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Rest in Pieces by BrittJade
Chapter 19 : Promises
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A/N: Hello there every one here is chapter nineteen for you. I have had some people ask about how much this story has left to go, and I have worked out that including this chapter there are eight chapters left. I am hoping that you will all stay with me through these last couple of months, it really does mean a lot to me. :)


 As usual St. Mungo’s was crowded. It was the day of Luna’s operation and I was there with her, as her father had commitments prior to this. We took the lift up to the level eleven, where the ‘Serious Blood Condition Ward’ was. We approached the front desk where a rather frazzled man sat.

       “Name and time of appointment?” He asked distractedly. Luna looked up at me, worry apparent in her eyes. I squeezed her hand and she turned back to the secretary.

       “Luna Lovegood. My appointment is at two fifteen.” She said in a small voice. The secretary looked up at us for the first time.

       “Luna, George?” He asked hesitantly. I looked down at him. I couldn’t believe it, could it really be?

       “Seamus?” He nodded laughing. I stood there gaping at him. I hadn’t seen him since The Battle of Hogwarts.

       “What are you doing here?” Luna asked him. Seamus explained that after the battle he had come looking for jobs and ever since had been a secretary at St. Mungo’s, in the ‘Non-magical Injury Unit’, but due to circumstances was covering for another Woman who usual worked here.

       “Speaking of which, Dr. Somme should be with you soon. I have to get back to my proper job. Good luck.” With that he left us alone in the waiting room.

       “Can you believe it George?” Luna said to be as we took a seat in the cold plastic chairs. I shook my head and pulled her close to me. Luna snuggled into my chest and closed her eyes.

       “Miss Lovegood?” A voice interrupted us. We looked up to see an old woman standing in the doorway. “This way please.” We both got and started towards the door.

       “Only family sir.” She said looking me up and down in disgust. What a bitch. I could just leave Luna alone with her.

       “Sorry, doctor but he is actually my fiancé, therefore I would like to have him with me.” Luna said professionally.

 I stifled a laugh as the doctor glared at us but made no further attempt to stop us.

       “In here and change.” The doctor said rudely slamming the door to a small room behind us.

       “What a cow.” Luna laughed as she pulled her clothes off. Although I had seen her naked before I would never get over how beautiful she looked. I took a giant step towards.

       “Hello.” I smirked wrapping my arms around her naked body and pulling her into a kiss.

       “George, I love you but not now.” She mumbled against my lips and pulling away to change into the horrible night gown that waited for her. I sighed and dropped my hands to my side.

The door banged open without warning just as Luna finished tucking her clothes away. The old doctor looked at us suspiciously, as if expecting us to be in an intimate position, instead of being on the other side of the room to each other.

       “Are you ready for your operation Miss Lovegood?” She asked ushering us quickly out of the small room. Luna nodded slowly and reached for my hand. We followed the lady out of the room, back into the corridor and into a slightly larger room, with a hospital bed in the middle of it. Luna climbed up onto the bed and lay down with her head on the pillow. The doctor walked over and started hooking Luna up to all sorts of machines.

       “Alright Miss you have five minutes until the medicine will make you unconscious. Time to say goodbye to your… fiancé.” The doctor sneered before walking out of the room. I took a deep breath and looked at Luna all hooked up to everything. She looked so small and fragile it hurt to look at. I walked over and took her cold hand in mine. She smiled weakly at me.

       “George,” she said her speech slowing as the antiseptic began to take over her body. “Promise you’ll stay.”

       “Promise,” I choked, tears forming in my eyes as Luna’s eyes fluttered shut. The door opened as the old doctor, plus a few other people strode in.

       “You have to leave now mister.” One of the younger doctors said. “This procedure will take three to four hours so you can come back and see her tonight.”
Taking one last glance at Luna I left the room and went back into the waiting room.




       “Mr Weasley?” A voice asked I stood up to see the young doctor standing in the doorway to the waiting room. Luna’s operation had started two hours ago and I was getting anxious.

       “The operation is going well, but will probably take another three hours.” He said. I nodded and sat back down as he left again. Those had been the longest two hours of my life. The hours crept alone like a snail and I still had to wait three more hours to see her. I lifted my head to look at the ceiling when I caught a glimpse of someone rushing through the door. It was Seamus. He looked around the empty waiting room before his eyes found me.

       “George.” He said hurrying towards me. “You have to come. It’s Ron.” I started at him. What was he on about?
       “But Luna…” I trailed off. I had promised her I would stay, even if she was in her operation.

       “No, George you don’t understand. He is dying. You have to come…your family…Lavender.”
I was torn between the two. Seamus was looking at me desperately. Surely Luna wouldn’t mind if I was back when she woke up.

       “Luna will understand,” Seamus said as if reading my mind. “Now come on!” I took one last glance down the hall to where Luna would be and raced after Seamus.


Seamus and I arrived to find my whole family plus Lavender, Draco and Hermione in the waiting room.

       “George.” My mum came barrelling into my arms. “I’m…sorry sweetheart…drag you away…Luna…Ron…” She trailed off sobbing hysterically. I looked over to where Lavender was sitting, clutching her massive stomach and crying silently into her hands. Seamus walked over to her and put his arms around her shoulders. Lavender turned and sobbed into his chest. I looked around and realized that everyone was crying. Dad took a step forward and pulled me away from the crowd.

       “While Seamus was going to get you the nurse came and gave us some horrible news.” He sobbed to me. “There was nothing they could do. Ron was killed in a car accident.”

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