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Marlene by LittleWelshGirl99
Chapter 7 : Harry the Owl
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Hi everyone! Kay, so this update is looong overdue. Sorry!

But here it is now. It’s right here, underneath this random author’s note! So read and review it please!!!



I was lying in such a comfortable bed, I thought that I must be dreaming. No bed that I had ever slept in had been this comfy.

It was so cosy it should’ve been illegal!

So…where exactly was I? I opened my eyes. Good plan.

The familiar vaulted ceiling of the Hospital Wing came into focus. Wow! Madame Pomfrey had finally bought a load of new beds! This was so exciting, I must find Lily and tell her.

Then the events of yesterday came crashing down on me in one big, garbled jumble. DanielHogsmeadeFallingHagAnkleOwwww. I tentatively moved my ankle, and discovered that it was perfectly fine thank you very much.

“How are you feeling, dear?” someone asked, making me yelp in surprise.

“Oh, hi Madame Jayde. I’m fine.”

“All your little friends have been round to see you, love! Very concerned, they were. Took quite a tumble!”

“Yeah about tha-“

“And a strange boy left you this!” Madame Jayde handed me a bunch of white daisies.

Wow. Pretty.

“Who was the strange boy?”

“Oh, I don’t know dear! Tall, dark haired. That’s all I can remember. He came quite late at night.”

“Ok, thanks.”

Regulus? My insides squirmed with part hopefulness, part annoyance. Maybe it had been someone else… Madame Jayde turned to walk away, but I suddenly realised something,

“Wait! Why am I here? Didn’t my friend’s mum mend my ankle? How did it all happen?” She smiled serenely,

“Professor Dumbledore is waiting to speak with you now.”

Oh, shit. Dumbledore actually terrified me. And I was still in my nightdress! I frantically looked around for a jumper to pull on, wishing that Lily was here.

“Miss McKinnon,” Dumbledore’s calm, clear voice resonated through the room. “Were you looking for this jumper, perhaps?”

“AH, there it is…thank you Professor.” He sat down on the rickety side chair as if it were the most ornate throne.

“Would you mind telling me exactly what happened yesterday, Miss McKinnon?” I gulped.

“Well, I was wandering through Hogsmeade on my own…and this strange witch grabbed me by the arm. She kidnapped me I suppose. I mean, I thought I was being kidnapped. She wanted me to eat her stew, but I wasn’t hungry. So she grabbed me. And then….I have no idea how I got on the roof of the Three Broomsticks,” I confessed. Dumbledore put the tips of his fingers together solemnly.

“The ‘strange witch’ as you so descriptively called her…What did she call herself?”

“Um, Ma Higgims? Higgins?” I shrugged.

“Yes. She’s recently escaped from her permanent St. Mungo’s ward. I’m terribly sorry that you happened to be her first victim.”

“But…what exactly did she do?”

“She is a trickster, with a powerful dose of land magic included. Her unstable mental state unfortunately makes her dangerous…I would imagine she jinxed you on top of the roof for a bit of a laugh.”

“Oh. Well, thanks for explaining things to me, Professor. I think I’m fine now, so I’ll just be...” I stood up with only a slight wince, wrapped the jumper more firmly around myself, and practically ran out of there. Dumbledore didn’t stop me, which was good, because I was in such a mood that I might just have jinxed his beard blue.

Even though ultimately that would turn out worse for me. Considering Dumbledore’s a magical genius and all.

Maybe he’d just laugh?

I was tempted to run back and try it.

God, why did this happen to me? Attacked by a psycho woman? Check. A complete failure in the romantic department? Check. Lost my wand? Yep. Falling behind awfully in schoolwork? Check. Currently wandering around the corridors of Hogwarts in the middle of the day wearing only a nightdress? Cheeeccckkk.


Wow, I’m not usually sarcastic, either! Things must be mega-shitting on me.

I found myself in the Owlery. Wish I had an owl. There was a strong breeze blowing through the open window, and it blew my flimsy skirt around.

I wasn’t wearing underwear… Stop looking at me, you pervy owls!

I saw that someone had left out several sheets of parchment and a quill. So I sat down on the window ledge and decided to write to Sofia. Strangely, I missed her. And I worried about her.

Hi Sofia,

It’s Marlene! I miss you loads.

Oh, before I carry on, don’t worry about the owl. Our school has a weird letter-sending system. You can call the owl Harry if you want, because I don’t know what its real name is.

So, how are you? How’s Mr Mushroom? All good? Tell me if ANYTHING’S worrying you, and I’ll help. Pinky promise, remember?

I have a lovely friend here called Lily, and she always makes me smile and feel better. Then my other friends are Alice, Mary (although we only recently became friends again), James, Remus, Sirius and Peter.

I got stuck on someone’s roof yesterday and hurt my ankle. But I’m fine, don’t worry! It was quite funny I suppose. Sort of. Not really.

