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One True Love: Acceptance by DracoGal
Chapter 33 : Leaving
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I was in my dormitory packing to go home for the summer. The train would be leaving the next day. I took out Aunt Petunia’s letter I had received last month out of my bedside table and read it again.


I am very surprised to receive your letter. I never expected you to write. I hope things are going well for you. You have a boyfriend? I suspect he is a--wizard like you. You’ve never asked to bring someone home with you before. You must really like him. Hmm, I may have to think about this and talk to your uncle. Oh, what the hell! Yes, Draco can come. I have strict rules for you though. No magic. No sneaking around at night (I am a very light sleeper and don’t want to be hearing anything. Besides, you are only turning 15). And don’t go anywhere without informing me.

I’ll see you at King’s Cross.

Aunt Petunia

I smiled slightly. It must have been really awkward for her to write a letter to me. I would have loved to see her and Uncle Vernon’s face when the owl came swooping into the house. I wonder how Uncle Vernon reacted when she told him I was bringing Draco home.


It was dinnertime and we all were in the Great Hall for the last feast of the year. I was always sad when we had to leave. Hogwarts was home for me. Yes, I called Privet Drive home, but it was only a place I stayed in the summer. It didn’t feel like a home at all.

For the past couple days, Draco had been so excited to come home with me and meet my aunt and uncle. I tried to tell him they weren’t all that great, but he wouldn’t hear of it. I met his family, now he had to meet mine. I now dreaded making that deal with him earlier in the year.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and I were walking out of the Great Hall when a pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around my waist. I squealed.

“Hello there, beautiful.” I smiled and looked over to my friends.

“I’ll catch up later.” They nodded and walked away. I turned around and was met with Draco’s smiling face. “Hey.”

“Are you excited about tomorrow?” he asked. I shook my head and he kissed me sweetly. “Come on, Nat. Be excited! I’m meeting your family!” I sighed.

“Why can’t I just go home with you and spend the entire summer there?” He chuckled.

“Because I want to meet the people who raised my wonderful, beautiful girlfriend.”

“You really don’t.” I mumbled. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“Why do you always have to try and fight me? I want to meet them, so why can’t you accept that?”

I shook my head and started to walk away from him. He caught my wrist and pulled me back. “Let’s go outside. We can talk there.” I nodded and we went out to the lake. “So why don’t you want me to meet them? Are you ashamed of me or something?”

I looked up at him in shock. “You think that’s why I don’t want to you meet them? Oh Draco, that’s not it at all. I’m not ashamed of you, I’m ashamed of them. They treated me and Harry so horribly growing up.” He hugged me from behind.

“How so?” I sighed.

“We are James and Lily’s kids. My aunt hates her sister because she was a witch. She was different. And so are we. We reminded Aunt Petunia of them so much. I think I had it the worst when I was really little because I looked exactly like my mother. But as I got older, they liked me more. I got a bedroom, nice clothes, and some of their love. Harry just got treated like scum. I had to beg them to let me share my room with him when I was ten. I just don’t want you to see that.”

He pulled me closer and kissed my cheek. “You need someone to be there for you. I know you have Harry, but I want to be there as well. I love you. You can’t scare me away now.” I giggled.

“I guess you’re right.”

“What was that?” he asked cheekily.

“I said you were right! But don’t get used to it.”

He chuckled and kissed me on the top of the head.


The next day was a mad rush. Everybody was trying to pack at the last minute, go to breakfast, and get to the train on time. It was a good thing I packed all of my things before everyone else did. I walked down to the Great Hall trunk in hand and set it in the Entrance Hall where everybody else’s trunks were. I went in for breakfast and sat down with Draco at the Slytherin table.

“Nat!” Rose exclaimed and gave me a hug. “I’m going to miss you so much!!”

“Me too!” I said as I hugged her back. Blaise came over and gave me a brief hug too.

“Are you going to D’s this summer?”

“Of course.”

“Well then I may see you if my mom lets me go over.”

“Aww, I want to go too!” Rose whined. Draco chuckled.

“You’re allowed, Rose.” She squealed and went over and hugged Draco.

“Will you guys sit with us on the train?”

“Well duh!” I said.

 After we ate, we made our way to the carriages. We gave our luggage to the conductor and went to find a compartment. The train lurched forward and Hogwarts became farther and farther away. I sighed and leaned into Draco. He kissed my forehead and continued his conversation with Blaise. Rose turned to me and smiled.

“Can you believe this year is over? So much has happened!”

“I know.”

“How’s Harry holding up? Cedric’s funeral had to be pretty hard for him.”

“He’s… I honestly don’t know. He’s starting to shut me out.”


“He does that when he’s upset.”

“Don’t let him shut you out, hon. He needs you; even if he doesn’t realize it right now.” I nodded.

The journey back to London seemed really short. I wish it didn’t have to end. Draco and I grabbed our bags and met Harry out on the platform.

“Well, let’s go then.” Harry stated.

I sighed and squeezed his hand. He smiled sadly and let us off the platform to the other side of the wall. Standing there were the Weasleys and the Dursleys. Harry went over to speak to Fred and George about something and I led Draco over to my aunt and uncle.

“Draco, this is my Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon.”

“What about me?” I rolled my eyes.

“And this is my cousin, Dudley.” I almost growled. Draco smiled and shook each of their hands.

“It’s great to meet you.” he said.

We stood there waiting for Harry to join us. He looked slightly sick when he saw Draco standing with me.

The Dursleys when ahead and Harry whispered, “I thought you hated Muggles, Malfoy.” He chuckled and draped his arm around my shoulder.

“This girl’s changing everything in me.” he replied.

I smiled as we headed out of King’s Cross ready to face the unknown future ahead of us. I would be alright, though. I did have Draco and Harry with me to the end.

A/N: And that is it! It’s completed. Wow, this is the first novel I’ve finished in a long time. I was almost crying when I was writing the last paragraph. But, it’s not the end of Nat’s story at all! I will be posting the sequel soon! I want to get a bit further in Young Black and then I will post the next story of the OTL series! Please review! I want to know what you think of this chapter and the whole story in general! It would mean so much to me! I love all my fabulous readers!

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One True Love: Acceptance: Leaving


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