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Hoqwarts according to Florrie. by Dragonbogies45
Chapter 4 : Best days of our lives. yeah right.
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for future reference Georgia (you'll meet her later) is welsh and the welsh word for no is Dim. i will make sense later i promise.
--------------------------------------------------------------------Me and mornings have an unspoken disagreement they think I should wake up I disagree. Loudly. Oh dear rose has sided with the morning and apparently its seven thirty. I really hate mornings. Can you tell?
“Come on Florrie up you get!” right that’s just scary. I think rose has spent too much time with Morag because she just did an extremely good impression of her accent.

Oh no wait it was Morag and now she’s sat on me. Fan-bloody-tastic. Iona is in here too but she is trying and failing to get Bella out from under her duvet (she isn’t a morning person either). There is a loud crash and a small scream, I think Iona has just pulled Bella out of her bed by her ankle and it worked. Right now Bella is up I’m getting in the shower she takes bloody ages. My shower takes about ten minutes and I get changed into my uniform which is the usual elephantine grey. I have yellow socks on today with bright purple dragonflies on them (very stylish). After all of us are ready and I have made my hair look vaguely normal and battled it into what faintly resembles a bun with a few askew curls falling in my face.

we go downstairs to find Al, Alistair and Scorp all wrapped in deep conversation about the new quidditch season. I swear it’s all they talk about. They finally notice us and Al kisses Grace on the cheek and gives the rest of us a grin well mine is directed at my feeble attempt at a hair do but that’s not the point.
Now that we are all assembled we make our merry way to breakfast and sit in our usual spot half way up the table in between the incredibly loud seventh year boys and the incredibly makeup conscious seventh year girls.
The boys are dribbling its disgusting. I kick Alistair in the shins and he snaps out of it and grins sheepishly at me. I roll my eyes and lean across Bella for the toast. I look down the table at my fellow Gryffindors and notice the only one who looks faintly awake-ish is our other roommate Magnolia Jones (we call her Maggie) she sits next to me in charms and we have a right old laugh.

The only real reason she doesn’t hang around with us loonies is because she really doesn’t like Alice (I shall refer to him as this from now on. Keep up!) They had to work with each other in potions for three years until Maggie finally got so fed up of Alice not actually doing anything that she tipped a Jar of flobber worms over his head. It was at this point that Professor Hanson thought that it would be a good idea to move Alice before Maggie killed him in a brutal manner. So now Alice works with Rose and lucky old Maggie gets to work with Masterson. Apparently if you threaten him it’s quite easy to persuade him. Anyway thats why we have no Maggie but she isn’t alone she has friends in Hufflepuff and she comes and sit with us if ‘evil child’ (her words not mine) isn’t sat with us which is more often than you would think because Alice usually has his hands full with his latest snogging partner in a cupboard of the broom variety.

Speaking of snogging partners Chris has entered the building with what appears to be a blonde tangerine in a skirt. James catches my eye and I raise my eyebrows at him and jerk my head at la Niña de naranja (my mother is half Spanish so a speak the language) James just grinned and sat down next to Eric who looked decidedly uncomfortable so I decided to rescue him. I got up telling Bella (Rose and Scorp are arguing and Grace and Al have become one person) “I’m going to rescue Eric do you want to come?” Bella looked at me as if the question was stupid, got up and walked with me to the other end of the table. To say the boys looked relieved was an understatement Eric looked like he was about to kiss Bella when she asked him if him and James wanted to come and sit with us. He didn’t kiss her thank Merlin but they moved away from tangris (as I have christened them) and came back with us to our small patch of lunacy.
“What are you doing here” ah brotherly love can’t beat it.
“Nice to see you too Al. Hi grace” replied James grinning at his brother. As I explained to the rest of the group about my brother’s latest love life shocker I could feel James eyes on me and I instinctively rubbed my face to check for food and when he laughed at me for this I scowled at him.

“What are you staring at potter” I asked him trying not to laugh at his affronted expression. He just smiled at me and turned to talk to Scorpius about the new quidditch season.
“Oh Eric” I called “when’s practice starting again?” he thought for a moment then said “Wednesday. Tryouts for the open chaser spot are tomorrow so no detentions please Florrie I need your help”
“Yes sir!” I said mock saluting him. He grinned and I turned back to my toast. As I looked around the hall my eyes drifted towards Poppy Francis who had been playing with her porridge for a good ten minutes her eyes set on my brother.hmm I think something going on I don’t know about. I have rounds with her, Chris, keegan and the Hufflepuffs from my year tonight so I shall ask her about it then.

