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Blind by CooperTowne
Chapter 5 : Pandamonium
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Isn't she lovely? Done by Magic_Pheonix :)



The usual loud and busy crowds of Platform 9 ¾ greeted Isa and Taylor as they stepped off the train. Winter holiday had finally arrived and as far as Taylor knew, she and Isa were meeting their parents soon to go home.

I felt a pang of guilt over what I had done on the train ride back. Taylor had decided to sit with me on the train, and the whole time she talked about seeing our rural townhouse in the snow. Which according to her was a beautiful sight as she remembered.

Over the last week, my friends and I have been busy. Forging letters from both Taylor and mum was no easy task, but eventually we succeeded. In correspondence to our meddling type disposition, us Meddlers devised a spectacular plan to force Taylor and Louis together.

Step one: forge a letter from Taylor to mum and dad explaining that we had decided to stay at Hogwarts for winter holiday to do some extra credit work. For this we used Rose to borrow notes from Taylor.

We would have used Louis since they know each other better, but when we asked him I think his response was something like, “Err—th—I—I—TURTLES CAN’T EAT CAKE!” And then he ran away. So we went with option B.

Step two: forge a letter from mum that apologized profusely saying that we were no longer able to come home because mum and dad would be out of town. Getting a letter from mum wasn’t easy. Charlie had a lot fun though I think.

“So I just fly around?” Charlie asked hesitantly after lunch a few days before winter holiday. Isa nodded and took Charlie’s bag out of his hand. “Alright,” he said unsurely. Charlie shrugged his robe off and grabbed James’ broom out of his hand. “Will I get in trouble for this?”

“Probably,” Isa said shrugging. Charlie looked down the corridor at Taylor who was reading a letter.

“Wonderful,” he breathed as he mounted the broom. Charlie kicked off the ground and flew down the corridor at Taylor who was putting the letter in her bag. Isa and James walked quickly after him weaving in and out of students. “Hey Taylor!” Charlie yelled out as he neared her.

Taylor looked up and opened her mouth in shock. But before she could say anything, Charlie grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her on to the broom. Taylor dropped her bag on the ground and screamed as Charlie flew recklessly around.

Isa and James walked over to Taylor’s bag and after a few moment of looking, James found the letter. After muttering a quick spell. James copied the letter. “Got it!” he exclaimed happily.

“MERLIN CHARLIE PUT ME DOWN!” Taylor screamed as they flew a few feet above.

“Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Charlie squealed like a little girl making a loop. But then he landed next to Isa and James. Taylor sat down on the floor and let out a breath of relief.

Charlie smirked at Taylor and put his arm around Isa. “How fun was that?” he said very amused at Taylor’s angry expression.

Taylor stood up and brushed herself off and smoothed her hair. “Your friends,” she said to Isa, “are mental. Absolutely barking.” She picked up her bag and ran down the corridor past the crowd of onlookers.

The most important part would be delivering of the second letter. We decided to use an owl that Taylor was for sure not going to recognize.

“This is a bad idea,” Anna whispered to James and Isa as they crept quietly through the castle late one night all huddling very close together under the cloak. James rolled his eyes.

“It was your idea!” he whispered harshly.

“Well I regret it now. It’s awful. Stealing is a crime,” Anna said. "Why don't we just use one of our owls? She wouldn't recognize my owl!"

“This is fun. You know I like walking around the castle at night! And it's called borrowing, Anna. We’ll give the poor bird back. Plus he technically doesn’t belong to anyone. Merlin, I would never steal anything,” James said.

“Didn’t you steal Flich’s cat?” Isa asked. “Last year?”

“Yea and I paid for it. Can you two crazy bints stop gossiping and stay quiet?” James whispered. They rounded the corner and saw their target.

“You sure she won’t recognize this owl?” Isa asked as James pulled the cloak off of them.

“No,” he said watching Anna slowly walk forward. “It’s scared of practically everyone.”

“That’s not going to help us then,” Isa snapped turning on her heel. James grabbed her by her elbow and turned her around.

“Everyone except for Anna,” James said. Anna crept towards the bird and whistled a soft tune. The owl hooted and flew to Anna’s outstretched arm. “It will do anything for Anna. She trained it to stand on its head.”

Anna turned to the owl and it looked curiously back at her. “My favorite trick. Plus Marvin loves it.”

“Alright we got Marvin,” Isa said. “Let’s go.” James threw the cloak over him and Isa. Anna hung back for a second. “Anna come on.”

“You know Marvin hates the cloak. I’ll walk beside you,” she said stroked his feathers.

