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A Building Love by weasleytwinlover2011
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11
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Chapter 11 is here! It seemed to take a while to write it and yet it's one of the shorter chapters so far! Well it's not about quantity it's about quality I guess but we'll let you be the judge of that! So please leave a review on your way out! Enjoy...

The days past and it seemed barely anything of any interest happened. Harry was still in pain, Arthur had made a huge recovery but still wasn’t completely well and then Hermione and George were spending a lot of time together but with everyone around had hardly any time to talk in private. The time past and before they knew it, it was Christmas Eve. 

After breakfast Hermione and Ginny agreed to go and wrap presents in their room.

“Pass the tape please.” Ginny said, “Hermione?”

Hermione had been day dreaming and was completely lost in her thoughts.

“Huh? Sorry what was that?”

“Never mind,” Ginny said reaching over to grab it. “What are you thinking about?”

“Stuff,” Hermione shrugged.

“Stuff? Tall stuff? With freckles, red hair and blue eyes?” Ginny asked with a smirk.

“Ha ha, so funny Ginny so funny,” Hermione said sarcastically, “but yes you’re right.” 

“Knew it,” Ginny sung.

“You finished?” Hermione asked.

“Yep, so leave so I can wrap your present.”

“Okay, fine,” Hermione said as she left grabbing some wrapping paper and tape along with a bag containing Ginny’s present. 

She walked across the landing to Fred and George’s room, the door was open so she just walked in.

“Hello, Hermione.”

“Hi George,” she smiled.

“I’m Fred,” he replied.

“Liar,” Hermione said.

“Point to Granger, mum usually get’s fooled by that.”

“Can I wrap Ginny’s present in here?”

“Yep, what did you get her?”

“Pair of boots and a matching bag,” Hermione said, “what did you get her?”

“Me and Fred...” he began.

“Fred and I,” Hermione corrected him.

“Okay Miss, calm down. Fred and I bought her a dress.”

“That is surprisingly sweet of you,” Hermione said.

“Oh I wouldn’t be so sure. When she puts it on it will turn her green, of course after we’ve had our fun we will reverse the charm and the dress will be normal,” George explained.

“You two are horrible.”

“Thank you!” he grinned.

“Not a compliment! So what is my present going to do to me?”

“Nothing Hermione, honestly if we did anything to you Mum would kill us where as with Ginny she will just yell at us!” George told her.

“Yeah well I’m still not sure I’m completely safe.”

“You’re safe with me,” he said seriously.

“Excuse me? I- I was talking about my present,” she stuttered.

“I know but I just wanted to say it,” he said blushing slightly.

She nodded in response her eyes moving to the floor just then Fred walked in.

“Not interrupting am, I?” he asked.

“Nope,” George said though he wished there had been something to interrupt. He always thought when it came to girls he had it down- rejection wasn’t supposed to be a problem and yet he was so serious about Hermione he didn’t want it to go wrong.

“Cool,” Fred grinned at the two someone must have said something because neither were looking at the other.

“I’m going to go,” Hermione said as she stood and left as she closed the door she heard George groan and say, “God I’m an idiot.”

“Not a complete idiot!” Hermione called as she walked across the hall.

George felt the grin spread across his face as he looked at the door.

“What are you smiling about?” Ginny asked Hermione as she walked in.

“Nothing,” she shrugged.

“Fine, don’t tell me. Just ignore the fact that we’re basically like sisters and lie to me like I’m as stupid and clueless as my brother,” Ginny sighed dramatically.

“Ginny, if it was something important I would tell you but it’s not. Wait which brother?”

“Does it matter? They’re all as stupid as each other,” Ginny shrugged.

“Yeah and I once thought that they were being horrible insulting their innocent little sister, boy have I leaned since then,” Hermione smirked.

Ginny glared at her and threw a pillow at her playfully, somehow Hermione caught it.

“I am innocent,” Ginny protested but smiled all the same laughing.

“Yes and I’m a pureblood Slytherin,” Hermione teased laughing and throwing the pillow back at her.

“Ha ha Hermione,” Ginny gave a pathetic fake laugh.

“So what’s new?” Hermione asked Ginny as she sat down.

“I was talking to Harry yesterday...” Ginny began.

