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The Beginning by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 8 : Wise Words
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Phew... Finally got around to writing this chapter, and even though it's more filler, I'm quite fond of it. :) 

Once again, I must again thank my lovely reviewers for the last chapter. Thank you to i freakin love malfoy, DracoM4eva, KxxDxx, TaylaBraxton, Starkidgleek, dramione_Lover225, claudiaandizzy, and of course, Gin-gin06.


Disclaimer:  I do not own Harry Potter or the wonderful characters from Harry Potter (though, I wish I did :P). They all belong to the wonderful mind of JK Rowling, without whom we wouldn't be on this website. I'm merely a bored person writing a story using her characters. Paragraph 12, the words Dumbledore says can be found on page 123 of the Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone by our dear JK Rowling.


I was nearly bouncing by the time I reached the Gryffindor table. I sat down in between a set of red headed twins and what looked like their older brother, who introduced himself as Percy Weasley, one of our prefects.


The twins turned to me after a bit and introduced themselves as Fred and George Weasley; they were all Ron's brothers and the twins were wagering about whether or not Ron would make it into Gryffindor. The people around us chatted quietly as they watched my fellow first years nervously await their sorting. Several of the whispers seemed to be about Harry. "Almost killed.." and "Potter boy" sounded around us.


One whisper in particular seemed to stand out to me,"Do you think it's really him?"


I turned around to face whoever it was, "Of course it's him." I deadpanned as an older girl turned, quirking her eyebrow, "I've already talked with him. He's got the scar and everything. He's not something to gawk at though. Besides, he doesn't really know much about his past it seems or magic at all." She shot me a dirty look and turned back to her friends who then glared at me.


"Malfoy, Draco." I heard the name called from the front of the hall and my attention immediately left the girl and focused on Professor McGonagall and Draco Malfoy.


He made his way up to the stool and sat down as McGonagall was placing the hat on his head. Before even a second passed, the hat shouted, "SLYTHERIN!"


My heart sunk slightly as McGonagall removed the hat, seeming to almost frown as Draco smirked and made his way to the Slytherin table. I shook my head, attempting to clear it momentarily. No use dwelling on what house someone was placed in, especially him.


A few others were sorted into their house, but I couldn't find myself focusing. "Potter, Harry." I, and everyone around me instantly grew silent. Everyone in the hall seemed to stop everything and hold their breath as they watched The Boy Who Lived make his way up to the sorting hat.


As Harry approached the stool, an extremely nervous look seemed to take over his features. He seemed to be struggling with something and he sat on the stool, nearly wincing as McGonagall placed the hat on his head.


Immediately, the hat began talking quietly to him and almost everyone in the hall seemed to lean forward slightly, hoping to hear what it was saying... As if the few millimeters would help. After what seemed like several minutes passed, the hat finally spoke. "Better be... GRYFFINDOR!"


Nearly every person in the hall burst into applause, and the entire Gryffindor table stood up, clapping and cheering. Fred and George began to chant, "We got Harry!" and as he approached, now beaming, Percy furiously shook his hand and he sat down, in between the twins and me.


There were only a few left to be sorted, and Ron ended up making it into Gryffindor. There was a groan from one of the twins as the other mumbled a "pay up."


Dumbledore got up to speak after a "Zabini, Blaise" was placed in Slytherin, ending the ceremony. I anticipated a great speech, after hearing and reading about what a genius this man was. I leaned forward in my seat as the hall grew silent and Dumbledore began to speak, "Welcome! I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!" (Sorcerer's Stone page 123). He then sat back down and the hall burst into applause, leaving me extremely confused. I wouldn't have said genius. I mean, what did a stupid person, fat, an article belonging to a broken or incomplete set, and an adjustment have to do with anything?!


All thoughts of Dumbledore and his odd ways vanished however as food filled all the previously empty trays and dishes in front of us. My jaw dropped as I wondered how this was possible and what spell was used. This thought vanished as well as I realized how truly hungry I was.


The table was now full of every type of meat, vegetable, bread, gravy, and side dishes that I could imagine. I nearly began to drool as I immediately reached for a roll and began loading my plate. I now had a piece of steak along with some roast potatoes, carrots, a huge roll, and some noodles covered with cheese.


