious about Hogwarts!” She said.

“Poppy, you just became my fourth best friend.” Roxie said.

Poppy smiled.

This was going to be good.


“Hey, who’s the blonde?” Al asked as Poppy and I entered Defense. He was leaning against his desk waiting for me.

“Al, this is Poppy Watson, my new roommate. Poppy, this is Al Potter, one of my best friends.” I said. They shook hands and Poppy kept darting her eyes between us.

“Hey. So are you kids dating?” Poppy asked bluntly. I blanched and Al blushed.

“No…” I said slowly.

“Oh. You will be.” Poppy said smiling. She took the seat next to me.

“Hopefully.” I mouthed in her direction. She smirked.

“So, Poppy, where ya from?” Al asked changing the subject.

“Beaubaxtons. I just transferred.” She said smiling.

Just then Fred walked in.

“Girl… in my seat…” He said staring at Poppy like she was a figment of his imagination. I rolled my eyes.

“Go pull up a desk!” I said shoving him. He flicked his wand and a desk appeared next to Poppy.

“So who’s the blonde?” Fred asked.

“The blonde is Poppy Watson. Who’s the addled redhead?” Poppy said smirking at Fred. He raised his eyebrows.

“Well played blondie. Fred Weasley II” He said. Poppy smiled.

“Nice to meet you.” She said shaking his hand.

Fred kept on smirking and kept hold of her hand.

As Professor Higgins began the lecture on dementors, Al leaned in and whispered something in my ear.

"Freddie's smitten" He said with a chuckle. I looked and watched Fred staring at Poppy.

"The children will be gorgeous" I said snickering.

I was bored with the lecture (Harry taught me the Patronus in third year) so I started writing notes to Poppy.

'So, Freddie, eh?' I wrote smirking. She looked down and read it then smirked.

'He's cute. But we just met, I'll see how it goes' She wrote back. Her handwriting was bubbly.

'Besides the chemistry radiating from you and Mr. Potter over there is drowning me' She wrote smirking.

'How could you tell?!' I responded quickly.

'I have a gift. I'm pretty good at spotting chemistry'. She said.

I paused before writing.

'Oh Poppy, you're going to fit in perfectly here.'


A&N: Hey I am so sorry about the long wait, writers block and crazy life issues. But I've got a great couple of idea's for the next few chapters! And hey, I just reached over a thousand reads, which was exciting! Also, if there are at least a few hundred people reading this, cant you review? :)

Clea :)

Oh and nothing belongs to me but the plot and Charlie.

And my name :P

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