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Picture Perfect by katekat
Chapter 4 : A Charming Time
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Chapter 4

    Harry and Ronald had apparently forgiven me yet again. That though, isn't that unusual lately so no cause for alarm. Heading to double charms with them was not a walk in the park though. The entire, and I mean entire, time they were being obnoxiously loud and play shoving each other into walls and other childish things. Did they always act like this? My mouth dropped in horror, did I act like this?? Can’t blame anyone for not liking me then, I was one of the guys.. Truly and fully.

    We arrived at the massive doors for charms, how on earth did Professor Flitwick open those doors? I struggled a little to open it like any regular person would but of course right when our trio stepped through Ronald just had to say, “Next time let us open the door OK Hermione? You seemed like you needed a little help.”

    “Actually, I think I am fine just on my own.” I rolled my eyes and sat down in the nearest chair. In my side view I could see them look at each other with worried expressions. Quickly they sat next to me, glancing constantly at me and searching the room for “predators”. Like I was a helpless little bunny or something.

    “Honestly guys, I can take care of myself”, I say with a sigh. I was just sick of this really. The whole morning they had been treating me like I was a porcelain doll, lifting the juice jug, opening doors, staring down anyone who came near, and of course not letting me out of their sights.

    Harry glanced at me and responded, “we just don’t want you to get hurt”. Ronald nodded in agreement, I wasn’t getting out this routine anytime soon it seemed. I gave up for the time being as the Professor walked in the door. He opened that little dwarf mouth of his and in an instant I was gone from this world and into my own.

    Skriiiieeeeeech. The huge doors snapped me out of my daydreams and as I turned I could see Malfoy stumbling into the classroom. I almost looked away until I notice that his hair wasn't its normal sheen and his eye had a large gross blue-black bruise swelling almost to the point of causing the eye to shut. To think of it, I hadn’t seen him all day.

    “Sorry Professor. It won’t happen again,” he says with a slight glare towards me and sits down. Why on earth was he glaring at me? I turn to Harry and Ronald to see them smirking at each other and giving an air high-five. My mouth opened in shock, they did this?

    “Why?”, my mouth managed to say. I was expecting some long explanation with how it was Malfoy who provoked them and how they didn’t want to hurt them but it was only way to get away. Something like that I could have easily forgiven, it would have been a believable Malfoy move. All i got however was, “we saw him push you.”

    “I can’t believe you boys! I ran into him! What is wrong with you?! I don’t even need any help OK? I manage fine on my own!” I started to huff as I finished and glared at the two boys who had supposedly ‘defended my honour’. I honestly couldn’t believe them, what on Earth did they think they were doing?

    “Now don’t get all huffy Hermione, at least now you’ll be left alone. Safe and sound just like you should be.” States Ronald. I roll my eyes and fight the urge to hit him. “We were just making sure you don’t get hurt.” Says Harry. That was it, the last straw was gone. Quickly I pack up my books and get out of my seat before I can question my decisions. I try to look casual as I stroll to the seat next to Malfoy, sit down and drop my book bag with a large thud. Everyone was staring at me but I didn’t dare look around, instead I stared straight at the Professor and calmly asked if we could resume the lesson.

    Flitwick let out a nervous little cough before looking away and began talking about who knows again. I doze out and pull out a notebook and start doodling. My picture started out as a pretty flower but soon, as thoughts came to me of what I just did, it transformed into an ugly, angry, black blob. Probably what the boys thought about me now I thought with a smile.

    “You should probably take notes.” I jumped as Malfoy breathed down my neck and into my ear. My eyes flicked to his for a moment but after a second I just shrugged.

    “I’ll take ‘em when I need them.” I respond. He slightly snickers, “Do you even know what we are talking about?”. I tried, I really did, to focus on what the Professor was saying but after a few minutes I sighed and shook my head. He actually frowned a little at that, but that might have just been his face.

    “Well well, it seems the little book worm has grown up into something oh so much better.” He says as his mouth rearranges into a smirk.

    “Basically”, was all I said as made eye contact again and raised an eyebrow daring him to speak again. Then I once again face the front of the room and stared at the Professor trying to come up with a reasonable explanation for why someone could be so small. I really couldn't think of any. I looked at my watch, it seemed like the hands were tormenting me by going so slow. I still had another period after this I realized. I looked at the table contemplating if I could hit it hard enough with my head that it would cause me to leave class for the day. I was ready to do it, clenched my hands on the desk and leaned back so I could get good acceleration, then Malfoy just had to ruin it by sliding a piece of paper onto my desk.

    Are you alright? It seems as though you are in pain.. ~D. I rolled my eyes, really did he think I didn’t know who just gave me that piece of paper. I’m not that dim-witted I though. I grabbed a quill and quickly jotted down ‘I am in pain’.

   Malfoy actually snickered a little when he saw what I wrote which caused me to produce a little smile.

   Guess you won’t want to play a game then. ~D. I stared at the page for a slit second. Could be interesting, I thought, might make the boredom go away.

   I never said that. Name it. I wrote back swift eager to get on with the program. My insides were eating themselves because I was so bored. It was quite honestly causing me pain. Charms.. what a joke. To have them in a double block advanced? Death, it was bad enough by itself and regular. Come on Malfoy, where is the piece of paper? I look at him and hes simply staring at me. Then he smirks and jots down the saviour to my boredom.

  Question game. I ask then you ask, repeat. You have to answer truthfully. I start. Whats your favorite colour? ~D. Quite tame for a Malfoy but it made me smile. I remember playing it all the time as a little kid.

  Red, of course. Favorite food? With that the rest of potions melted away. Who knew Malfoy could be so nice? The questions never became rude and some answers even got a little laugh from me. Maybe he’s not such a bad guy after all..

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Picture Perfect: A Charming Time


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