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007 by limwen
Chapter 3 : We Need To Talk
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I forgot how much I love playing Quidditch; I haven’t played it since I was 16. It was something me and David used to do, it was our thing. So I guess after I left I just didn’t see the point in doing it.

But now that I’m up here, on a broom, defending the goals, I’ve realized just how much I missed the game.

We decided to play boys against girls (it was Lily’s idea), so my team has Lily, Roxanne, and Rose as Chasers and Dom and Lucy are Beaters, and Molly (the 2nd) is our Seeker, and then of course I’m the Keeper.

On the opposing team, they have James, Fred, and Lewis as Chasers, David and Teddy are Beaters, Albus is the Seeker, then they have Hugo as their Keeper.

Right know we are winning 80-20 to us.

 “Can we talk later?” I turned around to see David hovering a little above me, why is he asking me this know! We are in the middle of a Quidditch game for crying out loud!

I get that we kind of left a lot unsaid after James pulled me out of the kitchen, but why is he asking me this know?

Because Merlin, and every other God type figure HATES ME!

“Yeah, later,” I said, my voice portraying my annoyance. I kind of felt bad; I didn’t want to be mean to him. “Because right now I’m going to kick your teams’ ass!” I figured throwing some humor into my answer would make it less awkward, maybe?

“Only in your dreams, Sanders?” He said my last name as if unsure of what it was, so I nodded and gave him a smile.

“OI! NO TIME FOR SMALL TALK, WE HAVE A GAME TO WIN!” Lily screamed at me as she cached the Quaffle, so I set my focus on the Quaffle, even if there is not one coming at me at the moment, the game could change in a heartbeat. At least that’s what David used to tell me.


I still have no idea what the hell I’m going to do about him, I can’t avoid him forever, he’s my fiancés best friend.

Crap, we still have to tell his parents we’re engaged, I wonder if David knows.

I can see James flying full speed with the Quaffle tucked underneath his arm, I get ready accordingly. He starts to lean slightly left, but not all the way, which means he will most likely shot for the right hoop.

I quickly lean towards the right hoop, and just in the nick of time I catch the Quaffle. I high five a passing Roxanne, and wink at James, who is pretending to glare, it’s rather cute.

“Albus is going for the Snitch!” I heard Teddy yell, I looked to my left and see Albus and Molly neck and neck, arms stretched out trying to reach the Snitch before the other. The rest of the game stops as everyone turn their eyes to Molly and Albus.

“COME ON MOLLY!” I screamed, I was most likely not heard due to the fact that everyone was screaming for either Albus or Molly.

Within the blink of an eye Molly grabs the Snitch and throws her hand up into the air, making her way down to the ground.

I follow everyone else’s lead but before and start flying to the ground, when I reach it James pulls me up into a big bear hug, I love his hugs.

“Evelyn Abigail Sanders,” he started to say as he let me down, “will you do me the honor of you marrying me?” he said as he got down on one knee.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement, seeing how he already proposed, and I already said yes.

I’m pretty sure my mouth is hanging open in shock; I must look like a fish, hopefully an attractive fish.

Then he pulled out a ring, even though he already proposed he has yet to find a ring (and I quote) that wouldn’t look hideous compared to my beauty (end quote). The ring has a gold band with a medium sized green emerald in the middle, and smaller emeralds trailing the rest of the band.

To say it was beautiful would be an understatement.

“But James, I already said yes.” I whispered in his ear so his family members, who were watching, did not hear.

“I figured this would be a good way to break the news to them, and to give you the ring.” James whispered back, his eyes where twinkling with glee. I looked over at his family, that’s when I realized they were waiting for an answer.

“Yes, of course I’ll marry you!” I screamed as I jumped into his arms, he picked me up and twirled me around as his family applauds to our engagement.

As James pulls me into a kiss I see I the corner of my eye David storming into the house, I completely forgot about David, crap.

“What’s going on?” I broke off our kiss to see James’ parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles (everyone who was not involved in the Quidditch game) staring at us with quizzical expressions on their faces’.

“JAMES IS GETTING MARRIED!!” Lily screams as she ran over and tackled James, she was grinning like a maniac.

“Welcome to the family, dear.” Ginny said as she hugged me, I gratefully returned the gesture.

“Thank you,” I said as I hugged Harry who also said his congratulations, as soon as I broke out of the hug with Harry, Lily attacked me with a hug.

“Can I see the ring?” Lily asked as she broke out of the hug, as soon as the words left her mouth I was bombarded by Weasley/Potter women, all wanting to get a look at my ring.

“It’s so pretty!” Lily explained as she held my hand up to her face to get a better look at it, and the comments and hand grabbing did not stop there.

“Awe, the emeralds match your eyes!” pulls hand.

“It’s simply breath taking!” grabs entire arm.

“I wonder where he got it!”

“Did you have any idea that he was going to propose?”

“Welcome to the family, Elara!”

To say I was a little overwhelmed would be an understatement, but I was course kept my cool.

“Let the poor girl breath,” James, my knight in shining armor. He lead my inside, everyone else, understanding that the (not so) newly engaged couple needs to spend some alone time together, stayed outside. Just as James was going to pull the door open someone else opened it, it was David.

“Hey, congrats guys!” David said with a fake smile, I only know it’s fake because his eyes are shifting back and forth.

