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Unforgiven by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 29 : The Wedding, Part 2
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Everyone in the wedding party made their way to the Weasley household where, as with tradition, the reception was to be held in the yard underneath a sheer tent that had, of course, been magically enhanced so as to hold the large group of people.

Guests flooded inside, finding their designated seats, as glasses of celebratory champagne floated over to many eager hands. Smiles and laughs were exchanged as there were greetings of all sorts. The joyous occasion had brought reunions together of people that, had this wedding not taken place, would otherwise not have interacted together again.

Harry and Ginny had gone inside the Weasley home to change in to more appropriate reception clothes. Harry entered the tent wearing clothes that weren't quite as fancy, clothes that seemed for fit for a morning at church, while on his arm, Ginny was wearing a knee length, fitted, black and white ensemble with pink heels on her feet.

The duo found their seats as the audience applauded their entrance and speeches were prepared to be made.

Finally, the eager crowd subsided as Hermione (whose originally perfected hair was now falling down in strings on to her shoulders, although her look was still elegant although in a different way) took to the center of the room, dabbing her eyes with a soft pink tissue.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen," she said loudly enough for everyone to hear, "Before I give my speech, I think it to be appropriate if I propose a toast."

She raised the bottle of champagne in her hand above her head, as the crowd followed in example, "To Ginny and Harry, we wish you all many years of joy and love. We love you so much and are unbelievably happy for you."

"To Ginny and Harry!" The crowd echoed back before tossing the drank down their throats excitedly.

After she swallowed the beverage Hermione was finally content to make the traditional maid of honor speech.

"First off, I want to say a huge congratulations to the both of you. You are an extraordinary pair of people and it is so exciting to be able to be here and share this special moment with you. Now, Harry: you are my best friend, no doubt about it," Ron flinched slightly as these words met his reddened ears, "you have been there for me through thick and thin and I'm honored that you think the same of me. I love you so much. I don't think there is another couple out there as perfect together as you two. I met Harry when I was 11 aboard the Hogwarts Express. Contrary to what you might believe, we did not hit it off straight away and become best friends. In fact, it was months later when he got me out of a dangerous situation that we bonded. Since then, our bond has been unbreakable."

The crowd smiled, it was nice to see a pair of friends who's friendship lasted in to adulthood.

"Me and Ginny hit it off practically instantly. Perhaps it was because we were surrounded by boys and could use some girl time. Whatever the reason though, I'm so happy we became friends. You two are two of the most important people in my life, I wish you both a long, happy life together. One where you can have kids, and grow old together. You've earned it. I love you guys."

She departed her 'spotlight' with a huge round of applause from an enthusiastic crowd as Ron took the stage, the Best Man couldn't let the Maid of Honor take the entire spotlight.

"Hello, everyone," Ron greeted cheerfully as applause met his ears, "First off, I too want to congratulate Harry and Ginny, I'm so happy that you finally made it official. Growing up as a Weasley was a priceless experience. Sure, not everything was an up, we certainly had plenty of downs, but it was worth any tears. Growing up with six older brothers can't have been easy on Gin. But by the time she was seven she sure knew how to handle us," he paused as the crowd laughed, "She sure did have us wrapped around her tiny little fingers quickly. My sister is one of the strongest people I know, and I admire her for that. She never wanted anything handed to her. And Harry, you're my brother. Now in more ways than before. When Ginny first began dating, as her brothers, you know we didn't adapt well, particularly myself. But I speak for all of us when I say that she could not possibly have found a better husband. I love you guys. Welcome to the family, Harry!"

The crowd erupted in even more applause.

"One last thing though," he added before leaving, "If you hurt my baby sister, I'll still have your arse."

The crowd laughed, as if Harry Potter would do such a thing.

Both speeches were short and sweet, but extremely touching.

Everyone applauded as Ron stepped off the stage, giving the next person the opportunity to make their way to the platform.

As the crowd subsided, they looked and were greeted by a frail McGonagall on stage. The crowd quieted out of respect, every single person in that room , aside from Dudley and his companion who did not know her, had a mass respect for that woman, whether they'd admit it or not.

"Good evening," her voice rang out steadily from the platform, "First off, I too would like to wish this wonderful couple a congratulations, I wish you both years of memories and happiness. I shall try and keep this brief, but I have some words for the both of you. Ginevra, you are a wonderfully bright young woman and it warms my heart that I've gotten to see you evolve in to the incredibly strong woman you are to this day," she paused, wiping a tear from her eyes.

Harry squeezed his bride's hand reassuringly, exchanging smiles with each other.

After a moment, she continued.

"And Mr. Potter," she began, "I feel as if you were my own son; I'm beyond proud of the man you've become. I see so much of your father in you, Harry. Those who were granted the opportunity to know you parents could vouch for me when I say that they would have been so proud of you. I know you never got the opportunity to really know James and Lily, but I'm quite sure they would be beaming with pride at the man you've become." she paused. "I wish you both a long, happy marriage. I'm so honored to have been invited to this beautiful wedding and see two of my most preferred students. You both had a knack for trouble, perhaps that was why I was so intrigued by the pair of you?," she laughed quietly, "Well, I assume you've all had enough of my rambling, so without further ado, I complete my speech. Good luck, you two."