“And risked getting caught out of bed?” James said. “It’s way too late to be let off with a warning.” Anna huffed and placed a hand on her hip.

“Fine,” she said. Anna walked over and said, “Isa don’t you dare move your head too fast.”

“What?” Isa said alarmed poking her head from under the cloak. Anna took Marvin and put it on Isa’s barely covered head. James tugged the cloak around Anna and fixed it so it was completely covering Isa. Marvin hooted happily.

“Marvin. Stay,” Anna commanded. Marvin stood still immediately on Isa head. The three of them and Marvin began to move through the castle back to the Tower.

Marvin had to deliver the letter just as the Hogwarts Express was leaving, just to ensure that we would not be able to get back on. Also Dom would have to distract her parents enough to stay that long. Apparently Dom’s mother is very impatient.

As the crowds slowly dispersed and the noise died down along with it, Taylor grew more and more irritated.

“Where are they? Do you think we should get back on the train?” Taylor asked desperately. Isa sighed and sat down on her trunk.

“Don’t be ridiculous. They are always late, this isn’t that unusual!” Isa said.

“I realize that Isa,” Taylor snapped. “I just really want to leave. There’s practically no one here. All of my friends are gone, and I’m bored!” She finished off with a whine. The train blew its whistle one last time and then Isa heard as its gear slowly moved it out of the station. Prefect! Now where are you mister owl?

In perfect timing, Isa heard an owl screech, swoop down and land just in front of Taylor. Taylor reached out and untied the letter on Marvin’s leg. Her face fell as she read the letter. “Who’s it from?” Isa asked even though she already knew the answer.

“Mum,” Taylor answered curtly as she continued to read the letter. “‘Dear Taylor and Isabelle, I know that I told you that you would be able to come home for Winter Holiday, but it doesn’t look like that can happen. Your father and I were just called away on some very important business in Greece. I hope this letter makes it to you in time for you to go back to Hogwarts. Much love, Mum’.”

Taylor sighed. Isa stared straight ahead nervously twiddling her hands. “Well this is bloody fantastic! What are we supposed to do? We can’t go back to Hogwarts now, the train has already left,” Taylor said angrily plopping down on the ground next to her sister. Guilt, you are a cruel bitch.

“Er—well, I don’t know,” Isa stammered helplessly. “Maybe we can ask someone to apparate us to Hogmeade and we can just walk up to school.”

Taylor nodded slowly. “It’s really our only option isn’t it? It’s not going to be fun dragging our trunks through the snow,” Taylor sighed standing and picking up her trunk and her owl’s cage.

“Hey Isa!” Dom said sounding out of breath.

“Dom! You’re still here!” Isa said happily standing up and brushing herself off. Hopefully not too happy. I’m a shit actor.

“Yea, but we’re about to leave. I wanted to say goodbye!” Dom said smiling brightly at a scowling Taylor.

“Wait a second, listen Dom, our parents bailed on us and we have nowhere to go—” Isa started.

“Stop right there,” Dom said cutting her off. “Would you guys like to spend Christmas at my house? I suppose it’s better than sleeping on your trunks for the next two weeks.”

Taylor looked shocked for a second and then relieved. “Yes, oh my Merlin, that would be beyond amazing! I love Hogwarts, but I’m rather tired of it right now.”

Dom smiled at Taylor and a feeling of relief washed over Isa. It worked. Bloody hell it really worked!

“I’m sure it will be okay with my parents. Come on, I’ll introduce you guys! Let me help,” Dom said as she grabbed Isa’s trunk and Taylor’s owl’s cage from her hands. “Don’t worry Taylor,” Dom said as they walked, “you can hang out with the huge amount of Weasley and Potter’s in your year. My brother Louis is right?” Taylor nodded. “Well since you may be staying at my house, you’ll be seeing a lot of him!”

“Brilliant,” Taylor said with a small smile on her face.

They walked in silence for a fraction of a second before a loud screech came in their direction. “DOMINIQUE! WE TOUGHT WE ‘AD LOST YOU!”

“No maman, I was just saying bye to Isa,” Dom said shaking her head and frowning at the sound of her full name.

“Oh, eez tis ‘er?” Dom’s mother asked looking at Taylor. "Te new friend? Isa?" Her accent makes her say my name right! One less person to correct!

“No I’m Taylor, this is Isa,” Taylor said tugging Isa’s hand a bit forward.

“Oh! Eet eez good to finally meet you! We ‘ave ‘eard so much!” Dom mother squealed as she gave Isa a bone-crushing hug. It was nice knowing you air. And lungs. And ribs. And life.