But now professor Longbottom is coming round with our time tables. I am taking potions, herbology (professor Longbottom was particularly pleased with this choice), charms care of magical creatures and Defence against the dark arts. I wait until the rest of my rabble have their timetables and compare them I have charms with Al and Bella; potions with Rose and Maggie and herbology with Alistair and Maggie (oh joy!). James being a seventh year has two free periods, double charms and DADA today. I have double COMC now so I get up and call to Al that I will see him in charms but he has attached himself to Grace again so I wave to Bella who was pretending to throw up in her porridge. Laughing I wandered out of the great hall and out of the front doors. I was ridiculously early for class but it was sunny and in Britain if there is an opportunity to soak up sunshine you take it.

Suddenly I heard somebody shouting my name I turned it was James. I repressed a sigh and waved cheerily at him and stopped to let him catch up.
He stopped in front of me and tried to get his breath back. I stood their awkwardly until he spoke again “Hi” I laughed at him and reached up and straightened his glasses which were hanging off one ear. As I put them back on properly he touched my hand lightly and I felt a jolt of electricity go through me. It felt nice. James seemed to have felt it too because he was looking determinedly over my head at the whomping willow (I’m surprised it’s still there after the war too). I wave a hand in front of his face and he looks down at me finally he spoke.

“I knew it your eyes are green, like ivy leaves they’re slightly darker than Chris’ but not by much” well I wasn’t expecting that. I raised my eyebrows at him and a stray curl fell in front of my eyes it looked like an orange tornado (my hair doesn’t do normal). James brushed the curl away and said “your hair doesn’t do normal does it?” I smiled at him and said “looks who’s talking” I said gesturing to his hair which was currently sporting the electric shock look. He grinned at me and I blushed slightly. Suddenly my senses made themselves known and I realised I needed to be at care of magical creatures in five minutes. “I have to go I’m really sorry. I’ll talk to you at lunch” I looked at him and he smiled kindly he held his arms out for hug and I hesitated for a second but this was a second too long for James and he picked me up and I buried my face in his shirt he smelt really nice like blueberries and cinnamon it was really weird but nice weird. I ramble a lot. Just a warning.

I finally made it to class and on time to my surprise. In today’s lesson we did fairies and pixies. They’re nasty little buggers. I was in a group with Jonathan Henderson a Ravenclaw and Ella Birch a Hufflepuff with what can only be described as my hair but blonde. We bonded almost immediately after me and Ella saved Jonathan (or Johnnie as he prefers to be called) from a particularly savage pixie which went directly for his eyes. We used the old Glass and postcard trick and let it go in the vicinity of the forbidden Forrest. For the remainder of the lesson we wrote notes on the anatomy of a fairy and attempted and failed to draw diagrams of said mythical creatures.

Its break time now I’m going to spend it lounging around in the common room attempting to get some homework done. I really should do it in the library but rose has forbidden me from coming with her because I have a tendency to talk to her when she’s trying to work. It usually ends with me getting mild concussion from flying books. Any way I’m sat in the common room all comfy on one of the sofas by the fire trying to pretend my hair isn’t sticking up in about three different directions. I gave up on the bun a while ago my hair is down now and has gone into afro mode.
Right nearly finished my essay just need to do the conclusion. Al and rose are just coming back from transfiguration. Have they spotted me? Oh dear they have. Oh well.

“Hi Florrie!” Rose waved at me cheerily and I smiled at her. They sat on either side of me and I put my legs across Rose’s lap she scowled at me and I just looked at her Al laughed at us and I went back to my essay. As I wrote my mind wandered to the conversation I had had with James this morning. My reverie was disturbed by Rose questioning me about why James had followed me out of the hall. I mumbled something about him wanting to know what colour my eyes were and Al laughed. I looked at him questioningly. He elaborated “Last night after you went to bed James and Chris were talking about you and Chris was having a go at James about leading you on or something” I raised my eyebrows at him. He continued “well it went on for a while and James managed to prove Chris wrong on several points so finally Chris asked James what colour your eyes were, James said green but Chris wanted a specific shade. Merlin knows why.” I laughed and Al looked at me like i'd grown an extra head.

