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Uncovering Truths by jazzy4ver
Chapter 2 : Campfire Stories
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YAY! Second chapter! Sorry for not updating sooner! I would have, but I had mid term tests this week and last. :(
Thanks to
MiSTY_VoPLe, Gin-gin06, and Mischief_managed18 for being the 3 to review for the last chapter. Your reviews meant so much, so here's a cyper cookie of your choice!

Disclaimer: Ron: Do you know you owns Harry Potter or Vampirates?
jazzy4ver: I don't know, Not me! :(
Hermione: J. K. Rowling owns Harry Potter and Justin Somper owns Vampirates.
Snape: Insufferable know-it-all.

Chapter 2
Campfire Stories

"So missy, you going to the party tonight?" Mum asked before inspecting a pineapple.

The local teens were holding a beach party to celebrate an American holiday, the 4th of July. Fireworks, alcohol, and bikinis were a sure fire guarantee. I mentally squirmed picturing myself in a two piece. While I had slight curves, my breasts were barely there and my butt rather non-existent.

"Probably not. Not really my forte Mum."

She gave a odd look of disgust, but I believe that was because of the pineapple. She set it back down hurriedly and moved on to the apples. "Honey, I think you should go."
Since when did parents want their children to attend parties?

"Are you sure, because-"

She cut me off, "Yes, I actually think you should spend time around people in your age group, believe it or not instead of being cooped up with boring mum and dad all the time. So you can, you know, have fun. Live in the moment"

"I do have fun." she gave me a pointed look. "Fine, I'll go. I'll live in the moment. But only because I love you."


Mum and Dad dropped me off at the beach parking lot near eight. The music was blasting defeafeningly even from there. My mum turned around and placed something around my neck. I looked down to find my mum's necklace, the one my father had given her when they were my age, on me.

"Mum," I started, a whole rant prepared in my head.

"Nonsense! It goes great with your outfit. And besides, I've been wanting to give it to you for a while. I was planning on giving it to you for your eighteenth birthday, but-" She broke off, her eyes glistening. But I already knew what she was going to say.

On my eighteenth birthday, I was on the run with Ron and Harry, and, to protect them from the war while I was gone, and changed their memories. For almost an entire year, they had believed their were a loving, childless couple, named Wendel and Monica Wilkins, and they lived in Australia. My parents were still torn up about it.

There was an awkward pause before my dad saved us from the uneasy tension. "Love you, sweetpea. Don't forget to call us before you come home. No later than eleven. And no boys!" My dad said warningly.

I blushed. "No boys, got it. Love you both." I said while climbing out of the car.

After they drove away, I took a deep breath and looked over myself once more. I felt ridiculous. My mum had dressed in a mid-thigh blue sarong tied in a carefree way around my waist; a matching blue and yellow tye-died tank was my top. I found myself wanting to pull down the sarong to cover just a bit more of my legs. Underneath my clothes was a coral shaded bikini.

Outwardly confident, I strode to the throng of people. The music was even louder. I could feel its upbeat pulse through me. I didn't know where to go so I wondered around. I probably looked idiotic- bumping into the sea of people rocking their bodies to music. Even the younger looking kids looked more at home than I did.

I ended up at a table filled with junk foods such as potato chips, brownies, and a punch bowl. Three guesses what was floating around in the bowl. Another guess for the brownies.

"Are you going to get a drink?"

I turned around to meet the faceless voice. What I met was tan, tall, and dark. He was for lack of better wording, beautiful. He raised a shaped eyebrow over a dark blue eye at my lack of words. "No." I answered quickly. I hated the flush that covered my heated face.

I wasn't used to being a stuttering simpleton because of a boy. I was the kind of girl who preferred books over men, quills and parchment over make up and brushes, quick wit and personality over looks and money. I promptly attempted to regain what little dignity I had left.

"Thank you, I'm not going to get a drink."

"Sure." he asked.


"Okay, name's Jared by the way." he said.


"That's pretty." as he said this he smiled. It was a great smile. And being a dentists' daughter, I've happened to be around quite a lot of smiles. "You're not from around here, are you?"

