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Who are you? by Ambrosia
Chapter 6 : Part 6
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Note: To all the reviewers who ask where is the Draco/Hermoine? It's coming! I hate the ones where there is no cause for them getting together, this is going to be painfully slow and very heart renching before it's over. It's getting there and I am sorry for the lateness of my posting.

Part 6

It was not long before Snape had convinced the group they should head beyond the doors of their now very familiar classroom. To almost everyone in the room, the thought of magic was still hard to grasp and the children's imaginations were running away with themselves. Images of Witches cackling over bubbling cauldrons, with large brimmed hats and warts on their noses was a common one in the minds of the youngters. They could not imagine any of this being friendly at all. Even Draco was inclined to think so.
Moving outside would not help him at all, he realised some time after Potter suggested the idea. Draco figured one hour was taken up by the offcial 'namings', which Potter oversaw with a kind of authority that pissed Draco off royally. If he did not know better, he could have sworn that Potter was acting just like him...
Draco had to decide something and decide it fast. The group was already forming lines by the closed door, waiting expectedly for it to opened and the world beyond to be revealed. All the children had kept pretty much in their houses, close to the people they were close with before they had lost their memories. Draco thought it somewhat strange and cool at the same time that some friendships run deeper than memories but then he remembered that he had no true friends and the thoughts became poison in his mind, making the act he was about to commit easier to do, knowing, in truth, everyone was against him.
Draco pushed his way to the front of the group and placed his hand on the doorknob. He was about to turned it and cast his spell when a cold hand gasped his shoulder tightly.
“Draco. What are you doing?” Harry asked, turing the suprised boy to face him. with out missing a beat, Draco answered him.
“Just wanted to look, not that that's any of your business, Po... Wait, what idiotic name did you end up calling yourself?”
Harry looked at him for a moment, the old sense of hatred filling the air again, his scar seeming to glow with the force of his emotion.
“Scott. Rose named me.” He said the word Rose with a bitter edge, knowing that was one thing he did not have the power to control, or so Draco thought.
Draco could not hide the tell tale smirk that was trying furiously to appear on his face. It's not that the name was a bad choice. It was simple and ecomonical, very Hermoine, it was the fact that Harry did not name himself. Harry did not give himself that great amount of power and Draco could tell it was killing him inside.
It is strange what people reveal to you when they don't know what they are supposed to be hiding. All of Harry's insecurities, the ones he would normally fight so hard to keep inside were being opened to the would, all because he could not remember to hide them. Draco's smirk widened.
“What the hell are you smiling at?” Harry asked stiffly. Draco tried to force the smile down but could not. It was already decided. He was going to get hit.
As Draco saw Harry's fist tightened and raise slightly in the air, he saw a shock of brown hair appear behind the boy and a delicate hand being placed on his shoulder.
“Scott. What are you doing?” Hermoine asked sweetly if not with a concerned edge.
“Ah, Rose... nothing, just, talking to Draco here.”
Hermoine smiled at both of them, the same smile, not giving Harry a special smile as she always did, the one only for him. Draco was not blind. But at moments like these he wished he was. As her brown eyes meet his grey, the smirk fell off his face. For a second the world stopped, merely because Hermoine looked at him without malice or hatred. He was just Draco to her now. But to Draco, she was now more than just Hermoine.

Note again: Sorry this is taking so long but I have an extreme case of writers block! I have no idea what is going to happen next... dont hurt me... But I do have a flash of inspiration schedualed soon so keep your fingers crossed. Oh, and by the way, I didnt even realise I spelt 'magick' the way i do. I am a witch and in my hertitage we spell it that way but I will spell the way J.K does in the books from now on. No big deal.

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