“My brother takes over protectiveness to an entirely new level”
“It all makes sense now the reason you didn’t want me to set you up with Jacob Finchley” Al cleared his throat loudly. Rose ignored him.
I rolled my eyes at her and said “One I didn’t want you to set me up with Finchley was because he’s arrogant and ridiculously idiotic” she opened her mouth to interrupt but I got there first “and two I don’t date boys on opposing teams.” Al nodded in approval. I grinned at him. Jacob Finchley is on the Ravenclaw quidditch team as a beater and his aim in life is to mame or cause serious injury. He’s given me at least three black eyes.

“We should get to our next lesson” Rose said looking at her watch. I swing my legs off her and push myself off the sofa. Al hands me my bag. I have potions now with Rose so we wander down in that direction and wave at Al as he goes off to DADA which he has with Alice and Scorp (poor professor Damon).when we reach the dungeons we see the same people from last year some with sun tans and the odd new haircut. We can also see Maggie stood with her friend Georgia. They wave cheerily at us and we wave back.

We stand outside the class until professor Hansen tells us to enter. As we walk into the class the sight that meets our eyes is not pretty there are blue and brown splatters up the wall and puddles of green goo are slowly dissolving the stools. I sense first years possibly boys, as my luck would have it Me, Rose, Maggie and Georgia get the table with significantly shorter stools. Professor Hansen apologises to the class and tells us that scourgify should get rid of the green stuff.
Most of the lesson went smoothly apart from a cauldron blowing up but that was because some silly person decided to add the hemlock before they stirred their potion. “I’m not sure how you qualify for this course if you do that.” I said to Rose as I prodded a piece of cauldron which had landed point down dangerously close to my left hand. Rose laughed and turned back to our potion which had turned a rather violent shade of orange (apparently this is normal).
“Pass me the beetle eyes would you Florrie” she said holding out her hand. I checked the instructions. 4 ounces. Right. I measure out the exact amount and hand the beaker to Rose telling her to add them gradually or the potion will turn grey. It should turn a pretty amber colour like melted honey.
Suddenly somebody taps me on the shoulder I turn round and my breath catches in my throat standing there is the most beautiful boy I have ever met. His eyes are a deep shade of blue and his hair is dirty blonde and extremely shiny. He’s like a walking shampoo advert. Finally my brain decided its holiday away from my mouth was long enough and I spoke “hello”.

He looked mildly uncomfortable like he really didn’t want to be there. Charming. “Um hi I think part of my friend’s cauldron is stuck in your table. Sorry.” He looked down at his feet. I grinned at him and pulled the fragment of cauldron out of the table and handed to him. He grinned back at me thanked me and went back to his table.
“Who was that?” I asked dreamily and Rose rolled her eyes at Georgia who was watching the scene unfold before her. Maggie was the one who actually answered me “that was George Daniels. He’s in Ravenclaw. Who’s that next to him?” her attention was diverted to Johnnie who was attempting to put his cauldron back together. I should have known it was him who was responsible for the amazing exploding cauldron that child is accident prone.
“That” I said “is Johnnie Henderson he’s in my care of magical creatures class.”

“He’s gorgeous” sighed Maggie, smiling blithely. But her reverie was cut short because the splint we use to light the fire under the cauldron had caught fire again and had somehow found the lighter fluid bottle which was now merrily burning though the table. I swore. Loudly. Earning me a stern look from Hansen. But Georgia was on top of things and had put the fire out quickly.

“What would we do without you Georgia” I said grinning at her she grinned back and said “dim problem Florrie”
“Oh no” oh Merlin if Rose has discovered something horrible she should really keep it to herself. We all look at her and she points at what would have been catnip leaves but is now a pile of charred, stick like things.

“We can’t finish the potion unless the leaves are fresh what are we going to do?”
“I’ve had brilliant idea” I said.
“Make sure you keep it company”
“Rose. Do you want my help or not?”
“Oh yeah sorry” she smiled innocently at me.
Right this is the plan. Since we have no catnip leaves me and Maggie shall oh so subtly go over to the Ravenclaw boys of exploding cauldron fame and ask if they have any spare ones and maybe introduce Maggie to Johnnie also in a subtle way.
And while they are talking I can talk to George. Seems watertight. Hansen doesn’t actually pay attention to our class he just gives us the page number and tells us to get on with it. I sometimes wonder why he decided to become a teacher because he evidently doesn’t like children. Mind you professor Snape was a teacher and he wasn’t exactly a little ray of sunshine himself.