I began cutting the steak after taking a bite of the roll. I nearly fell off the bench when a ghost appeared over Harry's shoulder, staring longingly at the food on Harry's plate.


He and Harry began having a discussion about how he hadn't eaten in hundreds of years. I thought about it and realized I'd never really thought about ghosts not being able to or by having a need to eat. Then again, I'd never really thought about or believed in ghosts much before, having never seen them.


Ron was saying something about him being "nearly headless" through mouthfuls of food as the ghost said to call him "Sir Nicholas". My mind immediately went to questioning how he could be "nearly" headless before a boy beat me to it, asking Sir Nicholas. The ghost grabbed his left ear and tugged, pulling his head away from his neck. His head was nearly completely detached, save for a small chunk of skin on the one side. I winced and turned away, focusing on my food.


10 minutes or so into the meal, Percy turned to me and began asking me questions about which subjects I was most excited for.


"Well," I started, "I can't really say that I'm most excited about any one subject in particular. I mean, it's all quite interesting to me, you see, I'm a muggle-born." I paused to gage his reaction but he merely smiled. The fact that I was muggle-born hadn't even seemed to phase him.


"I think that transfiguration is really quite fascinating. Starting with one thing and turning into something else entirely intrigues me. Then there's potions, I really enjoyed reading up about all the different potions and ingredients and what you can do. There's such a wide range of potions, I found it hard to believe. Charms also seems like it would be a good course, quite useful, I'm sure I'll be learning a lot in that course." I finished my rant and he nodded.


"When you start all your courses, it'll be introductory stuff of course. Transfiguration will be simple things like matches to needles, that sort of thing. Charms you'll learn easy ones like making objects fly and such. Potions you'll be focusing on ingredients for a while. It's all still quite fascinating, even to me, and I'm a pure-blood." He finished, smiling at me before resuming his meal.


I was more than happy to turn back to the food, the bread alone was savory. The steak was extremely tender and had the most amazing flavor imaginable, it seemed to have been soaked in an almost teriyaki marinade.


Before I knew it, everyone's plates and dishes instantly emptied and within a few seconds, dessert had filled all the trays in front of us. Everyone in the hall seemed to grow a second stomach as the looked down the table now full of Jell-O, ice cream in every flavor possible, a variety of pies and cakes, and just about every other dessert you could possibly imagine.


I helped myself to some chocolate-covered strawberries, my favorite, and started focusing in on conversation, not wanting to be left out.


The boy who had asked Sir Nicholas about being nearly headless was introducing himself to Neville, who had also made Gryffindor, as Seamus Finnigan. He then began to explain how his father was a muggle and his mother was a witch, making him a half-and-half, a half-blood. Ron then asked Neville about himself and he began to recount the stories he had told me earlier. I couldn't believe that was earlier today, it felt like so long ago.


Before long, the desserts disappeared as well. Dumbledore stood up again and the hall grew instantly quiet as he began to speak. "Now that we've all had our fair-share of food and drink, it's time to address a few important rules for all of you. First years, you'll need to know this first one, as all other years have already been informed. The forest on the grounds is forbidden to all students." he paused as his eyes flicked to Fred and George before continuing. I wondered why it would be forbidden and what it was the twins had done that broke that rule.


"Our caretaker, Mr. Filch, would like to remind all of you that magic is not allowed in the corridors in between classes." I suppose that made sense. Wouldn't want anyone to get hurt.


"If you're interested in playing Quidditch for your house team, contact Madam Hooch as soon as possible. Trials will be held during the second week of term." Didn't apply to me. I was deathly afraid of flying, plus first years weren't allowed to play for their teams.


"Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a new rule. I must inform and every one of you that the third-floor corridor on the right-hand side is strictly out of bounds. I advise you head this rule unless you wish to die an incredible painful death." He gave a quick laugh as the rest of the hall remained silent. What was in the castle that could kill a student?!


So, what did you guys think?! See that box down there?! It's feeling a little hungry and would be oh-so-happy if you fed it with some words. It's not picky, anything wil do really. I'd appreciate it almost as much as the box would, plus you get your name at the top of the chapter! :) And I'll totally bake you some *virtual* homemade cupcakes... frosting from scratch and everything. ;P 


Until next time,


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The Beginning : Wise Words


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