The crowd applauded as she slowly sat back down. It was a rather sweet speech, after all.

Finally, George Weasley staggered on to the stage, a grin on his face, "Hey, everyone! I'm going to keep this quick because I know you've all been eyeing that wedding cake and champagne, so here goes. Ginny, you're my little sister and I love you. You're a beautiful young woman and I'm glad you found someone like Harry. Harry, you're a great guy and I'm glad we're officially brothers! You're going to be a great addition to the family. Two things though: I'm with Ron, you hurt her, you best be as good at hiding as that worm Pettigrew," he paused.

Only George Weasley would mention Peter Pettigrew in a wedding speech.

"And second: As her brother, I've seen all sides of this girls, some of which you probably haven't," he laughed loudly, "I have to say...some of those sides are pretty terrifying. I mean have you SEEN her when she just wakes up? Ok, now all joking aside, good luck both of you, particularly Harry. Let's dig in!"

The crowd laughed; classic George Weasley.

3 Hours of Eating and Congratulations Later

"You ready?" Ginny screamed from the balcony with an earsplitting grin.

The crowd eagerly started jumping up and down, reaching hands in to the air, all hoping to be the ones to catch the bouquet.

Ginny turned around with her back to them, letting one hand cover her eyes, "Good luck!"

With that the bouquet soared from her fingers, through the air in to the eagerly anticipating crowd until a set of fingers grasped the package, stopping it's free fall.

All eyes spun around and were surprised to see that Luna had caught the bouquet.

Ginny spun around, then smiled when she saw the results of the throw, "Ooh, Luna, looks like you're getting married next!

The crowd cheered as Rolf came up from behind and hugged her around the waist before kissing her cheek, "Sounds divine."

The crowd awed at the adorable sight. They were truly perfect for each other.

Harry and Ginny bounded down the stairs in to the arms of all of their friends and family, many of which were crying (still) from the wedding.

Ginny found her mother's open arms and ran in to them, hugging her mother tightly.

"Congratulations, sweetheart," Mrs. Weasley sniffed, "Everything was beautiful! Now, you and Harry best get going, not to rush you or anything, but your portkey is nearly ready and you don't want to miss it!"

"I love you, Mum!" Ginny whispered, giving her one last hug.

Harry and Ginny hugged everyone goodbye and with one final wave to the crowd disappeared as their fingers touched the stiletto.

Arthur hugged Molly tightly, "She's gone."

"I know, but Harry'll be good to her."

The crowd cleared out, everyone heading their own ways. The reception was over. Harry and Ginny were heading to Peru for their exotic honeymoon in South America and there was no longer a reason to stay.

"Ready to go?" Draco asked Hermione, who began giggling as his arms wrapped around her waist.

She kissed him eagerly, "Completely."

The pair apparated to her flat, still giggling as the tidy room came in to complete view. Laughing, they stumbled on to the sofa, laughing as kissing away.

She landed on his lap and then turned to face him, "I love you so much."

He smiled, "I love you too. Never thought this would happen, but I am so in love with you, Granger."

Their lips moved together passionately, and they could feel the heat between them heating up. Draco flipped her on to her back so he was straddling her. Their kisses became more passionate with each one. Draco slid off his jacket then pulled his shirt over his head not ceasing kissing her. She traced the planes of his chest. After a moment or two, all of their clothes decorated the floor of her flat.

Draco looked at her quizzically, "Are you...sure?"

The words were in gasps.

Whether it was her thinking or the firewhiskey she'd had had taken effect, she didn't know, but she just smiled, pulling his head so that they're foreheads met, "Yes." She gasped.

That was all he needed.

For the first time in a while, she felt completely free and in love, although with the last person she had ever thought she'd harbor feelings for.

They were both, completely, madly in love with each other.

The universe sure does have an odd sense of humor.

Maybe there was such a thing as happily ever after. Harry and Ginny were married and Hermione and Draco were closer than ever before.

Everything, for the moment, was perfect.

A/N So...opinions on the reception? What about thoughts on Luna catching the bouquet? Draco and Hermione have reached a whole new point in their relationship. Some may argue that it's too soon, but I think it fit well enough! (: Well, hope you enjoyed! :D

I bet you want a preview, am I right? (;


"I just think we've gotten off on the wrong foot, sweetheart," Mrs. Weasley said, forcing a smile, "Maybe if we spend an afternoon together we can get on the right one."

Lavender's mouth was in a line, "Why would you want to do that?"

"Well, after all, you're carrying my grandchild! What kind of a grandma would I be if I didn't treat his or her mother in a civilized manner?"

Lavender's attitude didn't subside, "What makes you think you're going to be involved in this child's life? I'm not to sure I ever want you to see this baby."

Mrs. Weasley was completely, utterly, at a loss for words.

Looks like Lavender is up to her ways again. Shame, shame. Poor Mrs. Weasley, she just reached out to Lavender who shut her down. Tsk...tsk.

Well, reviews are welcome and appreciated! :D

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