Anywho operation catnip retrieval is ago and we get up and wander over to the boys. Johnnie looks up and grins at me “I haven’t left another bit of my cauldron in your desk have I?” he laughed. I shook my head and grinned back at him.
“No you haven’t but we were wondering if you had any spare catnip we managed to set fire to ours” I said. Why is he laughing at me? It’s a perfectly reasonable thing to say.
“Should I even ask?” he chuckled tapping his cauldron with his wand to strengthen his repairing spell.

“Hey I’m not the one who’s accident prone, Pixie boy” I said folding my arms. George looked questioningly at me and I explained how Ella and I had rescued Johnnie in care of magical creatures. By the end of it Johnnie’s friends were laughing at him so I decided to ask George for the leaves. He gave them to us and smiled at me. Ah there go the butterflies.

“Cheers boys. Oh I’m Florrie and this is Maggie by the way.” I called over my shoulder. When we got back to our table rose’s hair had become very similar to mine. I handed her the leaves and she started to cut them up into thin slices.
She began adding them to the cauldron a handful at a time. I very quickly got bored of this and I looked over at the boys and my eyes met George’s and he blushed. Well he went the same colour as a beetroot. I think that counts.

“He’s been watching you for a while” seriously Georgia you really shouldn’t sneak up on people like that. I waved at George and he awkwardly waved back. Suddenly Professor Hansen decided this was a good time to tell us that he wanted our potion samples. Luckily Rose and Georgia had finished and rose was ladling the anaesthetic potion into flasks. It was now a strange iridescent blue colour. Rose labelled the flasks and handed me and Maggie one each and we took them up to Hansen’s desk.
As we were coming back we passed the Slytherin table at which Prunella Wolfe was desperately poking her potion with her wand as it slowly turned grey. “Add the beetle eyes slowly” I muttered to her and she looked up at me surprised. Hey I can be nice sometimes. Even to slytherins. I winked at her and wandered back to our table were Rose was already packed up and ready to go. That girl is too organised for her own good. Anyway we packed up our stuff and Hansen dismissed us.

We wandered up the stairs to the hall and Georgia went to sit with the Hufflepuffs. The rest of us made our way to the Gryffindor table and went in search of our fellow loonies. Luckily for Maggie, Alice wasn’t there so she came and sat with us and we chatted for a while. I think cold chicken and mayonnaise sandwiches are possibly the nicest thing I have ever had.

“Ah there you are Florrie. Chris is looking for you.” I jumped as Al and Grace appeared behind me hand in hand.
“don’t sneak up on people it’s not very nice.” I said glaring at them “why does my darling brother wish to speak to me?” I asked but Al just shrugged and sat down next to me. Helpful Al. Helpful. I got up and walked down the table looking for my brother dearest. Aha there he is. Ew he’s swapping saliva with the girl I saw this morning. Yucky. I walk up behind them and clear my throat. They broke apart so suddenly Chris’ head collided with James who swore.

“Ow bloody hell what was that fo- oh hi Florrie!” James stopped short in insulting Chris when he saw me. Chris looked up at me and smiled I folded my arms and looked expectantly at him. He just looked confused.
“You wanted to see me” I offered and realisation dawned on his face. It’s a shame gormless suites him. Finally he snapped out of it and introduced his new girlfriend and you’ll never guess who it was.
“Florrie you know Giselle don’t you” yes that’s right. My Brother. Top of his class in nearly every subject (well we had to leave something for the Ravenclaws) has chosen the girl who is responsible for Bella being scared to go into the bathroom alone because Giselle would beat her up. And not to mention she was the one who Adams cheated on her with. Why Merlin, did you bless him with such smarts but hardly any common sense.
I shot a worried glance at Bella who wasn’t actually paying attention. She was chatting to Maggie. “Chris can I talk to you quickly.” I said “in private” I added as Giselle’s grip tightened on his hand.

