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On by banshee
Chapter 1 : On
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Remus pressed his eyes tighter together as the lightness of the morning began to greet him. He rolled over slowly onto his stomach before wrapping his arm around his wife. As he heard her intake a small breath and sigh, he opened his eyes. As the daylight began to warm her features, she ruffled up her nose in annoyance.

“It’s time, Dora,” He whispered softly, placing a gentle kiss on her nose before sitting up. He smiled to himself as he stood without strain. Not a day went by that he didn’t appreciate that he no longer suffered from the aches and pains of everyday life of lycanthropy.

He then turned to look in the mirror. Looking back at him was a face that eleven years ago had shocked him. Free of scars and wrinkles, Remus was now quite accustomed to the much healthier looking version of himself that looked him back in the mirror.

“I’m nervous.”

He turned around to see his wife standing in the doorway. She had her feet pinned closely together, and leaning forward slightly, she gave him a small frown. The young innocence he always admired about her showed as in the fear of what was to come, putting a damper on her usually bright features. Today she wore her hair in an electric blue, with eyes a pale grey to match her husband.

“I wonder what color he’ll pick for his first day,” Remus commented, holding out his arms and beckoning his wife to them. She took small steps forward. A time ago, Remus was sure she would have fallen over walking with her feet so close together; but not now. Now she moved with a beautiful grace to match her charming character. After embracing her for a second to calm her staggered breathing, he slowly dropped his arms back to his side. With one last kiss he grasped his hand in hers, and the pair began to walk. Just when they looked as if they would barrel into the door, the scenery changed. The pair now found themselves walking down a deserted sidewalk in muggle London, nothing but the sounds of their garments brushing against eachother filling the air. Even in the silence they were content, continuing the straight walk to the important moment in their son’s life.

“Harry’s bringing him?” She suddenly asked. Remus let a small smirk play across his lips as he looked to her.

“Dora, you’ve asked me that three times.”

“What if he’s late?” She pestered nervously. “I almost didn’t make the train my first year beca—”

“I’m sure Harry has everything under control,” Remus interrupted, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. As she nodded and looked around the scenery changed again. Now, the pair was walking in an empty train station. Somewhat familiar, the couple recognized it from their childhood days of a magical education. Just as they had done back in those days of youth, the pair shut their eyes and walked swiftly through the wall in between platforms nine and ten.

As they reached their destination human forms finally started to appear before them. The familiar sounds of owls hooting, cats purring, and sad parents shouting last minute reminders filled the quiet air. Remus finally felt her shoulders relax when she spotted them. Small for his age, her son gripped tightly onto his godfather’s hand, looking around the platform timidly. She started to smile when she noticed her hair matched his; Harry must have encouraged him to not hide his special talents from his soon to be friends.

“What if I don’t belong anywhere? What if the hat just throws me out?” Teddy looked up to Harry and pestered. Remus sighed gratefully as he saw a small, fatherly smile grow on Harry. First, he looked down to the boy clutching his other hand.

“James, why don’t you go by mum?”

The six year old nodded his head, before dropping his father’s hand and rushing off through the crowd of the platform. Dropping down on one knee to Teddy’s eye level, Harry brushed a bit of the messy turquoise hair out of his eyes.

Letting out a small chuckle, Harry talked in a soft voice so only the boy in front of him could hear. “You're more like them than you know. In time you'll come to see just how much.” *

“What does that mean?” Teddy asked, scrunching up his nose.

Remus felt his wife shake softly, chuckling at the innocence of her son. He too smiled, watching Teddy’s curious eyes take in the vast platform, so much like he had his first day of Hogwarts.

“You have such a big heart, just like your father. And your mother,” Harry paused, “Well I’m sure if she was here today she’d be worrying more than you are.”

Dora instantly brought her hands up to cover her face in an embarrassed fashion. Covering up his knowing laugh, Remus pulled her closer and simply smiled.

The boy looked to the ground, downcast in his understanding. “I wish they were here.”

A pang of sadness twitched in Harry’s eyes, but he kept his composure strong for Teddy. “So do I, mate. But you know they’re always with you, in here,” He said, putting a finger on the boy’s chest. Teddy smiled softly, and nodded his head. “You don’t think they’d miss you’re first day, would they?” Harry chuckled, standing up.

“No,” Teddy laughed as he rolled his eyes at Harry.

Remus looked over as he saw Dora lift her hand towards her son. Almost reaching him, she hesitated for a second, before dropping her hand back to her side. Almost upon instinct, Harry reached forward and brushed the turquoise bangs out of his face again.

“Here,” Teddy chuckled. He scrunched up his nose for a second, and Harry, Remus, and Nymphadora watched as his hair shortened just enough to keep it out of his face. Clearly, keeping his hair neat was not on the top of the small boy’s priority list.

“Woah! Did you just change your hair with magic!?” A boy of about the same age shouted, running up to Teddy. His first instinct was to back into Harry for protection; but he took a deep breath and stood his ground, grinning to the other boy.

“Yeah. That’s not all I can do,” Teddy said, scrunching up his nose again. This time, his hair changed into a bubblegum pink, lengthening to fall in his eyes. At the sight of hair so familiar to his mother, Remus peered over to her. After wiping away a single tear, she started to laugh again.

“Wicked!” The other boy shouted. “I can’t do any cool stuff like that. Do you want to sit with me?”

“Thanks,” Teddy grinned, before adding an enthusiastic “Yeah!” to the boy’s question. He was about to rush off before he remembered his godfather behind him.

“Go. But remember to write, won’t you?” Harry laughed, waving his hand dismissively towards the train. After giving Harry one last hug goodbye, Teddy ran off towards the train with his new friend.

As their son neared the train the station began to dematerialize around them. They heard the whistle for the final boarding call as everything around them started to fade to white. As he stuck his head out the window to wave goodbye to Harry, Teddy glanced in their direction. Only for a second, they watched his turquoise eyebrows furrow, before he blinked; and they were gone.

*Quote from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban film, property of Warner Brothers.

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