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Who are you? by Ambrosia
Chapter 7 : Part 7
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Part 7

Harry was fuming. Draco could tell. And, if the truth be told, he was loving every minute of it. Of all the power that Harry had held, both before and after this days events, he was suddenly helpless. Awash in a sea of forgotten memories and talents, the history that Harry was loved, and depised, for, never happened. He was nobody special to these people, just a boy with a strange scar and a god complex. Harry just wanted to be in control, Drcao could tell. But, this time, it was Drcao that held that power.
Draco had cast the spell and, like most of his spells, it worked. In a fashion. In a way, he had put the group under a sort of invisibility cloak but, it also enabled people to walk right through them. He was surprised it worked, having only momentarily seen the spell in one of his fathers old tomes. Unfortunately, he still had a few kinks to work out...
As the odd group moved out of the classroom, none too pensively, the hallway looked deserted. Not a single soul could be seen in the usual bustling halls of Hogworts. That was the point. The students were there, but they were not. Seperate from the other reality but the same. Draco sighed in relief as he saw this. Over-confidence was never a good trait in his family. Everyone else, one the other hand, was dissapointed. No one expected the placeto be so bare, so quiet. Their footsteps echoed off the stones as the preceeded along for a few feet, not saying anything, as if breaking the silence would send them deeper into maddness.
A few students jumped when Harry spoke.
“What are we doing?” he asked, knowing there was really no answer.
And there wasn't one.
“I thought so,” the boy said and moved towards the front of the group. Draco could see it coming a mile away. The Big Motivational Speech.
“What we should be doing is finding a way out of here, not gawping at the architecture. It's marvelous, it's beautiful, yes but it is also our prison until we can found a way out and a way to get our memories back. We are locked in the unknown, the darkness...”
Throughout his whole speel, Draco could see Snape growing more and more irritated. His fists clenched at his side and his stare became frozen as Harry droned on about darkness and a plan. A plan he did not seem to be getting to in a hurry.
“Well?” Snape suddenly said, cutting the boy off. “What do you propose we do?”
Harry was caught off guard by this interuption and was lost for words, giving Snape the chance to cut him down to the lowly student Snape thought he was.
“I knew it, no plan, just a bunch of pretty words with nothing to back it it.”
Of course Harry had a plan, Draco knew this. he always had a plan. But this was too good.
“Lucky, for eveyone, I have a plan. We spilt up and meet back here in one hour. Search the place, look for an exit and other people. Find answers.”
“No buts *Scott*. I am your teacher.”
There was nothing Harry could say to that. It was a fact, the man was his elder and did hold power. There was nothing he could do.
That was when Draco saw it, the kink...
As all eyes were on Harry and Snape, all engrossed in the silent battle of Power that was being waged, Draco turned his head slightly towards the end of the hall.
His breath stopped.
He saw a student. A first year he thought, not yet comfortable in his robes. He was just standing there, staring at Draco as if he were a ghost. Which did not surprise Draco because if the boy saw what he saw, he would think the same thing. The boy was see through. Draco could see his basic outline and colours but otherwise the boy was not there. Then, as suddenly as he had appeared, he disappeared, leaving nothing but a slight unease in Draco's mind.
Standing there, staring into the empty spot where the student stood, it was a soft, cooling voice that pulled his mind back to the problem at hand.
“Draco? They are talking about you,” Hermoine whispered, resting her warm hand on his arm. that slight touch sent shivers down his spine and her words might not have registered.
Harry's voice piped up over the others.
“What about Draco? We should be asking him why he remembers?”
And, suddenly all eyes were on him.

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