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A Ghost and a Burden by LilyEvans95
Chapter 1 : The Visitor
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Petunia Dursley sat alone on her bed and surveyed her bedroom. She had lived in this house for 20 years. This was the first house that she had bought with her husband. The house where her son had grown up into a young man. The house where 16 long years ago, she was told by a wizard, that her only sister had been murdered. Petunia never cried. Not until that day anyway. She was careful to stay in her usual stony faced posture around her husband, but when he had left the house, she broke down. She couldn't block out the image of those perfect emerald eyes. How she had tormented her about what she was. Maybe thats why she seemed to hate her nephew. Those eyes. An exact copy of her beloved sisters. When she glanced into them, a wave of guilt would wash over and drown her. Pure guilt.

She slowly raised up from her bed and wandered across the hall to her nephews room. She looked back onto the times she locked Harry up. To protect him. Save him, because she couldn't save her own sister. Petunia remebered the day that she had recieved Lily's wedding invatation. She had made up some ridiculous story of being away. After that, she couldn't even bear to look in the mirror. James had been Lily's protecter. Best friend. Lover. Her everything, and because of Petunia's selfish reasons, she had missed the day that her sister was bound to her soulmate. When they died, Petunia's redemption was to take care of Harry. Love him like a son, and she had failed.

"You never failed".

Petunia closed her eyes and let the voice of her sister take over her.

"I rejected Harry. I should have helped him to prepare". Petunia let her thoughts roam free in her mind.

"Maybe, but I was wrong thinking that you would've treated him as you did Dudley". Lily's small, soft voice calmed Petunia in a way that she never thought possible.

"I'm sorry. Harry may have been a burden on me, but a special burden. He's going to save people isn't he?". Petunia asked.

"Yes. Thanks to you. You raised him to be strong. To be prepared for what he will soon face alone". Lily's voice was barely above a whisper, but it rang through Petunia like a thousand chiming bells.

"Alone. He's sending us away. To protect us. I couldn't save you. I wouldn't go to see you marry the man you love. How can I make things right if he lives?". Lily then confessed something that finally buried Petunia's guilt after 16 years.

"Be there. Be there when he marries his soulmate. Be there when he eventually comes to find you. I never hated you Petunia. You may not have realised, but I never left your side. I was always with you. I don't hate you. Neither does James. We knew, on the day that we entwined our hearts forever, that even though you weren't there in person, you were in my heart, holding my hand. I will never leave you".

Petunia let tears fall freely down her hollow cheeks as she let those words soothe and comfort her.

"I love you Lily".

Petunia felt a dizzy sensation as she sensed Lily leaving her thoughts. She had a feeling that she was going to watch over Harry. If he was going to die. She had to make things right with him. She blinked away fresh tears and graced down the stairs to where her nephew stood infront of the cupboard under the stairs filling a small, tacky grey backpack with what looked like lots of pieces of tea stained paper. Petunia walked over to him cautiously and watched his eyes slowly lift to meet hers. She let out a tiny almost inaudiable gasp as she finally realised the truth in herself and Lily's words. Harry truly was a burden, but a special burden. The boy who was saving her and her husbands lives after 16 years of torment. Her nephew, who was going to save the wizarding world. Just like her sister and brother-in-law intended to do. They had after all sacraficed their own lives to save Harry's. Which is exactly what Harry was doing for her. She felt a rush of happiness as she processed this thought. She gazed at Harry with a great amount of love and hope. James had been Lily's saviour. Now Harry was hers.

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