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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 2 : A Glamour Gone
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 A/N: I know it isn’t in the last chapter but DH has not happened. As stated in my summery, Voldermort is in hiding. Consider that for the intents of this story 6 of the seven Horocruxes have been destroyed and Harry does not know that there is, much less he is, the seventh Horocrux. Please review.

 “Hermione.” A deep voice said in my eye, the next morning. I mumbled something under my breath.

“What was that?”

“Go away Blaise.” He didn’t, instead he laughed.

“You should go see yourself in the mirror, Mom and Dad let the glamour go early since you already know.”

His words made me sit straight up on the huge bed.

“What are you saying?” I said groggily.

“I’m saying that you, my lazy sister, are now a Zabbini, looks and all, so get you butt out of bed and go look in the mirror. Besides the Malfoy’s will be here for lunch in an hour and Draco is spending the night, so you might want to get ready or you will be in trouble. Oh and we still need to tell you your true name.”

“My name?”

“Mom and dad had it changed at the adoption for your protection. So welcome to the family Serena Ceres Zabbini.”

“Well that will take some getting used to. I’m getting up. So get out.”

“The new clothes you will defiantly need are in the closet.”


“I’m going I’m going.” He said and closed the door behind him. Once it was closed I slowly rose from the bed. I walked the short distance to the attached bathroom and looked in the full leangth mirror. I had changed, and I thought for the better but every girl will still find a fault in herself, before it was my hair which had changed to straight black strands instead of bushy brown frizzy curls. My brown eyes changed to a pale green but my nose got bigger. My chest grew, and my stomach got flatter, but I was at least an inch shorter. Not that 5’6 was all that short. I was pretty now, but I had been pretty before, just in an evidently plain way. I hopped into a quick shower and then as I wrapped my hair and body in a fluffy towel, began to rummage through the closet. There were like 900 pairs of shoes, okay maybe 300 but still a lot of shoes, a ton of dresses (some ball gowns, some casual, some semi-formal), skirts blouses, rows of jeans, tanks and t-shirts, more rows of sweaters and sweatshirts. There were drawers of scarves and gloves, decent lingerie, and pajamas. It was like my own personal store. I decided since we were having guests I would dress nicely. I took out a casual halter sundress that was a rich green and a pair of low heeled black sandals and got dressed. I dried my hair adding a white flower clip to rise up the right side of my hair and expose my neck. I peeked into the jewelry box on the vanity table. I gasped aloud, there was just so much. I decided to go simple n the jewels and took out a pair of pear earrings and jade pendant to go with the dress and my eyes. I said a glamour charm to do my cosmetics because doing it by hand took too long, and I was out of time.

“Hey Sis, are you ready?”


“Good. Now the Malfoy’s don’t know we have found you yet so wait until a minute after I go downstairs, the come after me and I’ll present you.”

“Sure, whatever you want.” I said as he walked down the grand staircase. I heard them exchange pleasantries and then walked down the stairs myself.

“Mr and Mrs. Malfoy, Draco, May I present my twin sister Serena Zabbini.” Blaise said as I was about halfway down. A silence fell in the front room and all eyes turned to me.

“Oh Avery! You have finally found her.” Narcissa Malfoy cried looking at my mother.”

“Yes, we did.”

“Hello Mr’s and Mrs. Malfoy.” I said softly, realizing that even my voice had changed.

“Oh no, dear. Please Its Uncle Lucius, Aunt Cissy and Draco.

“Shall we eat lunch?” My father broke in after her.

“Yes, I think that is a good idea.” Lucius said to him. “Congratulations Kaden, on your reunion.”

“It is a joyous occasion.”

“I call the chair next to Serena.” Malfoy called out.

“No I do!” My brother said.

“Relax boys, I’ll sit next to both of you.”

They both leaned down and kissed me on my cheek and I mock gaged, rearing the attention of the four adults and earning several scowls.

“I apologize, the boys were just giving me cooties.” I think that my mother would have said something about my rudeness, but the Malfoy’s, and my father burst out in laughter at my remark, while my brother and Malfoy scowled at me. Mom threw up her hands in defeat. When we had reached the dining room, as promised, I sat between my two classmates. A house-elf, who appeared to be free because of the dress she was wearing, had just brought in the platters of food and set them in front of us. Narcissa turned to me.

“Serena, wherever have you been these past 17 years?”

“I’m a student at Hogwarts and I have spent most of my time there.”

“Well, if you are at Hogwarts then surely Draco would know you?” Lucius added to the conversation.

“Yes, he does, but we do not get along.”

“I find that impossible, son why do you not get along with Serena.”

I don’t know what possessed me to come to his rescue, but I did, possibly at my own expense.

“Well sir, to be fair, Draco only knows me under the glamour that I’ve been under, it wore off just this morning.”

“I see. Well, Draco you really should be more kind to girls.” This shocked me, Lucius I would have expected to defend his sons actions not scorn them. But seeing his dark mark free arm I knew that he was not really a monster.

“Well of course he wouldn’t be had he thought I was a Mudblood.” I said. “I was raised Hermione Granger, the muggle student.” At my words, The dark mark appeared on Lucius shoulder, and Draco literally spat up a sip of pumpkin juice.

“Has he called you that?”

“Yes, several times, but it’s alright, he is forgiven, as always, after all I have my own mean names for him.”

“DRACO MALFOY!” Narcissa yelled at her son. “You know such language is foul and intolerable in our home and family unless necessary. You think your father wants to think like that, wants to raise you to think like that? NO. He has to, and you repay him by disrespecting all he has taught you about becoming a spy for the order. Apologize to Ms. Zabbini at once.”

Well what a shocker, Death eater, yes, he is one, but only as a spy for the order, who would have guessed, certainly not I, the ‘Brightest witch of our age.’ I had not meant to get him introuble and now I felt guilty.

“I am sorry Hermione, for all of that. I never truly meant any of it, but I never knew who would be listening and I couldn’t be seen associating with you, so it was more natural for you to be my enemy and make you hate me. I’m sorry for any pain I have caused you and intend to make it up in full.”

Wow, that was a good apology. My heart went out to him.

“It is quite alright Draco. If it was necessary then it is forgiven, I just hope that we can become friends now. I am sorry to have gotten you in trouble I did not mean to tattle.”

“Yes, friends we shall be.”

“Well shall we eat I’m starved.” My father groaned from his seat.

“Don’t be rude dear.”

“I am in agreement with Kaden completely.”

“Fine, let’s eat then.” My mother said quietly. And we did. The lunch was wonderful, and I had just befriended my enemy. I wonder what Harry and Ron will think about all this. I was going to have to write them now.

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The dark side of love: A Glamour Gone


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