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Playing House with Malfoy by DMlover
Chapter 15 : The Date
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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter.


“You’re never going to ride a broom again are you?” Draco asked Hermione as they walked back towards their house.


“Well I’m definitely not going to fly one ever again that’s for certain.” She told him crossing her arms over her chest to keep her hands from trembling.


“Come on, you did great, especially for your first time. It wasn’t that bad.”


“Not that bad! You failed to tell me how to land properly; all you said was point the tip of the broom towards the ground.”


“And then gently level it out.” He finished for her. “And it would have been fine if you didn’t take your hands off the broom handle.”


“And I told you I couldn’t concentrate when you…touched me like that. It was because of you that I got distracted and lost control.” She told him blushing.


“I wouldn’t have let us crash, we would have been fine.”


“Humph.” She sighed and slaked into the house leaving him to trail in behind her.


“I don’t know about you, but I’m getting kind of hungry. So why don’t you go ahead and change and then we can go out to dinner.” He told her retreating form.


She turned around and faced him once again. “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” She asked him frowning, with her hands on her hips.


                He took in her adorably disheveled form, her old worn jeans ripped slightly at one knee, her shirt which looked like it could have been two sizes too big was wrinkled and halfway un-tucked from the waist. Her hair looked like she had a fight with a windstorm and lost.


“Um…nothing.” He told her trying not to smile. “I just thought since we’re going out that you might want to freshen up a bit.” He watched as she looked down at herself and grimaced at her appearance.


“Maybe your right.” She mumbled. “We’re not going anywhere fancy are we? Cause I really don’t feel like putting on a dress.”


He shook his head. “Nope not fancy. Wear whatever you like.”


“Okay just give me 15 minutes or so and I’ll be ready.”


                Hermione walked to the bedroom still huffing and puffing. She wanted to go to dinner as she was, just to annoy him since he tricked her into flying. Ugh how could she be so stupid not to ask how to land the damn thing? Damn him and his wandering hands, and damn her body for liking it.


                She took one look at herself and shuddered. She looked like something her old cat Crookshanks used to cough up. On second thought, she should probably change or at least do something with her hair. About 20 minutes later she walked back into the living room wearing black leggings and a sapphire tunic top and black ballet flats. She managed to get her hair somewhat under control and decided to leave it down.


                She wanted to stay mad at Draco, but she was really hungry, and she really didn’t want to attempt to cook again. She found Draco in the kitchen talking to Ziggy. He of course didn’t need to change, because unlike her, he was cool under pressure, and probably didn’t sweat through all of his clothes like she did. And his hair was short enough, that the wind just made it look like it was professionally styled, no matter which direction it seemed to be sticking up.


                The two of them were whispering to each other, and she couldn’t hear what they were saying, and when she walked up to them they abruptly stopped and turned to look at her.


“Ready?” Draco asked her.


“Yeah.” She replied slowly, narrowing her eyes at him, because he was obviously hiding something. “What were you two talking about?” She asked him.


“Nothing.” He said looking sheepish. “Just giving instructions for Crissy.”


“She’s not coming with us?”


“No. Is that okay?”


“Yeah I guess.”


For some reason she was surprised that Draco told her that they weren’t taking Crissy with them to dinner. And without Crissy there, it was just going to be the two of them, alone, eating dinner together. Almost as if it were a date. But that couldn’t be it. They were just two people, friends, who occasionally kiss, and who are stuck together in an odd situation and neither one of them could cook very well. So therefore, they were just going to go out and get a decent meal together. That’s all. Oh who was she kidding, it probably was a date, and she is too much of a wimp to flat out and ask him about it.


“Okay, well everything is all set, are you ready to get going?” Draco asked her, acting all mysterious again.


She looked from him to Ziggy, who kept her eyes averted away from her, and then back to him. “Yeah let me just go say good bye to Crissy before we go.”


                Once the two of them finished saying goodnight to Crissy, Draco grabbed ahold of her elbow and apparated the two of them out of their house, before she got a chance to ask him where they were going. They landed with a pop behind some random building.


“Where are we going?” She finally managed to ask him as they walked around to where the actual street was.


“It’s a surprise.” He told her.


Well that didn’t help at all, she thought. “So what were you and Ziggy really talking about?”


“Nothing.” He shrugged as they started walking down the street together in some unknown direction.


“For some reason I really doubt that.” He reached down and took hold of her hand and she entwined her fingers with his without seconds thought.


“It’s not important.”


“If it’s not important, then why won’t you just tell me?” She pushed further.


He just smiled down at her, not commenting on it.


“Does it have something to do with where we’re going for dinner?”


“You just won’t give up will you?”


She shrugged. “Well?”


He laughed. “Relax you’ll see for yourself, we’re almost there.”


“Do you even know where we are?”


“Um not really, but according to Ziggy we’re close. I believe it’s right up here around the corner.”


They walked up to the corner and were met by a large wooden gate. “Is this it?” She asked him.