Hermione gasped loudly, “Oh my God, you’re joking? You talked to Harry and you didn’t like faint or go mute when you looked into his eyes?” she asked sarcastically.

“Funny Hermione,” Ginny said sarcastically, “So funny. But I do love those eyes...” Ginny trailed off.

Hermione laughed at her, “Go on then Ginny, you were talking to Harry and ...”

“Right sorry,” she said blushing. “Anyways we were talking and he started talking to me about Quidditch and he suggested I try out for the team next year. So I was thinking I’d do it because I do love Quidditch and then we can spend more time together.”

“That’s great Ginny,” Hermione sighed.

“What’s wrong Mione, you don’t seem very happy! It’s Christmas Eve!” Ginny pointed out trying to bring up Hermione’s mood.

“I know it’s just this stuff with George,” Hermione frowned, “I mean it’s possible he likes me but with everyone around nothing can ever happen. But even if it did it’s his last year at Hogwarts and once he leaves... I don’t think a relationship can survive being separated so long! I mean you’d start to lose trust, right?”

“I guess,” Ginny shrugged, “but after that- I mean after you finish school...” Ginny began.

“What about it? One George would be almost twenty by then he could be in a serious relationship. Two this stuff with the war- I don’t know when it’s coming but when it does anything could happen, I could die!”

“Hermione don’t say that!” Ginny pleaded.

“But it’s true Ginny; we just don’t know what’s going to happen. The chances George and I could ever be together are unbelievably unlikely not just because he’s way out of my league but because you can’t make a relationship around a world that’s falling apart or across half of England or in a War where anything could happen,” Hermione told her on the verge of tears.

“Aw Hermione,” Ginny said sympathetically pulling her into a comforting hug just as the door was pushed open.

“Lunch ladies,” Fred said sticking his head through the door.

“Fred you could knock,” Ginny hissed.

“Well your both decent,” he said, “well as decent as you could be if you’re Ginny,” he smirked.

“Fred Weasley!” Ginny said her voice dangerously low, “you’re dead as soon as I get my hands on you!” Ginny screamed, running out of the room after her brother only for him to apparate away landing in the kitchen.

“What’s wrong?” asked George who had been behind Fred but decided to wait for Hermione.

“Nothing,” she lied blinking a couple of times to stop the threatening tears.

“Uh huh, so are you going to lie to me again or are you going to tell me the truth?” he asked.

“Shut up, you’re worse than Ginny,” Hermione muttered.

“Okay I’m offended. It’s one thing to tell me to shut up but to say I’m worse than Ginny is just heartless Hermione,” George said clutching his chest pretending to be in pain.

“Sorry,” she said and couldn’t help but smile, she was helplessly in love.

“Seriously, what’s got you down? I’ll kill it, I swear.”

Hermione laughed to herself, ‘he’d have to kill himself,’ she thought.

“It’s- I... nothing,” she sighed unable to come up with a convincing lie.

“Hermione, you can tell me anything.”

“George, I know but I- I can’t this time,” she sighed heavier as she walked past him heading for the stairs.

“Wait Hermione,” he called grabbing her wrist and pulling her back. 

She stopped and stared at him, “George...” she began.

“You don’t trust me?”

“George of course I do- I...” 

“You what Hermione? If you trusted me you’d tell me.”

“George please,” she begged, “I want to tell you but I can’t.”

“If you really wanted to you would.”

“George hasn’t there ever been anything you really want to say but you just can’t?” she asked looking for understanding.

George drew in a deep breath and he knew he understood, after all he couldn’t tell her how he felt for her, “I understand, sorry.”

“It’s fine, come on they’re probably waiting,” she said as she tugged him by the sleeve down the staircase.

They sat together at the table for lunch but George was still wondering what it was that had made her so upset that she wouldn’t share. As sad as it was it brought him comfort to see how upset she was that she couldn’t tell him and how desperate she’d been for understanding. It showed she really cared about his feelings and valued his friendship but that didn’t mean he wasn’t still questioning what it was.

So tell me what you thought! Go ahead and leave a review! I love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the story so far! Please keep reading and reviewing because you make me very happy! Thanks to all my readers for everything! Jenna :)

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