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The Statistical Probability Of Letting Love Go by javct
Chapter 1 : The Statistical Probability Of Letting Love Go
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Hi ho! This is my first Percy/Audrey story but I've been wanting (and trying) to write one for ages now.

Credits: The final line of this story: "For that one moment, they were infinite." is from the amazing book of 'Perks Of Being A Wallflower' by 'Stephen Chbosky" (just re-tweaked it a little bit to work better with my story) You should all read that book; it's awesome! (Also, I can't wait for the movie!) Credit to Ariellem for getting me inerested in Percy/Audrey and also for the name Audrey Pond (it was her name, because we never found out her real name)

Disclaimer: I own nothing! The amazing characters are from Queen Rowling and of course, I don't own Heathrow Airport.

Read and review!! Reviews are as good as the TARDIS landing outside my door



She only wanted to see how he was going; to see if he was okay. She, being the romantic she was, expected a small hug, a peck on the cheek and a warm “hello” for her greeting, instead he—being the realist he was—leaned against the door and muttered an in cohesive and cold greeting.

This was defiantly not what she had expected.

“Hi,” she said weakly, adjusting the strap of her new blue bag. It clashed violently with her blonde hair but she didn’t care; she had chosen this bag especially because it was a birthday present from him. She knew immedialty that he recognized it.

“You said you weren’t coming back Audrey,” he sounded tired—lifeless even.

“I know,” Audrey replied, “I just had to see you one last time before I left,”

“That’s right you’re going back home to Australia aren’t you?” Percy said bitterly. Audrey nodded.

“My bags are in the car and my plane leaves in three hours but I have to be there an hour early you know because of the airport regulations.” After a moment on silence Audrey spoke again. “Am I interrupting anything Perc? You seem distant,”

“You’re not interrupting anything Audrey I’m just surprised to see you here that’s all. I mean after you stormed out of my flat I was certain you won’t coming back, yet, here you are.” The harshness in his voice caused Audrey to take a few steps back.

This was two bus trips and a £50 taxi ride away from what Audrey was expecting.

Audrey tucked a piece of rebellious blonde hair out of her eye and adjusted her bag strap. “Well, I just came to say goodbye, so ‘goodbye’ Perc, it was good loving you.” Audrey reached forward and placed her hand on Percy’s cheek. The lovers closed their eyes; savoring the moment. Fighting back tears Audrey walked away. She knew that this was goodbye.


Heathrow Airport’s international terminal was buzzing with people; some coming and some leaving. The voice in the overhead speakers were constantly calling out people’s names who were just about to miss their flights. Audrey had been to Heathrow countless times in her sort life—she knew every turn and corner—she knew that in the far corner of the WHSmith the bookcase was cracked. WHSmith had never fixed it. She knew that if you said, “Practically perfect,” to any of the food stalls they would bitterly give you a 10% discount off your final price. She knew that every plane left on time and rarely waited for stragglers.

“Flight JQ794 to Australia via South Korea is boarding now. Please head to Gate 12 as soon as possible.” The overhead voice said. Sighing, Audrey tightened her grip on her suitcase handle and, with a click of her heels, Audrey headed towards Gate 12. Quickly, Audrey’s mind flew back to the previous year: the day Audrey first arrived in England.


(one year earlier)

Audrey’s black hair was a mess and she was practically falling asleep standing up.

“Oh, jet lag, how I loathe thee?” Audrey muttered under her breath. If only she hadn’t failed her apparating test back in school. Passing customs, Audrey kept her eyes peeled for her name on a white sheet of paper—she had no idea who was picking her up—only that he was a redhead. That’s when she saw him. His glasses were askew and he stood several centimeters above the rest of the crowd. His arms were waving in the air as he held the sign that said, “Audrey Pond.”

Audrey walked over to him. “I’m Audrey Pond.”

The redhead smiled and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “Percy. Percy Weasley,” He made Audrey smile. “Shall we get going? The ministry says we have to take a cab…because of the recent muggle attacks—”

“I know,” Audrey said, cutting Percy off. “They’ve told me everything already,” they paused for a moment. “Did you know people who meet at an airport are 75% more likely to fall in love?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Nothing,” Audrey said quickly. She had no idea why she had just said that—she blamed the jet lag.


“Ticket please. Ticket please,” the flight attendant said, tugging slightly on Audrey’s ticket.

“Oh sorry,” Audrey said; flustered. She handed her ticket over to the flight attendant. The flight attendant smiled and allowed Audrey to go through.

“Audrey! Audrey!” hope burst in her chest when she heard her name being called out. Spinning around, she saw Percy running through Heathrow Airport. “AUDREY!” Percy tripped over his feet when he reached Gate 12. “Don’t go,” he said dorkily into the floor.

“What are you doing here Percy?” Audrey asked.

Percy stood to his feet; his hair rumbled and his glasses perched on the edge of his nose. Just like when she had met him. “Becauseiloveyou,”

“What?” Audrey said, tilting her head. “Gosh, you English people speak way to fast,” she sighed.

“Excuse me Ma’am, but the plane is about to close its doors,” the flight attendant said, tugging slightly on Audrey’s shirt.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll be with you in a minute.” Audrey replied distantly. She turned back to Percy.

“I’m an idiot,” he blurted out.

Audrey smiled slyly and folded her arms across the chest. “That much is obvious.” Audrey’s voice was lined with a teasing manner.

“Come home with me,” Percy said. This was the first time in a whole year of them knowing one another that Audrey had ever seen Percy beg. She loved him and he loved her. Surely it could be simple enough for the two of them to admit it? Unfortunately not. “Please Audrey, you don’t need to go home. This is your home now and you know it. Audrey—” Percy took a bold step forward, “—I love you,”

“Oh you big idiot,” Audrey said, “you utter, absolute idiot. That’s all I wanted to hear.” Audrey turned to the flight attendant who was witnessing the whole scene. “I won’t be going on the flight,”

Percy fidgeted on the spot. “So does that mean your staying?” stepping forward, Audrey stepped on her tip toes—because she was short—and kissed Percy.


For that one moment, they were infinite.

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