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Finding Out About A Little Thing Called Love by JamesSiriusPotterII
Chapter 7 : Finishing Memories and Breaking Handcuffs with HER
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7) Finishing Memories and Breaking Handcuffs with HER


The scene changed before I had time to react or think about my dreadful situation and Mayfield’s plight. We were now in the Great Hall, at the familiar scene of our Sorting Ceremony.


The hat sang its typical song, while I looked around for the people I knew, including myself. I could spot MM nearby, her eyes puffy from crying, and I attempted to ignore the pang of guilt in my stomach. I looked a bit ahead in the line of first years, and 2nd in line, I saw myself. I remembered the exact worries going through my mind at that point. I was afraid I was going to be in Slytherin; turn out the same as the rest of my family no matter what I wanted or believed.


I looked down the line and could pick out Prongs, Moony and Wormtail from the line. I saw myself wink at Prongs. I remember that- I was trying to act as if I knew I would end up in Gryffindor, but I was truthfully incredibly doubtful.


Once mini-me had been sorted, mini-Mayfield’s turn came soon. She looked delighted as she ran over to the Gryffindor table towards mini-me. She attempted to sit beside him, but he stuck his hand out onto the chair.


“Sorry, this is saved for James- and the two opposite. You’ll have to go find another seat,” mini-me said politely, but his manners were not the point. She was meant to be his best friend. A best friend wouldn’t talk to you like that.


She seemed so in shock, she accepted his words and went to find a different seat on her own. The rest of the sorting her eyes were only looking at mini me, filled with hurt and disappointment.




At the end of the feast she ran up to him, squeezing past the other Gryffindor first years, looking hopeful that he might talk to her now.




Mini me stopped. “Alright, I’m sorry to ask you this so bluntly, but who the hell are you?”


There it was. I felt as if my soul had been sucked out by a dementor’s kissed when I saw MM stop in her tracks and I could tell her heart was broken. Mine would too if Prongs came up to me one day just saying he had forgotten who I was.


“W… what?”


“Who are you? And how do you know me? And what was that- Snuffles?”


“You’re joking, right?” laughed MM hysterically, while mini-me just looked at her oddly. “Cut it out, Snuffles!”


“Em, I’m not joking.”


And that’s when the last bit of her hope was destroyed. And she ran for it.


The memory changed once more, and now we were in her dormitory. She was writing a letter and I went over to peer behind her to see what she was writing.


Dear Mother,


I’m sorry I doubted you. I’m not crying to you, but you were right, like always. He forgot me. I promise I’ll work harder- I know you just want the best for me and I’m such a tough child about it. I’ll attempt to be better. Please forgive me.




Your daughter, Alex.


And a slow teardrop rolled down her cheek and onto the paper. Mini Mayfield quickly ripped the bit of parchment with the teardrop on off and wiped her eyes.


“I will not cry for someone who forgot me. Someone who I thought was my best friend,” she mumbled to herself, before heading, most likely towards the owlery.


The memory went black, and we were now being pulled up back into reality. I placed my feet firmly on the stone and stayed facing the penseive. I couldn’t find the courage to face Mayfield- I know I was being a wimp and very unlike a Gryffindor, but I couldn’t believe all I had put Mayfield through. I’m surprised she even let me get on, not taking revenge on me once. If someone did that to me, I would make sure I took my revenge. No, instead she let me live my life happily, meeting everyone I wanted to, becoming such good friends with the Marauder. Completely and utterly selfless. And I act like a twat in return.


I timidly turned my head to the side, accepting the fact I would have to see her sooner or later, and I should deal with it now.


“I’m sorry,” I blurted. Wow, that sounded pathetic. “I know that’s not enough, and I was horrible- don’t know what happened! You were so nice, and I was an absolute twat. And I don’t know what I can do to make you forgive me. Heck you shouldn’t forgive me! I broke your trust, your heart and our friendship. I lost seven years of amazing friendship-“


“Shut up, Black,” she interrupted and I immediately silenced myself. “I don’t want to think retrospectively. I just want to know one thing, do you remember everything now?”


I gulped. The sad thing was, I didn’t. I couldn’t lie to her, that would just be horrible after all I’ve done. I have to tell her.


“I’m sorry. Being honest, I don’t remember a thing still. Maybe the nickname rings a bell, but nothing else. I can’t lie to you, I’m so sorry-“


She held up her hand to stop me. “I don’t know whether I’m doing the right thing, but if I follow my heart, it’s telling me that I can’t forgive you right now. It’s not letting me. But we’re going to try and continue as we were, okay? At least until these handcuffs are off- then we can just not meet up like the previous six years.”


No! I wanted to stay with her! “But-“


“No buts. You said what could you do to make me forgive you? Well listening to this request would probably be a good start.” I simply nodded in reply, because she made perfect sense.


“Come on,” she said, reaching up to wipe her tears with her left hand but remembered the handcuffs. She was bringing up her right, but I pushed them down and brought up my own to her eyes. I rubbed my two thumbs just below her eyes to wipe away any tears then smirked.


“Much better, ey, miss. toughie?”


“Course. I don’t cry,” she mumbled, making her posture more like her previous guyish type. I stifled a laugh and smiled at her. She smiled at me back, but I could see the sorrow behind the smile making it lean towards a grimace.


“Let’s go,” she muttered, and we left the Room of Requirement. I knew even though right now we were okay, in the night when I slept I would be haunted by a new burden.