Dom’s mother released Isa and smiled widely at her. Isa gasped for air and Dom silently laughed next to her.

Impressions so far: Dom’s mum is insane. And her dad is either mute or not here.

“Fleur, don’t kill the poor girl,” a deep voice said. That must be him. “Hi Isa. I’m Bill, Dom’s father. You’ve already met Fleur.”

“Nice to meet you,” Isa said still a little out of breath.

“I know this is last minute, but can Isa and Taylor stay at our house over winter holiday. Their parents bailed on them,” Dom said. Bill and Fleur looked at each other then back at Dom. “Isa can stay in my room and Taylor can sleep in Victoire’s!”

“But that’s next to mine!” Louis protested. “And we’d have to share a bathroom. After Vic, I am done sharing bathrooms with women.”

“I don’t bite Louis. The worst thing I could do is make your bathroom smell like flowers or something,” Taylor said crossing her arms.

Dom smirked at her brother’s frightened expression. Bill smiled amused at Taylor’s remark and clapped his son on the back. “You’ll be all right.”

“Does that mean that they can come?” Dom said excitedly. Bill looked at his wife and then back at his daughter. He nodded and Dom squealed hugging him and then danced over to Isa smothering her also in a hug. You are your mother’s daughter Dom Weasley.

“Thank you Mr. Weasley. We really didn’t want to spend yet another Christmas at Hogwarts,” Taylor said gratefully. She picked up her trunk again preparing to leave.

“Not at all and please call me Bill,” Bill said smiling. “How about you apparate with me and Louis, Isa will go with Dom and Fleur.”

Taylor nodded and walked next to Louis. He was pale and he looked at Taylor with a look of hopeless desperation. Taylor didn’t look at Louis, but instead grabbed tightly onto his arm and gripped firmly onto her trunk. With a crack they were gone.

“That went well,” Isa stated after the crack. Dom nodded.

“I really don’t see why girls fall at his feet. He’s hopeless around them. Especially your sister.”

“Part-veela Dom. Same reason that you have boys falling at your feet,” Isa said smiling. Dom shrugged.

Dom had guys falling for her all over the place. I think I’ve heard her been asked out maybe twelve times in the last month. But Dom was different than her sister. From what I’ve heard, Victoire used her veela genes to her full advantage. Breaking hearts left and right. That is before she finally admitted her feelings for a guy that she’s known for forever.

Dom knew about her affect on guys, but besides the occasional snog, she’s never tied anyone down.

Actually it is quite depressing. Deep down, I think she is just as alone as I was.

“Ready?” Fleur chirped from next to them.

“Yea,” Dom said. With a crack, Dom, Isa, Fleur, and their entire luggage disappeared from the platform.

Squeezed through a tight tube, Isa landed on her feet in the soft sand. Cold sand, but still sand. I didn’t know Dom lived on a beach.

“I don’t think I told you that I live on a beach,” Dom said. Reading my mind now, are we? “I hope that’s ok.”

“I love the beach, and as long as TALARIL is going fine, I’m ok,” Isa said linking her arm with Dom’s. They started walking towards a cottage down the beach a little ways. “What about our trunks?” Isa asked.

“Already inside. My maman is big into acting very lady-like. Apparently dragging your trunk through the sand is considered ‘barbaric’,” Dom shrugged. They reached the house and Dom opened the door and led Isa inside.

The house was larger on the inside than it appeared to be on the outside. Clearly expanded to fit three kids, the house towered upwards at least four stories. The walls were plastered with pictures of Dom, Louis, and Victoire at younger ages.

There were two spiral staircases in two corners of the room, and in the middle there was a large opening to a kitchen. The house was not bland and mono-toned, but light and full of color. Paintings lined the wall and on various pieces of furniture were either large pillows or knitted blankets.

“You have a lovely home Mrs. Weasley,” Taylor gasped as she took in the décor.

“Please call me Fleur, cheri! Mrs. Weasley sounds so old,” Fleur said as she walked across the room to join her husband.

“Well, thank you—Fleur,” Taylor said unsure of herself. “It was really kind of you to let Isa and I stay here.”

“No problem at all!” Bill boomed. “We’ve heard a lot about each of you, so it’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Where have you heard about me?” Taylor asked bemused.

“Lou—” Bill started to say.

“Dad!” Louis whispered harshly.

Bill looked startled and quickly composed himself. “Look! Yes, that’s what I was going to say!” he said lamely. “Look at the time, Louis show Taylor where her room is.” Louis paled, but he nodded his head.

