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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 3 : A lost Past
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 Chapter 3: A lost past

Dear Harry,

Please let Ron read this as well. I know it has been a few weeks into the summer and I have not written yet. I’ve known of something since before the end of sixth year and I was not ready to tell anybody, or to even admit it myself. It isn’t that I don’t trust you or Ron, I do, but you guess have a one way mind, without really thinking of different situations. This is one reason I’ve waited so long to say anything. Where to begin? I’m not Hermione Granger. I was adopted at birth from the Zabbini family. I’m now living back with my birth parents, a long story, and my brother, my twin brother, Blaise Zabbini. I need the support of my friends right now, since this is all too new to me. For starters, I look nothing like Hermione, I’ve enclosed a picture, but I’m not joking. I was under a glamour for my protection, apparently when I was born my life was in danger, not sure how still, but, whatever. The Grangers names me Hermione, but my birth name is Serena. It is what I am going by now. I feel whole, like whole, before there was a part of me that was missing that I couldn’t feel because I didn’t know what it felt to be whole. This is my family. Please understand.

Serena Zabbini.

I sealed the letter, knowing it was going to come as a shock to my two best friends. I had excused myself after lunch, since the boys had wanted to play quiddich and I had no interest. I had taken the time to write to my friends, since I should have a while ago. I tied the letter to Julia, my owl’s left leg. I gave Julia a treat, as I looked into her piercing yellow eyes.

“Can you take this letter to Harry Potter at the Burrow for me please girl?”

She cooed, nodded and nipped my finger affectionately, before flying off the rail of my balcony and soaring into the air. I watched her fly west, towards the burrow and it wasn’t long before I lost sight of her. However, that it not to say that there was not a view. Two boys on broomsticks came flying past my balcony and hovered in front of me, as soon as Julia was out of sight.

“Hey Serena.” Blaise called out as they saw me. I raised my eyebrow.

“You two look like fools sitting there like that.”

“Well we just want you to come fly with us.” Draco said, smirking.

“Not going to happen, I’m busy.”

“You don’t look busy, sis.”

“Well I am.”

Draco and Blaise looked at each other, smirked and looked back at me. Then they nodded. Before I knew it I had been slung over the railing of my balcony and plopped down on Draco’s broomstick, and we were flying. We were flying very fast, before I could scream for help. It did not take long for my paralyzing fear of heights to overcome me and I screamed quite loudly. The broom swerved fast to the right as Draco held his ears, and I lost my balance falling off the broom. I screamed again as both Draco and Blaise darted down after me. Blaise caught me first and swung me back up onto his broom and soon landed safely on the ground. By the time they had caught me we were only 20 feet from the ground. Mother and Father, Aunt Narcissa and Uncle Lucius came running off the Patio they had been sitting on talking.

“Oh, Merlin! Is she alright? Serena are you alright?” Mother said cradling me into her arms. I couldn’t respond because I was sobbing so hard, so I just nodded. Aunt Narcissa came to help my mother get me off the ground and walk onto the patio and sit me down. As we were walking away I heard my father bellowing at the boys.


I was still sobbing at this point and mom gave me a glass of pumpkin juice and I raised it slowly to my lips.

“She is a pale as a ghost, Avery.”

“I know, Serena, honey, I need you to eat some pie alright?”

“Okay.” I said between tears, and took a bite of a chocolate mousse pie. It was really good, but I wasn’t in the mood for taste right now. After about five bites Narcissa spoke again.

“Good, some color is returning to her cheeks.”

“Serena, your father and Uncle are dealing with your brother, and Draco. Those stupid childen. What were they thinking?”

“I’m okay  now mom. I just need to rest.”

“Alright dear. Julia arrived with a letter for you a moment ago.”

“Thank you.” I said and took my letter and walked upstairs to my room, still shaking. I opened the letter.

Dear Hermione,

Serena is not your name. Don’t look to us for support if you are going to live with death eaters. I hope to merlin that this is a joke because otherwise you are no longer our friend. Don’t contact us again.



My brother is a moron, and Harry my now former boyfriend is a prick. Don’t listen to a word they say. I’m going to visit you next week if that is alright. Owl me back when you can please.

Love, Ginny

I felt the tears falling down my cheeks again. It figures that Harry and Ron would think that. There was only Ginny to be supportive, but at least she was. Still Harry and Ron, my two best friends… I couldn’t help but cry.

Mom came into check on me and saw me crying again.


I handed her the letter.

“Oh, boys. Those are some stupid people to not support you and they are losing a great friend because of that. If that is how they react then they are not worth your friendship. Come on, a nice bath will make you feel better. And your friend Ginny can come over for the rest of summer if you wish. She is a nice girl.”

I followed my mom into the bathroom still crying. The only thing that kept me linked to my past was gone. My past was lost, completely

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