It wasn’t the same. I couldn’t say anything more.


People were saying what was happening to Sirius and the girl who was handcuffed to him? We tried to act normal, but the awkwardness was lying there. The tension when we were both alone. It haunted us at night leaving us with bags, Mayfield even shouting at me in her sleep state. I couldn’t be bothered to shave anymore, leaving me with dark stubble growing rapidly around my chin. You could tell we both needed a good shower, but we couldn’t make the light, free atmosphere we had to have to make it through a shower in underwear.


Prongs had asked me so many times, but I couldn’t bring myself to admit the whole story. Bring myself to admit the sins I had committed.


I missed her.


Even though I only knew her for less than a month, it felt like something was missing from me. Remembering her humour, her guyish stance, her bravery and her pain.


I needed to make a plan. And heck, let’s make it so awesome and funny that she can’t help but love it.


“Oi, Prongs,” I whispered. Mayfield had fell asleep on the couch and we were in the common room, the Marauders. “I have an idea…”






I think I’m going to start dancing.


In a minute we are going to execute Mission Let-Le-Dog-Befriend-Le-Other-Dog-So-We-Can-All-Fly-On-Rainbows-Again.


So basically make Mayfield and I bezzas again. Even though I don’t deserve it.



a) Mayfield forgives me and we are all happy again thanks to my epic plan

b) My plan completely and utterly fails and Mayfield declares hate on me


I’m going for option ‘a’ to be honest with you. Shocking, no?


We went into the Great Hall silently, Prongs and Moony behind me. Wormtail said he had some work to do- probably meeting up with some girlfriend who he’s too ashamed to admit about.


Eh. Good for him, even if the girl is scary ugly.


I’m getting nervous now.


Go Sirius!




Thanks guys! Oh I love you voice Mayfield and Capsy.




Now go and be epic!


I will. Ayeeee!


Right. Moving on…


We were now sat down, and Moony was engaging in deep conversations about something or another with Mayfield as in the plan, while Prongs worked his magic on me.




Not in that way.


I mean he cast some non-verbal spells on me to transfigure me into a human candle. Thank god we’re amazing at transfiguration after becoming animagi.


Let me explain. I went to talk to Lily (it wasn’t so bad, she seems to realise Prongs is not horrible now and she was horrible to him), a muggle born, and she explained the story of Beauty and the Beast and what happens in the song Be Our Guest (the song Mayfield was humming when we first met in the memories). In the song, there is loads of humans transfigured into objects singing and dancing., including the one who sings it all, called Lumiere. He’s awesome. So of course I’m him!


I quickly cast spells onto Prongs to transform him into a human grandfather clock (he looked absolutely hilarious) and cast some delayed spells on plates and various books and bags to start singing and dancing. Yes, we made loads of effort on this and created a fair amount of spells but it would all be worth it if she could bring herself to forgive me. Plus, it was a fuck load of fun.


Prongs nodded at Moony, who waved his wand so the backing music began. My guitar playing just wouldn’t suit, but at least my singing would. I’ve never sung for anyone, so Mayfield better love me for this.


I picked the shocked Mayfield up (more tugged using the handcuffs and began singing and dancing. I don’t care if I looked and sounded like a fool, who gives a fuck! LET’S DO THIS FRENCH ACCENT.


Sonorous. Be. My. Guest. Be my guest, put our service to the test…” I sung and Mayfield’s eyes were as wide as the saucers that were now singing and dancing on the Slytherins’ table- the Slytherins’ looking murderous. The whole hall was filled with music and dancing, some laughter and the loudest was my words. I was now walking down the Gryffindor table taking Mayfield with me, teacups harmonizing and whizzing round her head.


She was stunned and I loved it.


Red and gold confetti sprinkled down, and soon Mayfield was singing along with me. She still had a beautiful voice.


Soon we began dancing together. I spun her around and she lifted me in return. Bloody hell! How was she so strong? I mean, she was not skinny, but not flabby, so it made sense.


Then we broke into break dancing! To Be My Guest! How? I don’t even know, but it worked! I’d know, I love music.


I love it even more, if it’ll mean Mayfield will be friend again.


The song finally finished, the cups, saucers, etc. all falling back into place and the hall falling silent.


“Alex Mayfield, known to me as Lexander, I would be absolutely delighted if you would consider being my friend again even though I was a complete twat who is so utterly confused and regretful,” I requested, glad she wasn’t shorter than me so it wouldn’t lose effect. I couldn’t really kneel down when I was a candle.


“Fuck that! We’re brothers again and I’m becoming an honorary Marauder,” she yelled, and I grinned widely and forgetting all manliness and dignity I pulled her into a great big hug.


“I missed you,” she whispered into my neck.


“I missed you too,” I whispered back and we let go, grinning like mad Cheshire cats.


“So we’ll never leave each other from now on?” she asked.


“Never!” I shouted, and she nodded in agreement. Then I felt a weight lift of my wrists.


The handcuffs had gone.






Not that I didn’t like Mayfield, but now I could take a shower and make sure my hair was perfect again!


“Until ‘the wizard or witch do not need the handcuffs to stay together no longer’! It all makes sense now!” shrieked Mayfield and we both started jumping around like lunatics. Everyone else was silent in the hall.


“Don’t you have lives?” I asked incredulously, and they immediately went back to their conversations.


This had to be the best day of my life along with the day I met Prongs. What would I do without my friends?


A/N: What did you think?



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