He grabbed Taylor’s trunk and let out a little squeak in response to Taylor’s “thank you”. A few seconds later, Taylor and Louis disappeared up the stairs. After a few moments, Dom grabbed Isa’s hand and made her way to the other set of stairs. “Let’s go to my room!” Dom said excitedly.

They went up the stairs, winding their way to the very top floor. They passed painting after painting that greeted them happily. A House Elf sat on a small platform near the top of the stairs dusting off a painting of a giggling monkey.

“Miss Dominique!” the House Elf squeaked.

“Hello Nelly,” Dom said. “How are you?”

“Splendid, Miss Dominique. Just splendid,” Nelly said bowing slightly towards Isa and Dom.

“Nelly this is my friend Isa, she’ll be staying with us for winter holiday,” Dom said gesturing to Isa.

“Oh yes, I know,” Nelly said smiling and moving on to a painting of a bat.

“Your friends at Hogwarts keeping an eye on us are they?”

“Indeed they are! I already put an extra bed in there in preparation for your stay Miss Isabelle,” Nelly said.

“Thank you!” Isa said happily and a little surprised. I like Nelly; our House Elf, Voran, hates me. I don’t know why, but it might be for the fact I always trip over him.

“I think James said he was coming over today, I don’t know when,” Dom said continuing up the stairs after saying bye to Nelly. She opened the door to her bedroom at the top of the stairs. “Hm,” Dom said as she stepped into her room.

“What?” Isa asked as she was suddenly overwhelmed with the smell of Rosemary.

“Looks like James is already here. And he brought Charlie,” Dom said with an amused tone. James and Charlie were both fast asleep on Dom’s bed. Charlie was sleeping on his side with his head was resting peacefully on James’ shoulder with James’ arm wrapped around Charlie. James, on the other hand, was sleeping on his back with his face happily buried in Charlie’s hair.

“Don’t wake them up,” Isa whispered smiling at Dom after Dom told her how they were sleeping.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Dom said trying to stifle a laugh.

“Do you have a camera?” Isa asked excitedly. Dom eyes widened and she smiled deviously at Isa. She nodded and then tip toed across the room. After a minute or so, she returned to Isa’s side holding a camera. Quietly they both walked across the room to the two sleeping boys. With a click and a flash, James and Charlie both shot up straight wide awake.

“Good morning lovebirds,” Dom said holding the camera up to her eye again to take a picture. “You two make a cute couple.”

“Stuff it, Dom,” James said rubbing his eyes tiredly. “Charlie and I like to snuggle. Got a problem with that?”

“No, not at all,” Isa said laughing. James glared at the two of them. Dom smirked at him and then pranced away to hide her camera. James grabbed Isa by the waist and pulled her onto the bed.

Isa shrieked and wiggled her way out of his grip. Comfy bed. No wonder she always complains about the beds at Hogwarts.

“So Isa,” Charlie said settling back on to the pillows, “do you like Dom’s room?”

“Her bed is comfortable. Besides that, I’m sure it’s wonderful.”

“We call it Pandamonium,” James said putting emphasis on the ‘panda’.

“Why?” Isa asked.

“There are pandas. Everywhere,” Charlie said as Dom returned to sit next to him on the bed.

The name was fitting for Dom’s room. The walls were painted with bamboo and pandas. The pandas on the walls were either walking from one side of the room or munching happily on bamboo. The closet in the corner was shaped like a giant panda that giggled when you opened it. The bedspread was not covered in pandas, but it was black and white spotted. One wall was lined with small panda stuffed animals and they towered upwards towards the ceiling.

Dom’s bed was low to the ground like it was just a mattress without a frame. There was another bed in the room, not as big as Dom’s but in the same style. At the foot of it sat a trunk marked I.M.

Even though a fair amount of the room was covered in pandas, there was one wall that faced out to the sea with a large window. The wall was plastered with home pictures instead of bumbling pandas. There were pictures starting from Dom’s early childhood, playing in the sand with James and Freddie. Then there were pictures from over the summer of Anna, Kate, Polly, and Dom standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, smiling and waving at the camera.

There was blank space at the far end of the wall. The space dedicated to Dom’s final two years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“I like pandas,” Dom said defending herself. The door opened and Anna walked in. She walked over to the bed and immediately face planted into the large duvet; she let out a muffled scream and then turned herself facing up.

Because I am unable to see who just screamed into the bed, I am highly confused. They are cuddling up to my side and burying their face into my hip. Clearly it is someone I know.