But it’s all ok now!

Oh, and it’s your birthday soon, isn’t it? I’ll ask my headmaster if I can take you out for the day. We can have a fun, girly day out, yeah?

What have you been up to?

Lots of love, Marlie x

P.S If you want to reply, attach a letter to the bird’s leg! Don’t let anyone see you though…

I sniffed as I folded up the letter, attached it to a bird who was now called Harry apparently. Harry the owl.

I started humming a song about Harry the owl. Then I started singing it properly, and made up some funky dance moves to it. So here I was, singing a song in my nightdress in the Owlery.

People may think I’m craaazy. They can go to hell! That’s a good idea.

“Marlene, are you crazy?”

“Go to hell!” I sang, turning round briefly to see Remus eyeing me warily.

“Um, no? Lily is going to kill you! You’ve been missing for hours.”

“Lily won’t kill me, because then she’ll have no best friends!” I tugged my nightdress down past my knees.

“Why are you singing about owls in your nightdress?”

“Felt like it,” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Okay.” He shrugged.

“Let’s go have breakfast! I’m starving!” I linked my arm through his and dragged him downstairs.

“Good plan, except for the fact that it’s nearly lunchtime now!”

“Whatever, Lupin.”

“Wanna get changed out of your pyjamas?” he asked, as we approached the Gryffindor common room.

“Nope, not really.”

“Well, tough.” He grabbed me round the middle and hoisted me over his shoulder, carrying me kicking and screaming into the common room.

“I HAVEN’T GOT UNDERWEAR ON!” I shrieked, yanking my nightdress down as I got a nice view of Remus’s arse.

Not that I’m looking.

Remus hastily put me down as he realised that I wasn’t bluffing about the underwear thing.

“Marls!” James roared, flinging an arm round my shoulder. “How’s my favourite girl?”

I noticed that Remus was glaring daggers.

“Hey, James. I’m good.”

“Heard you got yourself into a bit of a situation?” he waggled his eyebrows, just as Lily approached. She smiled at James, blushing slightly, then launched herself at me in a bear hug.

Lily blushing around James? I mean, I knew she liked him, but she never showed it.

That was Lily Rule Number One.

“Marlene you stupid, strange girl! Where’ve you been all this time?”

“I’m fine Lily!” I spluttered.

“I found her singing about owls in her nightie,” Remus admitted. I wrinkled my nose,

“You don’t give me enough credit. I was singing beautifully.”


“Well I’m going to get changed. Toodles!” I wandered up to the dorm, Lily following me. As I approached my bed I saw the bunch of daisies resting on my pillow. There was a note in Dumbledore’s handwriting.

Thought you might want these back.


“Who are those from?” Lily asked, slightly anxiously.

“Dunno. Apparently Madame Jayde saw someone come in and put them by my table in the Hospital Wing…”

Lily raised an eyebrow but said nothing else. She sat down on her bed and began quietly meditating. I changed into some comfy jeans and a casual shirt, before poking her.

“So, what’s with you and James, huh?”

“Don’t disturb me when I’m in my mind palace!” she complained. I ignored her.

“I saw you blushing around him. Are you two dating now? Finally?”

“Not exactly…”

“Tell me!” Lily grinned happily,

“We met up by accident in Hogsmeade, both on our own. So we spent the day together. And just before you fell off The Three Broomsticks he…kissed me.”

“On the lips?”

“The cheek.”

“THE CHEEK!” I screeched, “That’s the absolute confirming sign of love! Lips means he’s just physically attracted to you, but if he kissed you on the cheek he actually cares about you! And respects you as a person, not just a body.” Lily looked hopeful,

“Well, he also asked me to the party tonight! So I should probably start getting ready. It starts in about three hours.”

“What party?” I frowned. I adore parties, and always get upset if I’m not invited to one.

That’s me. Selfish party crasher. Life and soul of Hogwarts.

“It’s Peter’s birthday today, remember?”

“Oh shit, is it? I didn’t get him a present! I haven’t got anything to wear!” I opened my wardrobe door frantically and pulled out a belt. “Can I give him a belt? Socks? Chocolate?”

“Calm down!” Lily snatched away the belt that I was wildly waving around. “We’ll find something for you to give him.”

“Can I borrow that cute red dress of yours?”

“No, cos I’m wearing it.”

“Bah. But James will love it! You have to kiss him properly by the end of the night, ok?”

“Believe me, I’ll try.”

And that right there is why I love Lily Jane Evans so much.

Hey! It’s me again. What an awful chapter, right? Sorry! It’s just a filler (which wasn’t originally meant to be a filler), but there’ll be LOADS of good stuff in chapter 8. I’m not feeling that well at the moment, so I didn’t mean to end it there. But hopefully it’s cleared up the hag business from last chapter. If anyone’s still confused, say so in a review and I’ll edit!

-LWG xox


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