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Revenge is Sweet by Snoopyy
Chapter 4 : My Sisters Love Story
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It was getting dark and the Hogwarts Express still chugged along through the northern green hills. The nape of my neck was getting all sweaty and my shirt was sticking to my back making me feel really uncomfortable. Our conversations had died down and now Rose was half asleep against Al’s arm whilst James had his head against the window. Packets of sweets and wrappers lay abandoned on the chair next to me after we got hungry around noon.

I shifted my position slightly so that my shirt wasn’t sticking to the chair before I took off my hat and rubbed my hand across my hair. My fingers lingered around my destroyed fringe for a moment before I ruffled it up a bit more and placed the Chudley Cannons hat back on my head.

Outside the sun was just beginning to sink below the horizon and finaly James sat up right and yawned loudly. “Perhaps we should get into our robes?” He mumbled through his hand. “We’ll be there soon.”

Rose wearily raised her head from her cousin’s arm and stifled a yawn behind her hand before slowly nodded her head. “Suppose we should,” she replied.

“Well if you take you and all your womanliness outside we can get changed,” I said with a smirk.

“Whatever,” Rose snapped as she stood and swept from the compartment. “Just knock on the door when you’re done changing.” And with that she pulled the blind down and slid the door closed with a slam.

James yawned loudly again as he dragged his school robes from his trunk with one hand whilst Albus was already pulling his jeans off. I pulled my trunk down from the overhead compartment and clicked open the lid and instantly the smell of burnt pizza reached my nostrils. No one else seemed to notice the smell so I quickly pulled out all my school uniform before closing the lid of my trunk as fast as I could.

When I had pulled on my last shoe and was doing up my laces, Al knocked on the glass door allowing Rose back into the room. She came in and swept her flaming ginger hair behind her ear with one hand before looking over at me. “I don’t think you can wear that hat all the time, Louis,” she commented as I pulled the hat over my eyes again.

“I can try,” I muttered in reply.

Rose shrugged before literally shoving me, Al and James from the compartment by our backs and sliding the door shut again. James stood there for a moment staring blankly at the door before he began to do up his tie which was still hanging around his neck. I straightened my tie out a little before my jaw dropped as I noticed my 4th year sister snogging the face of Teddy Lupin.

James noticed soon after and jabbed me in the ribs with his elbow to make sure I was watching. I couldn’t believe my own eyes, but it was true, Victoire was snogging Teddy Lupin in the middle of a corridor.

The two lovers pulled away from each other and my sister looked around and when she noticed me, AL and James staring at her she flushed bright red. “What?” She asked defensively.

Bravely, Al was the first to speak. “Victoire, don’t you think you’re a bit young to be snogging in a corridor surrounded by small first years?”

Victoire looked offended.

“But that’s just my opinion,” Al added hastily. “And Teddy’s in his 7th year, there’s a bit of an age gap don’t you think.”

Teddy muttered something about meeting Victoire back in their compartment before he walked off back down the train then Vic exploded on us. “I don’t care what you annoying third and second years think,” she hissed angrily. “Teddy’s a really nice guy and he’s cute too so why don’t you all piss off and leave me to my own love life, better than that, GET OUT OF MY LIFE!”

Most of the people standing in the corridor were now staring at us and I pulled my hat further over my eyes to attempt to hide myself. We were soon joined by Dom who stared at us rather exasperated; her Prefect badge glistening on her chest meaning it had just been cleaned for around the 50th time this holiday. “What on earth is all this racket about?” She asked Vic who looked like steam was coming from her ears.

“These twerps were telling me what to do with my love life,” Vic replied angrily. “They were saying I was too young to be dating Teddy Lupin.”

Dom doubled back. “Teddy Lupin?” She asked in disbelief. “The 7th year Hufflepuff metamorphous? Harry’s Godson?”

“Yeah,” Vic replied in a rather small voice. “So what?”

Just then, Rose decided to appear from our compartment in her Gryffindor robes whilst holding her wand in one hand like there was a battle going on outside. “What’s going on?” She asked Al curiously. “It sounds like someone’s died out here.”

James smirked and answered for his brother with a grin. “Louis’s sister, Victoire, is dating a certain 7th year Teddy Lupin.”

Rose clapped her hand to her mouth to hide a laugh as both my sisters walked in opposite directions; Vic didn’t leave until she gave me the evils. Just then the train pulled to a stop and I realised we had arrived at Hogwarts without me noticing.

James shrugged and began to weave his way through the crowd of people towards the door closely followed by me and Rose. We soon found ourselves on the familiar Hogsmead platform before we moved together as a team towards the horseless carriages. “They’re not actually horseless,” James said as we sat in an empty one. “They’re pulled by Thestrals, but you can only see them if you’ve seen death.”

I stared at the front of the carriage trying to imagine a horse thing pulling us along, but I just couldn’t imagine it these carriages would always be horseless to me. The carriage moved alone the small winding pathway towards Hogwarts castle whose windows twinkled in the distance illuminating the sky with a faint yellow aura.

Finaly the carriage pulled up outside Hogwarts and we all climbed out and began to climb the steps towards the castle. “It’s freezing,” Rose said through chattering teeth. “The faster we get into the castle the better.”

James and I nodded our head in agreement when we were splattered with water from above. I looked up to find Peeves the poltergeist floating above our heads throwing water balloons at everyone he could. A water balloon narrowly missed a group of Slytherin second year girls who squealed and ran inside.

Another balloon landed next to me spraying me with freezing cold water make me swear angrily at the poltergeist. “PEEVES!” Someone bellowed from inside the castle. I spun around to find Professor Goulde, our Transfiguration teacher running from the warmth of the castle towards the chuckling poltergeist. “Please will you stop spraying the students with water?!”

Peeves blew one last raspberry before throwing the last of his water balloons towards a small group of Hufflepuffs and zooming off to cause more trouble. Professor Goulde wiped his hand through his short scruffy brown hair before he looked around and his eyes rested on me, more precisely, my hat.

“Take the hat off please Mr. Weasley,” he said almost effortlessly. “We are not of the common rabble.”


“No excuses Mr. Weasley,” he cut in venomously. “Hat. Off. Now.”

I reached up and tugged the hat off my head and watched angrily as Professor Goulde swept off to pester someone else about not wearing uniform. “I don’t like him,” I muttered angrily as I followed after James and Rose. “And I think he also doesn’t like me.”

Rose shrugged and looked over at me with a smile when she noticed my grumpy face. “Professor Goulde doesn’t like anyone,” she replied to cheer me up. “And I doubt no one will comment on your hair, It’s hardly visible.”

I sighed and ruffled my hair anxiously to make it look a little better as we entered the Great Hall and took our seats at Gryffindor table. I noticed Vic sitting at the Ravenclaw table looking all lovely dovey over at Teddy who blushed slightly as one of his friends nudged him with his elbow. This was going to be a long, long year.



The idea of Peeves throwing water baloons at people is from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire pages 152-153 so kudos to J.K for that little idea.

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