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Loving You by The_seeker12
Chapter 3 : Surprise
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Disclaimer: I don't own anyone you recognize...

“Um… You’re… What?” I croak, staring at Rose in shock. She bites her lip and finally offers again, “I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant, Al. Happy?”

“Not really,” I say, shooting her a glance. After a moment I ask, “Who’s the father?”

Rose hesitates for a very long moment, and I choke slightly. “Oh, bloody hell… Rose tell me it’s not Scorpius’s kid…” If it is I will kill him. And then probably you. Sorry.

Rose’s jaw drops and she gasps, “No! Oh, Merlin, Al, why would you even think that?” She closes her eyes and finally says, “It’s… Lorcan.”

I choke again. “Lorcan Scamander?”

Rose lets out a nervous laugh and asks, “What, would you rather the father be Teddy or something?”

Again with the choking. “Teddy? Merlin, no! It’s just… Rosie…” She stares at me, tears filling her eyes and finally says, “I know. I know.”

After a very long pause I finally say, “So, um, what did Lorcan have to say about all this?”

Lorcan’s a pretty responsible guy. He’s got to have some plan in mind of what to do. I turn my attention to Rose as she says, “Nothing…?”

“What?” I ask, blinking.

Rose swallows. “I… I haven’t really told him yet…”

I pull back, shooting her another glance. “Wait… You told me first?” She nods. I wrinkle my nose. “Why tell me?” I ask. “I’m practically the most irresponsible person in this family if you don’t count James and Fred…”

She rolls her eyes. “You might be irresponsible, but you’ve always been the most practical out of all of them.”

I open my mouth, but nothing comes out. I almost find myself saying: Practical? Since when? I’ve been in love with Lily’s guy since I was twelve years old. Sure. Practical. Whatever you say.

After a moment Rose finally says tentatively, “Al?” She bites her lip and then asks, “What do I do?”

“Tell Lorcan,” I say shortly, running a hand through my hair.

Rose pales quickly and starts to shake her head. I roll my eyes. “Are you embarrassed or something?” Probably only because you’ve been in love with him since you first met him. And you gave his first girlfriend a black eye.

Rose glares at me and questions in a snappish tone, “Was it obvious?”

I roll my eyes at her. “Rosie, it’ll be worse the longer you keep it from him.”

Rose frowns. “He’s got a new girlfriend every day, Al.” Her eyes fill slightly with tears. I pat her shoulder, hoping the very fast mood swings are not a result of her pregnancy. If they are then I probably won’t be able to stand being around her for the next nine months.

Suddenly, Rose looks up at me and asks desperately, her eyes confused and upset, “How do you tell someone you’ve been in love with since you were eight that you’re suddenly pregnant with their kid?”

Er… Good question.

I really have no idea.

After a moment of floundering, my mouth opening and closing, I finally work out, “I… Don’t… Know…?”

Rose frowns, and as she stands up to go I consider stopping her. I wonder if I should ask her to sit back down and spill my heart out to her, tell her everything that’s going on with Scorpius, Lily, Draco, and Astoria.

But the thought fills me with a horrible fear that grips me to the bone, making me shudder. So I watch her go, vowing to suffer in silence.

My family has too many problems to actually focus on me. Everything’s so messed up. And I’m just a piece of it.

I lean my head back against the bed as the door shuts behind Rose, letting out a long, tired sigh.

This has literally been the longest day of my life. Really.

I groan as I hear screams coming from down the hall. Oh, yippee! (Sarcasm, people, for those of you who are tone deaf.) It takes me a moment to focus on what the people are saying.

“No, you don’t understand, Lily!”

Lily screeches back, sounding offended and as snobby as always, “I think I do, Scorpius! Maybe if you’d just listen—”

Wow. They’re already fighting and they’ve only been married for a few hours. That’s not good.

… Well, actually, that’s not good for them. However, it is good for me.

