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Unexpected by CharlieB
Chapter 3 : Given up
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It was a bright day and the sun was shining…. That’s a very cheesy way to describe the morning Hermione thought as she lay on her bed. Well, she had the strangest night. Draco Malfoy had actually said her name?! She was expecting to see pigs flying out of her window. Groaning slightly, Hermione crawled out of her bed. Her duties weren’t going to sort themselves out.






Draco blinked about six times before he was sure he was awake. The sun shone through the curtains and he wished it would go away. Another hour or two PLEASE! I don’t want to wake up yet. Draco was silent and listened to Hermione humming in shower. It was a sweet melody and he decided that he wanted to hear more. 






Hermione was had just finished drying her hair when there was a knock on the door.



“Yes???” She asked timidly. She didn’t want get on the wrong side of Malfoy. Not after he had been so nice last night.



“Ummm are you almost done?” Draco answered. He wanted to hear the song again.



“In a minute. I'm just getting changed.” Hermione called back rushing around to find her clothes. She fumbled and all that went through her head was: OMG, Where are my clothes. Calm down and get changed quickly your fine don’t get flustered breathe…..






Draco waited outside for about 5 mins before Hermione stepped out in a of the shoulder top and skinny jeans. She looked amazing when Draco remembered. It was Saturday, no lessons. He smiled at her and walked in leaving her shocked standing outside the bathroom. WTF! What did you do Draco? Stand and stare at her just because she looked amazing as always and you just stared at her like some love struck first year?! Play it cool, use your charm to win her over. That will really piss over Pansy… Yeah, get the girl and get rid of the other one.  Draco thought. He then shook his head. He couldn’t play her like that. Anyone else but her.






Hermione walked into the great hall and Ginny, Harry and Ron had saved her a seat.



“Read for today?” Ginny asked everyone. They had planned that Ginny and Hermione would go shopping for the day and come back in time for the part that was being held: The prefects Party. It was Hermione’s idea to let everyone take their hair down in honour of the prefects who work so hard in the school. It was casual dress but Ginny insisted on a new outfit.



“Fine, you win. But I am not going to let you go over the top. It is casual.” Hermione laughed. Everyone joined in. Draco walked in and Hermione had to catch her breath. He was wearing casual jeans with a tight polo top that clung slightly to him, highlighting is muscles. He turned away quickly when she saw him smirking.






Draco strolled into the great hall and looked immediately looked at the Gryffindor table. He saw Hermione staring at him with her mouth slightly opened. He smirked at her and she looked away quickly blushing. He sat down next to Blaise when Pansy came and sat next to him.



“Hey Draco, sooo what you planning to do today?” Pansy said her finger tracing Draco’s muscular arm.



“Nothing with you!” He said to her, disgusted.  Pansy walked out of the great hall obviously hurt.



“Well, what’s up with you? You aren’t always this much of a git towards her.” Blaise said. Draco just picked at his food; he didn’t want to admit it. Not even to his best friend.



   “It’s a girl. I know you Draco so just tell me who it is.” Blaise said with a smirk in his face. He could read Draco like a book sometimes. Draco just shook his head and mumbled “You don’t want to know.”



“Hmmm...Slytherin?” Blaise asked. This was the game they always played whenever one of them fancied someone.






“Ohhhhhh this just got interesting. Hufflepuff?”






“Ok, Ravenclaw?”






“Well, a Gryffindor. Weaslette??”



“Hell NO!” Draco said.






“Ummm… No why would you even… That would be…” Draco mumbled and realised he had just given it away…



“It’s Granger. Ohhhhhh Draco loves Granger Draco loves Granger!” Blaise stared to say getting louder.



“Will you shut the Hell UP? You will not tell anyone at all. Ever. Understand?” Draco growled menacingly in his ear.  






~~~~~~~~~~ The Party ~~~~~~~~~~~~






Hermione walked into the great hall that had been transformed into an amazing club with flashing lights and huge speakers that blasted out music. She was wearing a strapless top that Ginny had claimed that ‘It looks amazing on you.’ She also wore her skinny jeans and had her hair tied up in a neat bun with a couple of strands of hair framing her face. She looked around for the others and saw them quickly near the speakers. Harry and Ginny were dancing together Ginny’s fiery red hair looked amazing against her green strap top and mini skirt. The music blared out and she could feel the beat through the floors. She looked desperately around for Ron. She saw him… And wish she hadn’t. He was against the wall snogging Lavender Browns face off. Hermione backed out of the great hall and stood by the wall. The tears were flowing and they wouldn’t stop.



“Hermione?” A familiar voice asked her gently. Draco stood there in black skinny jeans and shirt. Hermione couldn’t help herself and threw herself into his arms. He looked at the broken girl who was in his arms and held her tight and did the only thing he could do. Comfort her.



“I’ve given up Draco. I can’t please anyone. I’ll always be second best.”   She mumbled into his shirt.



Draco pushed her head up and wiped away her tears. He smiled at her.



“Your never second best, your Hermione Granger who is the most beautiful and brightest witch of our age.” And with that he kissed her, making her think of nothing but him. Draco Malfoy.

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Unexpected: Given up


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