Did I look out of place? Stop thinking like that! "Why?"

"Your accent." Duh, Hermione, you are an idiot! "It's British, right?"

"Yes, I'm from Britain." Smooth.

Two, dark girls in long brightly colored sarongs approached us. Their dark hair was wound in loose spirals, flowing almost wildly down their backs. Brown mischievous eyes greeted mine, they mirth showing quite easily. Their whole image put together, made me think of the ocean, wild and dark.

"Jared, whose your friend?" One of them asked, raising a suggestive eyebrow.

"Hermione Granger," I answered, unsure why I blurted my name out like, like, I was jealous?

"Medusa," the taller one of the girls greeted and smiled.

"Calypso," the other said and put her hand out to be shook.

I put my hand in her's and it felt weird. I felt sneaky and adventurous, almost like I had just done something wrong, and I was proud of myself for it. I pulled away rapidly. I didn't like that at all. The feeling disappeared almost simultaneously, much to me gratefulness.

Jared seemed to sense my uneasiness and started talking. "Hermione was just telling me about about her life in England."

"Yes, I grew up in England, and my family decided to come down here for the summer."

"Cool, must be nice. That's a great necklace, by the way." They looked so similarly alike, so I think it was Calypso who said this. She took a sip of the punch.

"Are you twins?" I blurted.

"Actually yes, we are." They both answered, quickly. Almost too quickly.

"I have a friend that had a twin. They were really close, finished each other's sentences and even had the same hair cut and the such. They liked tricking people into thinking they were the other until he was murdered...." Nice Hermione! Way to silence a room!

Jared made sure to steer me clear of any talk of twins for the next hour or so. He tried to get me to drink out of the punch bowl, but I refused. Even with my live in the moment promise to Mum, I wasn't going to get drunk. I might have physical relations with someone I didn't know, like Jared.

After he stopped attempting to persuade me, we played a game of hide and seek in the dark with some people he knew. It was weird to think, as I was running away from people chasing me in the dark, that a year ago, I would have been running from less friendly foes.


"Hey y'all! Come around the campfire!" Someone yelled from a driftwood bench near the fire. Jared grabbed my hand and started walking over there.

"Why are we going around a campfire?" I asked uneasily, and not because he was holding my hand.

I didn't like fire, being a witch, and an educated one at that, I knew that Americans had burned witches alive at a stake. And since most wizards and witches at the time didn't understand the theory behind wandless magic. The thought of being tied to a stake without my wand made me feel uneasy.

"Hermione, please it's not like they burn people. They're just going to tell ghost stories, mostly to scare away the younger kids." Jared reassured me. How little did he know the fire was what I feared.

"Okay." I still felt nervous, but I was a Gryffindor, and I survived a war. What was a campfire to a war?

When most people were gathered around, they man that had called us over, put a flashlight to his face, and made a scary laugh. "So who has a story? You?" he asked a young boy. He looked to young to be here, only twelve.

"Sure, um, my older brother had bought a Ojai board once, and we were asking it questions, when it started shaking after we took our hands off of it, and it said someone's gonna die. It then there was a car wreck a week after that."

My brow furrowed at that. Ojai boards were clearly proven to be nothing more than a useless board by Sir Eisenhower Grapnel. I turned to inform Jared when I remembered he was a muggle. He looked back at me at the exact moment and winked. I blushed scarlet, which made him crack a side smile. Then he turned to fire.

"I have a story, to tell you..." Jared announced, his voice darker than before. " Tis a tale of vampires. Or as they're referred to," he paused dramatically, " Vampirates."

Ooh, what is the new, and incredibly cute, Jared talking about? Well, sadly, you'll have to wait till the next chapter. I feel evil! Like monkeys! MAUHAHAHA! There's my evil attempt at an evil laugh.
Okay, so please review. If you don't tell me what you like, what you don't, and what needs to be fixed, I'm lost. I really want to know what you guys think. So please? I'll love you forever.
jaz xoxo


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