“I don’t have to listen!” Scorpius responds childishly. “Lily, don’t stand there and tell me you understand! Nobody can understand what this feels like. She was… She was…” He lets out a slight sob, and I contemplating opening the door before he breaks down again. “She was everything,” he murmurs quietly, his voice catching on his tears.

“Scorpius…” Lily’s voice is soft. “Please. We’ll get through this, okay? We’ll figure it out. I promise. I love you.”

Scorpius’s voice is muffled when he mutters, “I love you too, Lils.”

Damn it. Damn it, damn it, damn it. No, you bloody idiot! You’re supposed to say that to me!

Er… Minus the “Lils” part.

…That’s a terrible nickname. Lils. Yuck. It’s almost as bad as Albus.

I sigh again, and as their footsteps fade down the hallway I let out a frustrated groan, allowing my head to drop into my hands.

My life sucks.

After a moment of silence I turn on my side and curl up, resting my head against the pillow, wanting nothing more than to fall asleep.

“You know, you’re not quite as smart as you think you are,” Scorpius’s voice is playful and light. Our laughter seems to almost dance through the air. The common room is empty except for us, a few plushy chairs, some desks, and the fire crackling on the logs, making light flash across the room.

“I’m a Ravenclaw too, Malfoy,” I snap at him, rolling my eyes. My fake anger doesn’t last very long, though, as he turns glimmering silver-blue eyes on me. My heart does a quick tap dance.

“Yeah, but if you study much more you’re going to turn into Rose, Allie.” My heart flutters again at the use of the old nickname, but I cover it up as Scorpius continues, “NEWTs aren’t as hard as they seem…”

“How would you know?” I ask with a snort, looking up from my book for the first time in a few hours. “You’ve never taken them before.”

Scorpius smiles, brushing blonde hair out of his eyes, but his smile quickly turns into his infamous family smirk as he says, “On the contrary, my friend, I’m actually an auror in disguise who’s protecting a Hogwarts professor. You just didn’t know it.”

I roll my eyes again. “And I’m supposed to believe that why?”

“Because I said so,” Scorpius retorts in a childish manner.

“Right,” I say, laughing slightly. “So if you tell me to go jump off the astronomy tower I should go do that too?”

Scorpius smirks at me again and tells me, “Of course. But I’d jump with you, Allie. You’re not alone here.”

I shake my head in exasperation, trying to cover up the flurries that are going through me. I’m not turning into some emotional sissy. I am not. Or maybe I am.


Yeah. That wasn’t exactly as intimidating as I’d planned.

Scorpius raises an eyebrow at me. “Alllllll?” He stretches out the l in my name for about a minute and then continues on, asking, “You still alive in there?”

“Sure,” I grumble. “I guess.”

“You guess? Are you turning into a zombie or something?”

“You obsession with muggle horror movies isn’t doing anything for you here, Scorpius,” I mutter. He snickers.

“You’re just bitter. I’m scarier than you are.” He smirks the Malfoy smirk for the umpteenth time today.

I roll my eyes yet again, realizing I do this almost as much as he smirks. After a moment I add, “Of course you are. Your blonde ferret arse is so frightening…”

He glowers. “Don’t bring ferrets into this, Potter.”

“Oooh, I’m quaking in my boots, Malfoy.”

There’s a short pause and then Scorpius tells me matter-of-factly, “You’re not wearing boots, Al.”

I glance down. Actually, I’m not wearing any shoes at all. I wiggle my toes slightly and then look up at him. And back down at my roll of parchment that’s due in two days. I have nothing written yet.

After a moment I toss the parchment into the fire, at which Scorpius laughs, and then say, “I’m going to go get some sleep.”

“Couldn’t’ve said it better myself,” Scorpius mutters as he jumps up from the couch.

It’s dark. Everything seems really bizarre and blurry. I can’t really focus either; my mind seems to be in a strange haze.

“What the hell happened?” Somebody asks. Angrily. Actually, no, they sound more upset and worried than angry.