“Hi Anna,” Charlie said. Ah ha! Mystery solved. Just call me Sherlock Holmes.

“Everything alright love?” Isa asked patting her back.

“Why are you so bony?” Anna asked Isa.

“Because I have bones?” Isa said. “Now what’s wrong?”

“Skinny bitch,” Anna mumbled miserably. “Fred ditched me to participate in ‘Family Fun Night’. He hates Family Fun Night!” Anna screeched.

“That’s it?” Isa asked. Anna shot her a glare and propped herself up on her hands.

“Of course not. He’s been avoiding me all day! He spent breakfast packing. He spent the train ride with Roxy and her friends—”

“He did? That explains why it was quieter than usual,” Isa said interrupting Anna.

“Then,” Anna said drawing out the ‘n’, “he told me that he couldn’t hang out tonight because it’s Family Fun Night. He sounded excited. Too excited.”

“Weird. Maybe he’s actually excited?” James offered. Anna looked at him.

“Bull. Shit,” she said dryly. James shrunk back. “So I want to hear about the death wish you have James.”

“Death wish?” James asked raising an eyebrow.

“Your date? With Glennie Clara?” Anna said. James eyes opened in realization. “You know how they get when you decide to date them! Why’d you do it?”

“Kicks and giggles,” James said shrugging.

“Seriously?” Dom said. “When you dated Lola last year, she stole all of our knickers and burned them. Burned them James.”

“Whatever. She’s great at snogging,” James said. Charlie laughed while Anna kicked James in the shin and Dom slapped him on the back of his head.

“Ugh, sometimes I just can’t stand being around you,” Anna said glaring at James. “Where’s Kate again?” Anna asked flopping back on the mattress.

“America,” Dom said looking at her nails. “Some place called Michigan.”

“Polly? Pierce?” Anna prompted.

“Together at Polly’s house,” Dom said smiling knowingly. James and Charlie smirked and exchanged high fives.

“So I’m stuck with you guys?” Anna cried sounding appalled.

“Oi!” James and Charlie said together. Dom rolled her eyes.

“No. Polly and Pierce are coming to the Potter’s in a few days and they’ll be coming to the ball. Same with Kate,” Dom said. Ball?

“Excellent,” Anna said. “Hopefully Fred will be done being a girl and talk to me by then.” What ball? With people? And dancing?

“Ball?” Isa finally asked.

“The annual party my parents have for New Years. Bunch of Ministry workers trying not to get too drunk so they can carry on a conversation,” James explained. “Every year we place bets on who will be the first to get completely pissed. We call it a ball to make it sound fancy, but it’s pretty casual.”

“I have to go?” Isa said meekly.

“Of course! It’ll be fun! Some dancing, talking, and plenty of drinks to go around,” Charlie said laughing. “We should have warned you.”

“Yea, you should have,” Isa snapped. “I’m not going to know what to do!”

“We’ll figure it out. Plus Taylor will be there, she’ll stay with you,” Dom said. Isa sighed and shrugged. It’ll be ok, I guess.

“Dom dinner!” Louis’ voice came faintly from the first floor.

“Staying for dinner?” Dom asked the group. They nodded and got off the bed.

James reached for Isa and helped her up. He wrapped his arm around her and followed the rest of the group out of Pandamonium. “Don’t worry,” James whispered in Isa’s ear, “I’ll stay with you at the ball. It might be a bit overwhelming. You could use a familiar voice to help you through.”

Isa nodded and smiled. She ignored the blush that was creeping up on her face and walked with James down the stairs.


A/N: Alrighty! Hi. I'm back, if you haven't already noticed.

So I said I would get this out as soon as possible, which I did. I actually added a fair amount because someone (can't remember who) said that chapters began to feel a little rushed. And I have to agree, I was so focused on staying within a word limit that I wasn't giving you much story. 

So I added some things. And the next chapters, I have written so far are about 4000+ words, so yay for plot!

As I have it planned right now there are three chapters, including this one, for Winter Holiday then we go to New York. So I'm pretty excited for that :)

And I'm actually starting a new story. I'm gonna be one of those writers and say "I SHOULDN'T I'M WRITING THIS ONE!", but, as I've heard them called, I had a plot bunny just hop into my brain. So I wrote it down. Roughly about a girl who goes out on a night a drinking and wakes up with no memory of who she is. Only knows magic and that her favorite color is blue. So I'm calling the story Blue, and I don't know why I have a fixation with one word titles that start with 'b', it just happened that way.

So please review! I like hearing your thoughts :)

I just realized how long that was. Whoopsies

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