“Thanks, you’re going to be my best man right?” James asked David as they pulled out of their man hug, I didn’t even think about the hole best man and bridesmaid thing yet.


“Yes, of course I will.” He gave James a smile, a quick glance in my direction, and then left to join the others out by the Quidditch pitch.

James once again grabbed my hand to lead me inside the house; we walked past the same hallway filled with old family photos, we came to a halt in the living room where James pulled me around so that I was facing him, and then started snogging me as if his life depended on it.

He put his hand around my waste and pulled me as close to him as possible, I responded with the same enthusiasm as him as I ran my hand through his hair.

“You’re going to be a Potter,” James said as he ran kisses down my neck.

“Mhmm,” was all I could manage to say, we where both so caught up in each other we failed to noticed someone entering the room. It wasn’t until said person coughed that we broke apart, Teddy and Fred where standing there with an amused look on their face.

“This letter just came for you, Elara,” Teddy said handing me a letter.

“Yeah, it took us forever to catch the bloody bird,” Fred said as I took the letter from Teddy, I recognized the hand writing right away, Adam.

“Who’s it from?” James inquired, he was trying to get a look at it but before he could I started walking towards the front door.

“Work, I’m just going to step outside to read it,” I said as I made my way across the room, and out the front door.


Once outside I opened the letter.

Dear E,

Something’s come up here; we need you back in the Office as soon as possible.

Also, tomorrow is the Ministers Masquerade Ball and I find myself needing a date, care to join me?

I hope you are having fun at the Potters, sorry for cutting the visit short.

I’ll see you soon; you’ll have to tell me all about meeting lover boy’s family!

I send my love,


I’m assuming our (mine and Adams) next mission has something to do with the Ministers Masquerade Ball, but I’m not sure what he could mean by “something’s come up here”. And he for some reason always refers to James as lover boy, ever since I told him we where dating, though Adam has never once met James.

“Is everything okay?” I turned around to see Mister Potter standing in the door way, fixing his glasses as they were falling off his face.

“Of course, just a work emergency, I’m afraid I’ll have to cut this visit short,” I said with a sad smile, I wasn’t really lying, just twisting my words a bit.

“That’s a shame, Ginny was planning on getting in some early wedding plans in,” Harry said with a chuckle, his eyes sparkled at the mere mention of his wife.

“I would be fine with a small one, to be honest,” I said letting out a laugh, in which Harry smiled.

“That’s what I said as well, but Ginny ended up inviting half of England!” Harry said, smiling at the memory.

“We should probably head inside, you need to say goodbye to everyone before you go,” Harry said offering me his arm, I took it, and he lead me inside.


As we walked inside I could already hear the chatter coming from the living room, happiness was radiating from the room.

“There you are, I was worried you’ve gotten lost or something,” James said as we entered the room, he took my arm from his father and lead me over to the couch.

“Not lost, but I do have to get going, something came up at work, that’s what the letter was about,” I said giving him an apologetic smile for having to leave.

“Oh, well I’ll escort you outside, ELARAS LEAVING!” James yelled the last part so everyone could hear over the chatter in the room, and one by one everyone said their goodbyes.

“You’re welcome here anytime,” Mrs. Weasley senior informed me as she hugged me goodbye.

“You’ll have to owl me soon so we can get together and talk about the wedding, goodbye dear,” Ginny said as she hugged me, I said I would owl her as soon as I could.

“I still can’t believe our James is getting hitched, and with such a fine specimen as well,” Teddy said as he hugged me, he also got slapped on the back of his head by Victorie, I laughed at that.

After all the goodbyes where said James lead me out of the Burrow and into the front field, where I would Apparate, once we reached it he pulled me in for a goodbye kiss.

“I’ll miss you,” James said against my lips.

“You’re mother wants to get together to plan the wedding,” I told him as I pulled away, he smiled in response before giving me a loving kiss.

“My mum’s a wedding planner maniac, so don’t let her boss you around,” James told me as I was getting ready to Apparate.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine, I love you,” I told him one last time, laughing at his comment about his mother.

“Love you too,” He gave me one last kiss before I Apparate to outside my flat.



When I reached my flat the first thing that I did was collapse on my couch, I swear this couch was the softest most comfy couch in the world! I slowly started to get up from the couch, to go get ready for work, when I heard a knock on the door.

I reluctantly made my way away from the couch and towards the front door, taking my wand out of my back pocket as I went.

When I reached the door I took a look through the peephole, to say I was surprised would be a lie, because I was shocked at whom I found on the other side.

 I slowly opened the door.

“David, what the hell are you doing here?” I asked him as I opened the door up wider, so I could get a better look at him.

“We need to talk, Abigail,”





AUTHORS NOTE: I said to myself when I first started writing fan fiction that I would not take forever to update, because I know how annoying it can be when an Author takes forever to update, but here I am updating almost a month after the chapter before this one. Augh, I'm sorry about the delay with updating, it just took me awhile to get this chapter right, and I still don't love it. But what can you do?

Anyway, so James proposed, again, David showed up at Elaras flat, emergency at the Department of Myths, and a Masquerade Ball! Please tell me what you think of it all, I love reading and responding to your reviews!

Oh, and incase you guys forgot Adam is Elaras partner at the Department of Myths.

Also, if someone could just send me a banner (I'm not sure how to request a banner at the dark arts), I would love you forever!

Lots of Love, and thanks for reading,




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