“I don’t know,” a softer, more agitated sounding voice replies. “He was with us on the scene and I turned around and he was passed out and bleeding.”

“He’s a freaking healer, not an auror!” The voice sounds familiar, but in my weird miasma I can’t place it. “What was he doing on the scene with you all for?”

“He was examining the body. Healing people who got hurt in the fray.”

“You seriously chose Al to do that? You should know him better than that!” This person is seriously angry.

“Look, I know he’s your boyfriend—“ um… what? “—and we should have told you, but there was no time.”

There’s a long pause and finally the voice snaps, “Fine. But if it happens again…” The threat ends with a growl.

“I know what you mean,” the other voice returns quietly, and I can almost feel their eyes on me.

I blink drowsily, and then sit up in the bed. I have really weird dreams. Memories of Scorpius and I, and then… me at St. Mungos?

I snort slightly, shaking my head. “Oi, Al, get a grip,” I mutter to myself, groaning.

“Dinner, Albus!” I hear my mum call from somewhere below.

I growl under my breath. “For Merlin’s sake, mum! Al! I’ve told you a thousand times before…” I continue muttering to myself as I enter the hallway, stopping when I find James there, smirking at me.

“What?” I snap, glaring at him.

He grins. “She’s never going to listen to you, you know.” I roll my eyes, and he adds, “And you’re suddenly reminding me of ten-year-old Al when he and an eleven-year-old I had the same conversation at Godric’s hollow.”

I let out a slight chuckle. “That sentence barely made any sense James.”

He shakes his head at me, leaning over and ruffling my hair.

I glower. I hate it when people mess with my hair. I mean, Merlin, it’s already mussed up enough on its own! I guess I can thank dad for those genes too.

James laughs slightly, bumps his shoulder into mine and then takes off down the stairs to where the food is.

I follow him slowly, not quite ready to see what’s in store for me down there. As I reach the dining room I see my assumptions were right—Scorpius and Lily are practically ogling each other across the table and a very pale Rose is sitting next to Lorcan, who looks confused as to why she’s ignoring him suddenly.

I settle down in between Lysander and Hugo. I give Hugo a brief glance to see him stuffing his face with food. I pause slightly, rolling my eyes and then turn to Lysander, greeting him with a very soft, “Hello.”

Lysander and I were never exactly best buddies or whatever, but we kind of shared this… I don’t even know how to describe it… Common ground… similar thoughts… Something. We click. Usually. So I can quite easily notice that something’s wrong when I see the look on his face.

“Hey,” he says wistfully, peering around the table. I shoot him a curious glance, which he promptly ignores, and pile some food onto my plate.

“You okay?” I ask after a minute. Nobody really hears out quiet conversation over the din of the room. I force myself to focus on Lysander and not look towards Scorpius and Lily.

Lysander lets a soft, sad smile drift across his face as he shakes his head, his blond hair covering his dreamy blue eyes. I raise an eyebrow and question, “What’s wrong?”

He doesn’t answer, just smiles that sad smile before finally getting out, “It doesn’t matter right now. I’ll be fine.”

I frown slightly, unable to shake the feeling that something’s truly upset Lysander which is nearly impossible to do. After a moment I turn back to my plate and stare at it blankly, allowing my eyes to close slightly.

For a moment I can’t feel anything. I simply feel numb and empty. Then I give up. There’s no point in staying down here and trying to act like everything is fine and dandy. With a soft sigh I push my plate towards the center of the table and mutter, “I’m going to sleep. See you all later.”

Lysander is the only person to see me leave the room. I notice his look of concern, but he doesn’t say anything, and for that I’m grateful.

A/N: Alrighty! ... Hope that chapter was good. A review would be nice, especially opinions on Rose. Maybe Lysnader too? He's going to play a much bigger part later in this story, which I'm excited about. I've never really written Lysander before, so any comments on him would be nice.

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed, blah, blah, blah, thanks for reading.

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