                The gate was so tall and wide, that she couldn’t see over it, around it or through it. She watched as Draco took his wand out and unlocked the gate and opened it up a crack and peeked inside.


“Okay, close your eyes.”


“Why?” She asked him, trying to look through the opening of the gate.


“Just do it.” She crooked an eyebrow at him. “Please.” He added smiling.


She let out a sigh and did as he asked.


“Okay, no peeking.” He told her as he guided her through the opening of the gate.


She heard him shut the gate behind them and whispered a spell which sounded like a warding spell. “Can I open them now?” she asked feeling slightly venerable, knowing he had his wand out and at the ready, and here she was with her eyes shut and defenseless against any attack or hex he throws her way. But he wouldn’t do that to her, not now at least…would he?”


“Okay, open your eyes.” 


She opened them and was speechless. They were in some kind of courtyard with trees, and all kinds of plants and flowers, that covered the entire place. White and red rose bushes everywhere, and creeping ivy climbed up against the fenced gate and up along a brick wall of a random building. Tinkling fairy lights were wrapped around every bush and branch. Glowing lanterns of all shapes and colors hung from every branch on the trees, making the entire place look like some kind of magical botanical fairy wonderland. A small cobblestone pathway ran down the center of the courtyard and circled around a giant fountain with flowing water, which was lit from underneath, making the water glow. Next to it was a small wrought iron table set for two and was surrounded by dripping candles.


“Wow,” was all she managed to say as she took everything in.


“Do you like it?” Draco asked her, looking a bit uncertain.


She turned to him, “Draco, it’s so beautiful. What is this place?”


“It’s some kind of public garden that people can come by and walk through during the day or something like that.”


“Wow,” she whispered still in awe by the beauty of it.


“Does it look familiar at all you?”


“No…should it?” She asked him confused.


“Well apparently this is where I proposed to you.”


“How could you possibly know something like that?”


“I saw a picture of it in one of those scrapbooks you made and I asked Ziggy about it.” He told her looking sheepish again like he was embarrassed or something.


“Hmm, good choice.” She smirked at him.


                Dear Merlin, she prayed to whoever was listening that he wasn’t planning on doing some huge romantic gesture right now, she wasn’t entirely sure how much more she could handle at this moment.


“So are you hungry?”


“Yes starving.” She watched him walk over to the table and pulled out a chair, waiting for her to follow him.


“Wait, we’re eating here?”


“Yeah, is that okay?”


“Yeah, that’s fine, but are we allowed to?”


“Sure why not? But I put a ward up just in case, so if any one comes in here it will look like it’s empty.”


“So we’re breaking the rules then?”


He shrugged, “the sign says ‘open to the public.’”


                She shook her head smiling and sat down in the seat he pulled out for her. As soon as they sat down the food appeared, each plate coved with sliver domes. He uncovered the various plates that were in the center of the tables.


“Tacos!” she squealed. “You remembered.”


“Yeah well I try not to disappoint.” He chuckled at her delight.


                Her mouth started watering at the sight of the feast before her; flour tortillas that were still warm, an abundance of cheese, salsa, jalapenos, and all the other fixings and a choice of beef or chicken. 


“So this is what you were talking to Ziggy about.”


He shrugged, “She might have had a hand in all of this. Okay, so she did all of this and got it ready for us.”


“I really hope we’re paying her well for everything she’s done for us.”


“Oh I have no doubt in my mind that we are. Because I know you wouldn’t allow it any other way.”


“Yeah, well maybe we should double whatever it is that we are paying her, for everything she’s done for us thus far.”


“If that’s what you want.”


She nodded.


They ate in silence, enjoying the food and scenery, until Draco looked up at her. “So, I was thinking about how we’ll be able to get the ingredients for the potion Candlewick gave us…”


“But I thought…I thought you didn’t want anything to do with it. I thought you wanted to stay here.” She interrupted before thinking better of it.


“I do, but I told you, I will still help you with the potion. And since it takes four months to make, we’ll still have time to change our minds when the time comes.”


Hermione nodded, not liking that they were discussing this now, ruining a nice evening and dinner. “Okay, so what did you come up with?”


“I think I know where we can get most of the ingredients, though you probably won’t like it and it will be tricky.”


“Knockturn Alley.” She whispered in agreement.


He nodded. “Yeah, and most likely there’s a good chance we’ll be recognized, so here’s where it could get tricky. Do you think you could brew up some Polyjuice Potion? I’ve heard it’s one of your specialties.” He smirked.


“I’ve been known to make it a few times, here and there.” She shrugged and smirked back at him. “I’ll have to see what kind of ingredients we have at home. I noticed a cupboard full of them in the study the other day, along with a cauldron. The only think is it takes a month to make it, which will make it five months total before we can get back.”


“Are you okay with that?” He asked her.


She shrugged her shoulders. “I guess I’ll have to be.”


“We’ll also have to find someone who is unrecognizable in the magical world.”


“So we’ll have to find two random muggles then?”


“No just one.”




