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Words by FabionPrewett22
Chapter 1 : Words
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They eat me away, I can not control them, for they are only words. Haunting me when I sleep and bombarding me when I wake. They are everywhere yet invisible. They pose questions I can’t answer and they unearth my greatest secrets. They are only words, yet I could not live without them. Occlumency has been my only weapon in the fight against revealing the truth. But when I’m alone they swarm, and I can do nothing to protect myself.


The color that haunts me.


The color I feel inside.


I’m full of it.


What I felt the day my sister left.


For her decisions.


Of the future I posses.


For the people I crush.


It means everything yet nothing all the same.


So easy to obtain yet hard to control.


How my life has felt.


Taken for granted.


A silly word.


How I present myself, yet how I see the world.


Something I have portrayed yet have not obtained.


To a man I fear. It haunts me always.


In their eyes when I do the unthinkable.


The name I hear them scream as I walk.


One command I do without question.


Something I wish I could do.


My existence.


I feel it everyday for the one person I should not.


When I see him.


It fills me when he calls her name.


That I never expressed my feelings to the one man I see in my mind every day.


Something I have wasted.


There is no contest. He is and always will be the man I love, but some things are best left hidden.

As they engulf me I feel alone. No one knows my suffering. No one knows my pain. They can sympathize, but who would really try. To them I am nothing but a monster. I would see it in his eyes. No doubt my cousin was feeding him lies all those years. When I heard of the plan to kill him I knew there was no way to save him. He was marked for death as would I if I tried anything. I went to the funeral. It was a sad affair. With my master’s demise you would think there would be a little happiness. But there was no joy. Just despair. You could tell they all thought of my cousin to be the traitor, the man who killed them. But I alone with a few others knew it was no other than the rat. He took the one thing in my life that matters. But now he is dead there is nothing I can do to avenge my lost love. As I waste away in this cell then at the home of my sister, I think of nothing but escape. Escape from this life, escape from his memory. I have nothing left. It wasn’t a surprise death, yet when it came I saw his face and for a few seconds I was at peace, but sadly I shall always be in a state of unrest. Now until eternity.


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