“Yeah sure” Chris got up and followed me out of the hall on the way out we passed the Ravenclaw table were George was talking to the Ravenclaw captain Persy Gibson. She was fluttering her eyelashes mercilessly at him. I would like to point out to any of you who are confused at this point, Persy is short for Persephone. If I had a name like Persephone I would shorten it too. Wouldn’t you?
She’s now touching his hand and I can feel anger bubbling up in the pit of my stomach. Wait! What? Where did that come from?
Anyway Chris and I get out into the entrance hall and I round on him. (The fact that my hair has gone into over drive makes this highly effective.)

“What the hell do you think you’re playing at Chris?” I shouted making a rabbit in a nearby portrait run for cover. Chris just looked confused.
“What are you on about Florrie” Chris asked me. I took a deep breath and shoved my hands in the pockets of my robes to stop myself throttling him. He can be really thick sometimes.
“You know last year Bella’s boyfriend cheated on her” he nodded “well” I said “it was with her. Your new girlfriend” Chris looked completely unfazed by this information and just shrugged. Must. Not. Throttle. Brother. Calm Florrie, calm.

“Yeah I know” Merlin give me strength. “She told me she’s changed” if I had a sickle for every time I’ve heard that.
“Yeah...right if you say so Chris. It’s just when Adams cheated on Bella she had a boyfriend. And if the same thing happens to you I’m going to say I told you so. So don’t try to stop me.” And with that I turned on my heel and stalked back to my friends but before I could I saw Giselle kiss Chris right on the mouth and he happily responded. I think I might be about to throw up.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around. George, my knight in slightly singed robes. He smiled gently at me “bad day?”
“You have no idea.” I said and returned his smile.
He grinned at me and held his arm out like one of the gentlemen from one of Rose’s Jane Austin books “may I escort you to your next class m’lady” I suppressed a girly sigh and linked my arm through his. And wandered out of the hall until I realised I left my bag in the dining hall. When I got to the table Alice had reappeared and was now arguing with Maggie. Herbology is going to be loads of fun.
I grabbed my bag and told Rose where i was going and she wiggled her eyebrows at me. I poked her. She squeaked attracting the attention of la group de loonies. I left pretty sharpish after Rose decided it would be funny to strike up a chorus of Florrie and George sitting in a tree (honestly. How old is she?)
When I got back to George he grinned at me and I linked my arm through his again and we wandered off towards the greenhouses laughing about how accident prone Johnnie was ( apparently he once landed in a bag of soil head first).
Aha karma likes me again.
The rest of the day went relatively well by my standards. I only embarrassed myself once and that was when I dozed off in charms and when professor Spira asked me what the incantation for a hovering charm was and I said the first thing that popped into my head “heffalumps”. I really need to stop reading Rose’s books before bed. They do what cheese does to normal people.

Any way its dinner now and George is looking at me so I feel special.
“Um... Florrie your elbow is in your stew” i looked down abruptly and sure enough as Bella had told me my elbow was now making friends with some chunks of carrot. I quickly withdrew my elbow and grinned sheepishly at Bella who just looked from me to George and realisation dawned on her face. Then all hell broke loose because she started squealing and I had no choice but to kick her in the shins because I quite like Georges face the way it is and if Scorp or Alice catch wind of this they may disfigure him and nobody wants that.

Anyway when I kicked Bella I missed and kicked Al who was talking to Grace about the Hogsmead trip in October. He looked mortally offended.
“Sorry I was aiming for Bella.” He scowled at me and turned back to grace who grinned at me. The rest of dinner went fine and we eventually wandered up to the common room were I decided that I would do my charms essay and made myself a little ‘do not disturb’ sign and put it on the table in front of me.

I swear on Morgana le Fay’s daisy print knickers that professor Spira hates our class. Who sets a three foot essay on wand movement technique and then gives us three chapters to read for next lesson? I think i just answered my own question but hey ho.
I have rounds now so I guess its good bye for now cosy common room.
Right off to the third floor i go. Toodles. Yeah I heard it too.
Yay you made it to the end. im sorry its so long i tend to do that sometimes. anywho i thank you for your time and would apreciate reviews. what do you think of georgexflorrie or are you a jamesxflorrie fan. fvourite quotes, what you thnk might happen next the usual.
luv from bogie.

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