“Because, you’re not going. It’s too dangerous.”


“I’ve been in far worse situations then venturing into Knockturn Alley.” She started to get angry.


“I’m talking about the Polyjuice Potion. You’re pregnant, and who knows what kind of effects it could do to you or the baby. I don’t want to risk it.”


                Her shoulders slumped, she felt defeated. He didn’t even want to go back; he said so just this morning. He was only doing this to make her happy, probably trying to scare her into not wanting to go back all together. But he was right; it could be dangerous for the baby, if she wasn’t careful.


“Listen I don’t want to argue about this. Let’s just enjoy the rest of the evening.” He put a brown paper bag on the table in front of her. “I had Ziggy add this as well to the menu.” She eyed the bag suspiciously. “Go on, open it.”


She grabbed the bag and opened it, then peered inside. “Eggrolls.” She smiled slightly at him. “You really were listening when I told you want I wanted to eat.” She took one out of the bag and bit into it, closing her eyes to savor the taste. “Mmmm,” was all she could say as she finished it in three bites.


Draco chuckled at her. “I can’t believe you’re still hungry after all of that.” She shrugged and took another one out of the bag. “Do you want to walk around a bit.” He asked her.




                They cleaned up their dinner and disposed of it properly. But she kept the bag of eggrolls to snack on later. They walked back on to the street and Draco took her hand again and entwined his fingers with hers, just like he did before they got to the garden. His hand felt warm and strong, comforting as it circled around her smaller one.


“What’s going on over there?” he pointed over towards a park, where people were gathering around carrying blankets and lawn chairs.


She was focusing so much on the way his hand felt in hers, that she hadn’t been paying attention to where they were going. She noticed a giant white screen that had been set up in the middle of the park.


“I think it’s one of those movies in the park things. I’ve always heard of them, but I’ve never been to one before.”


“A what?”


“A movie in the park. It’s where the community sets up a movie screen and they play movies at night. And anyone can come and watch. Come on lets go see what’s playing.” She tugged on his hand until they were following the crowd towards the giant screen.


                They found a fallen tree trunk towards the back and sat down. They must have gotten there just in time, because shortly after they arrived the crowd fell silent and the movie started. It was the classic musical, My Fair Lady. She remembered watching it a few times growing up. Her mother loved all the classic musicals. The air grew chilly and Draco must have noticed the goosebumps rise up on her arms, because he wrapped an arm around her back and pulled her closer to him, sharing his body heat.


He leaned down to whisper in her ear, “Why do they keep randomly breaking out into sound. It doesn’t make any sense. What’s the purpose of it? And how is it that everyone else in the movie seems to know exactly what lyrics are when one of the characters decides to burst out into song?” He asked her.


She thought he was joking, but when she turned to look at him she noticed he was being serious. She chuckled. “It’s what makes it entertaining. It’s why they call these types of movies, musicals.”


He nodded, but didn’t look very convinced. Halfway through the movie she couldn’t stop yawning and once her head tilted to the side to rest on Draco’s shoulder, she found that she was having a difficult time trying to keep her eyes open.


“Tired?” he asked her.


She nodded lazily against his shoulder. “I’m about to fall asleep.”


“Are you ready to go home or do you want to wait until the movies over?”


“Hmmm, home.”


                They quietly left the park, once again hand in hand and made their way back to where they apparated in. She pulled out her last eggroll and began to munch on it. That was five eggrolls in total, which she consumed. Draco only had one. But he told her that he didn’t mind. She should have felt like a pig, but right now she could care less.


                They made their way to the back of the building and apparated home. Once they arrived back in their kitchen, Hermione knew something wasn’t right. And she now realized eating that last eggroll was a big mistake. Without a word she ran over to the sink and threw up. She heard Draco rummaging around in the cabinets, but she didn’t lift her head to look.


                Draco sat a glass of water down next to her, one he must have filled using his want, since she was currently occupying the sink. He helped push her hair out of her face and handed her the glass.


“You okay?”


She took a small sip. “Note to self don’t eat eggrolls before you apparate.”


He chuckled, “I’ll keep that in mind, but really are you okay?”


She nodded. “Yeah I’m not any worse than all the other times I’ve gotten sick.” She shook her head, “Not the most graceful way to end a date is it?” She blushed.


“Who said this was a date?”


She was taken aback at that. “I thought…I mean…since…” she trailed off when he smiled at her.


“I’m kidding. But since we brought it up, does this mean I’ll get a goodnight kiss?” He stepped closer to her.


Her eyes darted to the sink and then back to him. “Uh…do mind if we take a rein check on that, at least until after I brush my teeth about ten times?”


“Yeah that’s probably best.” He chuckled.

AN: Okay sorry for the horribly long wait, I've been crazy busy and barely had time to write. But don't worry I'm not abandoning this story, believe me. there is more to come...hopefully sooner then later, but no promises. So please, please keep reading. And thank you so much for all your patience, I know you hate waiting. And as always keep reading and reviewing. 

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